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  1. That particular engine is in closed loop in very narrow operating range, like low rpm and small throttle opening. We're are talking about early millennium technology, not 2019.
  2. tomek

    Chain reaction

    I've overestimated your intelligence. Btw, I put your bro back on ignore. He is unrepentant moron, I've had enough of him for the rest of my life.
  3. tomek

    Chain reaction

    Are you serious or not ? Honest question. If answer is yes I`ll send you more info via PM because I dont wanna deal with certain annoying fuckhead .
  4. tomek

    Chain reaction

    I`m done being decent person with you. I`m a Scorpio, I give people benefit of doubt till you use it. Then I`m done with you. I don`t understand why you have to speak on every possible subject without often knowing shit. On every possible subject in Garage, Pub, whatever.
  5. tomek

    Chain reaction

    Is this honest question or are you trolling ?. let me know. I`ll send you more elaborate answer in PM.
  6. tomek

    Chain reaction

    Perfect example why you have uncanny ability to piss people off. You don`t hesitate to open your mouth without knowing shit on particular subject. In this particular engine it is physically impossible to install cams, chain, etc without talking the sprocket off from at least intake cam. First you install cams in correct position , the sprockets have to be on, there are no markings on cams. Then you have to remove sprockets and go from there. The engine has crossplain cankshaft, you have to follow factory manual to the tee or you`ll never get cams in place. Traditional for inline 4 method of piston 1 in tdc position won`t work. It has to be in 105BTdc, etc. 105 BTDC is pretty much the only position when there is no load on cams from springs wanting to spin them.
  7. tomek

    Chain reaction

    Well, I should have taken pics of totally plugged oil pick up screen with very fine plastic from guides. It is crystal clear what has happened. At least for me.
  8. Dude, you look like you are 70 years old with serious health problems. Bring your bro as well. And Mr. skull. It would save me time.
  9. You post some stupid, wrong and random shit without giving it second thought, and when someone tries to correct you start to defend it. I did fuck up motor or two, I'm not afraid to show it to everyone. You on the other hand have very low self-esteem, it seems.
  10. You might be suffering from memory loss, or someone hacked into your account, because you have posted this: "How do you manage to pass on bad info so often? EBC HH is the go-to track day pad, not just said by riders, that's what EBC says" HH is trade marked name for the line of EBC street pads. BTW, are you related to Castro ? I`m asking because just like you he was born knowing everything, and have never, ever admitted on being wrong on anything.
  11. I`m pretty sure your bro can respond on his own. Like I said, I don`t wanna pollute this thread. I wanted to provide true information on this subject. EBC HH is not their race pad. That is all.
  12. Here on the right side at the bottom, in red. You wrong of course. What else is new. https://ebcbrakes.com/product/double-h-superbike-pads/
  13. I don`t wanna start another shit war here but you are simply wrong. HH is performance street pad. It might work for someone who is mid intermediate or below track rider, but if you are fast guy forgetaboutit. You`ll either overheat or glaze your rotors, or both. Race EBC pad is EPFA or GPFA. I`ve tried them all, trust me. And that`s what EBC web page says anyway. Personally I`m not a fun of EBC race pads. Prefer Carbone Lorraine or Versah pads. Speaking of versah. They do make street sintered pads for XX. JL is street pad. RJL whatever is their race pad. Versah is OEM supplier for some brands. https://www.ebay.com/b/Vesrah-Sintered-Brake-Pads-for-Honda-CBR1100XX/177925/bn_33516130
  14. tomek

    Chain reaction

    Deflection, deflection, but no response whatsoever to my post in bold. Why I'm not surprised. My last attempt to pound something in your head. The picture of the "clearance" between the big end and crank. More the 1/2. Inch. How do you think it happened. By riding around the race track at 14 k rpm for 30 minutes, or when bearing sized some sort of "thermonuclear"reaction happened and shit melted, ignited in matter of seconds. ? I gotta admit when I opened the engine my jaw dropped when I saw this.
  15. tomek

    Chain reaction

    Why I'm not surprised. Your broo run of ideas how to defend his theory, so we came to this. He either refuses to learn something new, or has a problem admitting he was wrong.
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