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  1. Do it, or a Connie.A Concours is plenty fast to keep things interesting and much more comfy.
  2. That is a XX set up nice and proper for a mature rider (LSL bars!!!)
  3. ixxion97@yahoo.com

    or just give me his address.


    Is he looking for perfect ones or just good used?

    1. Pat830


      I would imagine good used would work

    2. Pat830




      Garth Grollmus

  4. Walt's nephew Garth wants some VFR bars for his XX. If you have any to sell, PM me and I'll send you his email address or I can have him get in touch with you directly. Thanks, Pat
  5. Good to hear from you Purple Plazma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once Purple Plasma, always Purple Plazma!
  6. Right up the road from me if anybody wants me to look at it. It looks new though. Poor guy is starting down the dementia/Alzheimer journey.
  7. I just sent you $20 via paypal Address is in the payment. Thanks!!!!!!! Good to hear from you!
  8. I'll take one, it'll go with my XX watch.
  9. Growing up, buddy had a Maverick like that. Had a 302 in it from the factory. It was a fast sleeper, surprised many Camaros and Firebirds stoplight to stoplight.
  10. I have a flotation device that is shaped like a woman. No leaks, it's been plugged several times.
  11. Sherwin Williams is what I've had the best results with. I was told it says the most flexible which causes it to crack less not allowing any water to get underneath. I am an amateur, never been paid to paint anything. Usually just my house or my Moms.
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