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  2. If we get you, you sir are in trouble.
  3. I think this is the only place that gets me. I've posted to more than handful of forums and FB groups that I am looking for a '99 etc etc. I keep getting these responses about their '97, '98, '03 and I'm thinking...ARE YOU RETARDED? What can't you understand about '99 or possibly a '00????????????????????????????? WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION, NUMB NUTS?
  4. Yesterday
  5. I was not serious about Stockholm Syndrome. But I have no idea why your bro shadows me in tech threads. He is not really gearhead like you and I. I've made fun out of him on number of occasions, I guess it blew couple fuses up there.
  6. SwampNut


    I shot some track day video of a custom car I built with a few people earlier today. Once edited, I'll post.
  7. He's perfect, there's nothing to improve upon. I've only done one track day, RacerXX, and I'm glad I got photos of me on the track. If I'd had a video camera it woulda been nice. I've shot video of me driving stuff off-road and of others doing it. For me it's all been about capturing the memories.
  8. After giving up on you I find you quite entertaining. It's interesting watching someone who thinks/speaks like you. Your assumption that we are drawn to you like a person with Stockholm Syndrome would be is exactly as expected from you. You just keep on being you, I am enthralled by your psychosis.
  9. jon haney


    For review, and possible areas to improve? I've never done it, but I only do track days for fun.
  10. Slapper is desperately trying to troll me, it is understandable. Not sure about CEOEs, what drives them back to my threads. I repeatedly insult them and they keep coming back for more. Variation of Stockholm Syndrome? Whatever. Strange.
  11. Ur amateur interrogator and cannot make him talk! Seriously though, I've tried and tried to get that answer myself, it's not to be found. This is because I'm a Cuban moron, of course. Are you Cuban too?
  12. What do you want me to do Answer the question. How did you destroy your engine????
  13. What do you want me to do ? I'm against combined forces of 2 CEOEs and slapper. CEOE - Cuban Expert On Everything
  14. Yup. That’s about all I can do now. Just wait.
  15. He's so insanely fast that the massive G forces pulled the oil off the bearing journals at redline instantly seizing it.
  16. Last week
  17. This is my public feed. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

  18. ebay seller will be getting a return, they paid shipping. i ordered another from the rick's website. will be nice to start riding the bird again. guess californy's about done for rain this season...
  19. Only morons don't understand Professional explanations.
  20. All is shown and explained in first couple of posts here. http://www.cbr1100xx.org/forums/index.php?/topic/95032-chain-reaction/
  21. tomek


    Cubans are typical Latinos, all show no go.
  22. I'm beginning to suspect Tomek is the cause of his motor destruction. Perhaps one of his mandatory hi-perf engine mods that have carried him through the pack of moto gp, like setting deck height to induce pistons crashing into the cylinder head, produced negative consequences. Will caps from oil containers fit through the fill hole in an R1? Perhaps the plastic in the motor was sabotage from another rider......
  23. For a second, I thought, "Maybe he'll actually answer slapper's honest question instead of creating shitshow where everyone else is a moron and he's a sooperjenus." In thinking that, it proves I'm stupid and don't learn from history. Nice try though.
  24. I'm sorry but I can't fix your IQ deficiency, the thread is self-explanatory. Your mother apparently had unprotected sex with rather dumb, Beavis or Butthead type, guy.
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