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  2. John, have you used this yet? does it allow you to keep your OEM stator connector? I have had a mosfet R/r sitting on the shelf for over a year, looking for connectors that would let me keep the stator plug OEM for a " just in case" field swap if I had a failure. Going to order one today anyway. But I had to ask. Thanks for the link.
  3. Sorry, I missed the Lunges comment. Another good workout is Bosu-Ball squats. Though I work out in a gym I bought a Bosu-Ball for additional home workouts. The exercise not only works the legs but it strengthens the core and the back. I finish my leg workouts with 4-5 sets. By then your body is so fatigued you don't need anything more than your own body weight.
  4. I have a dead stator on the shelf back at the house too. ... Don't recall the condition of the connectors though.
  5. Thanks for the offer, got a couple connectors ordered.
  6. I recently changed stator and still have old one including wires and terminal. I can cut wires off stator and mail them to you. wires and block in good shape
  7. Got a couple pics of what I found.. last time I checked the plug it looked brand new. Will end up removing about 2" or so of wire on the r/r side. All good, will have it fixed soon enough. Thanks for the link John, had been looking at some weatherproof ones from msd but cant find wire gauge size listed on amazon.
  9. When you go to fix it, it would be helpful to snap a photo of your failing plug so others will know what to look for.
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  11. Usually check this plug once every couple years. I just checked it while the tail section was off and the plug shows the signs of failure in the making. My volt meter on the bike never showed any sign of fluctuations on my last ride so that is a good sign. Did a quick check of stator and R/R and both check out as well. Will need a new plug and pin connectors to install. Doubt honda sells these, anyone got a source to buy the 3 connector? Thanks
  12. <iframe width="472" height="265" srcHA="httpsHa://" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Ha! Works now on new Asus ZenPad!
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  16. How did you copy?
  17. I have "used" John before also and was happy. We will have to talk him into carrying some other items.
  18. Try lunges, both forward and back. Lunges work the same muscles as squats.
  19. Agreed . . . John has been first-rate, reliable and professional. His word is his bond; that still means something in this world.
  20. So I just opened the site in Chrome, looked for this thread, tapped in the quick-reply field to open it, tapped again to get the paste menu, pasted, and hit submit.
  21. Posted from my iPad. It's you.
  22. Chrome, Dolphin, Ghostery. I don't blame the ipad though, it doesn't work for my BlackBerry either.
  23. Just a quick note about John. Total stand up guy that goes out of his way to help fellow XX'rs! Best customer service anywhere! John emailed order status throughout the process and though I didn't want to use paypal he facilitated a small order like it was a $1000 transaction. Way to go!
  24. No idea, have never visited the site on anything other than a real computer. Which browser?
  25. Steve Jobs is dead.
  26. AFAIKBZITE it's an iPad pro - don't they just work?
  27. Perhaps you should leave a link open on the computer that explains how they actually work. They also go into why you shouldn't use those chemical tabs in your toilet tanks or that hang off the rim of the bowl, why you should buy TP that specifically states "septic safe", what you should absolutely NEVER flush down the toilet, all that stuff that people really have no clue about.
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