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  1. You assume for whatever reason that I ever read your bros posts. Maybe first sentence or two. There is no information value there, only choaos, chatter, pollution, noise, all irrelevant to OP. Different thread, same shit.
  2. It is awesome when guys who have never had slick mounted on their bike, and whos lap times are measured by calendar share their priceless experience and knowledge. Some things never change, and some people here will never learn anything.
  3. People has been flipping , in alphabetical order, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzler, Michelin and Pirrelli slicks for the last 15 years without shit pilling off.
  4. I've never noticed it has arrows in both directions. Some tracks are really hard on one side and really easy on the the other one. Turns that slowly open up are the worst offenders. They absolutely kill one side of the rear tire on liter bike. Turn leading to main straightway at local Autobahn North is like that. All wear on the right, almost nothing on the left. So you flip it. It has been standard operating procedure to flip rear slick since I remember arrows or not.
  5. Nobody gives fuck about loud exhaust in The Land of Lincoln.
  6. And it looks like that mounted on the wheel. Pure porn.
  7. Real weight savings vs. fake like supersprox. i use rear brake about 1-2 times per year, so who cares what is there. Cool 1.1 pounds lighter than stock.
  8. From wtf department. Backed out sprocket studs. never seen anything like that before. I mean tire has two days, so it happened recently, there is no way I would have missed that when fresh rubber was put on. Post mortem revealed no oem treadlock. Weird.
  9. After 2018 spun rod bearing fiasco due to clogged oil pick up screen I decided to go over some things. Dropped oil pan and removed previously offending parts. Screen was pretty clean, but better safe then sorry. Since radiators and exhaust were out anyway removing cylinder head was only extra hour of work. This is race bike so no shit load of oem plastics, and inline 4 is so much easier to work on vs. V4. Gonna clean intake ports and clean and polish exhausts.
  10. Operational pause. Dealer picked up the bike on Saturday for driveshaft recall. They promised 11am - noon, and arrived 11:15 am. I'm still shocked.
  11. tomek


    You are new here. About 10 years ago he would give us daily detailed briefings about immediate and catastrophic collapse of monetary system just around the corner.
  12. I forget to mention lower radiation hose on my 1999r1. It happened around 2002-2003, on the race track, Grattan in Michigan, right before Bus Stop, slowest corner there. It "oiled" my rear tire so I promptly high sided. I got launched to the moon, landed head first and than on my hip. I was unbreakable back than, no injury other then bruised hip.
  13. tomek


    Also I'd like to point out that the price increase mentioned in OP is clear indicator of total collapse of $. Paul family was right.
  14. tomek


    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Winston Churchill
  15. Ok. We are cool now. BTW, I`m stereotypical Scorpio, you fuck with me you`d be better off disappearing from the face of the planet. I guess you already know it.
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