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  1. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    Ironically FedEx doesn't track me on a continuous basis. The trucks don't have GPS. The Powerpad has GPS in it, but only records it when we scan a label. And they can't look at it live, they have to pull up a report later with the coordinates.
  2. How old are you? What's up with your hormone levels?
  3. He needs something obtainable.
  4. Hurricane- not mine

    I had an 87 in grey... wicked fast. Really a poor bike for a newbie. I almost died the day I picked it up. Crashed and broke a few ribs.
  5. Concours14 ABS Question

    Not under warranty anymore? I still have just shy of three years left my my second extended warranty.
  6. Airstream Base Camp Trailer

    Huh? What does any of this have to do with Airstreams?
  7. Airstream Base Camp Trailer

    Every thread becomes a bash-Trump thread.
  8. Lee Parks Gloves -- Anyone tried them?

    I have two pairs. A pair exactly like Dave's, and a similar pair that are black, with the seams on the outside. I find the outside seams to be weird, especially as the ones with the inside seams, like Dave's, don't bother me at all. You get them a bit tight as new, and the form to your hand perfectly, very quickly. As Dave said, butter smooth. I actually wear them daily in the late fall and early spring in lieu of regular gloves, in the car and elsewhere.
  9. Nevermind, I have the puppies, and don't want a bad seam. Thanks, though!
  10. I'll take them if they fit my C14 with BMW touring grips.
  11. Where are all the folks who claimed dibs when he bought it?
  12. Vehicle Lift Recommendation

    Why bother with a lift? For the price, and storage constraints you're better off getting a quality floor jack and jack stands. A good floor jack is about $100, and you can grab 4 stands at Harbor Freight for about $40.
  13. WTB: older Android Tablet

    I got all of my tablets used, off of cowboom.com. It was the returns/open box buy warehouse for Best Buy. They have since closed up and can now just be found doing business as the Best Buy outlet... http://www.bestbuy.com/site/electronics/outlet-refurbished-clearance/pcmcat142300050026.c?id=pcmcat142300050026
  14. As the title states, a website with specials and coupons for Harbor Freight. http://www.hfqpdb.com/
  15. Anyone else cooking batteries with their Battery Tender?

    My Optimate4 should be here tomorrow... the BT that I was using was indeed the BT Jr.