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  1. 04-08 R1 from ebay. It is pretty big, you have to cut off parts of cooling fins but it is unbreakable.
  2. Thread resurrection. Lol. I rode it without bazzas first and second gear power cut eliminator. I does feel weird, not much power below 7 k rpm, and then boom !!. It feels like engine getting on pipe, cam and turbo all at the same time. Gear indicator works properly though. Installed bazzas back on right away. Much better that way.
  3. 57 F deg today, took her for longer 20 miles spin. It is all good. Power hits definitely harder courtesy of corrected cam timing and cleaned ports. Somewhat louder since exhaust opens sooner. New driveshaft virtually eliminated drivetrain lash. I`ve changed my mind on repainting the bike. I just could not bring myself to painting over perfectly good OEM plastics. Instead I`m getting chinesium unpainted plastics from ebay. 120 bucks for everything. LOL. It is gonna be more work though, chinesium primer won`t do, gotta start with proper two part epoxy primer.
  4. Keep in mind that winter blend diesel lowers mpg by about 10%. or even more.
  5. mpg is not important, can it roll coal ?
  6. I was not serious about Stockholm Syndrome. But I have no idea why your bro shadows me in tech threads. He is not really gearhead like you and I. I've made fun out of him on number of occasions, I guess it blew couple fuses up there.
  7. Slapper is desperately trying to troll me, it is understandable. Not sure about CEOEs, what drives them back to my threads. I repeatedly insult them and they keep coming back for more. Variation of Stockholm Syndrome? Whatever. Strange.
  8. What do you want me to do ? I'm against combined forces of 2 CEOEs and slapper. CEOE - Cuban Expert On Everything
  9. All is shown and explained in first couple of posts here. http://www.cbr1100xx.org/forums/index.php?/topic/95032-chain-reaction/
  10. tomek


    Cubans are typical Latinos, all show no go.
  11. I'm sorry but I can't fix your IQ deficiency, the thread is self-explanatory. Your mother apparently had unprotected sex with rather dumb, Beavis or Butthead type, guy.
  12. It has been covered extensively in another thread. Ask your mother to find it for you.
  13. 207 k miles on engine, runs fine. Need to make room in garage. Any reasonably offer wont be refused.
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