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  2. Hmmm, https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/craftbeerpi-raspberry-pi-software.569497/
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  4. I don't recall whether they were here or not. They were all over the magazines.
  5. You would have had to move to Canada, afaik they never made it to the states. I do recall seeing one near Towanda, PA in a dealership/museum a few years ago.
  6. I will at some point, right now I need to get the bike back together. Been on that stand way too long.
  7. Are you getting a pair? If so, please give a review after you have a chance to try them out.
  8. Its why every guy wants to stick it in Crazy even though they know what will happen in the end. A pen in your ear.
  9. Y'all aren't wrong. As far as looks, I'd say it grows on you and the face always reminded me of the Japanese robot cartoons from the 80's and 90's. As far as value, there are couple of bikes in my area going for about the same price, but there are also a couple listed for around $9500. Different years and such, but from what I've been able to ascertain is the 2017 model was the golden year. The rest of the years all have there issues. For example, the 2018/19/20 Adventure Sports models all have a fuel tank/fuel pump issue. The issue appears to be with the welds. The material used to coat the tank interacts with the fuel/ethanol in North America and is acerbated with 90+ degree heat to cause the material to "flake" off at the welds and clog the filter on the fuel pump. Evidently, Honda is aware of the issue, but hasn't issued a recall. Anyway, I have a very clean bike that's been very well taken care of and, in my opinion, tastefully accessorized. I'm in no rush to sell and will keep him (his name is Kevin) if no one bites.
  10. I believe it was around $700 with the one-key system. I had to buy all the parts and put it together myself. The dealership was charging $100/hr and the quoted time was 3 hours. So, yeah, I spent the three hours myself assembling the system and installing it. As a side note, I know the cases aren't that rugged, but the convenience of the system, coupled with no external rack sticking off the bike when I don't want to carry them, makes them an excellent choice for most of my riding. I've done 2 multi-day trips of 1500 and 3000 miles with those panniers and a soft top bag and couldn't have been happier with the way they performed.
  11. Just bought this set as my SO's car (Ford C-Max 🤮) needs a CV joint boot. We'll see how good it is in a few days I guess, until then she's using one of my Alfa's 😂.
  12. It seems that Jaws Motorcycles now to preload adjusters to go on standard forks. £94.95 + Delivery from the worlds favourite auction site. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Blackbird-CBR1100XX-97-07-Preload-Fork-Cap-Adjusters/392422748197
  13. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    So apart from brake disks, the last big purchase of the project has now arrived... That ladies and gents, is the shindengen mosfet reg rec. Coupled with the shiny new electrosport stator, it should keep me free of major electrical gremlins for some time.
  14. I love the looks of it and the - OEM Panniers (w/One-Key system) adds a lot to the value. What was the retail on the panniers?
  15. I am in the same boat. AND I love the patriotic colors. My 21 year old son would pay to have a kidney harvested to buy this bike. Going to be a dick here as there was a 2016 for sale last night in Seattle for $6900 with 300 miles. My son corrected me and said the 2016s have fork issues. But, as another member said , just a "little" high. You may want to consider $11,499
  16. That bike might be the most horrifyingly ugly thing that makes me want to keep looking at it. It's like a hot horny redhead midget with a hunch back, I don't know what to do. Please understand that I'm not dogging your bike at all, just trying to figure out why I'm attracted to it while also thinking it looks all wrong. I poured my piggy bank into the Coinstar yesterday so Dave's got the best chances.
  17. Done!! I'll even throw in a can of Original Bike Spirits and a 10 pack of extra thick microfiber cloths as an olive branch for the harsh negotiations. When would you like to pick it up?
  18. Looks to be ready for a good thrashing. Price might be a bit on the high side
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