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  1. No idea. Lots of old timers lurk here and seldom post.
  2. It could be worse. He could have rim locks.
  3. Dano sold his XX many many years ago. Have not heard from him in atleast a decade.
  4. I agree with Oscar. Wires need to be identified and labeled. If you look at Fig 3-4 Section 3-7, The drawing shows 7 wires leaving G1. Four of them are the main focus here for now. The wires they have marked as M4 - is neutral, M2- is ground, M3 - is a phase conductor, M1 - is also a phase conductor. The ground should be easily identified by measuring resistance to the chassis. (should read zero) The drawing shows the neutral and ground bonded at the terminal strip. I doubt it's bonded inside the generator? Maybe so? Your ohm meter should prove this. The phase conductors are shown connected also. Then the drawing shows this terminal feeding cb1 with an optional cb2 with 120v only potential. That does not match your nameplate yet it matches the RV way of use so I am also cautious to advise connection. Ac voltage needs to be measured between any combination of conductors. There should be wires elsewhere leaving G1 going to the starter relay (k1), a wire to grnd and a wire to a blocking diode. (K1 energizes a winding in the generator making it a temporary starter motor.) Not real concerned about that right now because you can start it. Later on we can check for dc voltage after the blocking diode. I now realize after pissin out the martinis and beer that my Onan 4.0 is a contractors model and doesn't fit this conversation. I know absolutely zero about this battery isolation gizmo. So, I am probably not much help here.
  5. The starter relay with the small wires is more than likely the starter motor circuit for the generator and the starter relay with the large wires is probably the battery isolation tom foolery. Good night boys.
  6. Oscar, it does make 240v and it does charge the battery. Thanks for verifying that it is not an RV unit.
  7. Oscar, no reason to shout. I never said my Onan 4.0 came from an RV. Your Onan says RV. Mine does not. Your Onan makes 120v. Mine will make 240v and Joes nameplate says it will also. Thanks for the RV education but honestly, I don't give a damn. Joe, I lied. It seems I have been drinking all night. Talk to ya later.
  8. You are embarrassing me now. I would have to dig that fukr out from underneath the table saw behind boxes of treasures to take a picture for you. The thought of the generator running only until the battery dies is not what I would take camping. LOL I'm glad you can occasionally just to recharge the battery. fwiw, Joes name plate shows 120/240v. it must not have come from an RV ?
  9. Oscar, may I suggest you put your voltmeter on the battery terminals while the Gen-set is running stand alone? I am curious why yours doesn't charge all night in the desert.
  10. I'm curious. Mine produces 240v. Is your RV Gen-set tapped for 240 or 120V only? I have no knowledge of RV's. I thought they are 120V only. Is that true? Mine is on a homemade cart and has electric start.
  11. Yeah, mine charges. Ran it in my shop with volt meter. edit: yes electric start
  12. You might be really angry when I suggest you buy a Honda powered hyd pump and give up on the Gen-set. Battery powered tools for any application.
  13. Joe, I been drinking tonight and you may be very unhappy with what I am about to tell you. Carlos has provided you with a PDF file. You need to look on pg 6-16 dwg# 611-1143 rev C This shows how it should have come from the factory. This shows that it did have DC voltage for excitation and charge voltage. I have an Onan 4.0 and it charges the battery. Bummer for you. The previous owner gave up on the generator and cut the wires. Makeshift drive to the hyd pump. I was wrong and missed your second post showing the caveman belt drive. That is why I suggested earlier to concentrate on the generator. So sorry. Fly me out there and I can fix it for you.
  14. Phillip, I can't explain it but that is just the coolest fukn bike. Not the best of anything but cool.
  15. I have never been close to a Moto Guzzi yet I am drawn to and respect them. I hope you complete this quest. I understand.
  16. I'm curious, what all is being powered by the 120vac generator? Have you checked the DC charge voltage at the generator? I don't have a clear picture of the parallel battery switching/isolation tom foolery going on. imo, you should verify that the Onan can stand alone and then introduce battery switching backup in emergency. The hyd pump is probably just an engine starter motor driving a hydraulic pump. Draws a hellava lot of current. I am not surprised it drains down batteries even in parallel.
  17. Joe, I'll take some pics and put together some info. We can let this thread die.
  18. The 954 has been a really good bike. I am going to miss it.
  19. The BMW sold. It was a painful thrill to ride. Your ass cheeks would ache trying to hang on and your face cheeks would ache from the grin. Next up Honda 954 RR.
  20. CALCXX

    What is this?

    I have seen something that resembles that in a small scale water filtration plant to filter out heavy metals before the process water is allowed to enter the storm drains. PH levels also monitored and corrected before the waste water enters the press. The pressure gauges to see the filter saturation level. Te screw clamp for quick easy access to scrape the filter plates. Im just guessing.
  21. Carlos, you have been tricked by a Gun Master. You must send this holster to Oregon instead.
  22. Jeff and I have not agreed on this gearing choice for 15+ years. I have had an 18T since about 2004. I bought a 16t and didn't like it so I gave it to Jeff some 15 years ago. He said it reminded him of his 954rr. I will admit that I lost a small amount of acceleration. What did I gain? A bike that loafs at 90mph. A speedometer that is on the money. An engine that's not sceaming it's lungs out at 100 or maybe it's just 71mph with the new 16t speedo error? Long winded 2nd gear that goes all the way to a true 105mph. About 20 more miles per tank of gas. It will still do clutchless wheelies in 1st gear. Chains should last longer bending less thru the radius. 18t is the way to go. Jeff, you should buy a 15T. Take off in third from a stop sign and do 4th gear clutch wheelies at 100 indicated or should I say 47 mph?
  23. Phillip, was that 140 mile curve pic taken on Hwy 36? Love that photo?
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