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  1. cheap harbor freight plastic welder comes with stainless steel screen. melt that into the back side of that crack. here's a clip that illustrates but, you don't really need the extra plastic, just use the welder to push the screen into the plastic surrounding the crack.
  2. stock gearing. my apologies on the fpr update mistake. i was referring to the higher pressure for the 01-03 bikes (which mine is). i should also mention all 3 of my birds ('97 jetted & full yoshi, '00 stock & my current '03 with yoshi slip ons) have had similar fuel economy.
  3. 25-30 mpg on my regular commute, with full throttle pulls getting onto the freeway, traffic permitting. low 40's when riding sedately in a group on the highways. been like this for several years. been awhile since i checked the fpr, which i upgraded a few years back. fan comes on around at around 220 degrees. know the part# for the ecu temp sensor?
  4. does the temperature sensor also feed information to the digital guage? in other words, there's only 1, correct? apologies to the o.p. for piggybacking... my bird's always gotten horrible fuel mileage unless i'm riding like a granny...
  5. thanks a lot... i needed this, like i needed another hole in the head, damn you! 😁
  6. yikes, that's more movement than i've seen on any of my bikes with floating rotors. found this video that makes it seem like a reasonable amount https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRPaUyXrtbE missing clips on the back sides of some of your bobbins, perhaps?
  7. loose, as in how much play side to side? unless they're at risk of falling out, i wouldn't worry.
  8. also check out ratchets with a thumb wheel. a couple of mine have them, can't recall using 'em much.
  9. as if i needed another tool, thanks... 😜 about $200, i'm finding.
  10. ptxyz

    LED vs HID

    i've had these in my blackbird for a few years now and love 'em. very sharp cut-off like the halogens, just way brighter. when someone's driving around with their brights at night and i "fight fire with fire", i can see the color of their shirts! installation was a bit of a pain until i figured out to unscrew the retainer wire and i had to make a spacer out of pvc for a snug fit. https://www.gtrlighting.com/gtr-lighting-ultra-2-led-bulbs-h7?quantity=1
  11. interested in either set of heli bars (both would work?)
  12. doesn't apply much to our blackbirds as they're mostly aluminum but, i was warned not to use stainless bolts in steel as it sets up a galvanic reaction between the 2 different metals. i'm learning a bit of grease or anti-seize can help minimize this.
  13. for car / motorcycle camping, i like to cook soups (split pea with ham, potato leek etc.), vacuum package and freeze. they keep your beer cold on the way to an easy meal, just boil water. an adaptable technique for things like corned beef and cabbage (heating the bagged roast while boiling the potatoes & cabbage) and home made beef patties and rice for loco mocos, all well received by hungry biker buddies!
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