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  2. Hey there, 


    Ray here from Michigan.  very interested in your Versys. it would be the for the Daughter unit....her second bike.


    A step up from her GV 250 Skuzi.....


    Would offer to come get it for 4750, if that is doable?


    Not trying to insult or anything, but my wife is a monster budgeter...and she holds the strings...its actually a good thing...


    Thanks for your thoughts



  3. Last week
  4. wow that is a bargain. i loved mine, i thought it was the ultimate little commuter bike, always preferred this bike over the bird when i had to do a quick run up to the store
  5. Talk to a few people who do lot clearing and preparation for home building. The will know what you need to take care of driveway installation and how to grade it to allow proper water drainage/flow Your friend with dumptruck should know where to get the stone at contractor prices and save you some $$$ on getting stones from the quarries and not at the upcharged happy harry home owner prices they will sell to the average person. Be sure to check with any lines underground and permits that might be needed. A good equipment operator and truck driver are worth their weight in gold in doing a quality job. Talk to your buddy about anyone he recommends doing it.
  6. Well I have two places that I'd like to work on. Location A) our existing gravel driveway. The city came and did some work on the road in front of our place a few years ago. This involved them ripping up the curb and asphalt in front then replacing it. When they were replacing the curb I asked them to make the curb defining my existing driveway wider making it easier for us to park side by side. They did so gladly. Since the outer side of the existing gravel driveway has deteriorated as expected to a muddy mess in spring & fall. In this situation I'd like to widen the length of our driveway properly by about 4 extra feet, maybe more. Location B top of yard. The curb to street is cut for a driveway here but it's been grass/lawn since we've been in the house (~15 years). According to neighbors, the POs parked a motorhome up there seasonally. You'd never be able to tell though, no gravel, no tire ruts, nada. This top part of the yard can me mushy/wet in spring & fall. There is tree cover from neighbors trees which keeps it shaded from sun most of the time. When you say "getting the chosen path graded and crowned,' what sort of company should I be looking for to do such type of work? Excavation company? Landscaping company? I have no equipment, but can/will explore rental options. Not afraid of elbow grease. A friend of my bro's owns a dump truck so I figure he has some connections I can leverage but have not hit him up yet and I don't really know what he does with his dump truck business-wise. When is the best time of year to aim to do such work? Thanks for info, I'll get some measurements for the areas I'm considering soon.
  7. Gorgeous bike, would love to ride one someday. Before the XX I had a 1st generation Sprint and loved it, nothing sounds better than a triple.
  8. It amazes me you can get all that bike and almost new for only $5K. Best of luck with the sale.
  10. Like all others have said, great looking bike and they sure did an outstanding job on the back end.
  11. Looks like a head turner even with the saddlebags removed!!
  12. Just remember. Nothing in life is FREE.
  13. I'd pee in that tail section. That is a sexy bike!
  14. Good looking machine. Ass end view is kinda hot and sexy. She seems to be coaxing you to mount her.
  15. 5'2", 118#, sopping wet, and free?!? I'll take her.
  16. Posting here in case you know anyone that might be interested. Located in Northern California. 30 Minutes Outside of Sacramento. Looking to get $ 5,000.00 for it It's a great bike, but the garage is overcrowded....and I have my eyes on a new Multistrada The Triumph is the first to go and then maybe the Hayabusa....though I regretted letting the last one go It's in the Sacramento Craigslist if you would like to see more pics, or I can send them to you if need be. Thanks for looking/passing along. Excellent condition. 14,600 Miles. Never Down. Properly Maintained and Adult Owned. This bike runs, rides, handles and stops as it should. The 1050cc Triple is smooth, powerful, has great torque and sounds great. This bike is the perfect combination of sport and sport touring. Extremely comfortable and competent. Easily removable OEM Hard Luggage make it great for a long weekend or commuting. With the bags installed it is still narrow enough for lane splitting. The bike has the proper modifications: OEM Off Road Exhaust is installed and OEM 50 State Exhaust is also included. Corbin Saddle is installed and OEM is also included. MRA Vario Medium Tint Windscreen is installed and Clear OEM is included. MFW Adjustable Peg are installed. Pazzo Adjustable Levers are installed. Real Carbon Fiber Dash Panels installed. Real Carbon Fiber Chain Guard is installed. Real Carbon Fiber Key Protection is installed. TechSpec Snake Skin Tank Protection is installed. Clear Bra professionally installed on seat/zipper contact area. BatteryTender Pigtail Installed. Always stored indoors. $ 5700.00. Clean and Clear Title in my name.
  17. So the Wife decided a couple of years ago that she was no longer interested in riding her own. I have the attached riding apparel free to a good home. It is light used. Happy to ship to the Lower 48. Paying it forward. She's 5/2" on a good day and 118# sopping wet. The stuff is the girls version and it fit her well. I'd like it all to ship to one location. Pant, Jersey, Chest Protector, Knee Guards, Elbow Guards.
  18. Fresh virgin ground? Never driven on with anything? Would start with some #3 size crushed stone which is roughly mostly 1.5 to 2.5 inch stone. Similar to what is used by loggers or contractors when placing a new driveway. Would recommend getting the chosen path you want done graded and crowned and look for proper ways to flow and control water away from the driveway and also not create large washouts or erode anything. Can use stone and corrugated pipe for drainage. After all that fun and the base size materials are placed and established into the ground.. you can go back over them later with a 57 size stone.. mostly a 1/2" to a 3/4" size stone.. but make sure the other stone is well packed and established... wont happen over night and take time for the stone to lock itself together. You got acess to equipment? Give me the diminsions of the drive you intend to put in and I can easily tell you how much stone you will need.
  19. Looking to add one to our small, slightly hilly/sloped property this spring. Any of you guys done this? All pointers, experiences, suggestions, resources appreciated.
  20. cheers for the replies.i will pick up a starter motor off ebay and see how that goes. 4 28125-MV9-672 CLUTCH OUTER, STARTING Retail: $200.47 Price: $150.35 150.35 Yes, I know where you are from but even with shipping from the US, it can't be that much. Is the money exchange that much different? exchange rate isnt that bad 77 us cents to our $ at the idea where the aussie sites got their pricing from. the bearing didnt appear to be made of jewel encrusted unobtainium.
  21. They are nice looking I have always liked them
  22. I haven't seen many of those ever, much less for a bird. But all my bikes already have full systems on them. :-(
  23. This forum brought to you by Warner Brothers. Ba-deep-ba-deep-ba-deep that's all folks! Pretty sure if you need a starter Joe has 15 or 20 he can sell you cheap.
  24. Bump. Updated the list, body kit is now sale pending.
  25. Mine used to do the same! Then I put a LiFePo4 battery in it and it's more like ziiiing vroom wub wub wub.
  26. Man, talk about a useless impulse buy. 2014 Kawasaki Versys 650 ABS. I've put a total of 58 miles on this bike and bought it last year new as a leftover so the factory warranty is still good until 6/24/2017. There's not a thing wrong with it other than it's just not the right bike for me and my visions of doing some dual-sport riding just didn't materialize. Just too spoiled by the FJR. Also thought my niece would ride it but she has now up and moved to California to pursue a career in radio so she won't be coming around much here anymore. Just a few add-ons which are: SW MoTech engine guards R&G front axle sliders Barkbusters VPS Hand Guards Battery Tender connection Bike has been garage kept and has had no incidents, drops or other bumps, bruises or blemishes. Offering it for $5000 OBO here first. Will be listed for $5500 elsewhere.. All original paperwork, user manual, keys and hardware switched for SW-MoTech guards are included. Title in hand. Please PM me if interested or with any questions. Located in eastern PA
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