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  1. Yesterday
  2. Well give it water and make it work for meals
  3. Ok - not sold with the bike. People... lol
  4. Maybe the 2000 was but my 97 was under the tool kit which was held down with the famed tool strap.
  5. I will need to look in the stock seat. It's boxed up right now.
  6. Possibly sold with the bike. Will update.
  7. i would have inserted a cat into the shed with kitty door to come and go as it pleases..
  8. Last week
  9. Good Prices. That is better than 50% off current prices.
  10. ...pic of the seat? Junior is 6'-8" and 350...
  11. Just sold it 5 minutes ago - guy hasn't even picked it up yet and I'm regretting it. I'm also just not riding it - and now with my 5 five bikes I really didn't have the space. Back to the goodies. The Akra I noticed doesn't have the "decal" on it anymore. I believe I have metal Akra labels in my box of much misc. I've had this several years wrapped in bubble wrap always with the intent of installing on old blue - just never did it. Can, header etc are all complete and looks ready to install. Corbin seat is in good condition but dusty. I'll wipe it off and take some pics later today. Still not sure what the correct pricing is for this stuff. I'm thinking $700 for the full exhaust and $250 for the seat?
  12. The little owner's manual originally came tucked into a recess on the bottom of the OEM seat. They are becoming somewhat rare these days. The Honda shop manuals were available for about $60 (US) through dealerships; but, now they've become a bit scarce as well. As anyone who collects such ephemera knows, condition matters.
  13. No fittings....I assumed you were talking about a gas tank, what is it? And I don't expect much to happen from blowing the BBs around, but it'll be interesting to get your report on it.
  14. RXX

    Gas Tank Question

    Small is a realtive term, of course, but I get your drift. This is a nekkid tank, so no hoses or fittings to get into. Once I put them in, I will use air pressure to knock them around, and a magnet and vacuum for removal.
  15. BBs, being small & round, will be very slow at cleaning. And they're small enough to get into fittings/hoses so if you use them be sure they all get out.
  16. That's some funny stuff. LRM - little round media - or - long range missle....
  17. I would guess that it is either this: or this 😀
  18. I have a double-naught. I've never seen that little manual. I think I have three of those for CBX though.
  19. “SAY AGAIN.” I did not copy.
  20. When I was looking to re-gear my Duc I came across a conversation about sprocket sizes and better/worse combinations. There was something about how many times a chain roller hits the same sprocket tooth as well as some potential harmonic issues. I'd found a writeup or chart that showed my intended combo to be on the bad side so I went with a different combo that was about the same ratio but supposedly better. I don't know how much truth there is to it or how bad a "bad" combo is. Some swore by it, others said no biggie. Maybe your whine is a result of a bad combo, who knows.
  21. interesting brainmacza. i was about to remove 2 links, for a sanity check i moved the axle all the way forward and it seemed it would be way too tight. i may be able to as the chain stretches but, not right now. a speedo healer is on my wish list. thanks for the info, jon! i didn't realize their poor reputation. so far, so good but, there is a bit of a whine at freeway speeds. no abnormal wear, i've yet to notice. put a new rear angel gt on saturday. installed a volt meter / charging port unit (cig. lighter + 2 usb) and dash cam today. think she's now in good shape for my ride to the laughlin river run later this week. sucks, i can't read / post as much here as i used to. boss has decreed we're not to use work computers for personal stuff...
  22. There will come a point where your weight loss will seem to plateau, despite maintaining your diet/exercise regimen. Don't worry; that's normal. The clue will be that your strength and stamina continue to steadily enhance, notwithstanding minuscule fluctuations of a scale's needle or digital readout. Hang in there and stick to your routine. Now here's the psychological trick; stay away from the scale, ignore the temptation for routine visits, and only weigh yourself once a month. Record the results on a calendar. The weight loss will be more quantifiable once again, and you will have manifested a commendable level of self-discipline. After all, this entire self-improvement project, a beneficial lifestyle change in pursuit of the best possible health, is reliant on the most basic core value of self-discipline. Good luck!
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