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  1. Btw, going back to OP. Knowing what we know now I'd definitely drop oil pan, and remove oil pump, oil pick up, etc. and examine everything. Should not be too time consuming.
  2. Nice Wing.☝ïļ
  3. The tapping sound was coming from bearing going off on black helicopter hoovering over your head.
  4. Does it happen on cold engine as well, or is not related to temperature. What is the frequency of the tap, crankshaft speed or cam speed? One cam rotation for two crank rotations. Or does it sound like rod bearing going off? Does it depend on engine load?
  5. Is it serious post, or are you just just being you? My head almost exploded when I read it. Oil pressure gauge, but where is it hooked up to? Was pressure measured on hot engine? Has he pulled valve covers on both sides, no oil on the other side as well? Ii is boxer, two heads. That would be the start. Oil pan drop would be next.
  6. Hot ðŸ”Ĩ jalapeno? Looks delicious.
  7. Just please continue. Post, for fuck's sake, something on the subject. I yield the floor to whoever or Carlos and Oscar. Share with us your knowledge and your thoughts.
  8. I've decided to bail out from this thread for obvious reasons. What is stoping you, and your brother with years of experience on valvetrain gained from working on two stroke leaf blowers, from continuing on this subject? Am I necessary to discuss valvetrain? Unreplaceable? Can't do without me? Wtf?
  9. Btw, blood pressure. I've reduced coffee to just one cappuccino first thing in the morning. Green tea on the afternoon. That's my entire caffeine intake for the day. Quality of sleep increased bigly. Like a brick. Reduced alkohol intake to occasional glass of red wine- combined less than a battle per week. Reduced salt. Got serious about pretty strenuous cardio about 4 times per week. At the begining my heart beat was approaching about 160 bpm by the end of exercise. After couple of months of it - 135 to 140. My blood pressure dropped about 15 points, and now is at 65/115. My resting heart rate is around 60 bpm.
  10. Jb weld will eventually fail,something about different rate of temperature expansion vs. plastic. Been there, done that. So weld it. Now, if you have to pay someone else to repaint it- better to buy new piece from BMW.
  11. Not sure about being default design. Fluid will flow even slower with bend like that. I don't have all day to watch oil slowly disappearing in the funnel. Not all of us live in places where average temperature is 120 F, and consequentry most automotive fluids have almost no viscosity even at room temperature. But anyway, I'd definitely get one for those special occasions.
  12. Nope. That was supposed to be about 2004 r1. I nuked that one due to idiotic comments by certain idiot. Again. This one, was a trial balloon. I was hoping, perhaps, he learnt something, and would refrain from spreading stupidity. Nope. Nothing changed. It is pointless, it always comes to debunking utter nonsense he posts, etc instead of concentrating on the built. And he has major issue with the truth. Makes things up, twists the truth, etc. Inferiority complex on top of it. Probably was abused by parents and/or Swamp. We'll never know. He is destructive prick and asshole. Never starts anything of his own, but pollutes my threads with his bithering nonsense any chance he gets. Next trail balloon will be in 10 years. ðŸĪŠ
  13. Of course I do. The bike in question has oval pistons, so there are, at least, couple ways to play it. 😜
  14. Superhawk and Swamp. Please continue without me. Please share your wealth of knowledge with other forum members.
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