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  2. Are the peg inserts the later model? may be interested.
  3. I'm not home, and don't recall exactly. Pretty sure a mity-vac and I'm guessing $40. Standard bleed screws.
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  5. Which model pump? No bleeders?
  6. I just used a pump, and it was a pretty decent one. Not sure what problem you're having with it. I only bled them once I think. When Galfer used my bike to model their lines on, they used a big electric pump that made fast work of it.
  7. OK, so maybe I jumped the gun. Keep them linked, because I like them linked. If I were to install speed bleeders and replaces the rubber hoses, what would the bleeding procedure be like? I've tries a vacuum pump (per manual) and didn't like it at all, one of the reason I wanted to de-link. But I forgot about speed bleeders until now.
  8. The bike only has 29,000 miles on it. I installed a Dynojet jet kit back in early 2002 and it only had about 2,500 miles on it at that time. It's surprising the low miles on it, I have ridden it down from Seattle to Monterey and most of the way back to Alaska, in 2019 rode it from Alaska to AZ. at one point I shipped it down to Illinois and went to a number of bike meets. Most of the miles were long trips, Alaska has a short riding season.
  9. You most likely need new emulsion tubes as well, no, I don't know when you get them for blackbird. http://www.factorypro.com/jets,needles,emulsion_tubes,pilot_jets.htm
  10. Cool, eliminates that possibility. I've met a few Birds that were parked a lot and never had the carbs clog up, don't know why. Maybe it's that great California gas we have.
  11. Linked brakes bother me because they're doing stuff I'm not asking for, but the shit works so I'm ok with my linked brakes.
  12. When I pulled the tank off the hoses were full of gas.
  13. My gut's telling me that the problem might be the petcock and not the carbs. Fill them through the hose now that the tank is off and see if it runs.
  14. One of the things I really hated about my last XX is that it was delinked. Nothing about it felt right.
  15. I like my linked brakes but when my lines need replaced or the rear wheel is dragging I'm not interested in replacing all that plumbing and I'm sure bleeding it is a nightmare. Jaws makes a kit, but are new master's necessary?
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  17. It is hard to separate, you have to rock them back and forth with some force. Eventually they will come loose.
  18. What mileage has the bike done? My '97 is on 279k km now, and is using a fuckton of fuel compared to 15 years ago. Took the needles and mainjets and looked at them under a strong magnifying lens and the wear is visible. I have replacement needles and stock mains on order, and waiting for arrival. Might be worth considering if your bike has seen high mileage
  19. Sometimes you can clear out the jets by spraying through the air jet so you don't have to take the bowls off. When you look into the carb's air inlet you should have two air jets facing you, I think the larger one is for the idle jet. If you haven't taken everything apart yet you can give that a shot and see if it runs.
  20. Thanks for all the pics and info. I spent most of the afternoon yesterday trying to get the carb bank separated from the engine, I could not break them free and I'm afraid of causing damage. I spoke to the owner of the local motorcycle repair shop and they are going to pick up the bike on Tuesday.
  21. Yup, if you choose to eat junk food, that's a really tasty one.
  22. LOL Can't imagine anyone having an extra one laying around as a spare. Myself, as well as all my buddies keep a socket set on board, as well as a spark plug swivel socket Easy Peasy
  23. Just took a look and we got a bunch of them in the Tampa area. Seen commercials here and there, maybe after this endorsement, I will have to give one a try.
  24. There are couple in Northern Illinoiz. Have not been there in years, like 10. My ex would always try to drag me there, no, she was not fat. Quite the opposite, 5' 10" and 120 pounds. Lol.
  25. Bowl gasket can be reused about 176 times.
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