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  1. I have one of those, never thought to have it serviced till now.
  2. High pressure to get a door to fit after a carpet install before a corporate meeting, tight time. Cut a piece off the door, install, still drags, plane a bit off, still drags, repeat, still drags, look up and there is a nice gap at the top of the door. I fixed it by screwing the piece back on the top and trimming the bottom.
  3. I just had a rider from SW Washington stay for a few days on the way to a group ride in WY. Both he and his wife are competition shooters, he uses a 2019 10mm. Never heard of it, he explained it's a 1911 top with a 20 round mag in 10mm. He reloads with a dillon 1050 ( i think ). He said they go thru a lot of rounds a month, thousands.
  4. I'll take them Just gave my youngest son my GS, they will fit him perfectly.
  5. not mine https://bozeman.craigslist.org/spo/d/livingston-reloading-shop-clean-out/7529420451.html
  6. Anyone even mildly interested, this place is a destination place to try out guitars. They have virtually anything you would want, sit down, plug in and try it out. Music Villa - Bozeman Mt. home of Gibson.
  7. The most effective thing to remove bolts is a heavy socket. How I know is from replacing Tbelts on Hondas, the crank bolt generally won't come loose with a 4' bar but with the heavy socket sold for that purpose it comes off with a 1/2' impact, it weighs 3 pounds or so it seems. The auto body son swears by heavy sockets. I don't understand the physics but it works. Heating the bolt worked because it changed the threadlock , heating the bolt would expand it making it a tighter fit.
  8. Wheels are polished aluminum. Or by now they could be classed as unobtainium.
  9. into the pro oiler now I wonder if one shot would harm the pump
  10. That would be a concern, the other wonderment is if it would have time to stick to the chain. Cost is not a concern, chain and sprocket life + cleaning after every ride is.
  11. Years ago, back when we were young and I first had the Bird and was delighted to find this place and learned about oilers, I opted for the Pro-oiler. After getting it set up for the bird it has worked great. I'm very pleased except for the mess it makes on the polished rims, always a pain to keep clean. So - I have had every oil and combination in it and it's always a mess. What if I use One Shot? It works - I mean it worked great on the bang sticks I had. What would it do for a chain?
  12. That qualifies as a Macgyver
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