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  1. Don't remember, but Harbor Freight most likely has something similar.
  2. tomek

    differential noise

    Yes, it is silent. I did require minor lash adjustment on carrier, like 1/4 turn.
  3. tomek

    differential noise

    Diff is back in the car. It was, of course, pita, 2 subframe to chassis, 2 diff to chassis and 2 diff to subframe bolts had to be aligned simultaneously while lifting everything up. Safety third, so differential at one point landed on my skull. LOL.
  4. tomek

    differential noise

    You are on ignore. Gimme 20 push ups and we are cool.😁
  5. LOL, really funny. Going back to narcissist, attention is their blood line,supply and fuel. They can not exist without that. For them even negative attention is way better then nothing. If you cut them off from your life expect all hell to brake loose. I fully expect Dave to shit on my posts here and there.
  6. To certified narcissistic "ignore" is the worst possible punishment.
  7. tomek

    differential noise

    He knows everything the very bestest without even seeing thing in person. He always has way to come up with useless piece of advice. Very annoying, that's why he is on ignore. I did think about it but there was no way to cut thru rear thick part of bearing without posibility of damaging shaft and/or gear part of the pinion. Even if you somehow manage to cut inner race there would be issue with securing the pinion before giving a whack with chisel. You certainly don't wanna rest gear part on anything. It is very brittle.
  8. tomek

    differential noise

    Tool is OK, but those 4 small nuts on the left side - don`t bother, they won`t hold any real pressure. Get something decent from hardware store. Good news they are so soft threads on extensions are still in good shape. I also used different top part, just happened to have puller that would work. The tread on the main bolt is too coarse, it reduces the leverage.
  9. tomek

    differential noise

    Removing lower bearing from pinion was PITA. Fucker was really, really tight. Had to buy puller from HF. https://www.harborfreight.com/bearing-separator-and-puller-set-62593.html?_br_psugg_q=bearing+puller FYI, before you try to use it replace hardware on extensions with something made from the steel, supplied "nuts" will slide off like a butter. Initial attempt was fail even when after heating inner race. Tossed pinion to the freezer for 20 hrs. Repeated ritual with blow torch and it finally moved.
  10. FYI . I have no clue what has ticked dblxx off. I did tell him in no uncertain terms on couple occasions to cut it off to no avail. Rules are rules, three times and you are out, I have no use of that garbage. I don`t care if it makes me look weak. Because like winning on internet forum is the most important thing going in everybody`s life. LOL.
  11. Your interpretation, for me it is like opening the window in the room with high fart content. I don't need that stupid toxicity. FYI there are handful of people on that list.
  12. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure some one will quote you so I will be able to see your post(s). Ignore is the ultimate punishment to the narcissist person like you.
  13. fuck off. I honestly don't know what your problem is regarding my person. I don't have time for toxic person like you. Please join slapper, superhawk snd skull in my ignore club.
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