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  2. Ohlins steering damper, frame sliders, supersprox rear, removable swingarm extensions, steel braid brake lines, lots of little pieces. Not butchered up and really clean. Northeast PA if you are interested let me know.
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  4. Sure. She got $2250. Guy offered her $2200. She said she wanted 2300 but would settle on $2250. Sold. She’s happy.
  5. Re-burry it and pour a little concrete along it so it can't bend and pop back up? Or maybe strap a steel pipe to it to do the same? But since it's not connected and the two ends don't line up it sounds like you might just wanna pull it up or whatever needs to be done to connect it, then re-burry. I have no idea if it'll ever be needed, never heard of such a thing. I can only compare it to the bilge pump on a boat, "I've never needed it" wouldn't make me cap it off.
  6. So it just stops for 5 minutes each time it records?!? I think that would be a deal breaker for me.
  7. Both. I can boot the little on and put files on the bign.
  8. Yea, I saw that outdoor option. Also their site says they are currently working on a dedicated outdoor model. I am still researching, not liking the 12 second recording time after motion is detected followed by a 5 minute cool down. Still looking and learning trying to avoid a $250 model that I like but can not justify the cost for right now.
  9. I just looked I to the wyze, is 1080 good enough resolution? John, it looks like you can use them outdoors with the outdoor mount, it looks like it’s a shell that shields the unit from the elements.
  10. Is the Wyze camera available for outdoor use mounted under an eve? Not finding anything about outdoor use. Also need direct wired, not interested in replacing or recharging batteries.
  11. Is it truly that simple? No configuring stuff, no need to plug it into a hard drive or internet or anything? How much video time will the card hold and does it automatically over-write if it fills up? Will it be easy to extract the video/audio from the card to see it on my computer?
  12. A quick look shows that there are very few complete/undamaged ones listed for under $5K anywhere in the country and that one is extra flashy which might help it. My previous comments were based on Blackhawk's KBB post, not my own looking around. I saw that she has it listed for $5k, seems like it should sell fairly easily according to the comps, assuming it has a following.
  13. I can send you a 250, or a 64, or both. They are normal 3.5" SATA form.
  14. I would avoid the major brands like Netgear, Ring, Nest, and the like. Overpriced, and geared around milking you for their extra services. Wyze is fucking cheap, with cheap and free cloud storage options, plus the ability to store on a local card. So you can buy a $20 Wyze camera, $8 SD card, and you're recording. Done. The cameras take 5v USB power and come with a 120v to USB adapter, so you have options. There is no central storage server, which is both good and bad, depending on specific circumstances. I think it's fine for what you want.
  15. I went with the $20 Wyze cameras. They have SD card memory (not required) and save things on the cloud. Events in your motion detection range will save for 2 weeks I think, plenty long enough for you to know if something happened. I go through them daily and have them set up very sensitive so it picks up birds, rain drops, even wasps that fly by. I put one in the laundry room window that covers the front yard and driveway entrance and one in the back yard on the gate side that covers the shop and vehicles. No monthly fee, I just use the free service with the app. They pick up audio or motion but I have the audio off since they are in the house. Supposedly you can buy housings to mount them outside but I just don't know that I trust that with the amount of rainfall and humidity we have down here. I caught Tinkerbell/ghost/flying spaghetti monster/creature from the black lagoon/insert whatever you think it is here. This was early AM so the reality is the sun rising through the double panes of glass caused it and also kinda washes out the image some. Hope it loads... 20200528_10_32_58.mp4
  16. Always lower here. Median income is low, with covid restrictions the riding season is starting late, and this isn't a dealer serviced bike.
  17. $3500 is just too low. A lot depends on the market - but I could get $6k for it around here.
  18. My neighbor has 2 of the ring brand camera's that work amazingly well and have proved out to be worthwhile. Twice the local police have utilized video from his camera's to help solve a crime. They are fully customizable as far as alarms, voice over, night vision, and notifications but do utilize the cloud for most storage. Cheap annual cost. I am looking to add a pair on my house as soon as the $500 budget allows. I have no prior experience with security cameras so take my opinion with a grain of salt. They are rated well. Here is the one that I am looking at https://shop.ring.com/products/floodlight-cam?variant=56549562891
  19. TL;DR any suggestions for a home camera setup? So with the whole lockdown and people losing their minds, someone has been knocking on doors randomly in my hood, egging houses cars etc. I know it's mostly kids/teens and harmless but annoying. I'm thinking about getting a 4-6 camera setup, I was looking at the lorax brand in costco, it's got 6 cameras, and a 1TB HD for storage. I didn't get it because it gets bad reviews. I'd prefer local storage rather than cloud, because I'm a cheap fuck and I don't want to pay a subscription. A doorbell camera wouldn't work for me due to placement. I've got 120V at one corner of the house to catch the driveway and the side door, 120V in the garage for duh the garage. I'd have to get up into the attic to wire a camera up for the front door, not a big deal. Wireless transmitting would be best for me. Probably 4k cameras as opposed to 1080. My budget is around $500 ($350 USD). I haven't made up my mind about anything yet, just looking for opinions on brand, technology, etc... And because I'm a little obsessive, here's a drawing the orange box is my router, and where I'd put the camera NVR/hub the green camera would be in the garage the others would be outside, under a soffit.
  20. Okay, i have a use for a small SSD. The power went out yesterday and took with it the boot drive on my desktop. Whatcha got? Trying to work with my phone is getting old very quickly.
  21. If I were her I might respond with "my friend said it should be worth closer to $4,500" and see what he says. Then probably take what he offers even if it's only the 3,500.
  22. Last week
  23. i got my set from this company. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Steering-Head-Stem-Bearings-Seals-for-Honda-CBR1100-XX-Super-Blackbird-97-08/282804867406?epid=925966833&hash=item41d87bd14e:g:NOwAAOSwG-1WvVr6
  24. Agreed. I highly doubt that it has any super crazy expensive mods to it, and now is the time to sell here. Things are opening up, the weather is good, there's a buyer...take the money and run.
  25. That's a pretty reasonable offer, on the low side, but not retarded. That person will probably pay more. Unless that bike has a really strong following advertising and dealing with people may not be worth trying to get a few hundred more when there's someone ready to seal the deal right now.
  26. At that price--an absolute steal! Someone's gonna do very well, indeed . . .
  27. If you know bearing number you can find quality replacement on ebay or online store. Look for SKF, NTN and couple other brands.
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