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  1. Reminds me of the warranty on Rubicon Express lifts. "I bent the shit out of your trackbar doing some ridiculous bullshit, how do I buy another one?" They wouldn't take my money, and I had a new one in 2-3 days.
  2. Probably smells better than my bike did after getting a swarm of locusts all over it, then cooking them. In the rain.
  3. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice? But seriously, one of the things I found in research is that avoiding a lot of foods eventually leads to your body not craving them. Oddly enough, this is partly/mostly driven by your gut bacteria. Kill off the ones begging for Oreos and they won't be able to signal your brain to send them. This is why I did a fast and super clean diet for a long time; total reset on food expectations. Then you can work on psychological part in peace. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-gut-bacteria-tell-their-hosts-what-to-eat/
  4. Learning to deal with temptation is a good process to go through.
  5. Girls, girls. Restaurants can be terrible. Or perfectly fine. I can choose to go to a place with greasy, salty crap or a place with a tasty roasted veggie plate and hummus with very little oil. My fridge has stuff I would love to eat and don't, because I don't live alone. But he has a good point that cutting down temptations is a good thing. See what you can eliminate, at least for now.
  6. Reefer is marijuana. It gives you the munchies. Cappucio is what movie mobsters ask each other, hey, you get it, you cappucio?
  7. Makes no sense at all to me, works for some. I just log calories and micronutrients. Macros are mostly pointless.
  8. SwampNut

    I need a switch

    Half a second? One second? How long is the hose that needs to be pressurized? Seems like a dumb idea when you're trying to stop shit from happening in a split second.
  9. SwampNut

    I need a switch

    So you have to hard-wire it to the battery with 12# wire? Or is that "Chinese watts?"
  10. SwampNut

    I need a switch

    Watts maybe? So 16 amps?
  11. That's awful. That's how to guarantee people will eventually fail, and/or become dependent on WW. You realize that counting any food as 0 is just bullshit, right? I support anything that helps you get started, and you've done well. But this 0 thing lends to what others have said about WW being a gimmick. Either way, keep up the good work, but don't ever think any calories "don't count."
  12. SwampNut

    I need a switch

    It seems like anything with a compressor and no tank/valve would take a bit to spin up and get loud.
  13. Excellent. Yesterday I was talking to someone who told me some variations of the WW plans tell you to assign 0 points to certain foods, and that's just fucking retarded. Don't do that. Apparently most fruit and even eggs are "unlimited." Don't do that.
  14. SwampNut

    I need a switch

    I've only found myself in those situations maybe twice. Now I just observe it, move/slow, and just avoid it. I'm pretty certain I haven't touched the horn in either Jeep. I can turn it off, but I'm usually walking away and want the confirmation. Double tap on the Jeep disables the alarm, lock only.
  15. SwampNut

    I need a switch

    No, definitely not. Actually, I'm not sure if the horn button works. Have never used it. But it beeps when I arm/lock it, and it's already too loud. Shit, I guess I should check the bike horn too. We're not NY, we don't use the horn here.
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