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  1. Considering battery voltage is fine throughout this issue I'm thinking it may be R/R. I have one on order. but won't be getting to it for a while. Leaving for a 1 month this coming weekend. Thanks for your input.
  2. Bike has set overnight. Battery is reading 12.8-12.9 volts.
  3. Took my '97 out for a spin yesterday. Didn't get far from home and noticed speedo and tach are both at 0 while moving. Headlight not working. Other indicators on dash are reacting as if very low voltage. Bike also stumbles and dies as if no voltage. In the past this would suggest dead battery/stator/regulator possibilities. I replaced the stator last year. Battery is fine. Got the bike home and let it sit for a bit. Started it up and at idle from the battery voltage is measuring 13.8 volts. Rev it a bit and voltage drops to 12.3 and symptoms reappear. So I'm thinking bad rectifier. That being said wouldn't a battery with good charge/voltage keep everything running until it is drained? Like I said battery is fine. I turn bike off. Turn key back on all llights except low beam (might be dead as high beam works) are as they should be and hit the starter. There's a slight hesitation and then bike fires up with same issues described above. What do you think?
  4. Pilot roads. Have always felt well planted and confident in their ability to grip wet and dry. Did a circumference of the country (- florida) on one set on a loaded bike. Well over 100000 miles using them.
  5. I've always changed both at the same time but I'm getting lazy as I get older. Don't even do my own tires anymore. Anyway I'm thinking about just going with a chain this time and do sprockets with next change. Thoughts?
  6. At least the valves don't need to be adjusted yet.
  7. So With my new ricks stator and stock/original regulator I'm getting 14.3 volts at idle and it drops off to 13.7 as rpms increase. Holds at 13.7 even while using heated gear. I'm thinking of replacing with a mosfet regulator. I have a '97 xx. Recommendations for brand?
  8. OK so new bearings in. Putting stuff back together. Get the forks in and am getting ready to tighten the pinch bolts and I say to myself, "Gee, when did they start putting inspection stickers on the inside of the forks.....fuck."
  9. Upper bearing race not an issue. How do I remove the bottom without special tool)
  10. Went back through my old conversations. Heres one from 13 years ago. I'll make something that will work based on this. Skip, You're more than welcome to borrow the tool. Are you changing out the bearings and races? I also made a rig to press in the new races. It's a piece of 1/2" threaded rod about 15" long with two nuts and washers. Use your old races and two large sockets and tighten the nuts to press in the races. It works great. If you look in the Honda manual they sell a tool that presses the bearings which I based mine off of. Just their's is much prettier... mine was free I didn't like the idea of beating in the races while the bike is balanced in mid air. Cheers, Brett
  11. Anyone have either the homemade variety (Or steps to make one) or the spendy honda version they would be willing to lend me? I'm trustworthy and honest and have never been arrested. Well, 2 out of 3.
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