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  1. Nevermind, I have the puppies, and don't want a bad seam. Thanks, though!
  2. I'll take them if they fit my C14 with BMW touring grips.
  3. Where are all the folks who claimed dibs when he bought it?
  4. Why bother with a lift? For the price, and storage constraints you're better off getting a quality floor jack and jack stands. A good floor jack is about $100, and you can grab 4 stands at Harbor Freight for about $40.
  5. I got all of my tablets used, off of It was the returns/open box buy warehouse for Best Buy. They have since closed up and can now just be found doing business as the Best Buy outlet...
  6. As the title states, a website with specials and coupons for Harbor Freight.
  7. My Optimate4 should be here tomorrow... the BT that I was using was indeed the BT Jr.
  8. Ever since the OEM battery died I've been going through Yuasa batteries every 2 years. I read tonight that the Battery Tender brand trickle chargers don't prevent sulfation, but the Optimate4 does. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  9. So glad I just go got the KLRs. I'll pass this off to my local CT riders.
  10. They will be happy next to the two other Kwaks in my gay-raj!
  11. What year is the Lifan?
  12. Dibs on both KLR's until I hear back from my PM with Joe.
  13. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. How much with the trade of my BB?
  14. AFAIKBZITE, you should inquire with the proprietor of said property as to whether or not you can simply select a free couch in the lobby to slumber upon.