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  1. Looks to be ready for a good thrashing. Price might be a bit on the high side
  2. Searching reveals nothing, Will forks from a 06 CBR1000 RR fit a 99'? There is one that looks lightly scuffed at auction tomorrow that might be cheap.
  3. I had no idea these existed. https://www.iaai.com/vehicledetails/36824647?RowNumber=29
  4. This is from one of the electrical whizzes form days gone by - a real tech guy. https://bmwmotorcycletech.info/newbattery.htm
  5. +1 for the All Balls, I made the mistake using them, I have that replacement project on the list. I need to find the bearings, stock Honda I suppose.
  6. I have had them read the first and ask them how it says there will be a separation of church and state, it usually leaves them confounded. Apparently few have actually read it.
  7. Three because it was/is meant to be hung like a flag thereby only needing two for the top and one bottom . I sell them at cost for the guy that has them made.
  8. Nowhere in recorded history has there been a document that has these words - "We The People". 3' x 5' polyester flag, missing the grommet in the bottom right corner. I have 10 new in package, $20 plus postage. They look great after carefully ironing.
  9. I have a Commodore 64 somewhere around here. My wife got an on-line degree, I formatted her papers and printed them on the daisy wheel.
  10. That does not compute
  11. I think Swampy will agree that computers are sensitive to power supply. Still, If he were mine I'd have him stick with the jeep and trade the Q for something you have wanted.
  12. My vote is the battery, we had a similar problem with a VW, the battery tested ok but ok was not what was needed. And another thing to consider, which one will involve more females. And which one will attract more desirable ones. I'd say jeep.
  13. I would guess that I rebuilt 150 honda 350 top ends because the carbs would leak fuel into the oil and toast the cylinders. Pop the head and cylinder off, bore it out, fit the new pistons, back together in less than a day. Bent con-rod can be a nightmare.
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