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  1. Thank reminds me of the set the comedian Kyle Kinane did. He goes to the doctor and she tells him he has gout. Kyle: So what does that mean? Doctor: It means you can't eat certain foods Kyle: Like what? Doctor: Anything that would be served at a BBQ, you can't eat. Kyle; So I'm going to die?
  2. When I reheat food in the microwave I use the "Reheat" button, and it works great. For food out of a new box I go buy the recommendation on the box, then check it. Better to be undercooked that overcooked. I just wish my microwave had a 30 second button. It's only got a 1 minute button, like Dave's dick. I don't eat popcorn after the "White Men Can't Jump" fiasco in Framingham, MA in 1992.
  3. Lots of stuff going on... Buying a condo, getting a hip replacement, blah blah blah. Ben
  4. I have a Corbin on the shelf right now, too. I'm not going to be riding until next season due upcoming surgery, so you're welcome to try my Russell Daylong with driver's seat wings, if you want to pay the shipping back and forth.
  5. Well, if Hobie can fix the oil filter, he'll gladly ride it across country, per his previous boasts....
  6. Gotta clean out the garage for the upcoming move out of the current house. My dad's 85? Kawasaki GPZ550 is sitting here. Hasn't been run in three years. He was doing an oil change and cross threaded the oil filter gizmo. Up til then it was a daily rider... dropped often. He took pride in being able to get up and brush off help from passing motorists everytime he dropped it. If there's any interest I can get current mileage, and yank it out of the back of the garage for better pics than the group photo of all the bikes in the garage currently. Obviously it's on the far left. Clean CT title.
  7. My ex, Stacy, did this for a mouse problem in her Lexus (she lived in farm country.) Got rid of the mice, but she could never get rid of the moth-ball smell in the SUV. Every time I rode in it I had to refer to her as Ethel.
  8. I have a Pixel 2XL, and love it. My college-aged son's phone is not charging well, and I may be interested in it for him, depending on price (he's home for the summer, costing me big money, consuming everything.)
  9. Ugh.. .40 is an awesome carry caliber, but I really don't like SAO as a carry piece (or else I'd just carry my .45ACP Springfield Champion.) Nice gun, though!
  10. I'm in CT but would seriously have to love you to go check out this weird ad for ya.
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