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  2. You better cut back on the Wheaties.
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  4. Well, I might want to take it apart again, y'see.....😃
  5. Meh, you can hardly see it, stand back and look at that beauty. Now imagine yourself driving down the boulevard in that bad boy knowing you have enough power under the hood to take a house off its foundation. That was the seller talking.
  6. $12,800 ‐ two years ago - I doubt that's what it actually. went for, but that was asking. Bad bondo and a ton of structural rust. The pictures don't do it justice.
  7. Just remembered https://www.acehardware.com/departments/automotive-rv-and-marine/auto-tools-and-maintenance/stop-leak-compounds/8133431?x429=true&gclid=CjwKCAjwg6b0BRBMEiwANd1_SOIZEYBxQhrRWVgujCiIZCvqPDyYXf9sAHqSx9bbinUbQTsN0HEsixoCxZUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds It comes with a piece of fiberglass cloth that you obviously don't need, the epoxy is gas proof. It's a one shot deal, unless you separate the epoxy to mix small batches, so if you have other stuff to fix you can prep them to make more use of the kit.
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  9. My guess is there is nothing I can get reasonably that is impervious to gasoline, so I'll have to do the resistant variety and depend on fuel filters for any that decides to leach off.
  10. No point in it now that I can make cheap ammo. At about twenty to twenty five cents per round it'll be a fun unique magnum plinker. The brass & bullets were free.
  11. Slapped the packing nut back on. Now we can live comfortably till I fix it or the plumber comes.
  12. Threads by the packing might be striped too.
  13. I broke the threaded shaft that turns inside the blade. Probably just put in a new threaded piece and good to go? I had to shut off the water. I broke the 35+ year old shut-off at the dish washer. Then the 35+ year old main broke.
  14. I have some of that stuff but never tried it on stuff with fuel. I think Dollar General and Walmart have it.
  15. Here's two .338WinMag cases, the one on the right has been necked down for the Norma's .308 bullet diameter. The little 'bulge' where the bullet is pointing shows how much longer the Norma chamber is. When it's fired in the Norma the whole front of of the case starting with the big shoulder area will stretch forward just past where that little bulge is (about 1/8") then it'll be properly sized for the chamber, as long as I load it hot enough. Seems kinda nutty, but it's a fairly common thing done with many cartridges, it's called "fire forming". Every case is fire formed a little every time you shoot a 'normally' sized case since they're always a bit smaller than the chamber, this will just be a more extreme forming.
  16. Pound for pound, the Norma is WAY more expensive to shoot than the .50, but maybe still a bit cheaper per shot depending on what cartridge you shoot. There's lots of 'cheap' MilSurp .50, no cheap Norma stuff. From what I've read, what killed it is the .300 WinMag. When the Win came out they pushed it harder and got it out to the masses, Norma apparently didn't even try. They're quite similar in power, the Norma is said to have some advantages stemming from the case/chamber design, when used in a properly chambered gun. Apparently there's the Norma standard for how a chamber should be cut, specifically with a long throat to better handle hotter loads, and the run of the mill norm of having a fairly short throat. Mine has the longer throat, and it's strange. With most guns if you load a bullet too far out it'll jam into the rifling when you chamber it. With the Norma I can set a bullet so far out that it's barely hanging onto the case and it barely touches the rifling. Having that extra space allows you to seat the bullet farther out leaving space for more powder in the case and when fired it lets the bullet jump out easily minimizing the initial pressure spike from that hot load. The Norma can be loaded to velocities just shy of 4,000FPS without going outside of published loading guidelines. For comparison, a typical AR15 will give around 3,000FPS with a bullet that's well under half the weight.
  17. https://www.acehardware.com/departments/paint-and-supplies/tape-glues-and-adhesives/glues-and-epoxy/10840?store=11677&gclid=CjwKCAjwg6b0BRBMEiwANd1_SIhM1XoluKkeN1LxDxgiSW1pcpaKhwLzfUOViBDCaExqHZ1-uMa2hRoCzBAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  18. correct I'll bid 4275. That will tip it just over 5k. For that much I know ranchers here that will take it.
  19. April 16, a truck would make a great 50th B-day present! $4,999 would be good place to stop, keep below that $5k fee window. I assume they only charge fees if you win and it's free to bid. -?
  20. The only people who have told me they didn't like the sound of the Cummins are women, gay men, and a tranny.
  21. The power stroke is more rattly/crackly, the Cummins sounds more like a big rig. Almost all HD trucks use a straight 6 engine. I heard a Jeep 4.0 with a turbo and open pipe once, it had a very similar sound, just without any diesel cackle. The other sound that always made me smile with the Cummins is when you shut it off and get a quick chirp from the accessory belt, newer ones don't do it. Actually, none of the newer diesels have any of the sounds that diesel used to have.
  22. 04-08 R1 from ebay. It is pretty big, you have to cut off parts of cooling fins but it is unbreakable.
  23. Well all righty then, I like my old dodge, I'll stay. Now we just need to work out how much for the ford and when you want me to deliver. With the straight exhaust, people usually know it's me. Two sons pulled a big 5th wheel to here from S Dakota, when they got back the oldest thanked me for fixing his car. Before the trip he thought his car was loud, with the turbo wound up and the straight pipe bounced off the trailer, well, perspective.
  24. Following this thread a bit. I don't shoot but I find it interesting. I decided to look up the prices of the Norma ammo.........crap! You're approaching 50BMG price territory! All the reviews I saw called the Norma round an excellent round but rare. Did it just not catch on?
  25. Make your own oring. https://www.mcmaster.com/o-ring-splicing-kits/ This is McMaster Carr but lots of other kits out there. Would this sealant work? https://www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/gasket-sealants/permatex-permashield-fuel-resistant-gasket-dressing-flange-sealant/
  26. I've got a 30 gallon fuel caddy that I use at the track and around the farm to keep ethanol free gas for all my toys. It has a hand cranked dual direction rotary vane pump onto it and last year it was leaking pretty bad at the center seal. I pulled it apart, took the numbers off the seal and found replacements. Good to go, except the thin o-ring that fits into a shallow groove in the pump body and seals the outside of the pump chamber seemed to have expanded a bit. With a little help from a couple thin knife blades and an extra pair of hands I was able to get everything back in place and working without a big leak. This year, it was leaking more, and I pulled it apart with the thought of having to replace the shaft seal again, but that wasn't the problem. In trying to put it all back together, it was obvious the o-ring had expanded some more and was NOT going back in place. I ended up cutting and shortening it to get it back into the groove, and put up with the small leak at the top of the pump where I placed the break. I need to seal up the pump, but have no idea where to source one, the pump is of course made of chinesium. I can order bunches of o-rings and hope I get on that fits. Measuring these is always iffy, but it's around 1.5mm thickness with a diameter of 3-ish inches. What I'm looking for is a sealant that's gasoline resistant to fill up the o-ring groove. Wax paper often works well for these applications, but I the pump cover mates flush with the body and provides the pump chamber. I don't want to space it out, as the vane holder may tip and damage the pump. I suspect this was not rated for gasoline, only diesel. I need a hose for it too, but that's another pursuit. So what sealant could I use that doesn't require me buying a gallon, or ordering a $400 bottle of miracle grow from an aircraft supply warehouse? Thanks!
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