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  1. I wasn't sure what to ask for it. On one hand it's in great shape, on the other hand it's 23 years old. I'm guessing I underpriced it. It seemed from the comments I got here when I first mentioned selling it, I'd be lucky to get $3,000.
  2. Dammit!! i forgot to post the price. Anyway, just sold it. I was only asking $2,750. I should have asked for more. There was no argument on the price.
  3. 1997 Blackbird in amazing condition. This bike has only 25,150 miles. Always garaged. Upgrades include: Yoshimura stainless Slip-on exhaust, GIVI windscreen for better protection, Pyramid hugger rear fender and integrated chain guard, Corbin Smuggler seat, silver powder-coated wheels. VFR bars, LED rear taillight and turn signals, clear front turn signals, upgraded headlights, The carburetors were just serviced, rebuilt and rejetted by Adrenaline Performance. Like new Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires, recently replaced chain and air filter. It also comes with bike cover and stock seat. This is o
  4. I rode the XX yesterday with the stock shock back in place, yeah, i could definitely tell a difference. The bike also seemed to sit a bit lower.
  5. where did you get that?
  6. If any of you guys are interested. This shock has less than 6,000 miles on it. (I'm guessing on the high side. If I get a reasonable offer I'll sell it. Otherwise I'll sell the stock shock which has less than 2,100 miles on it. Penske - $400.00 OBO Showa - make an offer
  7. I figured out how to get the reservoir out. There are bolts that hold up the back of the fender. Remove those two bolts and the fender will lower enough to remove the reservoir. Be very careful when removing the nut because if not secured it will fall right into the rear frame rail and I'm guessing impossible to extract. (See photo)
  8. Thanks for the responses. I'll see what I can get accomplished today. I just hate selling the bike with a $800 shock on it. It's not like that will increase the value of the bike. On another point, as I stated my plan was to install the Penske shock on Jackie's bike. My other option, if I can get it removed, is to sell it. Are any of you guys interested and what is a used Penske shock worth? No matter how you look at it I will have an extra shock at the end of the day, either the Penske or a stock shock with only 2,100 miles on it.
  9. I have a Penske 8981 installed on the 97XX that I am soon going to sell. I was going to switch out the shock to Jackie's 2001 XX but am having a bit of an issue with removing the remote reservoir. As you can see in the photo the reservoir will not slide under the rear cross brace. Can I disconnect the hose connecting it to the shock? Otherwise whoever buys this bike will be getting a heck of an upgrade on the shock. I'm guessing it is the 8981 model because it looks just like the second pic. Also, I have a stock shock off my other 97XX which I switched out right after
  10. TFT

    Hail dents

    I feel for ya. When I was stationed in Oklahoma we got caught in a severe hailstorm. Just as the hail began falling we pulled into a Dog & Suds under the canopy. We had no damage. The hail was the size of golf balls. After it was all over we saw the damage to the cars, it looked like someone took a ball peen hammer to the bodywork. We were very fortunate. I had a 1969 Chevelle Supersport, SS396, 375 HP, 4-SPD, 3.73 gears. It was a beast!!
  11. TFT


    I just started my XX up and it is very quiet. Because the noise increases gradually I had no idea how bad it was. It has 29,003 miles on it. I just started Jackie's 2001 XX with 17,972 miles and it is very quiet. My other 97XX with 25,052 miles, not so much. It too needs a new CCT.
  12. TFT


    Here are pics of the old and new CCT The old one, pink dot was installed with 8mm bolts, the new one came with allen head bolts. The old one has a bolt in the end of it. Am I supposed to have a bolt for the new one?
  13. TFT


    I just received my new CCT for my 1997 XX. Is their anything I should be aware of in order to replace the old one. I'm assuming it is a direct replacement, unbolt and remove the old one, install the new one and then remove the key that holds the piston in place. And then start the engine. Yes? No?
  14. Nope, that was the price for both.
  15. I received my new Pirelli Angel GT tires today. Woohoo!! Bought them on Amazon for $199.99, no tax, no shipping!! The fact that the new Angel GT II are out definitely lowered the price. On my next trip to AZ I'll get them mounted and balanced and the wheels checked out to make sure they aren't bent. I'll definitely take your advice and have them check the trashed tire for balance before they remove it as well as check the bearings.
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