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  1. SwampNut

    Server error?

    Database repair complete, scripts updated, new version installed. So now we are Fully Certified Bug Free(tm).
  2. SwampNut

    Server error?

    Have I mentioned Fuck You, You Fuckin' Fuck? A customer just reminded me how great most of my customers are. Post to come...
  3. SwampNut

    Server error?

    Yeah, well, that was so I might actually solve this problem. Fuck you, you fuckin' fuck.
  4. SwampNut

    Server error?

    Just did a major upgrade, and could use further reports on this happening if you see it. Also backing up the DB and going to have a DB expert fix the issue I found earlier. I suck at database work.
  5. SwampNut

    Server error?

    I found a database script that isn't running correctly. Not sure if it's related, but it's been reported. It's not the sort of thing I want to just run manually outside their programming.
  6. SwampNut

    Server error?

    Well, good that Moriah wrote some great automated systems, we didn't really know about it until it was all over. We have a customer who used to run their own system, and not being voice experts, provided only one layer of security. They woke up to find $16k in calls to Globalstar overnight. They now use us instead.
  7. SwampNut

    Server error?

    Fuck me, what a Friday. Czechoslovakian hackers were able to send calls to one of our servers. I'll get back on this over the weekend or Monday. On the sort of bright side, our fraud controls kicked in and locked them out after only $80 of fraud calls. But three of us wasted all day mitigating and investigating. Fun fun. Whisky time.
  8. SwampNut

    Server error?

    I just applied an update that may address this (should but they aren't sure). So feedback is needed.
  9. SwampNut

    Server error?

    I've seen it also, and submitted this as a potential bug to the forum software vendor.
  10. SwampNut

    How long?

    Because too many old people, companies, etc insist on doing things old ways with old methods.
  11. Hmm... Scary low hours, no mention of maintenance, anyone looking at it needs to inspect really well.
  12. These were used as road/dirt pants, and she really doesn't like dirt at all, so not much use. But they are dirty, obviously. Can be washed. I'm not sure if they came with armor, but there's none in them now. She always pulled the armor out for being uncomfortable. Otherwise in great shape, no damage or issues. Literally probably ten hours of wear on them. The size tag is below, she is 5'7" and 115#, these were a great fit. Also fit the kid well when he was around 12-14. $60 shipped in the US. Paypal address is caalvarez at Gmail.
  13. SwampNut

    How does weather work

    Better than metroologist I guess.
  14. SwampNut

    How does weather work

    Not very, there's a hell of a lot wrong with it.