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  1. Emotional stress can do it to you when it comes to weight loss. Back in 1991 my girlfriend broke up with me. I had never experienced an emotional hit like that before. In the matter of weeks I went from about 190 to 172. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. Keep in mind I'm 6'-2" so that was drastic. I didn't know what was wrong, thought it was a medical issue After doing numerous tests the doctor finally told me "You're depressed." I saw a psychologist and a nutritionist. I had been working out consistently prior to the breakup. The nutritionist had me stop doing cardio and then even cut back on weights and put me on a 4000+ calorie a day diet. In a couple of months I gained the weight back.
  2. Great results! What are you doing to accomplish this?
  3. Congrats on the weight loss. Carrying less weight is a lot easier on the leg joints. Add some exercise/cardio for your heart and you will notice an even greater difference in how you feel.
  4. What a great rolling devise for keeping tools, etc at the ready. I think I posted about this once before: my wife bought me this 3 tier metal utility cart two years ago for Christmas. I didn't even open it and assemble it because I couldn't imagine using it. She finally put it together and then I realized what a great gift it was. I use it for staging tools when working on the cars, motorcycles, etc. I need to get the magnetic trays to add to it.
  5. I need to ride both bikes long enough to empty the tanks of the old gas. I’m heading back to AZ in a couple of weeks and that will be at the top of my to-do list.
  6. I can’t explain it, when I first started the bike and rode it around the block, no FI light. The next time I started it to ride it the light came on. I rode it a few miles with the light on, then decided to add some seafoam to the gas that had been sitting in the tank for over a year and rode it for about 20 miles constantly changing speeds and then a high speed run and the light turned off. Possibly a Christmas Miracle. I’ve ridden it at least half a dozen times since then an it runs perfectly.
  7. Late update: I put some seafoam in the gas and rode the bike for about 20 miles and it cleared the FI light. The bike idles and runs perfectly. I switch between the two bikes and ride then a couple times a week.
  8. Congrats!! It is so difficult to start but once you get into the healthy eating and exercising routine it becomes so much easier. Losing weight boils down to diet and exercise. Sounds simple but difficult to do.
  9. I have the VFR bars, corbin seat and lowering pegs. On long distance trips I have the sheepskin seat cover for comfort and it raises me up a bit. It also helps to have a GIVI windscreen. Fortunately I don't have to deal with the big belly, just long legs.
  10. I picked up the bike this past Saturday. I had them also replace the plugs, change oil, change brake and clutch fluid, coolant and forks. Basically a full service. It runs and rides great. I'm getting a 5 gallon supply of ethanol free gas to help eliminate the problem when the bike sets for any length of time. Just run the bike down to about empty, add a gallon, ride it until the ethanol free gas flows through the carbs and then put it away.
  11. I’m in no hurry. Not selling either bike in the near future. Thanks again for the offer. Thanks for the offer but Joe has me covered. I’m just very anal about stuff like that, I like to have a complete set just in case.
  12. Raspberry cheesecake:

    Can you send me his sister's phone number or his address, I would like to have a raspberry cheesecake sent to his house or his sister's house so she could deliver it.

    Hopefully there is a Cheesecake Factory nearby.  

    (I love raspberry cheesecake.) :) 

    1. XXitanium


      Raspberry is a favorite of mine also.


      C/O.  Susan Robinson 

      John Smith

      9370 NW 31st Pl.

      Sunrise FL



      I looked and failed to find a place that delivered...


  13. Thanks guys. Hopefully I get to this this afternoon.
  14. the hits just keep on coming!! I started and rode Jackie's 2001XX yesterday and the FI light came on and stayed on. The bike ran fine, no problems. I have started her bike and let it run numerous times in the past few months and no problem. Yesterday, a problem. I looked in the manual on troubleshooting and it stated as possibilities: 1. Short circuit in the malfunction indicator wire 2. Short circuit in service check connector wire 3. Faulty ECM Any suggestions on what to do?
  15. The local bike shop picked it up yesterday. They told me that when I called and told them it was a 1997 they imagined the worst, they were amazed to see the bike in such pristine condition. The owner commented: We don't see many older bikes this nice.
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