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  1. So back into the rear caliper issue. Bike hasnt moved since the last time I posted about the problem. Went to move it to a better position in the driveway and the bike rolled fine. Hit the rear brake a couple of times and the problem returned. Loosened the banjo at the proportioning control valve and the caliper released. Retightened. Hit the rear brake a number of times. No problem. Took the bike for a spin. No problem. Loosened and retightened both connections to the PCV while applying a little pressure to the rear brake. Just enough to dribble a smidge of brake fluid. Retightened. So far things seem to be ok. Gonna take it for a spin this evening (carrying the appropriate tools) and see what happens. Maybe some smegma in the valve that cleared itself?
  2. Haven't forgotten about posting findings. Time and resources have been focused on new toy. I'll get to the xx soon.
  3. Too bad you're not a few thousand miles closer.
  4. Tnx guys. Will check it out as soon as it cools down outside.
  5. loosening the forward banjo on the rear caliper releases the rear brake. Front brakes are fine.
  6. Released pressure on rear most banjo. Caliper still engaged. Release pressure on front banjo. Bike rolls freely. Back to it after it cools off outside.
  7. Found this link that explains how the linked brakes work. http://ixxra.org/birdbrakes.htm Sitting on the bike in the driveway while i have the rear caliper released I grab a handful of front brake and release. According to the link the two outer pistons of both are activated while engaging the front brake. When I release the front brake the bike rolls freely. Did this a number of times with the same result. Engaged the rear brake pedal, then released and the caliper is locked. So I'm thinking its either the center piston binding or problem somewhere in the rear circuit. Back to work.
  8. I've made no adjustments. Also haven't changed fluid in a while. I'll check the slider pin first. Thank you sirs.
  9. So after replacing the header I took the black bird out for a ride and about halfway into the ride noticed that something didn’t feel right from the rear end. Not mine. The bikes. So while I was moving I pulled the clutch in and just coasted to a stop and noticed that the rear caliper wasn’t releasing the disk. At first I thought the caliper was binding but after getting home and releasing the pressure from the banjo connections at the brake pedal it seemed as though the caliper freed up quite a bit. So is there a valve or a small passageway for the brake fluid that could be obstructed in someway shape or form.
  10. Friend of mine moved recently and had no place for the boat. She was very meticulous about maintenance. Boat has new paint and looks new. Trailer is also in very good shape. The boat was stored in her garage but has been in my driveway for a month or so. Cover is new. She started out asking $4000 but is willing to come down. I'm in upstate NY and can deliver within a few hundred mile radius.
  11. You should have seen the lines to the oil cooler. They went last year.
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