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  1. i wouldn't expect too much for that poor old bike. guy's kind of a hoarder. he used to have a bicycle shop and the backyard's stuffed to the gills with the remains and overgrown with blackberry. front yard's got several bikes and a couple of project cars. nice neighborhood but, i'd bet the neighbors hate how his place (lives with mom) looks.
  2. what are you doing with that yoshi system? i have the take-offs from my '01 (with cats), as i recall they're in good shape but, they've been languishing in my he-shed... i'm located in san jose.
  3. finally made the time to install a rick's stator today. no drama other than tearing one of the stock plastic harness ties. 14.4 volts at idle, yay! now for a test ride, 1st time in almost a month!
  4. ebay seller will be getting a return, they paid shipping. i ordered another from the rick's website. will be nice to start riding the bird again. guess californy's about done for rain this season...
  5. the brand is motoplat, i paid $100. electrosport has a test for rectifiers here; https://www.electrosport.com/pages/technical-resources both the one in the bike and a used known working one tested ok. this is my second stator failure, although not on the same bird. i've asked the seller what they think. if they'll still accept a return if i install and find it doesn't work, i'm tempted to try. i installed a cheap ($35'ish) caltric stator on my klr several months ago and have had no issues. then again, my recent chain saga...
  6. starter sounded slower than normal. checked with my voltmeter and read just over 12 volts while running at the newish battery. only 10-15 volts at the stator while running. the rectifier (& a spare) passed the diode testing. i received this from an ebay seller yesterday and noticed a flake of the green epoxy in the bag as i opened it;
  7. finally have resolution to this. not exactly what i'd asked for but, i'm satisfied, given the damage was minimal. jt rep. i'd been in email communication with asked that i call this morning. from the gist of it, they're unable to determine the exact cause of failure. they found no problems with the rest of the chain and suspect some problem with the single pin that sheared. jt will pay me $250 and a future chain / sprocket set. i'll use that set on my klr650 or new to me xt225. no more less that top tier drive products for the blackbird. i've never been too picky about my chains. cheapest i've used was a $50 volar that lasted all of 3-4k miles before stretching to the limit of adjustment. never expected this type of failure. i'm now more careful of situations where the rear might regain traction abruptly (like slippery manhole covers and dry pavement). not sure if i could've reacted quickly enough to the sudden loss of drive and increase in revs that accompanied this failure and prevented the damage to the lower engine case but, it's something i'll always think about going forward. hope this helps someone else avoid this whole hairball...
  8. ptxyz

    Sprocket brands

    the jt front sprocket that was on my blackbird when i had the chain break a few months ago had more play on the splines (in and out from the bike centerline) than i'd ever seen on any of my bikes. i'd avoid any of their products.
  9. sorry i didn't read this sooner. you can, by removing the 3 or so bolts and 1 plastic push pin closest, leaving the rest. it's a bit of a stretch (of that lower) but, it's a good idea to remove and clean the clutch push-rod too.
  10. good suggestion, companies are loathe to dispense cash... while i'll never put another of their chains on my bird, i might take one or two for my klr if i think that's all i can get from them...
  11. small update, jt's asking for a dollar amount without saying they'll pay yet. i'm figuring a full refund of the defective chain sprocket set to start ($179). i had to order a rear hub, ebay used ($29). i spent about 4 hours total repairing the case with epoxy (seems to be holding) and replacing the chain and sprockets. my time's worth something and even @ say $50/hr, way cheaper than a shop. do you think $400-500's reasonable?
  12. finally put the bird back together and went for a test ride yesterday. refitting the sprocket cover was fun, seems the bolt holes are not quite in the same place. i also needed to shave that thick metal "gasket" that's between the cover & case, it was touching the clutch pushrod. clutch action is, thankfully, smooth. in one of my better recent moments of "i can't believe i fucking just did that...", i took out too many links to use my fancy 46 tooth supersprox rear... thankfully, the used ebay hub i bought (discovered the old chain damaged a couple of the sprocket mounting nuts / studs on it's way out) had a nice sunstar 45 tooth sprocket. i'll be back to stock gearing (17/45) for this chain... still no word from jt on the failed chain. pressure will begin to be applied.
  13. thanks! while downtown san jose has it's charms, like plenty of bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues, it's being overrun by the mentally ill and homeless. there are also scenes like this on my way to work... was she trying to tell me i have a hot dog hanging out of my mouth?! no progress on the blackbird last weekend. had to chase down a parasitic electrical draw (& replace a 6 year old battery) on our '98 e430. turned out to be another hvac blower motor resistor gone bad... no word from jt regarding their inspection of the chain but, it only arrived to their lab friday...
  14. ha ha! ok, now i get it! i could be accused of being an amateur reader and slow on the uptake too, just ask my wife! jt has requested their chain back and tells me they want their lab to test it. stay tuned...
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