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  1. I've forgotten how to block someone. Can't seem to find it.
  2. I went with the HID for now. Basically a direct re placement for what was in the bird and didn't want to have to figure out anything new. New bulbs are a lot brighter. Seems like that's all I've been doing since the weather got nice is working on 2 wheel, four wheel and floating vehicles. Pain in th ass. Time to have some fun.
  3. That sounds too much like work. All connections I touch or replace get a nice coating of dielectric grease. Stops corrosion in its tracks.
  4. OK. Replaced the ignition relay. That seems to have corrected the problem. Haven't put too many miles on it. Gonna take it out tonight for a few. Thanks for the help and the suggestion.
  5. What's the consensus at this point? As usual TIA.
  6. Replaced main ground. Still having issue. There is the ignition relay. My next question would be is this the relay that carries all the key on power to the bike.. I don't see anything labeled main relay. Anyone? Im thinking it would because that 30 amp fuse that is connected to it.is the main fuse for the bike. But not 100% sure.
  7. 1997. JcRichs original '97 I bought off another guy (cant remember his name) after my first bird got its beak bashed after a soccer mom ran a stop sign.
  8. That will be my next step. Thanks. I've replaced headers and oil coolant lines do to massive corrosion. Salty roads in winter and actual salt water during storms while in the Outer Banks (Hatteras Island) NC. Salt is a motherfucker.
  9. I'm replacing it. Having an electrical issue while riding. Bike dies like battery is dead. All gauges go to O and engine dies. Wait a minute or two and it fires right back up. Checking grounds was a suggestion so for $20 I figured I'd replace the main one.
  10. If the starter mounting bolt doesn't work I'll try that next. Will the bike be faster?
  11. That's the one. I'm just going to move it one bolt back from where it is now. Still a starter mounting bolt but at least I can bend the coolant hose to get at the bolt. Thanks Jon
  12. The original location is fucking impossible to get at. Looking for a more accessible location to attach ground to bike. Any suggestion?
  13. Dealer maintained. (Max BMW) Purchased 2016 with mileage in the 20,000 range. Comes with bag liners and tank bag. Top Case from another year (and color) and Garmin Zumo available. Selling for a buddy who moved to Florida. Mileage 36252. $9000.
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