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  1. tomek


    People replace X brand worn out tire with Y brand brand new tire and automatically proclaim Y brand being way better. Lol. Same scenerio when they switch from X type of spark plug to Z type. Lol.
  2. Ive experianced that problem before. Fuck that shit. Very first thing I do on new to me motorcycle is to replace oem fuel lock with keyless chineasum assembly from ebay. Vortex race style. 20 some bucks.
  3. I did get ridiculous mileage from rear road 4 gt on my VFR12. Like 10k plus, record for me.
  4. tomek


    I`ve used whatever what cheapest at wallymart. No cooling system failure in last 200k + miles. BTW, waterwetter plus, well, water resulted with leaking water pump on my RIP track only 2004 R1. PITA to replace since water pump and oil pump are one piece that is located inside of oil pan. I just flipped bike upside down with straps and fork lift. I shit you not.
  5. Yamaha does have quick connects iirc, but they are 90 deg types, at the fuel tank, can`t really adopt those on anything else. I never had any issues. Going back to O.P. That is return, low pressure line. Interesting it leaks there, but not on high pressure side.
  6. tomek

    Brake bleeding

    Not sure what are you trying to do. And yes, left and right calipers are different , bleeder has to be on the top.
  7. They never raced d16rr not intended to race it, and nobody has raced it. That was not the point of that bike. It was the showcase of Ducati MotoGP tech at the time. If you wanna do track day on it 16 inch rear wheel presents a problem, no decent track tire in this size, supposedly 17 rim from 999r drops right in.
  8. How are brake pads ? That fluid had to go somewhere.
  9. Even in conventional braking system you can get the rear tire to bounce and/or swimg to the side when braking really, really hard. Slipper clutch helps, and playing with shock's rebound. You can get things to stay calm till the grip of tire and track conditions change, then you start over again. My track R1 with YEC ecu ( yec is yamaha's hrc) is the first bike where I can truly forget about what rear is doing on the entry. It is active system, it is using fly by wire throttle control, wheel speed sensors and three axis gyro control unit to keep engine braking under control.
  10. Iirc front fork master cylinder operates two pistons of rear brake caliper on carb bikes vs. one piston on fi bikes.
  11. XX has old school conventional 43 mm fork. They are pretty flexible, even on 450 pounds old 600 front axle would move 20 mm backwards under maximum breaking. Linked brakes help reduce this problem. There is absolutely nothing to gain on street bike by de-linking. My vfr1200 linked brakes have way less rear bias, and consequently the thing goes on its nose under heavy braking. I prefer XX set up unless I`m in full quick corner entry mode. Increased front tire load is desired on race bike for number of reasons, the rear tire is almost off the ground anyway, but for street riding I prefer bike staying flat during corner entry, and reduced load on my wrists.
  12. Totally agree with those studies. I have not had food from MCD, BK, etc. in years. I stop at MCD to get cappuccino or latte couple times during work week, but when I`m there I have absolutely, positively no desire to get their food even if I`m hungry. I just fail at cookies. 😀
  13. You place box of windmill cookies or tea biscuits right next to me I'll eat it. Like now . Can't resist it. So I simply don't buy it. Same for French or Italian bread. So I don't buy bread at all. And so on.
  14. I was trying make a point that idea of not counting veggies, fruits, lean chicken, etc. is retarded. Anyway, good luck with your diet, spending time on spelling errors will make you lose weight even faster.
  15. Regardless, I'm 6'01, 190 pounds . I thought I could help you with losing weight but apparently you are interested in something else. Like correct spelling. Good luck.
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