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    I built this spreadsheet to track the clearances on one of my ZZR's when I did the shims. Will use it when I come to do the bird as well. Valve Clearances.xlsx
  3. I have an else made seat on mine with silver piping and TT and CB1100XX logos. Was expensive but worth it. Have Gel on both front and rear, haven't yet done any serious mileage on it but hopefully next year.
  4. A couple from a few weeks ago...
  5. Depends on the demand. I have welded from a generator but it was an old school non-inverter type around 4000w.
  6. Last week
  7. One of these will run a small/medium size A/C. One plus a soft start like Ice posted will run most, maybe all sizes of A/C. It may not leave much for running other things at the same time. Two in parallel should let you do anything you want, unless you have dual large A/C units then you might be a bit limited.
  8. I bought two of the Honda EU2000i generators years ago and a Parallel Operation cable to connect them together for running the RV AC when it was called for. The two ran the single AC unit concurrently with the microwave with no problem. Tying them together with that cable kept them synched up.
  9. https://www.microair.net/collections/easystart-soft-starters
  10. What size is your AC, if you plan to run that? The starting of a marine or RV air conditioner is where these small generators get challenged. Otherwise, yeah, fucking great. I've owned three inverter generators, including one Honda 2000. I'm happy to give real world feedback if anyone wants it.
  11. I am interested, would be perfect for my camping when I boon dock.
  12. Did you get the troubled ones fixed, sell them, decide to deal with the hard start? Being NIB they'll be easy to sell. They're about 50lbs each with packaging and not very big, shouldn't be very expensive to ship. I wish I needed them enough to justify the $, those are great gennies.
  13. Yes. Bought 2 a long time ago - sent a letter about a year ago and they asked for a video of the issue.
  14. So what's the story here? You bought two that had issues so they sent you free replacements?
  15. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. Let’s see if they actually make it first.
  16. Do you have to send back the old ones which were hard to start?
  17. Pretty slick unit which can be remotely turned off, and has a very effective CO2 sensor. Here is a cool video with the unit's features.
  18. If I were to (maybe) sell 2 of these (new in box) who might be interested? I don't know what's involved in terms of cost to ship a 85 pound box... but I am curious if anyone would even be interested. Looks as if they are $1100 new now... and relatively easy to get. Testing the waters.
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