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  2. You assume for whatever reason that I ever read your bros posts. Maybe first sentence or two. There is no information value there, only choaos, chatter, pollution, noise, all irrelevant to OP. Different thread, same shit.
  3. It is awesome when guys who have never had slick mounted on their bike, and whos lap times are measured by calendar share their priceless experience and knowledge. Some things never change, and some people here will never learn anything.
  4. My KZ was so low it didn't even have a kickstand, you just leaned it slightly to the right and it sat on the header. The sucky part of that was the 3 closest tracks were all right turn exit roads so it made for some wide radius and very slow turn-offs on the big end. But we all had them so everybody was in the same boat. It's funny when a slingshot dragster has a tighter turning radius than a 7 foot long motorcycle.
  5. Gentle readers, I didn't mean to start an argument.
  6. When you said "tread compound layer", Did you really mean "cord layers"? Don't think the tread or rubber cares which direction it gets pulled. Other than that, I think you are right.
  7. I'll send you one as a toy, don't worry about the cost. I ordered them from Korea for next to nothing, along with a shitload of professional NFC products for a security job I was doing. Then did nothing with these. The pro products wouldn't help you, but these standalone boxes are easy to use. You can do card plus pin, just pin, or just card. Programmable. Good look on the Engrish, but really it's not that terrible. I think it's a one second relay close then open, so good for door locks, garage doors, etc.
  8. If the bike itself hasn't been lowered much, they're not too bad. Just have to watch the right turns. Of course, anyone running a sidewinder on the street is not worried about cornering clearance.
  9. I think I'll just change the locks, but I'd consider your setup for an educational project if you put a price on it. Does the chip unlock the pad so you can put in a code, or do you put in a code to allow the chip to work!
  10. We made up, the education *should* be civil.
  11. I was trying not to Beetlejuice here. But should be fine if you don't say it three times.
  12. A professional, or The Professional?
  13. I'm shocked that a professional tire engineer hasn't told you how stupid you are yet.
  14. Oh, and what you want for cards. By default, I'd recommend a keyfob, a card or two, and a couple stickers. I keep one on the back of my Jeep key as a backup to my hand.
  15. Just over 3/4". A plate screws to a surface, then you attache the keypad and circuit to the plate. Intended as a simple wall mount. I can ship today if you tell me yes/no within about an hour.
  16. What I've read is that the way the tread compound layer is 'wrapped' on some tires there's an angle at each end of the tread where they join to make the circle. The angles on the front & rear tires are reversed when mounted in the right direction. The front only sees force in one direction, the rear only sees small braking force in the 'wrong' direction so it doesn't do anything bad. If you put enough force on that edge in the wrong direction it can start to lift the edge and peel it away. Think of two pieces of rubber pushed against each other and both of the touching ends are at a 45* angle instead of straight up & down. If you rub across that surface in one direction the thin lip of one side would be easier to snag and peel back, in the other direction you'd rub right across the edge as you'd be pushing that lip downward.
  17. Hell, I'm replacing the mirrors. That's not a bad idea. I wondered if the RFID worked through the sheet metal of the door. So how thick is that keypad?
  18. Best Buy usually has a remote start car alarm on sale installed for $300 or so. Then your truck can be locked, unlocked, starts and warms up, and if you don't want the false alarm problems just tell them to not install the shock sensor so it only goes off if the door is opened. Cheapest option is a weatherproof switch like would be on a boat and you hide it in a fenderwell or possibly drill into the base of the door mirror and install it in that. I've seen that done before also.
  19. Forgot the pic. No, RFID and NFC do not work through metals. And to put a tag on metal requires a special shielded tag. These are RF inductively coupled things, metals are their enemy. As far as ignition, here's a Hayabusa that is started with a hand implant like mine...
  20. RFID/NFC would be cool. You could mount it inside the door, if they work through steel, or behind the plastic inner fender. Possibly inside the mirror housing if the thing is small enough. Something like that could also eliminate the need for an ignition key, just wire it to a latching relay that energizes the vehicle's "on" circuit. It would be super easy on a bike since they already have start and stop buttons and most have no special electronics to deal with, just need to energize a simple circuit for "on". Guessing Carlos will be starting his bikes with his implant in 3...2....1....
  21. The tire actually grows new tread, so with excessive braking you an end up with a really huge tire that rubs the fender.
  22. What happens when you apply the brakes?
  23. Found it. 3A relay built in. Program and scan NFC cards and devices to open. It will basically just provide relay closure for a moment. I was going to use a couple for my garage doors, but before my Round Tuit arrived, Homekit arrived to let me open them with a voice command. Warning: The chip implanted in my hand is already programmed in them, and I could steal your truck!! But yeah, keys are cheap.
  24. Well shit. I guess I can get two new door locks with keys for $40. Probably should have considered doing it the right way in the first place, but everything for this truck is so damned expensive compared to my Chevy I never even checked until now.
  25. Let me see what I have laying around. Pretty sure I have a big (ish) ugly NFC reader and keypad combo box. I have a ton of NFC cards. Also I said RFID generically, meaning proximity card/fob, but they really are NFC. You probably don't care. They do the same thing. But your phone MIGHT be able to work with an NFC reader, and won't with RFID. Meaning scan your phone to open. The relay would be built into the reader, I just don't recall its capacity. Might need a second relay.
  26. Cbgaa is just the Ford build sheet option code. Didn't know what all the options were. An RFID card sounds neat. I really didn't want to have to wire a relay inside that door, that's why I was thinking just a momentary contact switch. Then I have the grief of trying to hide it. I'll do either, just have to figure out something. Quick and dirty, as long as I don't have to drill a lot of holes in the door. It's one of the relatively undented pieces on the truck.
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