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  1. ptxyz

    Fork up-grade

    this ebay listing gives the impression they could make you triple clamps (yoke) to fit most any type of usd forks; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-Blackbird-Thug-Style-Billet-Fork-Yokes-to-fit-USD-front-end-Triple-Trees/162661803454?hash=item25df6625be:g:rV8AAOSwvYZZoY~v
  2. think you just confirmed what furbird and ironmike were on to. if it were just loose, you might be able to tighten. that little notch you're feeling is a dent worn into the bearing race with the steering at "dead ahead".
  3. mind sharing the particulars as far as size of the house and cost of materials / installation? here in california, cities are starting to make new construction go the other way (aka electrification). i believe berkeley now requires new construction to be all electric.
  4. if you're home to hear it, how about a wireless doorbell? https://www.amazon.com/wireless-doorbell/s?k=wireless+doorbell beyond my abilities but, couldn't something like that trigger a landline call or some other type of notification if you're not home with her?
  5. i believe it was these guys; http://daughertymotorsports.com/
  6. member of another forum is going to make a run of these; https://www.cbrxx.com/threads/centerstand-stop.50226/#post-644458
  7. no skin in the game. i'm 15 minutes away; https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/mcy/d/morgan-hill-honda-cbr1100xx-blackbird/7140896171.html
  8. +1 on the h.f. systems. i have the wired one with 6 cameras. i installed the wireless one at my dad's place. pretty easy to setup and use, although i haven't yet connected either to the web, i'm ok with just local storage. with the 6 cameras on motion only recording, i can store about a month. resolution could be better, 1080p isn't always enough to read plates.
  9. i've seen 238 fahrenheit (114c) on a very hot day in slow detour traffic. i hear the ecu will shut down the party at 250f. be sure your radiator fins are in decent shape and the inside's free of scale, new thermostat's good insurance. you can also see a few degrees of cooling by reving the motor up to a few thousand rpms. a few here have added another cooling fan. i'd want to know they don't take up all your charging voltage at idle... what you're seeing sounds pretty normal though. as has been noticed, these bikes run hot without airflow.
  10. ptxyz

    New 97xx

    +1 on a 16t front to increase low end acceleration. rears are 44 or 45t. besides a supersprox, i was unable to find other sizes for the rear.
  11. having been in this neighborhood last week trying to fit an led bulb, can you enlighten me as to how you accessed the lower 2 bolts of the cluster?
  12. i wouldn't expect too much for that poor old bike. guy's kind of a hoarder. he used to have a bicycle shop and the backyard's stuffed to the gills with the remains and overgrown with blackberry. front yard's got several bikes and a couple of project cars. nice neighborhood but, i'd bet the neighbors hate how his place (lives with mom) looks.
  13. what are you doing with that yoshi system? i have the take-offs from my '01 (with cats), as i recall they're in good shape but, they've been languishing in my he-shed... i'm located in san jose.
  14. finally made the time to install a rick's stator today. no drama other than tearing one of the stock plastic harness ties. 14.4 volts at idle, yay! now for a test ride, 1st time in almost a month!
  15. ebay seller will be getting a return, they paid shipping. i ordered another from the rick's website. will be nice to start riding the bird again. guess californy's about done for rain this season...
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