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  1. Realistically it would be much easier to modify existing swingarm. There all kinds of triangle shaped ones on modern sportbikes. Welded, extruded and welded, pointing up, pointing down, etc.
  2. tomek

    Useful trick

    We had thread dedicated to those things but I can't find it. Picture worth thousand words. It is extremely easy to put on grips with help of compressed air band blow gun.
  3. tomek


    Dynojet used to have map library.
  4. BTW, it is enough to plug it in for 1-1.5 hrs before cranking.
  5. tomek

    My Pig Project

    I got no time for nonsense like that. I use Wiseco only if there is no other option. Their pistons are forged- strong and good quality but typically need minor rework for optimum performance. This is not too bad actually, last project required more modifications in regard to the height of cylinder block and piston itself. Once I set squish height where I wanted I had to machine down piston's dome. Lol. 4 of them. In this particular case it seems someone calculated CR without taking thickness of cylinder head into equation. Standard for Honda 3 steel layers, about 0.7 mm.
  6. tomek

    My Pig Project

    Brand new beautiful piston. Too bad CR is fake.
  7. tomek

    My Pig Project

    Trying to figure out kick starter. Back to 1980.
  8. I got my pig 5-6 years ago. Pig-86 Honda xr600r. Bike was in OK shape, had freshly rebuilt crankshaft, couple new gears and new 0.5 mm over Wiseco piston. Bike was difficult to start and had too much for my taste piston slap. I disassembled the engine and inspected everything. Igniter part of stator was pretty much toast and some genius gave too much cylinder to piston clearance. Practically new piston. Sad. I sent the cylinder to APE for 1mm overbore and ordered from them appropriate 11.0 CR piston. On voltage side I went with Rick's 2x100w stator because I wanna have 12v battery. Painted pl
  9. No idea what they use. I`ve never run Pirellie slicks. If I had this kind of problem I would clean rim extremely well and try to mount tires without any lublicant/sealer.
  10. tomek

    True disc

    BTW, I do have before pics. After all those years they were covered with material transferred from braking pads.
  11. Dunlop slick is the only m-cycle tire I had problems with breaking the bead. Rear Dunlop slick on Yamaha R1 rim will make grown man cry. This particular rim has very shallow "dip" in the middle. The takes considerable force to remove or install even with proper m-cycle spec tire machine. Tire guys at stt know me very well, "that fucking guy with Dunlop slicks and R1 rim". lol I gladly pay my 20 bucks and watch them wrestle and sweat like pig with my tires in 90 deg heat. Lol. So, it is very tight fit but I never had Dunlop spin on the rim. Pirelli slicks spin fairly easy
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