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  1. Look at the date. He could only upload a few of the pictures he took into the original thread.
  2. Crowned roads in the USA and left turns generally being faster than most right turns are the most often offered explanations I've seen.
  3. Yep, still happening to me, too, but I think less frequently than earlier.
  4. For what it is worth, I didn't see the problem tonight. Thanks!
  5. I have been getting this lately instead of the new page I asked for from the server. Using up-to-date Windows 10 and IE 11. A reload operation or going back, then forward will generally get the correct data. It just happens every so often.
  6. FiXXation

    Carb adjust

    I've made a "D" socket for early 80's cars by using a 22 casing bent accordingly. Don't know if that would fit your carb's screw or not.
  7. FiXXation


    He described the paint as blistered. Heat and sap have blistered paint on some of my vehicles over my 70 years, but I really have no idea if burnt stators will do it or not. Just throwing it out there. Actually one other possibility is bacteria or fungi causing the blistering as they eat away at the aluminum under the finish, according to the FAA.
  8. FiXXation


    Quite a few of the bad stator pictures have shown them to be pretty well toasted. Have you checked the output on yours lately? I've had sap from fir and spruce trees blister the paint on my truck when I didn't notice the droplets in time.
  9. OK, but the link in Fiona's #3 post seems to indicate that the older model A1524 6 and 6 Plus only support Verizon LTE, but doesn't list Verizon CDMA as supported. The newer 6s and 6s Plus show to support all. But the cross references to support of other model numbers kind of confuses the issue in my aging mind.
  10. In our area on Verizon, we fall back from 4g lte to 3g fairly often. I understand that the Verizon 3g is CDMA, so I wonder how well the unlocked 6 Plus would work if it is 4g lte only. I guess it will be a moot point when Verizon abandons it's 3g network.
  11. I like the Sylvania 1157A ST BP SilverStar bulbs for the front, 1156A ST BP SilverStar bulbs for the back. They have a blue-ish tint on the glass, but show a brighter amber than the chrome bulbs when lit. They look good with the clear lenses IMHO.
  12. There is an adjustment screw on the bottom of the rear shock for rebound control only. Turn the adjuster screw clockwise to full stop, then turn the adjuster counterclockwise one full turn back out to the "standard position". See if that helps any, and adjust either way to your preference if it does. It should be marked with direction "H" for increasing the damping force, and direction "S" for decreasing the damping force. Don't force the adjustment screw beyond it's normal travel. (Page 3-32 in the Service Manual)
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