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  1. Absolutely Mike and I agree with your disapproval of the home test. I have done a "real" sleep study and they have control of the study and change the settings while you sleep. Capture the data and file a report. This works. Has your Dr. recommend a pulmonologist? Get a real sleep study. Hope you don't shine this on like you usually do with, "that won't work" and a hundred reasons why.
  2. Mike, I don't know how else to put it. You need to spooge at the Y.
  3. Mike, you are a smart dude. No doubt. You overthink shit beyond the realm of reason. You need to find a girlfriend.
  4. Somehow overlooked this thread. I find it disturbing.
  5. Joe, I have already posted this before but I will say it again. I can't remember ever hearing my Dad laugh so hard but thinking back, it was worth it.
  6. Guess I will repeat a story again. Started my Bultaco without the seat and tank on and the top of the carb not screwed on. Quick blip of the throttle while sitting on the bike, wound the fuk out! Kill button didn't stop it, saw the sparkplug wire arching, pushed the wire to the frame with my thumb to kill it like a lawnmower, pissed my pants. Dad laughed so hard.
  7. I'm listening, with or without heat? Permetex made a good thread penerator decades ago that worked well with heat. Dad used it more than I did. Fwiw, I generally use the 4in weld beautifier before the hot wrench.
  8. Never heard of Inforce. Sounds like something I should have around. All I know as penetrating oil is Liquid Wrench.
  9. Just a tube. No hopper. It works well although it is slow to fill. Primer holder helps staging them. I don't deal with the little stuff as well as I use to.
  10. I have everything pictured but the black base/stand. I bolted thru a 2x6 and fastened it to the table. I can sit down to use it. The base is at table level. Extra stuff too. like tumbler, powder charge, scales all the peripheral stuff. I would like to have a case feeder but I am not pressed for time. Oscar, I haven't had any problems with the primer feeder. It counts and has an audible alarm if it runs out of primers. https://www.scheels.com/p/dillon-precision-rl550c-reloading-press/60982420252.html Edit: shit you just made me look at the upgrades for my 550 online fukr I want a boat dammit. Don't send me down this path.
  11. Thanks for the Bonamassa details. I thought it would be close to 12/60's profile. The EVH Kramer is thin. I thought it was a lot like the Fender but It could be 14 maybe? Gauges are cheap. I should buy some. The link offers details of Fender guitars. Easy to understand. Compound neck details also. Thanks.
  12. Just curious, do you know the neck radius on the Bonamassa ? I bought a Fender Strat copy and it plays like my EVH Kramer. I think they are 12 ? I decided I don't like the neck on my Paul Reed Smith that has a "C" neck. Not sure of the radius. Smaller radius for sure. Gonna sell it. Is the Bonamassa close to the LP standard type C neck? I don't have neck gauges. You may have ?
  13. True, I have the Dillon 550 but don't have the case feeder.
  14. I just remembered, even the compressor I used to blow up the doll was 220v Mister battery expert.
  15. Downhill and tail winds are cheating imo.😀 Tailwinds ok maybe?
  16. Best gloves I ever had. Held If they were larger, I would been all over this.
  17. Thrux65. going 200 is not a simple change of sprockets. Ask Mikesail. As XX owners, we all want to believe it will go 200mph with a simple gear change. As far as I know, no one has achieved this ever with a naturally aspirated stock XX motor. If you achieve this, you have King statis bragging rights.
  18. Thanks for the clarification Joe. Makes sense. The 98 ( Black ) needs more weight up there to keep the front end down. 🤣
  19. As far as I know, no difference between carbed and FI Bird forks. I have a set of forks off an 01 ( FI bike ) on my 98 carbed bird. I didn't see any physical difference. They do have aftermarket internals though.
  20. Welcome aboard. Look for Mikesail here. He has run Bonneville.
  21. Some might say that about battery powered dildos. Ex-wife liked the real tool from the 50's. Carlos, batteries aren't the answer to everything. 😀
  22. I think that is cool. Not sure I would ever use it but still cool.
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