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  1. SwampNut

    School me on gutters...

    No, just install a second set of eaves after the first fails.
  2. SwampNut

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Oh, and I meant the golf cart, of course, nothing else. It's a cool golf cart.
  3. SwampNut

    Golf outing fund raiser

    You should bring this: https://www.reddit.com/r/trashy/comments/935dop/the_technology_your_girl_told_you_to_not_worry/P (Possibly mild NWS at that link)
  4. SwampNut

    Garage door opener troubleshooting.,.

    Sears used to only sell Chamberlain/Liftmaster, so I assume it still is that way. The latest ones use an encrypted serial connection between the controller and switch, so someone couldn't just cut a wire and touch it together to open the door. In most garages that doesn't matter since the crook would already be in it, but with gates and some unusual garage configurations it does matter. So they just made all of the opener systems protected that way.
  5. SwampNut

    Conformal coatings

    This shit is pretty amazing. I will never be without it. The incident Oscar was talking about was with my sea planes and the home-built boats where I wanted to use non-marine electronics. This makes them totally reject water. Submerging the electronics does nothing to them. I use it on things like fence hinges and latches, or anything that's outside and needs corrosion protection that seems to last "forever." Years I guess. It's a thick foamy oily coating. I've used it on anything on the boat that looked like it was hinting at oxidizing. Oh, there are two types, I use the red. I can't remember what was different about the blue label.
  6. SwampNut

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    Why not? It can't still be cold out there.
  7. SwampNut

    Golf outing fund raiser

    People who take little games too seriously are the best to fuck with. https://www.amazon.com/Exploding-Golf-Ball-Four-Cloud-Flite/dp/B009WRC87A
  8. SwampNut

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Too much pressure. How do you know how many times you will fuck up? And whether you will fuck up more up front or later? Can unused ones be used for like, beer, or to be allowed to hit someone with a club?
  9. SwampNut

    Golf outing fund raiser

    So you're saying that I ca(COUGH)my friend can piss off the stodgy assholes while having fun with the normal humans? Sounds like a win. As to the original question; do you have to pre-buy these second chances or just choose them as needed then pay up later?
  10. SwampNut

    Golf outing fund raiser

    It seems to me that this is all about fucking around and not about the game, no? As in, nobody should take it seriously and anything goes? No? EDIT: Asking for a friend, who may or may not have purchased exploding golf balls, whistling club attachments, and related items for a charity event.
  11. SwampNut

    Golf outing fund raiser

    I am too. Have no idea what it is. You should try asking Zero what the point is.
  12. SwampNut

    Free iPad Mini Smart Cover

    Shit, I totally missed this before. PM your address and I'll send it out. It's light, will be a buck or two, no worries.
  13. Green iPad mini magnetic cover (actual Apple brand). Free to anyone who needs it. In decent shape, not perfect, but just normal light usage.
  14. SwampNut

    Water Heater Question

    Does someone have a steering damper for my head?
  15. SwampNut

    Water Heater Question

    I had missed this thread before. My god, just...fuck. What in the actual fucking fuck. The best thing about putting in a new reliable water heater is getting rid of the old one.