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  1. Totally agree with those studies. I have not had food from MCD, BK, etc. in years. I stop at MCD to get cappuccino or latte couple times during work week, but when I`m there I have absolutely, positively no desire to get their food even if I`m hungry. I just fail at cookies. 😀
  2. You place box of windmill cookies or tea biscuits right next to me I'll eat it. Like now . Can't resist it. So I simply don't buy it. Same for French or Italian bread. So I don't buy bread at all. And so on.
  3. I was trying make a point that idea of not counting veggies, fruits, lean chicken, etc. is retarded. Anyway, good luck with your diet, spending time on spelling errors will make you lose weight even faster.
  4. Regardless, I'm 6'01, 190 pounds . I thought I could help you with losing weight but apparently you are interested in something else. Like correct spelling. Good luck.
  5. Ever been to Italy ? I have. It seems you suffer from my golf comments.
  6. True for 3-5 days per week. Today I had double cappuccino for breakfast . Btw, I don't eat actually breakfast unless I'm on ski trip. I had 2 scrambled eggs around 9-10 am. Can of tuna around 2 pm. I'll have chicken breast with steamed veggies around 6 pm. Couple oranges and some grapes. And avocado.
  7. Cappuccino is commonly referred as cappucio in Italy. Capisce ?
  8. I don't sleep in the truck, I'm local guy. Btw, what part of my post you don't agree ?
  9. Don't keep in reefer anything that you actually like to eat. Avoid restaurant food like plaque.
  10. According to WW I survive 3-5 days per week on 0 except for morning cappucio. Lol.
  11. That particular engine is in closed loop in very narrow operating range, like low rpm and small throttle opening. We're are talking about early millennium technology, not 2019.
  12. tomek

    Chain reaction

    I've overestimated your intelligence. Btw, I put your bro back on ignore. He is unrepentant moron, I've had enough of him for the rest of my life.
  13. tomek

    Chain reaction

    Are you serious or not ? Honest question. If answer is yes I`ll send you more info via PM because I dont wanna deal with certain annoying fuckhead .
  14. tomek

    Chain reaction

    I`m done being decent person with you. I`m a Scorpio, I give people benefit of doubt till you use it. Then I`m done with you. I don`t understand why you have to speak on every possible subject without often knowing shit. On every possible subject in Garage, Pub, whatever.
  15. tomek

    Chain reaction

    Is this honest question or are you trolling ?. let me know. I`ll send you more elaborate answer in PM.
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