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  2. That is possibly the sexiest bike ever made, the sound is intoxicating. If memory serves correctly, Ducati sold them at a loss just to hit the required number made to be able to race as a production bike. If I had $40k laying around I'd already be on my way to you.
  3. Skittles doesn’t like anyone she tolerates their existence . True about the tuna, and lately ham.
  4. Got this beast on trade today. It’s really something to behold. 230+hp and light as a feather. $72k new - several on Cycle Trader in the $65k range. This one is not a garage queen at 15k miles but all the service work has been done and everything works. Going up for sale at $49k - probably take $40k from one of the crew. Rare beast.
  5. I like tuna. Skittles likes tuna. We like each other.
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  8. If you're looking for a place to park a KLR I can make room. Who am I kidding? It would be in your room, you'd have to share the bed with it, and a cat.
  9. I think Roger doesn't care about your brake fluid.
  10. That photo deserves a caption.
  11. Its called a shipping company you give them a credit card number and in 10 days the bike is at your door
  12. That doesn't seem like a thing that should be too expensive to fix
  13. Well, if Hobie can fix the oil filter, he'll gladly ride it across country, per his previous boasts....
  14. I'd love to have it, but I don't know how I pick it up or get it home.
  15. I will check in the morning. We're celebrating Roger's retirement...
  16. How are brake pads ? That fluid had to go somewhere.
  17. I have a "funny" clunk from the front calipers and the back takes two pumps to get brake. Took the cap off the reservoir- almost out of fluid. I got a can of DOT3 and filled it up. (Cover says DOT4) The clunk is still there. I think I'll ride as is because I've heard bad things about linked system bleeding going south. (Think this is a continuation of #3 dropping all three rideable bikes on each other two? years ago)
  18. Dropped often, now there's something you don't see in most ads. Cool bike, I'm glad it's so far away otherwise I'd be tempted.
  19. Gotta clean out the garage for the upcoming move out of the current house. My dad's 85? Kawasaki GPZ550 is sitting here. Hasn't been run in three years. He was doing an oil change and cross threaded the oil filter gizmo. Up til then it was a daily rider... dropped often. He took pride in being able to get up and brush off help from passing motorists everytime he dropped it. If there's any interest I can get current mileage, and yank it out of the back of the garage for better pics than the group photo of all the bikes in the garage currently. Obviously it's on the far left. Clean CT title.
  20. They seem to be hit & miss, but mostly good from what I know. One option is warranty service if it's still covered. The other, if the rounds are sticking on the way into the chamber, is knocking the small 'lip' off where the ramp meets the chamber, and a ramp polishing for good measure. Polishing alone might cure it. I hate shooting guns I've never gotten to play with, but I guess we can take it shooting and play with it to hopefully figure out the issue.
  21. Next they are going to put down those nasty DA revolvers. Death machines.
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