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  1. Are you replacing the watch with something else?
  2. That is a nice looking bike. Somebody will be very happy with their purchase.
  3. Walt has a V65 just like that one.
  4. Joe is good people. Everybody here is good people.
  5. A 400 or 650 Burgman would be a blast. The 650 is pretty damn quick for a scooter.
  6. Friend of mine did 23andme and gave his older two sisters the same as a gift. Turns out none of them have the same father, their mother and father were married until the father died years ago and the mother is now suffering from dementia and is in a full time care facility. Seems mom was a little frisky when pop wasn't around.
  7. What's the difference between a wedding and a funeral? The position of the body!! 😉
  8. Yep, in a box. I keep stock items for when I sell the bike.
  9. I have a Kawi touring seat on mine. I like it better than the stock seat, more and better padding and it stops the sliding forward for me. Doesn't get as hot in the sun either.
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