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  1. Any pro painters in the house?

    My experience on a painted and uncovered deck is the same as yours. Foot traffic, changing seasons, sun, & weather all take a toll. You only get a year or two before it starts to look like shit.
  2. Radar detector mounting

    Post up the details Joe, that was a nice setup.
  3. Stainless brake lines

    We did have a group buy way back in the day. I got a set with "plus 2 inch" . They are still in the box and I hope to do some day. Really need them to install the superbike bar kit I got from JoWhee, that is also still in the box. Not at all looking forward to the job, which is why it hasn't been done.
  4. Radar detector mounting

    I use an escort 9500 with the auto sunvisor mount (bent to open it up) and attached to windscreen right center above the dash. Used the black plastic caps over the machine screws. I also use the H.A.R.D. remote heads up display http://www.legalspeeding.com/products.htm
  5. Maybe that's the model?
  6. Mio GPS Mounted to steering head.

    wow, old thread... still have my Mio around. I had a RAM mount on the Bird way before the Mio with a Garmin III+ The iii+ wasnt very useful to navigate, but at least I knew where I was. I used the RAM ball with a little angled tab, and there was a bolt with rubber expandable "nut" sold for the stem hole.
  7. Plugs and Air Filter

    thanks, that def sounds easier from the top!!
  8. Plugs and Air Filter

    I just ordered another CCT from John last week. I originally to the upgraded one around 20k miles but it's been making noise the last few thou. On the plugs, what's the best way to get at them. Is it better to pull the airbox and do from above? The manual talks about removing upper cowl and going in from behind the oil cooler & radiator, not removing airbox.
  9. What oil is best and what does everyone use?

    Manual calls for 10w40, but I like the Rotella 5w40 full syn diesel oil in the blue jug. Starts much nicer in the cold weather. Got a good deal on some Castrol full syn motorcycle oil in 10w40. I'm due for a change, so going to put that in now, but back to the Rotella at the end of summer.
  10. Plugs and Air Filter

    At 28k, I wouldn't worry about plugs. Got 42k on mine and never did the plugs yet, however do have a set and plan to do them very soon. As others said, my experience on the air filter you can deal with the tank without removing the main line, just maybe the vent lines if I recall. You may not even need the filter, I would have one ready to go and check it. Haven't ever checked valves. Going to take my chances there, that looks like a PITA.
  11. Sent you a PM, no worries on shipping. Glad someone can use it!
  12. Anybody have this tablet and need a new cover? Free to a good home. Wife bought this cover for her sister 6 months ago, but wrong model. Says "gold" in description, but looks silver to my eye. Unused, no packaging. This is it. Part# EF-BT810PFEGUJ http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/tablets/galaxy-tab-s2-9-7-book-cover-gold-ef-bt810pfeguj/ Other links to item http://www.compsource.com/pn/EFBT810PFEGUJ/Samsung-389/Galaxy-Tab-S2-97-Book-Cover-Efbt810pfeguj/ https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Electronics-Galaxy-Cover-EF-BT810PFEGUJ/dp/B013LKLD9M https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1UH3H74614
  13. How To Tell If Coolant Is Circulating - Auto

    If you're low on coolant and have air in the system you will potentially not get heat. If you havent already refilled, pull the hoses to the heater core and back flush it by itself, just hold the garden hose to the end of the outlet hose. You should easily be able to see if it is flowing or not that way.