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  1. My 1997 Alaska XX (now my AZ XX) never got close to 40, 36 tops. The carbs have a jet kit in them so that may be the reason.
  2. Hahahaha!! Mike's posts are the most confusing and entertaining at the same time. And he's able to make these fact deficient posts without the slightest shred of reliable or credible research.
  3. im pretty sure this one that I sold to TeXTrain was also part of that group buy
  4. I have never done overhead squats and I'm not sure my knees could handle it. at 74 my knees are not what they used to be. I also tore my right rotator cuff a few years ago so my shoulders aren't in premium condition. I used to do a lot of lunges, single leg squats and barbell squats on smith machine but my knees aren't up to it. Now everything is machines. I do work legs twice a week. That looks like a heck of a workout. Planet Fitness does not have barbells except in with set weights up to 60 lbs. ( I think that is the limit) What gym do you workout in? Otherwise you would have to use a smith machine. This is what i found for overhead squats.
  5. Great job!! It takes a lot of work and dedication to accomplish this. How tall are you?
  6. We have ring cameras and doorbells. We quite often see comments in the ring app about stuff being stolen out of their vehicles and of course the vehicles were left unlocked. Leaving valuables in your vehicle over night and leaving it unlocked is not a wise decision.
  7. The key fob worked to unlock the door, the problem was that the door latch assembly no longer activated the puddle lights, footwell lights, interior lights and door warning lights. That bugged me so I replaced the assembly. Even though the car is 20 years old it is like new and everything works. It came with heated seats, heated steering wheel, warning sensors in the bumpers, level adjusting xenon headlights, sports seats and suspension, it had every option available in 2002. I since replaced the stereo head unit with a Kenwood with 7" screen, apple car play and backup camera and added remote start. It is pretty much as technically advanced as many new cars so I try to keep it in perfect condition. The new aftermarket actuator cost me $112.00 so I felt it was worth it. If I had to pay $450 for an Audi unit I wouldn't have done it. One thing that now works with the new unit is the warning sound if you leave the headlights on, that did not work when I bought the car so I was unaware it existed. Now, if you leave the headlights on after turning off the engine and open the door a warning buzzer sounds. Over the years I have left the headlights on a few times.
  8. That is one good looking bike
  9. Hahaha!! I'm removing the door latch actuator, the original latch actuator electronics failed so I'm installing a new actuator.
  10. The local Autozone had a set of 4 triple squares and one just happened to fit. Hopefully I will be able to break them loose
  11. Audi has installed Triple square screws in the doorlatches on their Audis. A torx T45 will fit but before I try it and possibly strip the head should I try to obtain a triple square? From what I have read Audi installs that type of screw head for safety purposes because of course you won't have a triple square in your tool box. They also use them on seat belt attachments. The fact that I am in Alaska means no one carries them and I'll have to order them. Plus I don't know what the equivalent triple square size would be. I may have to contact an auto repair shop.
  12. I have a smoothie every day after my workout. It includes banana and frozen strawberries, mangoes, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and whey protein. And 10 oz of water. Delicious!!
  13. Emotional stress can do it to you when it comes to weight loss. Back in 1991 my girlfriend broke up with me. I had never experienced an emotional hit like that before. In the matter of weeks I went from about 190 to 172. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. Keep in mind I'm 6'-2" so that was drastic. I didn't know what was wrong, thought it was a medical issue After doing numerous tests the doctor finally told me "You're depressed." I saw a psychologist and a nutritionist. I had been working out consistently prior to the breakup. The nutritionist had me stop doing cardio and then even cut back on weights and put me on a 4000+ calorie a day diet. In a couple of months I gained the weight back.
  14. Great results! What are you doing to accomplish this?
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