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  1. Yesterday
  2. I had, and forgot that one. My favorite of all time was the Oki 900 and related car kit. I was big pimping.
  3. And no more double posting after the editor is cleared.
  4. Confirmed. Working....TY And double posts everything. Also - when I post something it now goes back to post 1 versus the post I just made. That's new too.
  5. I had all of those at one point. Need to go find my favorite...
  6. Test, ignore. Also, my desk today: The 3390 works. Playing snake.
  7. This is now working for me, please confirm.
  8. Running a bunch of database cleanup routines now, let's see in a bit. Will make things super slow for a while.
  9. Running a bunch of database cleanup routines now, let's see in a bit. Will make things super slow for a while.
  10. I hit the unread content button like I have been for years - and it no longer displays my unread content. It's blank. Also, this is new.
  11. Last week
  12. Homo. The correct way to verify it is to tap it out in fifth gear and see where the rev limiter hits.
  13. Interesting. That explains why most all speedometers have a stop stub for the needle at zero.
  14. S30V stonewashed New condition, never carried only used to cut my finger once (sombitch is sharp) Prefer PayPal friend and family will ship USPS priority No box courtesy of my recently “helpful” daughters attempt to clean the kitchen
  15. I assume you meant key on engine off. If you started the bike as you state then 0 will be the idle speed. Regardless the method, I'd verify the factory tach reading with another one.
  16. The flipside is get it to start quickly so that the oil flows faster and starts splashing the pistons. This is more important with flat tappet motors with a new cam & lifters, but even with more modern stuff there's a fair bit of debate between the two. I would do the crank thing if the plugs were out, otherwise just go for the start. It might take a few seconds of cranking anyway to purge old gas from the injectors. I feel that cranking with no spark and the spark plugs in place is probably the worst option, but that's just an opinion and none of the options are likely to do any real
  17. FI, that's what I was trying to determine, thanks. Chances of it just plain starting went way up. Great comment about cranking without spark till the oil light goes out.
  18. We're talking about just a few bucks to find out what to do next. Go for it. Almost all of here have done far dumber resurrections.
  19. OK ok ! I'll make sure there is oil present, check the tank for rust, hook up a batt and see what happens. Unfortunately I cant get to it until the weekend now because of work/life. Yes I could get another which might be a mores sensible route, however, I've owned this one for some time and would love to get it going myself. PS: Thanks for all the replies!
  20. Needle works, it's simple actually to make it work back, just start the bike without the needle, turn the key but leave the lights on the bike on, and push on the 0 mark. The project with wifi controlled cluster lights done! What a circus. https://i.imgur.com/q1Or5pf.jpg
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