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  1. Hard to tell on my screen so is that a black or titanium

    1. SLyFoXX



    2. SLyFoXX


      I can get you additional pics?

    3. OMG


      mines black

  2. OMG

    Hail dents

    Really easy in Montana, I had two cars inspected yesterday, one is a 2014 Fit that has some major dings in it and the other is a 2006 Chrysler 300, when the inspector came back in she asked about other damage as she couldn't see but a very few minor dents. Both passed. Salvage title indicating hail are issued. I'll be watching to see what the mustang goes for. And there is this. 2011 Camero 2SS 6.2L
  3. Yup, mine has smaller fins, and its on the other side. I have a larger fan, no switch, it's always on. Similar mounting as the photo. No photo, sorry.
  4. That's why I mounted and wired in a computer cooling fan directly to the regulator, always on.
  5. OMG

    Hail dents

    The reason I'm asking, local salvage auction. Billings Mt got hit with hail, currently 400+ vehicles will be up for auction, probably more than 2,000 total.
  6. OMG

    Hail dents

    Are there any successful ways to pop them out?
  7. OMG

    Fuel Consumption

    That's why my ears ring after running them 50 years ago.
  8. OMG

    Fuel Consumption

    There is much to be said there. When the federal gov forced Montana to give up it's reasonable and prudent limit, well, actually for a time we were forced to drive 55 the bus companies saw a sharp increase in fuel consumption . They were geared to get best economy at 75, the optimum power band. I know my cummins is best at 1700 rpm.
  9. OMG

    Fuel Consumption

    True But what difference should that make? The amount of energy required to move an object should be the same or similar regardless of the power potential. And that is something that has always puzzled me, Blackbird 35mpg - Harley 35 mpg - Honda Fit 35mpg Drag racing - well, that's different.
  10. OMG

    Fuel Consumption

    I was looking at fuel milage on the site Fuelly and it seems that motorcycles, from 750 up to 1800"s get somewhere between 35 and 45 mpg No matter what brand. The only exception is the honda NC700 and 750 at 70mpg Gotta be a conspiracy I tell Ya ! My sons Honda Fit gets 35 to 45.
  11. OMG

    Balance Beads

    A requisite from what I've read. The concept that they will keep balancing a tire for it's life is appealing. I still would like to understand the physics involved.
  12. OMG

    Balance Beads

    I have noticed that as tires wear that they can go out of balance and that doesn't make much sense either. Unless it's weights coming off.
  13. OMG

    Balance Beads

    There was one of those on the local craigslist a couple months ago, an antique. I remember shops using them in the 50's. Excellent explanation. My question is - how - or perhaps why? Would they do the same for auto and truck tires?
  14. OMG

    Balance Beads

    I did the heavy end to the bottom way for years, I find if I put the heavy to the top I can do it faster and more accurately . I see what you mean, dynamic balancing, that's what I meant by lateral - one side of a tire heavier.
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