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  1. as if i needed another tool, thanks... 😜 about $200, i'm finding.
  2. ptxyz

    LED vs HID

    i've had these in my blackbird for a few years now and love 'em. very sharp cut-off like the halogens, just way brighter. when someone's driving around with their brights at night and i "fight fire with fire", i can see the color of their shirts! installation was a bit of a pain until i figured out to unscrew the retainer wire and i had to make a spacer out of pvc for a snug fit. https://www.gtrlighting.com/gtr-lighting-ultra-2-led-bulbs-h7?quantity=1
  3. interested in either set of heli bars (both would work?)
  4. ptxyz

    Biker Bling

    doesn't apply much to our blackbirds as they're mostly aluminum but, i was warned not to use stainless bolts in steel as it sets up a galvanic reaction between the 2 different metals. i'm learning a bit of grease or anti-seize can help minimize this.
  5. for car / motorcycle camping, i like to cook soups (split pea with ham, potato leek etc.), vacuum package and freeze. they keep your beer cold on the way to an easy meal, just boil water. an adaptable technique for things like corned beef and cabbage (heating the bagged roast while boiling the potatoes & cabbage) and home made beef patties and rice for loco mocos, all well received by hungry biker buddies!
  6. you'll want 1/4" & 5/16", i'd get both with 90 degree fittings. old thread when i did 'em (you can see a bit much of a bend in the fuel line for the straight fitting...); i'd order these; https://www.beemerboneyard.com/cpcqkdisconktm.html https://www.beemerboneyard.com/cpcqkdiscongs2.html
  7. agree with the above about using a block or strap to get enough space under the tank for your needs. i love having quick disconnects to be able to easily remove the tank entirely. i had some plastic ones from motion pro that lasted a few years before leaking, then i found metal ones on this site; https://www.beemerboneyard.com/fuliqudise.html
  8. on a previous bird, the inner part of the fairing had been rubbing on one of the side tanks, making a pin hole over time... i ended up soldering that but, i bet jb weld would've worked too. +1 for repair or replacement with a cheap ebay unit.
  9. i had mine done a few months ago, was a bit under $300. besides the usual stuff, the shop recovered the lines to the remote reservoirs.
  10. i like the analog dash but, always thought the tach should be front & center... to the o.p., that's becoming an increasingly tall order and i'd expect to pay at least $5k. try https://www.searchtempest.com/
  11. installed this yesterday. i noticed the rubber stopper had gone missing and a bit of chain wear on one of the center stand "feet" (no visible wear to the chain). easy install (uses the right side sidestand bolt) and easy to adjust. i hear there're still several left. i'd recommend this, even if you're running pipes with the rubber stop.
  12. thought i'd shared here before but, perhaps i'm not good at searching... someone on another bird forum with less nudity and less probability of offense will be making more soon; https://www.cbrxx.com/threads/centerstand-stop.50226/#post-645962 useful for aftermarket exhausts that lack or have substandard center stand stops. one wonders why i still frequent this place... oh yeah, the nudity probability of being offended! 🤪
  13. i'm with you, zero. return it to service. one shouldn't be under anything supported by only a jack anyway... sounds like yours might just need to be refilled and bled. guy has a bunch of how to videos.
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