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  1. If it's icing the coils it's not a lack of refrigerant, it's a cycling problem. Your fridge would do the same if it just kept on cooling. Put a timer in the circuit and it will work, it will ice the coils, shut off, the ice will melt, repeat.
  2. OMG


    99' bird with 65K so I'm thinking this winter might be time to have a look at valves. I stop at the Honda shop and ask if anyone has adjusted valves on a Blackbird. I get a somewhat blank look and he asks me what brand bike is that. I'm not kidding. Then I find out the oldest guy in the shop was born in 82'. It takes the service manager more than a half hour of looking at books so I leave and have them mail me an estimate, here it is. I can do it myself 'if' I can get shims.
  3. Road condition sucks but I'd go just because it looks beautiful.
  4. Is that the huge thing that sticks out the back?
  5. OMG

    Brake problem

    Makes the case for regular maintenance.
  6. OMG

    Brake problem

    All good advice. The Master is the culprit. So corroded the return bleed needed to drilled out so, tomek is spot on.
  7. OMG

    Brake problem

    Thanks to both. It drives about 30 miles before lock up. I'll pull the master first.
  8. OMG

    Brake problem

    1984 BMW RT 100 The front twin calipers lock up, it takes time so it's a gradual thing. When they do lock the only way to move the bike is to open both bleeds. When I do that it's good for a few times using the brake, then it locks again. Where is the problem?
  9. I have flat surfaces in my shop to put tools and so on but ---------- an alligator? You Win!
  10. Nearest shop to me is 60 miles, but I've been changing tires since 1972. Can't balance a beemer rear without a wheel specific adapter, use beads. Handiest bars I have are the BeadPro by MotionPro. I've changed auto tires using those. https://www.motionpro.com/product/08-0536
  11. And put a Harley sticker on it.
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