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  1. Looking for an older friend I came across these, had never heard of them. A very rare car, less than 100 made. http://designmassif.com/trihawk/market/trihawk_marketplace.html
  2. https://goatguns.com/?utm_source=gd50cal
  3. https://desmoines.craigslist.org/mcy/d/waukee-stunning-2004-honda-valkyrie/7212670527.html
  4. I was searching for a motorcycle that has 4 pipes that come out under the tail, didn't find it but look at what I did find! Kawi 1600 V8!
  5. I've considered that a few times despite the rarity of needing it. Only takes once, I have scratches and a cracked faring to prove it.
  6. Speaking of confidence, two years ago I tore down the bird to add a few things electrical and went thru all connections. Yesterday I was fueling up a guy on a harley rolled over and asked about my bike, I politely said his bike was beautiful. He thanked me and then went on a rant that it is a 2020 and has a wobble at 75 that the dealer won't acknowledge. I realized that I don't think of anything wrong or suspect about this 21 year old, completely reliable at any speed, every ride. Also was thinking as I stopped along the river that one of the useful mods I did was to weld a
  7. OMG

    Fork up-grade

    I think I can get a fork assembly from a '15 ZX1400. Any ideas whether they can be adapted to the Bird? Seems I remember the older ones have been.
  8. Very nicely done. I like the new crimp copper fittings but Jeeeze they are expensive. Hard to see but it looks like there is flush valves installed at the bottom of the heater. I assume you were instructed to de-scale the system occasionally.
  9. OMG

    Project Blackbird

    I added a computer fan to the fin side of the volt regulator, always on. My imagination tells me it keeps it cooler.
  10. That's why I installed a pro-oiler on the bird and I think I adjusted the chain once in the last 25k. The rear wheel requires more cleaning than the GS though. But then again the chain is easier to renew than lubing the splines on the shaft drive.
  11. https://newatlas.com/motorcycles/bmw-m-endurance-motorcycle-chain/ And other cool info
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