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  1. You can get longer hoses, and you need a chin strap if you can't keep you trap shut.
  2. Re: compliance. Usually it takes over a year to pay off the machine. The insurance wants to ensure that the $,$$$ CPAP they are paying for actually being used, obviously, otherwise they would just buy the unit for you outright. Initially it was an SD card that had to be read by the DME company. Nowadays the CPAP has a cellular modem in it that uploads your data daily. I have gotten emails from my DME when I've not used that particular machine recently to ensure I'm ok with it. When I would go for my CDL health exam I knew enough that they would ask for my compliance report, and so I call my DME company a few days before the appointment and they email me a copy of the current report.
  3. I've had three in-clinic studies, and two at home. My first study was about 19 years ago, back when they still had them in the hospital. When I woke up the next morning I asked how it went, and the tech told me that the doc had to interpret it... but that I had it BAD. Normal people have something like 5 or so apneic episodes an hour. I had over 60 per hour. With the CPAP on I have less than three. The first machine I had was CPAP... couldn't get used to it. They then gave me a BiPap, but the preset cycle was off from my regular breathing pattern. They said they would order me a ViPap. I asked to get back the original CPAP while I waited for the ViPap. All of a sudden I could tolerate the CPAP, probably because the BiPap was so bad for me. My sats were dropping into the high 60's without it. Insurance will have you do repeat tests over the years to verify you still need it. Usually they have you spend half the night without the CPAP on to chart your apnea, and then they put you on the CPAP and play with the pressure until you have no episodes. At my third test they didn't even wait more than an hour because it was very evident that I had it. The next morning the tech told me that he had never seen anyone fall into REM sleep as quickly as I did after the CPAP was started. I'm on my fourth machine, and can't imagine sleeping without it.
  4. Trim the rod, you say? Don't we need a mohel to do that?
  5. Thank reminds me of the set the comedian Kyle Kinane did. He goes to the doctor and she tells him he has gout. Kyle: So what does that mean? Doctor: It means you can't eat certain foods Kyle: Like what? Doctor: Anything that would be served at a BBQ, you can't eat. Kyle; So I'm going to die?
  6. When I reheat food in the microwave I use the "Reheat" button, and it works great. For food out of a new box I go buy the recommendation on the box, then check it. Better to be undercooked that overcooked. I just wish my microwave had a 30 second button. It's only got a 1 minute button, like Dave's dick. I don't eat popcorn after the "White Men Can't Jump" fiasco in Framingham, MA in 1992.
  7. Lots of stuff going on... Buying a condo, getting a hip replacement, blah blah blah. Ben
  8. I have a Corbin on the shelf right now, too. I'm not going to be riding until next season due upcoming surgery, so you're welcome to try my Russell Daylong with driver's seat wings, if you want to pay the shipping back and forth.
  9. Well, if Hobie can fix the oil filter, he'll gladly ride it across country, per his previous boasts....
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