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  1. tomek

    Clean 99

    Well. Swamp is obsessed with me , probably desperately wants date or something . 😁 Happy New Year everyone . 🥂
  2. tomek

    Clean 99

    Please tell me something about my mother , you seem to excel in that area . Also please qoute your bro because
  3. tomek

    Clean 99

    Hey John ! Do you know why there is no right wing comedians ?
  4. tomek

    Clean 99

    If the bike was , as the seller claims , always garaged how in the hell he managed to accumulate 16 k miles .?Was he "riding " on centers stand ?
  5. tomek

    Motivation frame slider install

    It is not aimed at XX but I would not put slider mounted to the frame or engine mount on the bike. On the race track I`ve seen them basically destroying the frame and cylinder head . They do work in tip overs and slow speed spills , but have potential of cousing much greater damage in more serious crashes . My track bike has sliders/protectors on booth ends of the crankshaft , and clutch cover . And tank covers becouse it is Yamaha .
  6. tomek

    Cool Ford 7.3 diesel mod.

    International , no self-respected trucker will touch that pile of shit unless he has no other choice . They tried to pass emissions without Def injection , consequently their Maxx Force engines are the biggest piece of crap installed in class 8 truck.
  7. tomek

    Fast idle

    Most likely "element set , wax " Part 8 if you go to "Throttle bodies " for our bike . It basically bumps idle speed when coolant is cold . Once it is warm the small pushrod should retract . Most likely it needs some lubricant .
  8. tomek

    Chain cleaning brushes

  9. tomek

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    I had a 93 FJ1200 but got rearended in Feb 1999. Bike was totaled . The guy had a good insurance so bought another big bore sportish bike - 99 XX . I never was really emotionally attached to it, but because she was extremely well designed bike I kept riding it till last year.
  10. tomek

    Wire Loom Fix

    Hot wire ( 12 V ) fuel pump. Throw cheap on/off switch in it , ride like that for couple of days. Fuel pump assembly is at the bottom of the tank, you`ll find fuel filter there as well. If you decide to mess with filter wait till the tank is almost empty. Much easier to handle things that way. Honda`s fuel filter is something like 50 bucks, I was able to find something similar from auto parts store for couple $. When my filter was done bike did run fine except there was no steam on top end of powerband.
  11. tomek

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    Because afr is different. Stoich for for gasoline is 14.7 , for ethanol is much lower, something like 9-10 iirc. So the end result is more power. The other thing is heat of evaporation. It is couple times higher for ethanol plus you inject about 40-50 % more vs. gasoline. It lowers temps of intake charge better then gasoline. End result is denser charge inside of cylinders. That's about it. I'm out. You have nasty habit of twisting my posts, I'm tired of educating you.
  12. tomek

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    It will adjust to correct afr, cat converter durability and emmisions are priority . EPA does not care for WOT operation.
  13. tomek

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    The 90 deg air is about 10 % less dense then 30 deg air. Humidity is pretty irrelevant .
  14. tomek

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    Cold air is also denser- more aero drag. Winter diesel fuel drops mpg big time.