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  1. OMG

    I need a switch

    Sorry - 200 watt amp - size of a deck of cards
  2. OMG

    I need a switch

    What will be ready this summer is small, high powered (200 amp), and will make any sound you can put onto a card in wav. Train - ooga - horse - car crash - anything
  3. OMG

    I need a switch

    Kill switch - perfect Could you use a 137 DB horn on your Jeep?
  4. OMG

    I need a switch

    Enlisting the collective wisdom and experience of the group, I am needing a button or some such switch to operate an accessory horn on a motorcycle. Not wanting to use the existing horn button, this will be a separate add on. Not much I can say about it right now except it will be loud and be whatever sound you want. Just need the button.
  5. BTW Does anyone have maps? I have the PC3 in my 99 In 05 or so I took mine to the local dyno shop for tuning, they said they had never had a bike with bags hooked up before. Anyway they determined the throttle bodies needed to be synced so they couldn't do anything. Even with that it produced 145 hp. I've done the TB since so would like to have maps.
  6. That will be great for the Africa Twin. That battery is so buried it's nearly impossible to attach add-ons.
  7. Kind of a pain to install but I sure like mine.
  8. Internet wisdom says to charge Lithium batteries with a specific charger, how is that different than the charging system of the vehicle? Is a battery tender needed for long storage?
  9. https://www.montanaauctioncomp.com/cayer 173 firearms if anyone is a collector
  10. I really don't like cpvc
  11. 99 in the the garage as always, no problems at all, with anything. 60k I think. Not even a second thought about riding over the beartooth. Wish I could say the same about the beemers One of the reasons I bought the Africa Twin.
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