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  2. I don't know about that situation, but it's a risk when you start tightening up clearances willy-nilly. When you add up expansion and stretch what seemed like a safe clearance can get eaten up quickly.
  3. Wasn't there a case of Suzuki setting the clearance too tight on their GSXR 750 ( I think ) in the mid 90's? Most people never knew but the ones who spent some time at redline had pistons kissing cyl head. Cost Suzuki a lot of labour and thicker head gaskets.
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  5. I know that you said it isn't for a Bird (🙄) but the factory VFR 16 tooth did fit the Bird so maybe you could check the forums to see if there is a factory option for what you want.
  6. ptxyz

    Sprocket brands

    the jt front sprocket that was on my blackbird when i had the chain break a few months ago had more play on the splines (in and out from the bike centerline) than i'd ever seen on any of my bikes. i'd avoid any of their products.
  7. ROFLMAO! I'd call Carlos old, but I think I might have a couple years on him. Sunstar or Vortex for me.
  8. Success! I left out the full name to see if you would google it.
  9. JoWhee

    Sprocket brands

    GROAN! Not just at the joke, but I actually googled it!
  10. http://www.jtsprockets.com/sprockets/
  11. I'm considering a front sprocket change, from 15 to 14 teeth. Any insights on which brands are recommended or to avoid? It's not on a 'bird, but I'd bet folding money that someone on here has some experience/ intimate knowledge of sprockets in general. The brands I've seen so far are Supersprok and Drive system, all in steel
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  13. The conrod will stretch at peak rpm. The goal is the set "static" squish so at the redline piston will actually be touching the head, but without nasty side effects like piston pin landing in your belly pan.lol. Universally accepted safe number for Japanese multicylinder with steel rods is 0.7 mm. The piston in picture below is from the engine the was set up tighter , to 0.6 mm. You can see areas were it was touching the head. That's about as good as it gets. It run like a raped ape, I could outmotor anything till bmw1000rr started showing up in large numbers.
  14. It can be, which would be the illustration Blackhawk posted. The illustration shows the squish at an angle matching an angle on the piston, but they could also be flat. In a 4 stroke you can't effectively do that without impeding the valves so there will be areas around the valves that kinda protrude inward to create squish areas around the valves. Tomek's picture of his head shows pretty typical squish areas, the flat parts that are even with the head gasket surface. The tighter the squish, the space left between the head & piston at TDC, the more effective it is. As the piston nears TDC the air & fuel left in the squish areas is very rapidly pushed toward the center creating lots of turbulence that helps mix the air & fuel, along with a lot of other effects. Generally, an engine with good squish is more efficient and more tolerant of high compression than one without.
  15. Interesting! I previously had no idea what “squish” was. Had never even heard that term. Trying to wrap my head around the concept when I don’t really understand, but is decreasing squish kind of like reducing the bore in the head only?
  16. As you can see shaving cylinder head does absolutely nothing to squish on this type of head.
  17. The same piston view from the top. I tried to mark squish, but with carbon deposits it is impossible to tell on this picture.
  18. Piston, essentially it is a flat top with pockets for valves so they wont hit the piston .
  19. combustion chamber with squish area marked with marker.
  20. combustion chamber with cylinder bore marked with marker
  21. VFR engine is almost ready to go pics will be from 20 valves r1 engine. But it does not matter, they all pretty much look the same.
  22. You come to my threads and pollute them with blithering nonsense. After reading your posts I'm positive you`ve never ever seen modern head from multi-cylinder ( more then 2 cylinders ) watercooled motorcycle engine, yet it somehow does not stop you from posting over, over and over again . While knowing in real life dick about it. Brilliant. I have a massage you, all heads on engines I just mentioned look like my Viffer, genius like you should know about it. It is dictated by -narrow valve angle -bore to stroke ratio in range of 1.25 to about 1.6 -compression ratio in lower teens. It such a waste of time to have discussion with you, you know the bells are ringing somewhere, but that is about it. You are correct about 20%, the rest is like "wtf is wrong with that guy, why he just does not sftu and save himself from embarrassment". Pictures are coming up next.
  23. PDM60 Power Distribution Module 60A total capacity 6 circuits Programable (USB cable included) No fuses or relays needed Fully sealed and waterproof CANbus compatible I’m also including an extension wire (positive) I used in my installation and a kill switch I added on the ground wire. Comes with additional ground wire for accessories. In the interest of full disclosure, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT IF ANYTHING YOU PLAN TO ATTACH REQUIRES “ALWAYS ON” AND “UNINTERRUPTED” POWER. If all you need is switched power, it’s a great item. Ships USPS priority mail.
  24. 1. $275 - Apple watch series 4 - 44mm - mint - includes charger (GPS/Cellular) 2. $150 - iPhone 6s - 128gb - gold - good condition - original box and probably a charger if I can find the darn thing 3. $275 - iPhone 8 - 64gb - black - mint condition - original box and charger
  25. In the above illustrated combustion chamber milling the head would increase the squish. I think it's more common that the squish area is flat and at the same level that the head gasket sits on, like Tomek's Viffer head appears to be, and with those milling only increases compression ratio. Milling the cylinder block or case or using a thinner head gasket brings that flat part closer to the piston increasing squish...which might sound backwards because you're decreasing the space to increase squish. Playing with the squish is a hit miss thing, but the generic rule is that increasing squish increases performance. Kinda like increasing the compression ratio increases performance and we know that's not a hard set rule and there are limits, but in production engines there's usually room to increase both and gain power. Squish and compression can both have a pretty dramatic influence over performance, efficiency, and emissions so the factory has to do the balancing act. Tomek does know some good shit and he has the motivation to dive in and giterdone, both are admirable. Especially the latter as I always have 57 things I should/could do that get back burnered. I think if he were as confident in his knowledge/abilities as he portrays he would engage and exchange and probably up his game by a fair bit. Whenever I meet someone who already knows it all about any field I find out that they don't and are just protecting themselves. Or maybe it's my lack of confidence that makes me exchange.....I dunno, I aint no sykologyst.
  26. This is NOT how combustion chamber looks on modern high rpm motorcycle engine . Anyway, Ill post pictures, patience please.
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