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  1. SwampNut

    Fork up-grade

    That bike was torn apart in his copious shop space last time I visited. A PM might get his attention, he's not around here much.
  2. Mine was a 2000. I spent a day in a dyno room tuning out the very minor problem and tweaking top end power. We confirmed the slight lean spot using the dyno, and added fuel. It really was tiny though, and maybe I just got lucky to occasionally want the throttle and RPM at just exactly the place that makes it noticeable. Either way though, it's not something I would have spent money to fix at all. The dyno day and the programmer were free, so they could use my bike for testing.
  3. There's a touch of a flat spot in the fueling curve, and you can hit a specific point if you try where it's not smooth. But it's certainly not abrupt in any way and is easy to ride fast and accelerate out of corners with no drama at all.
  4. Yup, you don't understand how any of this works, and are making incorrect decisions based on that.
  5. Which tells me your testing was incorrect, or you got an incorrect repeater, or something like that. Or your flip phone is on a different carrier? Or you did a shit job of mounting the outside antenna.
  6. Have you considered and/or tested a cellular repeater mounted outdoors or in the attic?
  7. Next to Jethro's Large Animal Vet and BBQ.
  8. So, your pipe is too small? But yeah, an expander should do it. Pain in the ass to get the pipe/bike to a muffler shop, but you can borrow one free from Auto Zone. https://www.autozone.com/loan-a-tools/loaner-tail-pipe-expander
  9. And on the way you can pick up discount meth in Placerville!
  10. This is a great idea since CA has so much extra electrical capacity.
  11. Not at all, since it doesn't work indoors. Why does this have to be repeated? Satellite signals don't go through obstructions. It doesn't meet any of the rest of the list of needs except for being waterproof.
  12. Because satellites don't work indoors. It's also kind of expensive.
  13. You can't use them indoors. What's BWCA?
  14. The CBR900 shock and aftermarket spring is the only one I recall.
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