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  2. FWIW, I have a new address (PO Box), and it is probably even higher now.
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  4. I put his address in online and it’s $28 ground.
  5. Oh, for shipping, you can do the UPS label online and not pay the ripoff price at the UPS store. It should be under $8 for that.
  6. All laptops have Bluetooth in 2022. They just won't be as seamless as they are with a MacBook - iPhone - iPad but will function. You lose the auto-switch, like I can be listening to music on a device then instantly take a call on another.
  7. $30 is nuts for such a small package, I will hold off…maybe someone here is down for the USPS option. I don’t trust receiving them until the sewage is cleaned out of the post office. We have a PO Box and can’t get in for who knows how long.
  8. I can send UPS although instead of $6 it will cost me $30 - dick !!!
  9. The people using them are either dialing in on their phones and using them or have a laptop with Bluetooth and using them.
  10. Boomer question....how do I use them with my laptop for video meetings? I see people doing it at work? Is there a dongle that plugs into my audio port or USB port? Could be SOLD...if you don't send them USPS...I am in a running gun battle with the USPS right now. The local post office flooded (sewer backed up) and is holding my packages and mail hostage...😲 They only allow pickup in the alley between 10am and 2pm and are a disorganized cluster fuck.
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  12. Cheap and looks clean. https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/1998-Honda-CBR+1100XX-5023278994?cmp=email_cycle_search-alert
  13. I didn't watch the whole thing because I hate reggae, but flipping through it, I didn't see one fucking banana. Go figure. Looks like I'm about $50 into making this $380 device, and some shop fun time. Nobody seems to have the plastic locally unless I buy 48x96 sheets, and even that is rare in 1/2" thickness. Called my favorite plastics supplier today and he was amused enough to go look in the scrap bin, but no, "we never get a call for something that thick." I need to go check my supply of plastic knob bolts, but I should have four alike out of the couple dozen on hand. I ordered a 24x12 sheet on Amazon for $70 so I'll have some stock for other jigs and add-ons, but doesn't arrive until middle of next week. WHERE IS MY INSTANT GRATIFICATION?
  14. I've read that Ohlins can become super damaged if not serviced in time, don't know if Penske will too.
  15. I have one of those, never thought to have it serviced till now.
  16. $399 for both. Saves you an additional $56 off of the already low price. If you bought both today with tax you'd pay > $690 Save $290
  17. Bought for $199 Selling now for $169 My price - $105
  18. Found the size, 14mm, and Source One answered my email. The unbreakable is actually Lexan/poly. They just listed it that way because everyone searches for acrylic. Nice, very nice, what about those of us searching for poly and trying to figure out why nobody sells that? 6.3x13.5, which means I need a sheet larger than the cheap 12". But still not $380.
  19. Also, it's clearly more than 1/4". What do you think, half? 3/8"? It needs to be totally solid. It's 6.3" wide for scale. I can't find a video with a banana.
  20. Lexan is polycarbonate, and Plexi is acrylic. These both say acrylic, but one is "unbreakable." And of course, you know what that challenge means to my brain. And if it's unbreakable, what does that do to cutability?
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