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  1. AFAIKBZITE, you can do so if the suit can be shown to be frivolous or malicious. That's in AZ. While you can't use a lawyer IN small claims court, you can use one for paperwork, research, and prep.
  2. I was unclear. The judge approved it after the fact. "There's no notice of service in the file, but the respondent is here..." I should have done my own video, it was good. That was the AZ Motorsports lawsuit.
  3. LOL, AFAIKBZITE, I personally have been served both a summons and a subpoena by e-mail. Of course, that's because my privacy protection paid off and they had no idea how to serve me, and the judge authorized e-mail since I had e-mailed them in the past. It was pretty awesome to face off three $500/hour lawyers who admitted they had no idea who I was or how to identify me, and would I please give them more info? Nope. Judge sided with me. But I digress... It feels a little awkward to add AFAIKBZITE when he's already given an incorrect answer, but rules are rules. If you're the subject of a suit, you'd get a summons, not a subpoena. The standard subpoena is an order to appear on someone's behalf, typically to be a witness, but not as a party to the proceeding. A subpoena duces tecum is an order to appear and produce relevant documents. In some places I've been told that the latter can be satisfied by providing the documents without appearing in person. Anyway, of course we all know this is spam.
  4. I self identify as an attack helicopter.
  5. I was unfortunately exposed to that shit because I was at a Regus office while traveling and needing a space. It wasn't a safe space, for sure. Listening to than asshole pander and use a dead guy for his own purposes, then butcher that song, was enough to make me write Regus urging them to not have TV "news" blaring in their shared spaces.
  6. Once you've tasted His sauce...
  7. I have been touched by His noodly appendage.
  8. I'd like to know how your mind translated that into "it was asked that the naysayers try to restrain themselves with just that one thread."
  9. No, it was not.
  10. AFAIKBZITE, I haven't fact-checked this, but it's well proven that they are homos and will take it any way you want to give it.
  11. Ooooooohhhhhhhh.......
  12. Kosher?
  13. AFAIKBZITE, yes, you said you don't have a XX.
  14. AFAIKBZITE, I fully agree. Subject is the subject, posts start with "Dear Zero." So it is written.