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  1. Hey brother - hope you are gearing up for an awesome weekend. Weather is going to be kick ass... planning anything fun with the family or friends? Bike ride, hike... fishing? Wish you well... and love you man.
  2. Will you deposit the refund directly into my account?
  3. So, if I understand you correctly - you are chaining your garage doors shut from the inside to protect a 10 year old hybrid Toyota? Is this because they are highly sought after vehicles by thieves or is said vehicle filled with cash that someone might want?
  4. Fearful someone would steal all your valuable belongings? Like the 1983 Mazda or the 2001 Prius?
  5. Just watched the documentary about the rise and fall of Juul and how they tried to convince people they were saving smokers from and eventual death. Stamford kids invented it and the one is worth about a billion today.
  6. Hey brother. I’ve missed you. Hope you’re having a productive week at work, loving life, family and friends. Almost Thanksgiving where I’m really thinking you’re planning a nice celebration with your family. I know I am. If we don’t speak - enjoy your weekend. Get as much of the outdoors in as you can. Soak in nature!!! Love you man. 💛💛
  7. Those insecure with their manhood are always threatened by Mazda Miata's, PC8's, Mopeds, and the like.
  8. Yep, beautiful to the eye. The way they integrated the bodywork so smoothly was an R&D success. It drove as curvy and easily the bike is to the eye.
  9. Glad I don’t use sugar.
  10. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2017/06/28/american-greed--from-peanuts-to-making-sick-millions.html
  11. I just watched a Netflix documentary on food poisoning and a big part of it was peanuts and peanut butter. Like dead rats and rat feces ground up or on whole peanuts.
  12. I owned one. And an old school concours - loved my PC8.
  13. Nope, not messing with you. I've always heard Cubs are like the Honda of Lawn Tractors - very little maintenance, rock solid platforms and last LONG ! Good choice. Only drawback - my neighbor has a HUGE piece of land and it takes him a whole weekend to mow his lawn where I assume Zero Turns move much faster.
  14. Yep, perfect choice. Do it. Make sure to DO NOT buy a warranty. Warranties are for pussies. That thing will never break. You’re golden if you get that one
  15. Wait, at $300/month - that would be cheap? Or you actually looking to be cheap? LOL
  16. Smart move Carlos. Make something more functional for your intended purpose. Takes a super smart and motivated individual to rip apart a new bike and adapt it to you. I’m surprised someone your age is so incredibly motivated. Kudos to you.
  17. Mike lives for problems so that’s the best thing that could happen to him.
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