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I have that in my textile suit.  Not bad…not great.  Hope to never test it.  The back armor was split from shipping with the jacket…which makes me wonder how “good” it is in a crash.

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My Klim gear has D30. Not D30 Aero like in the video. That stuff goes into their latest iteration of high-end gear like badlands pro aero. 


Like Zero, I hope to never use it. I did find myself taking some of it out some when it was really. fucking. hot.

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On 4/14/2023 at 6:33 PM, OMG said:


Was there a question, or just a share?  It's been showing up in all my mountain bike gear, and I can definitely tell you that there's a difference in the feel and resulting color of the body parts I had covered with it, and the ones not covered.  It also seems extremely durable.  For example there's not one scratch on the elbow pad that I left on the dining room table when I did an endo.


I just ordered a pair of Icon Overlords and they claim to make up for the lack of hard armor with D30.  It's still got a CE stamp.  They seem lighter and flimsier than what I wear now, but we'll see.  My everyday street "boots" are just over the ankle, and 15 years old, it's time.



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