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  1. A friend in Virginia selling these due to health reasons. Each around 15k miles, and 2013 model year $7,500 for the Triumph https://fredericksburg.craigslist.org/mcy/6691729463.html $13,000 for the HD https://fredericksburg.craigslist.org/mcy/6691718915.html If anyone shows interest after the CL ads die, I can get his info.
  2. Regarding the battery, my radar detector has a voltmeter, I'm tapped into the wiring in the front cowl, so maybe it is not 100% accurate. When in traffic and the fan is running the voltage drops quickly below 12v. They just don't have the output at low RPM to run the fan and light. I have a cut out switch on my headlight which makes a huge difference, any time I'm in heavy traffic, I kill the light.
  3. CBRXX

    Brake pad issue

    PM me your info
  4. CBRXX

    Brake pad issue

    OK, figured it out. Went back to look at my order. I ordered the wrong pads. The bird takes a FA261HH and I ordered a FA261/2HH. They are same shape/fit but are just over 2mm (each) thicker according to the specs on EBC site. When I looked back at my amazon order, I saw mention of this fact in the comments, where the guys rear on a VTX could use them. I think they can work in a Goldwing too according to another comment. I bought them over a year ago, so I think stuck with them, was $96 for the 3 pair. https://ebcbrakesdirect.com/motorcycle/partno/fa261hh https://ebcbrakesdirect.com/motorcycle/partno/fa261/2hh Superhawk, you can have if you want, but they def wont work on a bird. If you dont want, anyone with a wing or other that can use? Will ship free if anyone can use. Got 1 pair still new in package, the other is opened . The 3rd was used slightly in the rear while running on the centerstand.
  5. CBRXX

    Brake pad issue

    I bought a set of EBC FA261 pads, same as I used last time, and they seem too thick. Got the rear ones on, but they were tight causing the wheel to be hard to turn. The fronts I could not even get on, they were way too thick. Yes, I had the pistons all the way in, the back of the pads were touching the caliper. Anyone else ever have the issue? Thinking to just order some OEM pads.
  6. CBRXX

    Mobil 1

    I was using the Rotella T6 5w40 in the bird, starts smooth when cold. Last time I used the Castrol bike oil https://smile.amazon.com/Castrol-10W-40-Synthetic-Motorcycle-Bottle/dp/B008MISDH4/
  7. Wow, great deal I think with all the extras and low miles. Probably $1200 to buy all the Givi stuff new, not sure on the corbin.
  8. Nice. I think those mounts are for the quick release SWmotech side carriers. Wonder if the rest of the parts are available in the sale... http://www.twistedthrottle.com/sw-motech-quick-lock-sidecarrier-honda-cbr1100xx-blackbird-evo-style-for-givi-micatech-trax-krauser-hepco-sidecases
  9. I'll take one if you still have, confirm before I paypal.
  10. Around the sill/perimeter, don't mess with stuffing pink insulation. Get some of that 2" thick foil face foam, cut to fit between the joists, and use the spray can foam to seal it in place around the edges. It will make it airtight around there. That will do more for it than anything. If it were my place and no water issues, I work toward framing and insulating the block walls to make it more of a semi finished space. A coat of water sealer paint over the block, framed in steel studs, and filled with spray foam would make it pretty much resistant to any potential future water issue. If you do that, you really don't gain much insulating the ceiling, just cover it for looks.
  11. Haha, yea, there is some irony in it going bad when it is supposed to keep gas from going bad!
  12. Good question, you're right, not sure a big difference. I recall when it came out, It seemed to imply it was formulated for the ethanol issue, however I note the red one says for use with ethanol blend too. One thing I found, the bottle says to use the blue within 2 years of opening. I noticed one I had for a while looked darker and had a smell to it, then I noticed that fine print and tossed it. Website says red good for 24 months storage, and blue for 12 months. So maybe blue is better for dealing with the ethanol in something used somewhat regular, and perhaps the red better for longer storage. I use it in my Corvette, since it is driven infrequently, and in the bikes late fall to early spring when they too are not driven as much due to winter. I should probably add it to my truck in summer, sometimes it goes a few weeks without being driven in nice weather. For my lawnmower and snowblower, I always add it to the can when I buy gas, and only keep a 2.5 gal. can on hand. I never drain them, just start them up every 6 weeks or so in their off season. Mower has no shut off valve, but the snowblower does, so I always shut it and run it until it dies every use.
  13. ^^^ yea, check for O2 sensors, the CA models should have them. Also, the 8th digit of the VIN is a 0 on 49-state, and a 1 for CA Around here you can't find pure gas at the pump. Basically only in quart/gallon cans, sold for small equipment. Home depot/Lowes has Tru-fuel for about $6/qt or $20/gal. Also comes pre-mixed at 40:1 or 50:1 for 2-stoke equip. I started buying the premix for my new leaf blower. Been using the blue marine Sta-bil in all my vehicles/bikes mower/snowblower with the pump blend and no issues so far.
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