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  2. Any engine will commonly get hotter if left to idle right after being under load, but yours is going higher than I think it should, assuming that you have some cruising time between the high speed run and stopping in the driveway. If you made a fairly quick stop after being at high speed it could be normal. A bad thermostat is unlikely to be the cause, a bad cap not holding pressure is possible.
  3. Hi guys, firstly thanks in advance for any help. So I have a 2001 bird which is having a bit of an overheating issue. So if I have the bike at idle in the garage temp will rise to around 102 deg, fan kicks in and goes down to around 94 which is perfect. Out on a run at a decent pace between 87 and 105, again temp perfect. Now after the run i leave the bike to idle on the drive, fan is running but now the temp starts to get hotter and hotter all the way to 117 deg and climbing that's when its turned off. Has anyone experienced something similar, I've ordered a new radiator cap and thermostat which arrive this week. Your thoughts would be appreciated
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  5. jon haney

    Idle reving up

    I stand by my original diagnosis. Keep in mind that lack of coolant flow to that mechanism can also cause the same symptoms.
  6. Now that I would happily pay shipping to take off your hands!
  7. I have a Commodore 64 somewhere around here. My wife got an on-line degree, I formatted her papers and printed them on the daisy wheel.
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  9. Get a borescope/endoscope camera and take a look around in there.
  10. Gas tank philosophy. Avoid gas containing ethanol, especially if you're letting it sit over the winter etc. The first main thing assuming no pin holes, we don't want rust coming loose and getting farther into the fuel system. If there is rust in the tank - remove it. Beyond that, coat it to prevent future rust? I've had stock tanks with very little problems for many years. I probably should have completely drained the CBX tank when I hydro locked it and didn't know end end date on fixing it. ...I just don't know the state of this Hurricane replacement (what I can see doesn't look bad).
  11. .Turn off earlier I had been looking at electrolysis for rust removal for an old cb750f tank. I'm thinking of doing that with the hurricane also. There's no lining in them from the factory is there? I just don't want to get rust clogging up my carburetors or put in the filter and having a filter get clogged either.
  12. A tale of three laptops. I was thinking about an SSD for my Dell M6600. It has a 250G hard drive currently, no where near full. I also have an Acer the youngest bricked - no idea what is wrong. Found the Acer power supply and trying to charge it now. I was just looking for a power supply for son no.2's HP g7-2017cl on NewEgg. He abandoned it to me. (I already ordered and received an SSD and battery for it) it powers up. Could use a Win7 CD or similar- ? Then it should upgrade to 10 automatically when MSFT finds it? ...oldest son says put Linux on it. I'd like to install my legal "old" version of AutoCAD. ...built to run mon XP platform. The old Dell 610 @Biometrix sent me has the screen going out finally, but was a real workhorse for many years. Great use Thanks! Can I make Win 10 "run as" XP? I have some small Bluetooth antennae I needed one for my Bose Color II. I got a couple extra if any of you know you need one.
  13. Well, I think the SSD I put in my old laptop is only 500 GB. Not enough for my taste as I’m hosting two operating systems, but as I hardly use the laptop, it will not become a repository of knowledge that demands more storage.
  14. You say "lady" but I wouldn't want to see what is in it. 😀
  15. Yes, totally useless. I can mostly live with the 512 in the laptop, but the main machine has 1TB of internal NVMe and 2TB external SSD. I don't have a lot in stored music since I can stream anything, but just photos makes up around 150 GB and constantly growing.
  16. A 240gb SSD is "small" to you? Good grief, my laptop and all my music/videos wouldn't even fill that up.
  17. I guess I'll pile on here and mention that I have a shitload of RAM, small SSDs (64-240GB), and various parts like that to go away. I was just actually going through drawers of stuff to give/throw away. Post up if you have uses for small SATA SSDs, memory, etc.
  18. I've had this ram boxed up and sitting on my desk for probably a year. I upgraded the ram in the PC it goes in quite a while back and this RAM was so cool I didn't throw it away like I did with a lot of other stuff during one of the junk purges. https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-4gb-240-pin-ddr3-sdram/p/N82E16820231369 That is the exact ram I have complete with the unused cooling fans. If anyone has a use for it I'll send it to you for shipping.
  19. As a rule LED replacements (equal of slightly greater output) are cooler and less power than standard bulbs. If you want to use LEDs running to the old wattage output, you get much brighter with more heat. Typically what’s in the stores are intended as replacement for stock bulb brightness.
  20. The ones I ordered are from the previous thread. They are low wattage.
  21. I would not be the guinea pig for sure, going from 1.7W to 5W is a big jump. Aside from the potential of meling stuff, they probably won't last nearly as long as the stock ones. I also don't understand wanting brighter instrument lights.
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