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  2. I have a FreedomPop 803s tri-band mi-fi device I don't use any more. It has 12.5GB of rollover data available currently, and for $7.98/mo it gets another 1GB per month with rollover. $25 shipped, and I'll just transfer the account to you so you keep the data and existing plan. Remember though that it's on Sprint, the nation's shittiest cell network.
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  4. Nice looking lid. Jr blew the shield off of his HJC. He's wearing his dirt-bike lid with goggles. It's a Large. He says it's too tight.
  5. I've got stocker cans and headers ('99) for shipping costs. Couple of shitty windscreens too.
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  7. Oh, I've got those things, no problem. The price may not fit into a rat build budget. You could make it into a naked for not much money. The tank will be hard to fix, the frame is enough of an issue to total the bike, and while I don't see anything grossly out of place, something doesn't look right about the forks, can't put my eye on it. Perhaps just the curvature of the camera lens.
  8. It just knows the 7 is coming. New technology.
  9. I was ready to jump at it, but the misaligned 6 on the odo was a deal breaker. She is fuckin purdy tho.
  10. 27k asking $4,300. Not perfect..but very good shape. I have come to the realization that my wife and I just don't get out to ride with 2 little ones. Time to part ways with my perfectly running and outfitted for sport-touring...XX. Mods: Stainless front brake lines Risers...not sure of brand, but they are great for my short 5'10" self. Corbin seat. No tears..looks great. Yoshi slip-ons (sound amazing) deep and throaty HID low beam. Fairly natural color. Independant switch with ignition to improve life. Heated grips with LED status on light Custom LED front signals..very bright. Custom LED tail light with programmable blink and solid stay on features. LED bars on the side of the bike to grab attention. Beetle bags and hardware. Good shape. Scuffs from boots getting on and off bike. The white lines on the top are not scuffs..reflections. They are not cleaned in this pic. Plastics are stock. No scuffs on engine cases. No sides of any crashing. Bike runs true. Maint. Items: Oil always changed with full synthetic. Always by me. Tires have about 2k on them. They are 3 years old. Brakes are fine. New'er chain and sprockets with less than 3k on them. They look absolutely perfect. DID 535 o-ring. Brakes flushed. Hyd clutch flushed. Coolant can be flushed if you'd like me to before you purchase. No worries. I don't mind. Plugs replaced when I purchased..that was about 10k ago and I replaced with NGK iridium.
  11. I like where this is going... thanks Redbird ! Anyone pending in making a desicion just shoot me a reasonable offer. Or... After viewing it today with a little more depth, I may venture to rebuild if anyone chimes in with a FI gauge cluster and headlight laying around. I know I seem indecisive, Just kicking some ideas out there to get the ball rolling. Wanting to thank those chiming in and assisting in any way possible. NorthTexXX
  12. I have a 2002 undamaged frame with a clear title here if someone is looking to piece something together.
  13. Well, the traffic and emails have been I will drop the price to $3000 or BO. That should keep the crowds on their toes. Thanks L;
  14. Nice looking lid. It would be great for someone in the need on the cheap. If no one here grabs it, throw it on Craigslist.
  15. Ouch. That frame damage is a deal breaker. Seeing the pictures now, I think your original idea to just part this out is best. Good luck either way!
  16. Yes clean blue texas title, and does say exempt mileage. I'm hoping it's the angle of the pic, I kind of was at an angle snapping the front photos. I would rebuild and see if there is any sway or drift on the alignment after bike is back together, hoping not. I will keep my feelers out to see if anyone may have a use for the low mileage engine swap on their 1100xx and perhaps eBay the rest
  17. Salvage title or clean? That right side frame damage would be a bear. You can't exactly pull that back out, and that's the main fairing mount for the right side, so you'd have to do some rigging (or know an aluminum welder that could build you a new tower.) The forks look twisted, although that could be the camera angle. Your state may be mileage exempt (10+ years is exempt in Alabama) so the mileage isn't that big of an issue. I know it sucks, but you're probably better off selling it as a parts bike and finding something else (once you heal up.)
  18. I'll bet somebody could get this back on the road for under $3000. Start with my bodywork set available at $300, you would need gauges, headlight, switches, more...doable. Only Having only 7500 miles really makes it more appealing.
  19. i have one of those weeks every week. I swear....a lot.
  20. Yep. Anything and everything occurred this week. Really need it gone so I'm changing the picture's priority level to code red. Check in pics will be there end of day
  21. Drive by poster.........................
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