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  1. OMG


    Dear Zero How much gold is there in Fort Knox?
  2. https://www.montanaauctioncomp.com/cayer 173 firearms if anyone is a collector
  3. OMG

    Water Heater Question

    I really don't like cpvc
  4. OMG

    Is age an issue for Blackbirds?

    99 in the the garage as always, no problems at all, with anything. 60k I think. Not even a second thought about riding over the beartooth. Wish I could say the same about the beemers One of the reasons I bought the Africa Twin.
  5. OMG

    How long?

    How long before the world switches to crypto currency? We have personal computers We switched from land line to cell phones We switched from using cash to cards (at least most of the younger gen). We can photo our cards and have them on our cell phones so we don't need to carry cards. Why do we still need banks
  6. But will it overtake bitcoin?
  7. OMG

    How does weather work

    A very efficient filter
  8. OMG

    How does weather work

    Why am I freezing and Carlos basking? Is it distance to the sun or hours of sunlight. I don't believe it can be hours or places like Alaska and Sweden would be unbearably hot at times. The percentage of difference of distance in Infinitely small given the sun being 93 million miles distant. If it's distance, then I marvel at the incredible delicate balance this earth has.
  9. OMG

    WTB: New Toy

    Ruger 357 101?
  10. The best yet! I started lifting potato bags First a 1lb bag held in each outstretched hand, straight out to the sides. Held for 1 min. Then I moved up to a 5 lb bag Then a 10 lb bag Now I'm at a 25 lb bag held straight out for 1 min. Next I'll start with a potato in each bag
  11. OMG

    NC30 scam?

    Is there a business selling collected e-mail addresses and phone numbers? I wonder because I get so many random phone calls all selling something. Wondering how they got my number
  12. yours for shipping cost
  13. I have a grab bar if he doesn't.
  14. No help, but if I were closer I would