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  1. The only people who have told me they didn't like the sound of the Cummins are women, gay men, and a tranny.
  2. Car sales are so totally fucked. They are offering five figure discounts on Gladiators. Goddamn, if only they had shipped the diesels.
  3. Because it has 12 too many links. We use a 110.
  4. I can't remember if it can be reached from behind, under the instruments. Mine is bad enough to pay and do a quick repair, but not bad enough to take the whole fucking fairing apart again. Or maybe reach by just removing the windscreen?
  5. It would be super easy to make a perfectly conforming cover for $15. We can make one today, in fact. I'm going to knock off work by lunch. We can amateurly paint it tomorrow after prepping it with yak jizz, and using the wrong nozzle size.
  6. Wayback machine delivers. https://web.archive.org/web/20040214231852if_/http://www.cbr1100xx.org/reviews/soloseat/index.html
  7. Yeah, I had one like that. There was almost no space at all between the seat and the cover. It was a low-quality fiberglass job, but once painted, looked fine. It had a small sliver of a butt pad on it. No clue who made it, but I will go look at my original web site from 2002 and see if it's there.
  8. And kinda ugly, over-done graphics. Mine were single color and blended in nicely.
  9. Yup, that was one of them. https://pyramid-plastics.co.uk/collections/honda/products/honda-cbr-1100-xx-blackbird-seat-cowl-unpainted-1996-2007
  10. I've had two solo seat covers, maybe three. I know I had one that was just a cover with a butt pad, and one that was a cover with a "trunk" opening. I don't recall any brands, but pretty sure they were small companies not known brands.
  11. Lori's husband sent me their Corbin, so sniffing the passenger seat is still enjoyable. I've sat on different Corbins that felt totally different. I know they had some options on how to configure it. I've only done two short rides with this one, so I'm in the same place, unsure whether to keep the stocker or not. Also when I used to ride a lot, I liked putting the stocker on for short trips just for the hell of it.
  12. I've lost track of the colors for each country, so please tell us the color you're looking for on the mirror.
  13. I actually know most of what's in my supply supply box.
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