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So….   My second XX sold and I’ve got a few parts I need to “dispose” of so I figured I’ll give you dibs before ebay.  I’ll be posting pics within the next couple days.


Top sellerie seat with gel on both plus heat for rider. 

Heli bars ( 2 sets.  XX and VFR)

Rubber foot peg inserts rider

All Balls steering bearings 

Shop manuals.  Both Honda and Haynes.

Top box rack hardware.  No box or tray. 

May be some more odds and ends in the box.  


I’ll post pics with prices once I take them.  Gimme a day or two.

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Sorry about that first snafú of seat profile. 
The postage in the box from France dates to Dec24, 2018. Seat has about 3000 miles on it. Gel front back and heat front. It is nice on Philly winter morning commute. 
Regarding prices….  

$300 + ship for the seat. 
top box hardware I paid $100. Want $50 +ship. 

50% of sticker plus shipping for these. Whatever that may be. Fair?

Heli bars ( 2 sets.  XX and VFR)

Rubber foot peg inserts rider.

Steering bearings
fuel pressure regulator

All Balls steering bearings 

Manuals, if nobody wants them, will be included with the more $ items. One goes with the seat. Another with XX heli. If you have manuals please let me know and it’ll go to next guy. 

I usually buy Japanese bike stuff from Ron ayers so that’s the price I’d like to go by. 
Please look up whatever you may be interested in. 

Sorry it took a while. 
Let me know what you want. PLEASE pm. 


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I assume it will fit a 99.

Not that I need it, but I'll take it. It's nice to have a warm butt.

After riding the RT 1200 the bird feels tiny.

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