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  1. Plants for hills I don't want to mow

  2. WTB: DC Power Supply

    Do you have an oscilloscope to look? Power supplies vary in cleanliness. It takes a LOT of effort and cost to make a true pure DC power supply, so the question becomes...how much noise can your device tolerate? If you have a battery pack, running the pack in parallel with the power supply makes it nearly perfect (assuming a charged or nearly-charged pack). I'd also love to hear more about the project.
  3. WTB: DC Power Supply

    So you need exactly 60v? Otherwise "no less than" is the same as "no more than." And again, if you know about and can account for pulse DC, that's fine, but if you aren't thinking about it you should be.
  4. WTB: DC Power Supply

    You keep saying no less, but that implies anything more, which doesn't really make sense. What is the upper limit? I have a 0-140 variac, which could have a rectifier added. How long do you need it for? Do you understand the difference between true DC and rectified AC? And if you do, do you care for this project? If not, you need to think about it.
  5. Craigslist find 1999 XX

    From the seller: Hi , she is turn key with no issues ! Other then a Couple of dash lights need new bulbs !Selling it because I am getting old and need to get more upright JP See More from Carlos Alvarez
  6. WTB: DC Power Supply

    Minimum 60, but max...what? Like Oscar said, it's trivial to make 120v DC. How clean does it need to be? How many amps?
  7. Craigslist find 1999 XX

    Goddammit, I don't have free spending cash to throw around, but shit, that really needs buying.
  8. Motorcycle Maintenance Log Program

    I used to use MPG but it became kind of shitty and not maintained. I've been using one simply called "Auto Care" by Xper2 Solutions for all of the vehicles. Enter miles on fillup, and it tells you MPG and when maintenance is due based on mileage and time.
  9. LOL, that's proof that everything is right in your household. I'll send it out in a day or two.
  10. If you don't know what this is, you don't want it. PM an address and it's yours. Has a 4GB card with some games. Can't sell on eBay...contraband...
  11. What oil is best and what does everyone use?

    Crisco. The butter flavored version makes your exhaust smell like popcorn.
  12. Cell Phone Signal Booster

    I have a Wilson RV system that sometimes works miracles. It's the type that supports multiple devices and carriers. There's an antenna to mount up high, and another to point towards the inside of the RV. I have the outside antenna mounted on a long piece of EMT which I attach to the top of the ladder that goes to the RV roof. It works great in most places. One thing you can try also is to simply connect a good antenna to the Mifi directly, using its antenna ports. In some locations that's all I need. That would mean an antenna on a mast on the roof and putting the Mifi close to it to minimize cable length.
  13. I've known this guy for about ten years, he takes care of his bikes and is a straight up good guy. You could probably work in a boat ride around the San Juans if you pick it up. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/mcy/6170185214.html
  14. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

    So I just opened the site in Chrome, looked for this thread, tapped in the quick-reply field to open it, tapped again to get the paste menu, pasted, and hit submit.
  15. How Do I Embed Youtube Videos

    Posted from my iPad. It's you.