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  1. Yup. Posted a picture of a nice clean one in the caliper thread.
  2. Didn't solve the issue. Researching de-linking now.
  3. I believe the caliber itself is fine. When I release the pressure from the secondary master cylinder the rear caliper releases. So I think that delinking the brakes will just solve all my problems. I’m an old not quite so fat guy, and have put probably close to 160,000 miles on the 2-97’s I’ve owned. I’m pretty familiar with the bike.
  4. How. How much. I've thrown in the towel on trying to fix my rear caliper binding issue. So onto delinking. If this is expensive I'm just going to sell it as is it part it out. Little frustrated.
  5. Ok. Joe and birdslapper both suggest rebuild secondary. Looking for a kit and can't find one. Suggestions?
  6. Ok. It's a year later and still have the same issue. Replaced the pcv and the secondary (front) master cylinder. Still have same problem. Pressure is not being released from the secondary master cylinder to the rear caliper. Is there anything before the secondary master cylinder that would cause it to not release pressure to the rear caliper. Anybody wanna buy a '97 with 123000 miles on it?
  7. Had a magnet mount a number of years ago. hit a big pothole with enough force to launch the radar detector off the bike. It ended up quite a ways down the interstate in the third lane. Played human frogger but got it back. Bought a new 12 volt connection (passport 8500) and switched to velcro. Never had another problem.
  8. So back into the rear caliper issue. Bike hasnt moved since the last time I posted about the problem. Went to move it to a better position in the driveway and the bike rolled fine. Hit the rear brake a couple of times and the problem returned. Loosened the banjo at the proportioning control valve and the caliper released. Retightened. Hit the rear brake a number of times. No problem. Took the bike for a spin. No problem. Loosened and retightened both connections to the PCV while applying a little pressure to the rear brake. Just enough to dribble a smidge of brake fluid. Retightened. So far things seem to be ok. Gonna take it for a spin this evening (carrying the appropriate tools) and see what happens. Maybe some smegma in the valve that cleared itself?
  9. Haven't forgotten about posting findings. Time and resources have been focused on new toy. I'll get to the xx soon.
  10. Too bad you're not a few thousand miles closer.
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