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  1. Are they the Evo, or the first gen? I'm not in the market, but just asking because other buyers likely want to know. Evo has a silver shark fin, first gen has a flip antenna.
  2. "I know what it's worth" always seems to correlate with evidence to the contrary.
  3. SwampNut


    I believe they measured the run at about 77 feet.
  4. SwampNut


    I shot some track day video of a custom car I built with a few people earlier today. Once edited, I'll post.
  5. Ur amateur interrogator and cannot make him talk! Seriously though, I've tried and tried to get that answer myself, it's not to be found. This is because I'm a Cuban moron, of course. Are you Cuban too?
  6. Only morons don't understand Professional explanations.
  7. For a second, I thought, "Maybe he'll actually answer slapper's honest question instead of creating shitshow where everyone else is a moron and he's a sooperjenus." In thinking that, it proves I'm stupid and don't learn from history. Nice try though.
  8. SwampNut


    As a nerd, I read "race cams" as something like a go pro to record your race video. I just now got it.
  9. 12 years, now that would be a record for holding parts.
  10. Oh hell no. Fuck no. You're just looking for trouble. Green is NOT an appropriate color for an engine part.
  11. It depends on the size. There are at least three sizes of them. The tiny ones are for bicycles. Medium ones require a few to fill a motorcycle tire. With a large one I got around 20-25 PSI, so two do the job. I carry some tiny and mediums on the mountain bike, with a wood plug to adapt both sizes to the filler.
  12. Last night I had to assure a neighbor's wife that the bowl covered in beeswax which I used to help her kid make a mold with glue and cardboard could indeed be washed and used again. Sigh. Simple physics.
  13. The first time I worked on her bike, she asked about options for cleaning the parts. I gave a few others, and she said, "People on the forums say the dishwasher is the best, why not just do that?" I've also cleaned a large batch of .50 brass in the clothes washer. I don't understand the issue with putting something dirty inside a cleaning machine.
  14. Yeah, "just give me what was in the picture" is a very reasonable expectation. The art thing cracks me up, because if it were art, I would expect imperfections. I have purchased art that was not exactly the same as the original demo/prototype. I would expect fairings to NOT be art, and to be closer to perfect. I had one of those. Offered a discount for a totally unusable product. Absolutely could not be used, nor repaired. Uh. No. Then same shit about sending it back on my own dime.
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