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  1. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    If the drive itself is good, but the case is bad, I can get the date easily (I have lots of adapters laying around). If the drive controller is bad, but I have a similar one, it may make it work for a while (I have lots of old drives around). Obviously, I do this all the time and it goes without saying that your data would simply be sucked into a disk image file and not looked at in any way.
  2. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    99% sure you just need to restore from backups and trash that. I can take a look if you want to ship it to me. But click of death is usually unrecoverable.
  3. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    It solves everything from ensuring legal disclosure of monitoring, where required, to reminding people not to be fuckups. There's probably an insurance benefit or requirement too. If tracking is a condition of employment that people agree to, I see no problem with it.
  4. I love being fought over. Sent a PM with Paypal info.
  5. Craigslist find

    They are missing because they were totally fucked up in the crash, and it would show. Still, if it was closer I'd be really tempted.
  6. Urban dick-tionary

  7. Craigslist find

    I'm tempted to contact him for the story, I'll bet it's retarded.
  8. These are really heavy, I used them to trailer my K1200 LT. Typical loop over the bars back to the ring style. They also worked well for dirt bikes (overkill is alright). How about $25 bucks shipped? They are $47 at Cycle Gear. No grease or shit on them, work perfectly.
  9. Urban dick-tionary

    The Ricks are the uncles. The Mortys are the decoys for the Uncle Ricks.
  10. Plants for hills I don't want to mow

  11. WTB: DC Power Supply

    Do you have an oscilloscope to look? Power supplies vary in cleanliness. It takes a LOT of effort and cost to make a true pure DC power supply, so the question becomes...how much noise can your device tolerate? If you have a battery pack, running the pack in parallel with the power supply makes it nearly perfect (assuming a charged or nearly-charged pack). I'd also love to hear more about the project.
  12. WTB: DC Power Supply

    So you need exactly 60v? Otherwise "no less than" is the same as "no more than." And again, if you know about and can account for pulse DC, that's fine, but if you aren't thinking about it you should be.
  13. WTB: DC Power Supply

    You keep saying no less, but that implies anything more, which doesn't really make sense. What is the upper limit? I have a 0-140 variac, which could have a rectifier added. How long do you need it for? Do you understand the difference between true DC and rectified AC? And if you do, do you care for this project? If not, you need to think about it.
  14. Craigslist find 1999 XX

    From the seller: Hi , she is turn key with no issues ! Other then a Couple of dash lights need new bulbs !Selling it because I am getting old and need to get more upright JP See More from Carlos Alvarez