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  1. Stolen XX with camouflage paint job?
  2. Google 'chrome 1157'. But, to me they were too dim. For a classic analog bulb, I prefer the Sylvania 1157A SilverStars. They appear a little bluish when they are off , but bright amber when on.
  3. I bought two of the Honda EU2000i generators years ago and a Parallel Operation cable to connect them together for running the RV AC when it was called for. The two ran the single AC unit concurrently with the microwave with no problem. Tying them together with that cable kept them synched up.
  4. The brown wire does show to go through a connector in the harness, though. That would be a possible place for a loose pin/contact, if not corrosion.
  5. For point of reference, I keep 10 Battery Tender Plus brand smart trickle chargers (the "full sized" metal boxes) going all the time, and have for many years. If the cables are on the wrong posts, it just alternately flashes the red and green LEDs, doesn't care, and won't go any further in it's pre-charge test sequence. Two things could have happened. First, keeping a Tender on a battery won't make the battery last forever. The battery can gradually age and allow only a surface charge over time. When in float mode, the Tender doesn't know that and thinks it's doing a good job. Second, the Tender can die and act like it's working okay, even though it's not putting out 13-14 volts to the battery. The logic voltage can survive, but not the output. This can happen if it is running through a serious power brown-out. You can connect the Tender to a good battery and monitor with a volt meter to see if, once it goes to the red LED charge mode, the battery voltage slowly rises. It has to be hooked to a battery to read the voltage because even if it is working right, it won't put any output volts on the cables unless it is satisfied the battery is there and the polarity is right.
  6. FiXXation


    Two gaskets on the oil filter?
  7. The latest Firefox on Windows 10 ver 2004. No issues during that session with other sites. Edit to add: Not seeing any of that behavior tonight. The other part: Previous to the overhaul, when I got to the bottom of a topic's page and went to the next page, it went to the top of the next page. If I backed up, it went back to the bottom of the previous page, where I came from. Now, it backs up to the top of the previous page.
  8. Oct 2, 2020 at 12:00-12:21, the server seemed to either be rebooting or going through some error recovery. It first came up with a content map at login, then acted like it was ignoring some mouse clicks, then, when backing out of the POTUS Debate thread, showed an incomplete Pub listing of threads. While I'm here, using the browser back button now backs me out to the top of the previous page instead of the bottom of the previous page. Is this by design?.
  9. I wondered how this was going to work out. I've had a set since about 1972. Had to replace the o-rings a couple of times. I can make pipe ends rounder, but have never been able to expand one.
  10. I've recently started using Firefox due to so many sites not working correctly with IE11. When I log on here with just http:\\, Firefox says this site is not secure, while IE11 doesn't care. When I try to log on here with https:\\, Firefox won't let me proceed at all, and IE11 says this site is not secure. Searching shows similar problems in 2017, but nothing more recent. Is this site not secure? Using the Firefox Advanced button leads me to
  11. Is the crankcase breather hose assembly still connected up properly and not crimped?
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