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I have two air fryers; they have different purposes.  The Breville 900 oven is our primary oven.  I use the "real" oven once a year for something large.  The Breville blows it away on every measure except size.  It's also a great air fryer for high volume and/or wet foods.  We also have a Philips "R2D2" air fryer which is not as good for anything wet/sticky, and is small. 


The pod type is great for things like corn chips.  Like potatoes, pure corn tortillas are real whole food, up until we fry them and cover them in salt.  I make them plain, and people go nuts because they've never tasted CORN in chips instead of just grease and salt.  Just cut pure corn tortillas (check the label, most are pure, some are full of garbage) into six pieces.  I find I can put 6-7 tortillas into the air fryer.  They need to be separated out so air will flow.  Put them up around the edges and minimize piling.  I preheat the air fryer to 330 and let it sit a little longer heating up more.  This makes a difference.  I set the timer to about 10, the first batch or two could take longer, subsequent batches heat faster.  Toss them at the 4-5 minute mark, and again at about 7, and see how they are doing.  You will fuck up a few at first until you get a rhythm.  I buy the huge pack of tortillas at Sam's and do the whole thing while watching TV.  I store them in 2-gallon zip lock bags.  Guacamole is real food, as is most salsa (just watch for stupid sodium levels in some).  Pure corn tortillas are a treat that seems like junk food but isn't.


Get some kind of a french fry cutter.  Air fry them in one of the larger air fryers like the Breville.  Again, almost junk food, but not.  Dip them in hot sauce, or make up a WFPB burger/fry sauce (recipe later).  If you want to, apply a light spray of olive oil on the cut fries and toss, then add spices.  This is not perfectly WFPB, but very very far from SAD.  A typical olive oil sprayer gives you about 8-10 calories per spray.  By the time you account for loss, half a dozen sprays in a bowl of fries will give you a nice coating but so few junk calories.

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All great info, thanks.  We have the Breville 900 but it's big...and we have a small house.  So... I bought an 8qt Ninja AF Max....for quick stuff. 


I'm looking forward to using it much more than I have in the past.  


You have a recommended FF cutter?

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I have a high end, really big cutter, and a small, multi-purpose "everything" cuber.  The big one is huge and you may hate that about it.  Super effective at big batches and even can do sweet potatoes which we love (and are VERY nutritious).  The small cubing thing is worth having and I use it a lot.  Slightly cut onions and put them in the cuber...tiny onion bits.  Onions are super nutritious also and so low in calories.  Use the shit out of them.  Moriah wants them to be super tiny and soft.  That one also does fries decently, but you have to use smaller potatoes or cut them.  We do a lot of the middle-size yellow potatoes.  You can't fit a Russet in it.


Love this and recommend it a lot:



This is the monster:





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LOL, that's what I say about the Breville.  Note that large sweet potatoes still need to be cut, but a Russet goes right in.  Oh, and we use only the 1/8" attachments for both, air fryers don't do thick fries well.  I should have mentioned before, since there are options to buy different attachments.


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