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  1. Crisco. The butter flavored version makes your exhaust smell like popcorn.
  2. I have a Wilson RV system that sometimes works miracles. It's the type that supports multiple devices and carriers. There's an antenna to mount up high, and another to point towards the inside of the RV. I have the outside antenna mounted on a long piece of EMT which I attach to the top of the ladder that goes to the RV roof. It works great in most places. One thing you can try also is to simply connect a good antenna to the Mifi directly, using its antenna ports. In some locations that's all I need. That would mean an antenna on a mast on the roof and putting the Mifi close to it to minimize cable length.
  3. I've known this guy for about ten years, he takes care of his bikes and is a straight up good guy. You could probably work in a boat ride around the San Juans if you pick it up. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/mcy/6170185214.html
  4. So I just opened the site in Chrome, looked for this thread, tapped in the quick-reply field to open it, tapped again to get the paste menu, pasted, and hit submit.
  5. Posted from my iPad. It's you.
  6. No idea, have never visited the site on anything other than a real computer. Which browser?
  7. AFAIKBZITE, you just paste it into the message and the forum software auto-embeds it. If that doesn't work, your browser is broken.
  8. You can say that again.
  9. Ah, cool. https://www.amazon.com/Kastar-Battery-Charger-Olympus-Digital/dp/B00QHNN7L8
  10. Also, just to be sure there's no confusion, this is NOT the camera you had borrowed, but similar.
  11. Hah, that was fast. But I thought you already had one? I'll ship tomorrow. Also with a cigar I just recently tried and fell in love with. Spicy and bold, but not really nicotine-strong. Definitely best after a good meal and with a drink.
  12. Olympus Tough TG-310 14MP camera, waterproof to 10 feet. NO CHARGER and the battery is questionable. So assume you're buying just the camera. An aftermarket charger and two batteries is $15-20. Camera is in very nice condition. Blue. $40 shipped in the US. Paypal is caalvarez at gmail.
  13. It's Kek, the ancient Egyptian religion whose symbol was a frog. You know, one of the 4499 different gods that almost everyone is an atheist to. EDIT: FUCK! AFAIKBZITE EDIT2: In my defense, I was correcting the spelling in the topic, not actually answering the question.
  14. I have a FreedomPop 803s tri-band mi-fi device I don't use any more. It has 12.5GB of rollover data available currently, and for $7.98/mo it gets another 1GB per month with rollover. $25 shipped, and I'll just transfer the account to you so you keep the data and existing plan. Remember though that it's on Sprint, the nation's shittiest cell network.