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  1. I have been tested, tested low, and was told to take D3.
  2. I've been running clear bulbs with the clear lenses on my turn signals for at least 10 years now and never had an issue with police. When turned on they give off a yellowish-amber color.
  3. I like the look of the single seat, looks very sporty.
  4. I no longer have the repair bills for that bike, I gave them all to the new owner, but I don’t recall it being that expensive.
  5. Evidently. The shop I took the bike to here in AZ got new ones and installed them. They had to clean and rebuild the carbs, they were all gummed up from sitting. I can contact them and find out where they got them.
  6. Before I sold my other 97 XX in 2019 I had to have the carbs worked on, the best thing to do is order new boots. They do get quite stiff and brittle over time.
  7. TFT

    Project Blackbird

    Ok, figured it out, you meant the windshield. I switched out the 4 bulbs to LEDs, what a difference!! Thanks for the write-up!! Did you change out the small bulbs too? I don't see the need so at this point I have left them alone.
  8. TFT

    Project Blackbird

    How difficult is it to get the screen off? When you say screen what do you mean?
  9. TFT

    Project Blackbird

    I really like the looks of the dash with the blue lights. How difficult was that to change out and do you have more info on the bulbs required?
  10. I wasn't sure what to ask for it. On one hand it's in great shape, on the other hand it's 23 years old. I'm guessing I underpriced it. It seemed from the comments I got here when I first mentioned selling it, I'd be lucky to get $3,000.
  11. Dammit!! i forgot to post the price. Anyway, just sold it. I was only asking $2,750. I should have asked for more. There was no argument on the price.
  12. 1997 Blackbird in amazing condition. This bike has only 25,150 miles. Always garaged. Upgrades include: Yoshimura stainless Slip-on exhaust, GIVI windscreen for better protection, Pyramid hugger rear fender and integrated chain guard, Corbin Smuggler seat, silver powder-coated wheels. VFR bars, LED rear taillight and turn signals, clear front turn signals, upgraded headlights, The carburetors were just serviced, rebuilt and rejetted by Adrenaline Performance. Like new Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires, recently replaced chain and air filter. It also comes with bike cover and stock seat. This is one of three Blackbirds that I own. I take immaculate care of my motorcycles.
  13. I rode the XX yesterday with the stock shock back in place, yeah, i could definitely tell a difference. The bike also seemed to sit a bit lower.
  14. where did you get that?
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