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  1. My ex, Stacy, did this for a mouse problem in her Lexus (she lived in farm country.) Got rid of the mice, but she could never get rid of the moth-ball smell in the SUV. Every time I rode in it I had to refer to her as Ethel.
  2. I have a Pixel 2XL, and love it. My college-aged son's phone is not charging well, and I may be interested in it for him, depending on price (he's home for the summer, costing me big money, consuming everything.)
  3. Ugh.. .40 is an awesome carry caliber, but I really don't like SAO as a carry piece (or else I'd just carry my .45ACP Springfield Champion.) Nice gun, though!
  4. I'm in CT but would seriously have to love you to go check out this weird ad for ya.
  5. When I installed them I noticed nothing different about the internals. You shouldn't have to remove the grip, but may want to if you want to prevent damage on the end. I installed them with standard grip glue, so heat them up, and slide a long thin screwdriver under them all the way around. And if you destroy them, you can always upgrade to BMW grips. The ones you have on there now were cheapos.
  6. I'm not sure if it was rejetted... I can tell you that with the TBR Shotgun exhaust there was zero decel popping.
  7. This is my old Bird, that I traded to Joe for his two KLR650's. The rear rack is an SW-Motech quick disconnect rack, so you can easily remove the GIVI mount and have it still look sick. The bar end weights are Manic Salamander ends, and they are super heavy. I wired the right side Euro switch for three settings: *All lights on * All lights OFF (stealth mode. You know you're in it because the dashboard lights are out, too) *Just headlight off. I did this so that I could start the bike without the HID turning on and then off during start. The horn is a Stebel Nautilus. I assume the tank is still in pristine condition.. I had it under a Bagster cover for it's life with me, so it was completely protected. I purchased the bike in 2005, and she was in my stable until fall of 16, when Joe adopted her!
  8. Whoa, biatch! It's the dark winter here in the Northeast, and his bike is buried behind my three bikes in gay-rage. I haven't laid eyes on this issue myself, just taken his word on this. Once the ice age breaks I'll take a look at it myself, as I want to clear some space in the two car garage!
  9. So, my dad is a dolt. I noticed at the end of the summer that he hadn't been by my house in a while to ride his bike. When I asked him about it, he admitted that he had apparently crossthreaded the oil filter mount when he attempted his most recent oil change, and it spewed oil from it when it ran... so... no running the bike. Any ideas as to how to fix this? I honestly don't think he's going to ever ride again, given his deteriorating mental state. I'd love to sell it and get it out of my overcrowded garage, but it would be way easier if it ran... without fucking up the engine.
  10. I had an 87 in grey... wicked fast. Really a poor bike for a newbie. I almost died the day I picked it up. Crashed and broke a few ribs.
  11. Not under warranty anymore? I still have just shy of three years left my my second extended warranty.
  12. Huh? What does any of this have to do with Airstreams?
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