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  1. That was a Warchild group buy. I used the group buy to replace brake and clutch lines on my Busa. I wonder what kind of a kickback he got?
  2. Sounds like in or near hurricane country.
  3. I ran the gold colored DID ZVM-X chains on the Bird and Busa but the factory chain on my ZX14 has already outlasted any of the DID chains that I have used in the past. With over 110 ft/lbs of torque, the 14 should be harder on chains than either the Bird or the Busa. When it dies, I am going to go with another OEM chain. (DIDZ50M4)
  4. After my first hard ride on my Bird felt, it the same. I balanced the rear tire and replaced the cupped front. Fixed the problem.
  5. Seems like it has been done. Check this thread for more information. It may or may not help
  6. Phillip!!!   How about going to the Hill Country for TEXXT this year?



    1. RXX


      Susan and I are planning on going to Iceland in October. Plans will be laid next week. 

      Believe me I want to come, but I will have been away from her 26 weeks the last 50. Not fair to either of us. 


  7. We've been all over the country together. But....like many middle aged women, she could use some cosmetic help. In this case, Rit die. Here are some new pics.
  8. RKA expandable magnetic tank bag for sale. Asking $50.00 PayPal. Shipping included in USA. Near new map pocket. Includes waterproof cover. It came with a safety strap, and I may have it somewhere, but it is not needed. No problems with this bag ever coming loose on the BlackBird or the Hayabusa.
  9. Just passing the link along. http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/mcy/5208683490.html
  10. On my bike, changing from 17-40 to 18-43 will shorten the distance from sprocket to sprocket by a little under .65 inch. I have enough adjustment for that. I will probably make this change next time I need a new chain. Posted Yesterday, 03:51 PM Please explain, if not here, start another thread. Here is a link that will let you calculate most everything related to chain and sprocket changes. It has a section where they look at possible chain wear. The same tooth same link section can show you combinations to avoid. Gearing Commander
  11. I already have enough power. (It's a BUSA). What I'm really looking at is up one in the front and up 3 in the rear. (So, almost no effective change in overall gear ratio) It's something Suzuki did with the Gen II and I'm trying to decide if I have enough swingarm adjustment. I'm looking for a few improvements from this setup. A little more clearance between chain and swingarm at either end of suspension travel, which is worth looking at since I raised the ride height. A little less wheelbase for improved handling. Less stress on the chain going around larger sprockets.
  12. RodeRash

    XX Q

    You might want to try this.
  13. Those of you who are running a larger front sprocket on your bike with the stock chain......How much did it shorten your wheelbase?
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