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  1. Very effective for carry. I had one for EDC back when concealed was illegal, and use them now when out in the desert and need to carry a few other things anyway.
  2. It will be fine if you keep a motorcycle in the back of the truck.
  3. This reminded me that it happened to a friend's bike. I think maybe the was leaked or something? Dunno, long time ago, but he bought a new one.
  4. For sure. I can't remember what show he won, I've spaced it.
  5. On the Apple devices it's called Night Shift, and actively manages the color of the lighting and overall look. On my Lenovo Yoga it's called something else, but is similar. I don't know if all Windows hardware supports that. It would seem more useful than just a theme. But, this one has been added, and happy to try others. I personally hate dark themes, so I need the advice from those who like them, I can't pick one.
  6. Just any more? I thought it was funny though. Probably got the notification, said "fuck this asshole," hit delete, didn't see I'd modded it. Of course, I am only talking shit amongst friends and not complaining.
  7. I had edited to note that, funny that Joe then deleted MY post. But yeah, this forum is unrestricted so people can post if they have forum issues.
  8. As Jose said at NeXXt... "Sqqqqqeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll"
  9. Carbs blow syphillitic donkeys.
  10. That is fucked. I had to try hard to get under 40. The only time I saw 25-ish was doing a top speed run for something like 15 minutes, then 145 for a while longer. I can't remember whether the XX has an air temp sensor in the airbox too, and what that could do if it was bad.
  11. An example of this fuckery: I was looking at various oat crunch blends, to top off coconut yogurt. So good. I'm looking at an option that says something like naturally flavored and sweetened with oats and berries. "Sugar" is not on the label. Ingredients are oats, rice syrup, berries....wait a minute. What is rice syrup? Pure worthless sugar. It's just sugar. On top of that, rice sugar has a much higher risk of arsenic contamination than cane sugar.
  12. Worked for Amazon. Tangent: Gas stations are experimenting with variable pricing by the minute based on who comes in when; workers versus business people hours. The cooler doors are LCD screens, not clear, with pricing changing as needed.
  13. Hah, yeah, like winding your own coil. I suppose that's much easier than building your own ABS module.
  14. How quickly we forget the adventure of having points/condensor fail randomly in the middle of the night or water getting into the cracked piece of shit distributor cap... Then you get your old five-cell Maglight and try to balance it on the fender while trying to avoid it shorting out the battery. You're five minutes into finding your sandpaper and some cleaner when the light goes dim....dimmer...oh no. Now you use your remaining battery life to find more batteries in the trunk, where you find them rusty from the leak in those shitty 70s seals. You use the sandpaper to clean them just in time to get your light back. Clean the points, and nothing. Oh, is the condenser shorted, is the cap bridging? Did the coil just randomly fry? Good times.
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