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  1. I know, every time I do, someone goes nuts. Guarantees I will do it again. If I'm not being an asshole, you know my account has been hacked.
  2. Send money, guns, and lawyers.
  3. Paypal is caalvarez -at gmail.
  4. $5 shipped for any one of them, or two for $8. Funds go into the board maintenance budget. They all fit the iPhone 6 and 6s, one has been modified to also fit the 7. 1. Tech21 Impact clear, a medium thickness case with very good protection. Modified to fit the 7 (still works fine with the 6/6s too). 2. Has the symbol K on it, don't know anything more. Ultra-thin case with minimal protection (corners, back). Lots of scratches but not real obvious since the soft translucent plastic kind of hides it. 3. Caudabe Veil, another extremely thin case, in smoke color. 4. Usams ultra thin and flexible rubbery case. This has a slight rubber grip feel, but not annoying sticky like some. 5. Unknown brand clear hard plastic case. Covers everything up to the screen edges, pretty good protection, while being pretty thin and clear. 6. Unknown brand medium thickness translucent rubbery case. It's a rubbery material but has a shiny smooth finish on the outside.
  5. I just realized why you don't make your own sauce, you just don't have the thyme.
  6. Polyurethane is the most common material for those, which is one of many thermoplastic elastomers.
  7. Of course, it all depends on which "store." I've bought from the national chain supermarket, and from the local Italian grocery/deli. Not at all the same. The latter's "store bought" was freshly made from raw ingredients that morning. Some fresh cut tomatoes, pressed or diced garlic, fresh cut basil, salt, and pepper is all you need for a 10-minute sauce. Canned San Marzanos are another excellent option and nothing tastes like them. But no store is going to use San Marzanos in their cheap stuff.
  8. The new home is probably the reason for not eating, it's a big change for an established dog. And probably doesn't help the fear/aggression thing.
  9. Oh yeah, how is that going?
  10. I think the obvious question is whether Dave would have the dog put down for yawning.
  11. I make my sauce most of the time. Sometimes I make the pasta. The meat isn't all that relevant since it's just...meat... Unless it's sausage lasagna, which I get locally made. But you have to buy block cheese. Make America grate again.
  12. My fuckup. She went to a 7 Plus. It will work with a regular 7. The system does seem pretty bad-ass, there have been others that were plastic and not as nice. The exoskeleton stays on the phone, the wallet and other stuff clips onto the exo. The exo protects the phone from drops. It's a nice system, but I already have stuff I like on mine and this won't fit her plus.
  13. High end stainless steel exo-skeleton, detachable leather wallet, and stand. Both in black. It's these three products: https://www.lucidream.com/product/exo-iphone-6-case/ https://www.lucidream.com/product/exo-6-iphone-wallet-case/ Plus the stand that they only did as a special edition, holds the phone at a variety of angles then folds up into a flat credit card size. They sell for over $200 as a combo, I'd like to get $60 shipped. Completely unused. Moriah got it then switched to an iPhone 7 Plus before using it.
  14. Yeah, my shop vac attachments have a sliding curtain to introduce a controlled leak, but it seems odd that nobody would have solved this before.