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  1. have the pilot road 5' on my 2006 .have around 7000klms on them so far and am impressed with them
  2. I hope your happy with what you started here Steve Smith
  3. + 2 on ebc hh sintered.no brake squeal and no chewing up of rotors. front rotors lasted 263,000 klms before needing replacing
  4. poida

    Chain reaction

    Are swampnut and superhawk having mental breakdowns ?
  5. it could be the slider pin is gummed up.years ago the one on mine was full of crud.it has a 14mm bolt head. i recently replaced front and rear brake pads and the rears were sticking with the new pads.slider bolt was clean so gave the pistons a clean by pushing them almost all the way out and cleaning them with a rag dipped in brake fluid.made no difference so ended up refitting a half worn set and that was enough to bypass the problem.am interested in hearing others responses to your question as im stumped where to look next to fix them.
  6. haynes manual has exhaust downpipe nuts 20nm
  7. what side are you seeing the leak from?left hand side,side stand side...could be either a hose not tightened enough or the water pump seal starting to fail.put the bike on centre stand and have a look around using a bright torch for signs of any leaks.right hand side could be the overflow hose not sealing on the radiator properly.remove the side fairings if you can
  8. the vfr 750 and early 800,s are still a great looking bike and so comfortable.the vfr750 was a bike i was looking at buying 18 years ago till i test rode a blackbird.
  9. cheers for that.the whole braking system came up for sale cheap so i ended up grabbing it for spares.
  10. just wondering if calipers from a 2001 blackbird will fit a 99.looking at the parts list they have different part numbers
  11. poida

    Vacuum leak???

    starter valves sounds about right.yep activated by the wax unit.i think they restrict air,hence runs rich when cold.once the wax unit heats up the starter valves,or what i called plungers move back letting more air through.not sure what caused one on my bike to stick.i had shipped it back from europe and when i picked it up from the shippers depot it was running like a pig.took me a while to find out why but eventually tracked it down to one of the starter valves not opening when warm.i had a post on here back then asking for any ideas what what causing the rough running and sooty plug.will have a look for it.found it http://www.cbr1100xx.org/forums/index.php?/topic/73866-running-rich-in-no-4-cylinder/
  12. poida

    Vacuum leak???

    i had one of the plungers sticking on mine a few years back.fouling number 4 plug and backfiring when closing throtte
  13. poida

    Vacuum leak???

    a few possibilities that are easy to check,maybe a weak spark.is the battery charging ok? check the connectors going to the coils. the auto choke,enrichment system may be sticking. i have a 99 as well and havnt had a vacuum problem with it as yet.
  14. poida

    Poorly Bird

    Hi Spanish,easy checks to do would be check the contacts on the kill switch and checking the loom fix.im sure more knowledgeable members will be able to suggest other possible checks
  15. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/MOTORBIKE-MOTORCYCLE-MOPED-ALUMINIUM-QUALITY-TAX-DISC-HOLDER-WATERPROOF-SILVER-/161231863838?hash=item258a2b001e the bike would be in the UK .we used to have rego discs for bikes in aus but they got canned years ago.they were handy for covering the number plate so rear facing speed cameras couldnt get the whole plate number.
  16. i would say its the rego disc holder.that paintjob looks classy
  17. Ive found the life span of the tensioners varies widely on my bike.i had one crap out a few years ago with less than 10,000klms on it.it went in a bigger way than usual with it rattling from under 2000rpm.easy way for you to check it is to undo the 8mm bolt and see if you can wind it in a little while the bike is idling.see if it makes any difference
  18. if it has a vibration while not moving i dont see how it could be the chain.i would of thought that would only come into play when the bike is moving.when the bike is in neutral and stationary does the vibration get worse as the revs are increased ?maybe the cam chain tensioner has crapped out
  19. check for loose brackets,mountings for the fairings.when you say in neutral is that while stopped with the engine at idle?
  20. i've also heard there's a way to tip the tank up onto it's rear (vertical) but, that seems precarious to me. this is how i do it.place a rag or old t shirt on the frame above near where the battery sits then i rest the rear of the tank on that.i use a light tie down strap and thread it through the rear grab rail(i pass it through the luggage rack i have on mine) and over the tank and around the section on the underside of the tank that slots into the frame.cant for the life of me think what they are called.then it's just a matter of raising the front of the tank to a height that allows access without putting strain on the fuel lines and pulling the strap tight to hold it place.give it a bit of a shake to confirm it's not going to fall over but i have found it is always very stable.removing the air box is easy although be careful when undoing the screws that hold the injection intake stacks down as the screw heads seem to be made of cheese and is easy to chew them out.I have found using a screw bit from an impact driver and turning it with a spanner works best.hardest part now can sometimes be getting the plug caps off.sometimes i find they come off easy ,other times one may be a pain.using the plug spanner that comes with the tool kit works well to get the plugs out.only other thing to watch out for is making sure the air tubes that run from the front of the nose cone to the air box are seated in properly when reassembling.
  21. your a sick man birdslapper. by the way,did cundalini ever get his hand back?
  22. Of a bearing made of jewel encrusted unobtainium ?
  23. cheers for the replies.i will pick up a starter motor off ebay and see how that goes. 4 28125-MV9-672 CLUTCH OUTER, STARTING Retail: $200.47 Price: $150.35 150.35 http://www.motosport.com/motorcycle/oem-parts/honda/2001/blackbird-_-cbr1100xx/starter-clutch Yes, I know where you are from but even with shipping from the US, it can't be that much. Is the money exchange that much different? exchange rate isnt that bad 77 us cents to our $ at the moment.no idea where the aussie sites got their pricing from. the bearing didnt appear to be made of jewel encrusted unobtainium.
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