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  1. So you'd call it fixed?
  2. Also recompiled Apache with some optimizations and some additional diagnostic info. How are things today?
  3. I suspect a possible DNS issue. If it's what I suspect, then here's what happens... Your computer asks its primary DNS server for the address matching cbr1100xx.org. DNS1 doesn't reply. Computer times out, asks DNS two. It may reply or time out, causing more delay. I'm going to go streamline the DNS settings. They often take many hours, up to 24, to take effect. Let me know what you see tomorrow. It may affect different people in different ways because of how their ISP caches and looks up DNS.
  4. Can you describe this lag other than during posting? Like does it load slowly, but you can see it loading, or does it just do absolutely nothing and the POOF page pops up? Any difference in: Initial forum load Selecting a section or further sub-section Selecting a topic Changing pages in a topic
  5. No longer need it, free to anyone who can use it. Clip the charger onto the screws and plug it into the bike.
  6. Someone got a much smaller laptop. What case did you get for it?
  7. Those are some nice sheets cheap!
  8. Ok, it's yours, send me an address by PM. I can say I was naked if you'd like to maintain the fantasy...
  9. I have a Fieldsheer multi-season jacket that nobody in the family uses any more. I can't find a size tag on it. It's a perfect fit on Moriah, she's 5'8" and 110 pounds. So it would work for a small woman or kids in that size range. Ours is too big for it now. It is exceptional in cold weather, and pretty good in hot weather but not the best (which is why she upgraded to a BMW Rallye). She said it was good in rain, not perfect but good. It's in like-new condition. Wild guess at shipping is $20-30. Cover it by Paypal, or check, or whatever.
  10. All iPhones are compatible with all carriers now. There are no carrier-specific models any more.
  11. Did you get him to order a Currie anti-rock yet? And yeah, it's fun seeing the soccer mom Jeep in my rear-view on gnarly shit. Then again, it lacks lockers, so...
  12. I need one. But neither of the new businesses are making enough cash for me to feel right about a toy purchase. But I've needed one since they day it arrived on the showroom floor.
  13. Then that's definitely suspect, do the voltage test as suggested. What does "HID warming up" look like to you? I don't know what that means. I have them, but not sure what you see that is related to this.
  14. Sold for $152 and $175 plus shipping on eBay. What the fuck.