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Sweat-absorbing nitrile gloves


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$40 per 50 vs $7-ish per 100, YIKES.  I might try them out when it gets hot again, and double glove with a normal one to try to make them last.


I've used XL nitriles over mechanix gloves a few times in cold weather or when working with hot oil.

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4 hours ago, superhawk996 said:

Where did you get them?  A glance around the interwebs shows $55 and up at different places.


Oh damn, Auto Zone.  In a weird place, and that zone was a shit hole.  Weird place, weird shopping trip.


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14 hours ago, RXX said:

That flock lining is not cheap, you know.......


I sheepishly accept your admonishment.


I tried one pair, while doing some finish work, which takes a few cycles of spraying, waiting, moving things.  Day was warm not hot, probably typical winter above 78 and below 85.  I was moving around a lot for the work so adding heat.


They are nice, the math still seems sketchy.  For the same job I'd have switched gloves a few times, these were fine throughout.  They are also SUPER tough, with great grip.  I had to build and extra jig to hold small parts, and the grip caused it to wrap a bit around a screw, but no problem, strong enough to deal with it.  They seemed to get sweaty SOONER...but then stayed exactly the same for the whole job.  No slipping around, no discomfort.  Just a mild "there is sweat" not the GET THESE OFF ME that I go through after a while.  When a neighbor walked up to chat I kept wearing them where normally I'd just remove them to let my hands dry.


I'm not sure what is the dollar-worthy application for these.  Probably mechanical work where you can't use the super-cheap 4mil junk, and will be at it for a while.  I suspect they may always be around for limited uses, like the super-duty highly textured ones I rarely need.


To be clear, math aside, the comfort was like no other glove, so if I had money to burn, these would be it.


Oh, they go on tighter than others gloves, but don't feel tight.  End result was more dexterity, but still not stretched out, if that makes sense.


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