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  2. @XXitanium thanks for the tip, I contacted him.
  3. Hi, I am looking for 4x 16111-MAT-000 vacuum pistons to finish a carb rebuild for a 97 XX. The part seems to be discontinued, any idea where I could find these?
  4. I can't imagine there being any connection between the O2 sensor and the fuel level. I think the level sensor connector is under the seat near the tank.
  5. Good morning Ric :::... The exhaust is in good shape as seen in the photos. They came off a 97 that I bought used. In all honesty, when I bought the bike, the guy who sold it to me just threw them in. I believe he had swapped them out when he acquired the bike so they have seen very little mileage. I've had 2 more Blackbirds since I acquired them and they're just collecting dust. Unfortunately, I don't have the headers to go along with them. Just the exhausts themselves. If you're interested, please let me know. Thanks...Jay
  6. I am interested in your mufflers. Would like to know more about their condition. Also, do you have the headers for this muffler set up? Thanks for your help Ric L
  7. Web guys changing web page names... https://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/5053e7def870021c54be2dbb/carburetor-comp I wonder if there is a part that retrofits? ...were these carbs used on other models? .
  8. @___dude I was going to suggest @rockmeupto125 slide diaphragms.
  9. try plugging the o2 sensor back in and see if the fuel gauge works properly,assuming there is fuel in the tank.
  10. Still waiting for the bung adapter, but welding the 18x1,5 was successful and the bike is now running very well with the sensor disconnected. Getting the FI light as expected, but also the fuel gauge seems to not be working. The last indicator bar keeps flashing when the bike is running, not displaying tank level. Maybe i accidentally disconnected the fuel gauge connector when disconnecting the 02 sensor, or could this be a part of the fault indication caused by the missing 02 sensor?
  11. Yesterday
  12. You mean 1996/1997? David Silverspares used to ship the XX racks over the pond. I looked at them back in the day. If I recall they used the VFR800 bags? I had a 2002 VFR800 and considered buying the racks to move them over to an XX.
  13. Last week
  14. +1. Landscape fabric + river rocks. No more mowing. Plant a bush if you have to. Any weeds either pull out easily or just spray them with Round Up or the vegetation killer of your choice. Done.
  15. Is that a gas can above the exhaust can? That might be interesting during a lowside if full.
  16. Ashley now sees how much she was spending on going out to eat & drink. Not an exact number, but she's seeing her bank account grow instead of hover. She's one of those that would pick up everyone's tabs & shit, it bugged the hell out of me.
  17. Afterthought. The blades on the bulbs I ordered for the dash were too small. My son ran and got different LED with blades the same size as the incandescent we removed. They had multiple pads.
  18. Yes, we are currently financially fine and will be so for the foreseeable future. It's just forced some lifestyle changes which I can honestly say, I'm glad it was forced. I don't miss the woman's desire to eat out multiple times every weekend.
  19. Your test was interesting, but mostly useless. While the thin glove would seem more fragile than the instrument cluster, being so thin it is able to dissipate the heat more easily. It's also a different material so not knowing the temperature tolerances of both materials makes the glove a pretty useless test material. If you glove tested the original bulb and the 5w and the 5w did less damage to the glove then it would likely be a solid conclusion that the 5w is safe.
  20. I was wondering about you. The last few days I thought "I'm gonna give that guy a shout as soon as I'm done here", then it would go out of mind. I hope you still have enough $ flow to keep above water.
  21. 1873/5000 Hello friends, because as I already mentioned I have carried out the experiment and I tell you how it has been ... I have connected the bulb to 12V with a transformer and indeed when I touched it it was quite hot, so for the avoidance of doubt I have done a home test trying to recreate the conditions of the bulb inside the odometer, a small place without breathing and with plastics that can be melt from the heat, so I tell you the experiment ... To make the comparison of light I have connected a 1.7 W bulb (the original) and the one I currently have on the bike (5W), and clearly the 5 W bulb looks brighter and it also heats up a lot more and that was my fear. To recreate an odometer inside I have put the bulb in a glass without breathing and I have also put the bulb in a plastic glove which is the thinnest plastic I have been able to find to see how the heat of the bulb affected it, the bulb at all times it has been in contact with the plastic glove, I have left the light bulb inside the plastic for 20 minutes (enough to see the reaction) and after 20 minutes if the plastic has been slightly deformed but very little, in addition Keep in mind that it was in direct contact with the bulb, when removing the bulb from the plastic it came out without problems and had not stuck with the plastic although it has been deformed a little, but eye is a very very thin plastic and was wrapping all the light bulb, With which the conclusion that I draw is that you can rest easy and these bulbs will not deform our internal plastics, in a trip of 5 or 6 hours I have not tested it, but I have been with the bike for more than two hours in a row and no problem, And now after doing the experiment that I have carried out I am already calm and with the certainty that even if it generates heat nothing will happen. That's it, now I am calm with the 5w lights. I have to test the same light bulb but in blue, to see if the numbers make them more blue and it looks more beautiful, as soon as I try it I upload it and see how it would look ...
  22. Need a ecu non HISS model as im in canada anyone that can help me out would be awsome thanks
  23. Trying to help out a local guy..Is the ECU for the '00 model the same? I know had sent one to the US, to be flashed but never heard anything back. Anyhow, if someone has a spare for a 99 let me know how much to ship to Canada
  24. What have you guys been up to? Still no XX for me....as I've been on the government teet since March. I was on a 90 day furlough until last week when a few thousand of us were laid off.
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