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2002 Silver bird w/16,000 mi, found

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These bikes used to be easy to find under $4k and not terribly hard to find under $3k, but they've climbed a fair bit recently.  Enough that I consider selling mine once in a while.

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42 minutes ago, blackhawkxx said:

You once sold yours, not permitted to sell the second.  :)

You mean third?  I sold my first Bird, a '97, after buying a '01,  Sold the '01 after buying another '97.  All well after I almost bought my first Bird many years back, also a '97.  Since it's the only one worth having.  And the fastest color.  Now that I sold the '01 which used to be the fastest color.  Even tho the color had been changed to the privileged color.  It's all black & white, pretty simple.

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On 12/16/2021 at 8:14 AM, CBR-RR-XX-CESS said:

Looking at the pics appears to be a little beat up for the low mileage. 


Agreed, dumped on both sides and filthy. Is that grass or dirt all over the speedo?

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