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  1. How does weather work

    Better than metroologist I guess.
  2. How does weather work

    Not very, there's a hell of a lot wrong with it.
  3. How does weather work

    AFAIKBZITE, if it were not, we'd all be dead.
  4. How does weather work

    FUCK! And yes, I got it. Damn. root# sort --random-sort $excuses.txt | head -n 1 solar flares
  5. How does weather work

    Altitude, winds, clouds, latitude, amount of things to absorb and hold solar energy, etc etc. But the primary thing is that there's a huge difference in how much atmosphere is between you and the sun, and me and the sun, in winter. There's less difference in summer, but still more for you. That's a filter.
  6. Dear Zero - plumbing question

    Beautiful building???
  7. Dear Zero - plumbing question

    I use the black tank to flush out the used oil I dump into it.
  8. Gallery content not visible

    Can you try a different browser? I can't duplicate the issue, and if I submit it to the vendor of the forum software, they will ask that also.
  9. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    Depends on where the glue is, and whether you put it inside or not.
  10. Dear Zero, How much should i spend?

    It all depends on the condition of the rest of the vehicle, how new other parts are, etc etc. There's no right answer.
  11. This one... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071CZV6L5 New in package. I was an idiot and ordered this but I have a 10.5. The cost to return it is as much as the case price, but I could ship it cheap (Amazon no longer lets you self-ship returns).
  12. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    No, not at all. Not even close.
  13. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    If the drive itself is good, but the case is bad, I can get the date easily (I have lots of adapters laying around). If the drive controller is bad, but I have a similar one, it may make it work for a while (I have lots of old drives around). Obviously, I do this all the time and it goes without saying that your data would simply be sucked into a disk image file and not looked at in any way.
  14. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    99% sure you just need to restore from backups and trash that. I can take a look if you want to ship it to me. But click of death is usually unrecoverable.