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  1. I saw this bike slipped into the restaurant parking lot asI was leaving a few weeks ago. I just noticed it in passing and had to go over to look at this bike as they're fairly rare to see! They were all smiles after running the dragon, Zach, the owner, and his brother on a rental Yamaha. This is bike is very sweet in person. The paint is very nice. The onLyons defect I saw at all was where his crotch rubs up against the tank. And it isn't anywhere near as bad as mine. I like the fact that the decals are gone on it. Makes you wonder what it is The tires were in nice shape. The seat looks as new. The rear sprocket and chain looked as new. Some lucky wiseman or woman will end up with a well taken care of example.
  2. We got one of these bikes for my wife. Great bike for around town, two up riding excepting for the seat which you took care of! I've NEVER experienced a stronger low speed four-stroke for a motorcycle in my life. I think it is as close to a Diesel in low-speed torque as you can get in a spark plug engine. You seriously only need 2nd and 5th gears it's so powerful! Great for vertically challenged folks, and they're surprisingly light too. I had an unfortunate event happen when I changed the oil & filter in my garage when it was fairly dark in there. The old filter seal stayed stuck on the engine & I twisted the new one on. After getting fueled up the next day we struck out for a long ride and the engine started making knocking noises after running with no oil in it for a few miles. My next door neighbor, who works for a major auto manufacturer re-built it while I "held the flash-light". All the time he was tearing it down, and putting it back together he kept pointing out how well it was designed, and marveled at all the thought that went into it's ruggedness.
  3. BirdawgXX


    I work with screwdrivers, linesman's pliers, and channel lock style wreches all day every day. I used to always buy the Klein brand screw drivers only. I don't know if it's because you can't buy a quality fitting made in the United States anymore that the driver tips fit into well, or the tips are just shit the last 4 years, but I got sick of the tips only lasting 4 months MAX. I jumped ship on a whim, and bought a Lenox 11-in-one driver from Lowes & am very pleased with it. I've been using the same one since June, and it's still okay. They've got a blue rubber handle & are in the electrical section. Oh yeah, if you pull the tips out, you can use it for a 1/4, 5/16 & 3/8 inch nut-driver. And unlike the Klein, the holders for the tips are TOUGH to include being cast, not sheet (shit) metal!
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. You can have it for free. That's my favorite word.
  5. Joe, I don't know if it's what you want, but I've got a Verizon LG VX 5500. I am damaged goods that was forced to carry a brick radio, and then a company cell/pager on me for years. As a result I HATE cell phones and never carried it. This thing is pretty nicey-nice. I just carried it my backpack to and from work. The battery is still good too. Me and the wife are headed to NYC tomorrow(Tues.) from Geneseo around 6a.m. & could meet you prolly just before work around Waverly @ 7:30, or 8 am if it's what you're looking for! Give me a PM.
  6. Dave, the fact that you're asking questions is good. It means that you want to have a positive effect of your body for the time invested in the gym. That's a good start. There's nothing more frustrating than going to the gym, flinging around weights and wasting your time and getting nothing out of your time spent there. Every time I thing of weight flinging, I think about a skinny kid the came into the gym every Tuesday and Thursday and just flung metal around for 30 minutes. He never got any stronger and never developed any strengthening technique. Just a waste of time & that's a shame! The combined advice you've gotten from Rode Rash & Richard is very valuble information. Rode Rash's advice should be printed off and taped up in every gym in operation today. Very insightful information for EVERY begining individule in the work-out realm. I like Richard's advice for the "dare-to-be different" ideas and approach. I personally use an approach to training that is rather associative of muscles because you're using them regardless of if you like it or not anyway. When you are working your chest you are working your tricep muscles too. Work both of those muscle groups on the same day. Also, working your back muscles, you are involuntarily working your bicep muscles. Work those in the same day. The 3rd day I work two totally disassociated muscle groups. These are my legs and my shoulders. Legs take a lot of time to train well and gain strength. Like Richard said, they're your largest group of muscles in your body. Shoulders are in some people a little tough to get strong and develope ( learn to do squats correctly, they're the best excercize out there for your legs!) . Concentrating these two muscle groups is nice because of the fact that they DON'T interact with each other. Example: Day 1 Chest & Triceps Day 2 Back & Biceps Day 3 Soulders & Legs I also beleive in the fact that it's very important to work your core muscles. The trunk of the tree is the success of that tree standing for years and being rugged and healthy in all situations. For us that trunk of the tree is our Stomach & back muscles. Not buying the trunk of the tree bit? Alright, let's make our bodies motorcycles for a moment. Let's say you have a bike with a great front suspension (your upper body) and a fantastic rear suspension (your lower body). And in the middle you have a really shitty, weak frame ( your back & stomach muscles) That bike is gonna run great on the Dynomometer (bench) but in real life ( on the track) it's gonna TANK! I use free weights because it's hard to cheat with them. Machines are great for "waking up your muscles" and getting your "form" down in your head. The mirrors on the walls in the gym let you see your form, as was mentioned, and also let you see if one of your limbs or your body is out of sync . The machines only work in a strict motion & form. I also watch people at the gym and once in a while I'll pick up on a different excercize that I've never seen or used. It's good to not be too routine with your excercizes, to avoid the same ol' shit, not only for your memory but for your muscle memory too. Shock 'em a little bit every once in a while once you get into your routine of training for better rounded development, and to become stronger. Also remember Dave, that a person who's in better shape can effectively ride their bike longer, and enjoy it along the way much more!
  7. Joe. thanx for your concern in your P.M. I don't see the negative things happen with people posting personal cell no's up that I'm sure you've seen being a forum admin. Dion, not in the next town over from you in Penfield anymore, but only 25 minutes away from the Ra-cha-cha! You can always count on one bird in this area, it'll go to my son when when I start taking a permanent dirt nap.
  8. Saw this for sale in the Rochester Craigslist this morning. Looks like it's got all the nicey-nice stuff on it. I'm not too far away, and more than happy to go look at it for somebody. http://rochester.craigslist.org/mcy/1766026544.html Give me a call on my cell phone if you want any help 585.301.5902 Jeff
  9. Joe, it's a Glacier Bay. The fire box is 21in. wide and 20 in.deep. The fire brick is in great shape. It's made out of 1/4 inch plate, with cast iron front doors. They have the air-mixture adjusters in the doors. It is one heating mother. I'm blah,blah blahing here. Gimme a call here at the house either tonite, or tomorrow afternoon 585.243.0442.
  10. I've got a woodstove that easily installs in a fireplace. It would be great for heating a large shop, cellar, or if your hearth is large enough, in your fireplace (to meet code your hearth has to be 20 inches past the front of the unit.) This is a nice looking unit that pumps a lot of heat and is made of plate and cast iron, and the firebrick is 2 years old. Anyone on this board is welcome to it for free. Give me a call if you want to know more 585.243.0442
  11. Angee, I saw there's a CBR600 f2 for sale on craigslist / Rochester today. 16.5 miles for $2,300. I'm working about a half hour from there, I'd be more than happy to take a look for you this week. PM me 're interested. Jeff
  12. BirdawgXX

    [ C- ] California Sport Touring

    These jackasses deserve an F in my opinion. I ordered 3 items from them on or around june 30th of last year (2005). A Fenda extenda, an NEP cruise control, and this set of three clear plastic vinyl panels that are supposed to protect your tank without being seen. The guy was a real cocky prick on the phone too. I e-mailed them end of July for an update...... Extenda fenda on back order from U.K.. Meanwhile, I see them on e-Bay for 5 bucks less than I bought it for from these lying A-holes. Jump forward to 3rd week of Aug.. I send them another update on my order, could they either fulfill their order with me or give a refund. The reply was "that order has already been sent". I was ready to buy a plane ticket to have a little visit to these crooks. They finally sent the stuff just before neXXt 2005. End of June to middle of Sept. is just plain shitty. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SQUIDDS. Oh yeah, the clear plastic panels look like SHIT, Spend the money, and get a tank bra.