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  1. OMG

    LiFepo battery for XX????

    That will be great for the Africa Twin. That battery is so buried it's nearly impossible to attach add-ons.
  2. Kind of a pain to install but I sure like mine.
  3. OMG

    LiFepo battery for XX????

    Internet wisdom says to charge Lithium batteries with a specific charger, how is that different than the charging system of the vehicle? Is a battery tender needed for long storage?
  4. https://www.montanaauctioncomp.com/cayer 173 firearms if anyone is a collector
  5. OMG

    Water Heater Question

    I really don't like cpvc
  6. OMG

    Is age an issue for Blackbirds?

    99 in the the garage as always, no problems at all, with anything. 60k I think. Not even a second thought about riding over the beartooth. Wish I could say the same about the beemers One of the reasons I bought the Africa Twin.
  7. But will it overtake bitcoin?
  8. OMG

    WTB: New Toy

    Ruger 357 101?
  9. The best yet! I started lifting potato bags First a 1lb bag held in each outstretched hand, straight out to the sides. Held for 1 min. Then I moved up to a 5 lb bag Then a 10 lb bag Now I'm at a 25 lb bag held straight out for 1 min. Next I'll start with a potato in each bag
  10. OMG

    NC30 scam?

    Is there a business selling collected e-mail addresses and phone numbers? I wonder because I get so many random phone calls all selling something. Wondering how they got my number
  11. yours for shipping cost
  12. I have a grab bar if he doesn't.
  13. No help, but if I were closer I would