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  1. We featured her last week on http://cumguzzlinggrannies.com I think.
  2. Yeah, the RX7 has a cult following, parts are expensive. The engines were easy to break (not in the sense of poorly built, but needed exacting care), so lots of cars came off the road and got scrapped. When I decided mine wasn't worth fixing at all any more I still got decent cash.
  3. I agree on checking what's in the oil. Strain it if it's too dark to identify things.
  4. SwampNut

    Resetting ECU

    Yo no sé. Prueba desconectar la bateriá, y matar un pollo.
  5. You're all good. You missed previous discussions where Tomek The Professional(tm) made it clear that only fucking retard amateurs use anything other than acetone. All of us amateurs use normal solvents, like you did.
  6. Same reaction I had. Then I saw Janel using them, and you know her cleaning OCD...
  7. It depends on their inter-dimensional cellular quantum bond lattice. You should get basic clue before opening you mouth.
  8. I can't believe you assholes are talking shit to The Professional(tm). You probably don't even clean your sprockets with acetone.
  9. I would at least make a warranty claim.
  10. Sorry, I don't have a specific answer. Something in the formatting code triggered the same response as an attack would, under that one rule. You can't plan for all attacks, so some rules are over-reaching. Like your immune system responding to something inside your body and attacking you. AIDS. You gave the board AIDS.
  11. I found the issue that caused the 403. It was an over-active SQL UDF injection prevention script, which thought some of the SQL language used by the forum could also be used for a SQL injection. I simply removed that one rule. I don't know how/if this affects copy and paste. Let me know.
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