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    I've experimented with tires and spark plugs back to back and different ones can make a big difference whether new or used. Before Splitfire spark plugs existed I made a set for my Mustang and it was pretty obvious they worked better than the normal plugs. That was a 351 Cleveland with 2V open chamber heads, engines with more efficient designs might not change as much.
  3. tomek


    People replace X brand worn out tire with Y brand brand new tire and automatically proclaim Y brand being way better. Lol. Same scenerio when they switch from X type of spark plug to Z type. Lol.
  4. People who aren't idiots and don't want to attract dirt and garbage into their locks, I guess. And since WD isn't a lubricant, I suppose also people who don't want to make a small problem worse.
  5. Honestly, who DOESN’T shoot some WD-40 into both locks every now and then to prevent this from happening?
  6. It is, however, soluble in ethanol.
  7. Mostly true, but a couple of our fleet cars now have a door that you just push to open, and when it does, the gas cap is attached to it and the fueling pipe is ready to roll. Weird, and I was surprised.
  8. Cars now have security latches on the fuel doors.
  9. I'd never given thought to the fact that bikes come with keyed gas caps and cars don't. The only logic I can think of is that cars have anti-syphon devices and bikes don't.
  10. Last week
  11. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2048224240.html?storeId=1037273&spm=2114.12010615.8148356.32.40432f95QO6PNW
  12. I had two duplicates made of my previous XX keys, and both were harder to use then OEM. One was from some shitty random place, the other from a locksmith shop. Same shit. They were made from my unused OEM spare key, before I started using it since the other was wearing out.
  13. It is a simple procedure to open the lock and remove the disk tumblers. This leaves you with a stock looking gas cap lock which can be opened easily with the key or any other blade.
  14. Swing Arm powder coated Black $75 plus shipping
  15. Set of OEM wheels for an 02 $100 plus shipping
  16. Corbin Seat Gunfighter with lady backrest black with silver piping, excellent condition $225 plus shipping
  17. This knife is just plain badass! One of the more robust knives put out by BM in the last decade. I bought it just because I loved the shape and feel and action but it has never been carried. It has been sitting on my desk since I bought it. Other than some finger prints it's in new condition. I haven't been able to find the box but I'll keep looking (thinking one of the kids threw it away inadvertently) https://www.bladehq.com/item--Benchmade-407SBK-Vallation-AXIS--84270
  18. Got this for my wife but after having it drop out of her "girl"-sized pockets a dozen times she stopped carrying it. Need some money for medical bills again You can see the results of the drops on the top and bottom. Fortunately the blade was never deployed when the knife went down so it's perfect. The action is perfect and strong both ways. Comes with the original box PayPal https://www.bladehq.com/item--Hogue-Knives-OTF-Tanto-Automatic--50272
  19. This I know. And was doing at the time. I had also performed, and posted about performing planned maintenance on the fuel and ignition, just a few months ago. It was amazing how much crap came out of that tumbler The key that broke was a locksmith made extra. But the one that I used most often. The OEM turns the ignition easier than the one that broke. Wear or poor duplicate? Who knows? I'm just lucky that it broke close to home.
  20. When gas prices went up, gas theft was common and locking cap sales skyrocketed. I have no idea why they are on bikes, since there's so little to steal. And sugar is not soluble in gasoline, I think that hole thing is a myth. This seems like a stupid question, but I assume everyone knows you need to push down on the cap before turning the key? Otherwise you're using the key to scrub the locking lugs against the ring.
  21. Didn't realize you were trying to sell it for the last 8 months. I would have loved to had your bike with the engine work and all.
  22. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I always thought locking fuel caps were more about preventing sabotage (i.e., sugar in the tank) than theft of fuel . . .
  23. Ive experianced that problem before. Fuck that shit. Very first thing I do on new to me motorcycle is to replace oem fuel lock with keyless chineasum assembly from ebay. Vortex race style. 20 some bucks.
  24. Test drove one for about 50 back road miles. It's sublime.
  25. Weird - because your mom loves the yellow dildo.
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