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  1. Last week
  2. I just need the can, if you'd be interested in selling just that
  3. Thanks, Wife and I commented how relaxed the Daughter is on her green meanie...oh yea, it was purchased from a board member. Will post a pic when I can find one... Thanks again
  4. Just landed in Buffalo for a few days. Probably ship Fri or Mon. Sold.
  5. Where in Wis con sin are you? May not be that big of an "if".
  6. You're getting another one for being a good dad. JJP XX is also ...all gone (as son as I mail them)
  7. Price is now $5500 OBO... Someone who wants an XX will get a great deal. https://syracuse.craigslist.org/mcy/d/cicero-2003-honda-cbr1100xx-with-13-6/6861623850.html
  8. May I have one please? I'll gladly PayPal you for postage. Thanks!
  9. Still got the Full Akra. Does have a ding in the can from my move apparently.
  10. Probably just stretched a little. Oil might help with the "feel", along with deleting any kinks.
  11. Agreed. I need to play with it more and see it there's enough adjustability in the mechanism to take up the slack. I think the cable was installed that way on purpose as a work-around to the cable being too long.
  12. Taking the kink out of that cable connection might improve the feel and make the cable last longer.
  13. Earlier
  14. - Never worn - Wireless - Charging case - Case charges with a wireless charging pad Paid $129 $85 including tax & ship
  15. It's on Cecome's '97 I bought a couple days ago. I think he said it was on the motor when he bought it from CBRbear, but looking back through bear's for sale stuff it doesn't appear so. I thought it might need lube or maybe just adjustment so this morning I went for it. The center bolt turns and does seem to be the pushrod adjustment, but tweaking it around didn't seem to help the lever feel at all, felt the same as adjusting the cable. A couple drops of oil did seem to help. I may return it to hydraulic, or tear into it and see if a cleaning & proper lubing makes it work better. Mostly feels like there's too much friction in the system, and possibly some 'race' springs on the clutch making it stiffer. The lever pull is noticeably stiffer than my '01. A time back Cecome posted about needing a new cable for it and another member, CBRquad I think, offered to trade it for a stock system, it appeared that he knew what this was so I may try hitting him up for info. One of the drag guys may know about it too, I'm assuming it's a race mod type thing.
  16. There's no reason to think that its not an adjustment bolt. There has to be a way to set the freeplay, and that's not what the cable end adjusters are for. Where did you find that piece of esoterica?
  17. -2 pounds last week - and I ate a lot at the Yankee Tailgate.
  18. Let me know what you have that you might part with
  19. My son converted his CBR 1000RR some years ago and he had to order it from Germany. Can you follow up with the previous owner?
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