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  1. Found it at a neighbor's house. What a huge upgrade. At least as big a leap as my move from a 0 to a 2. That screen! And the speaker is so much clearer and louder (the other one was already good enough for real speakerphone use). Haptics are clearer, and the crown is much better, again. The official Apple cloth loop is definitely a little better than the $12 Chinese one, although if I were paying, I still wouldn't drop $50 on the Apple version. But I'm glad I got it for nothing. I wish someone here would have recommended that I upgrade.
  2. The pin is now inside a house, and hasn’t moved in five minutes. I wonder if my neighbor abducted him.
  3. Is it an addiction if I refresh this page every five seconds?
  4. Fuck you, BTW. Amazon had it with the sport loop band at the same price as the shitty rubber one, minus a $5 discount, minus the 5% for using the Amazon Prime card...
  5. Sam's had a great deal for a while, but it's sold out. What's your broken one worth on eBay? There's always a buyer. Mine will probably get $200, scratched up but not broken.
  6. Asshole. I had just put it out of my mind after not being able to find any smoking deals on it.
  7. SwampNut

    Brake pad info needed

    Slapper, Oscar, and I get together in Southern California. A lot of beer and whisky is consumed. The ghosts of both Tomek's mom and Obama visit us in our sleep. We wake up horrified, in tears, and start drinking again. We call this, "Tuesday."
  8. SwampNut

    Brake pad info needed

    I don't see the connection.
  9. SwampNut

    Brake pad info needed

    But what if they were organic pads?
  10. SwampNut

    Brake pad info needed

    I just put EBC pads and no-name DOT 4 fluid in the Chinese adventure bike. So basically, I'm gonna die, right?
  11. SwampNut

    Brake pad info needed

    But is your mom?
  12. SwampNut

    LiFepo battery for XX????

    It could have an internal balance circuit. There is absolutely no way to keep a Lithium battery balanced without some intelligent electronics being connected to EACH cell individually. You can always put a meter on the balance leads to see how similar or different they are.
  13. SwampNut

    Brake pad info needed

    Once again, a Cuban approaches Tomek in his sleep, touching him, hurting him, fueling his obsession.
  14. SwampNut

    Brake pad info needed

    Any DOT 4.