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  2. Following to hear if Chris endorses them or not.😀
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  4. Welcome to every American car/truck from the 80's and 90's, and even some into the 00's. BTW, 13/16 is usually interchangeable with 21mm.
  5. I guess you are right but then we don't get to live it through you. 😃
  6. Biometrix


    so many levels of dumbassery on that one...
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  8. Don’t have the right tools. Assholes at Mazda/Ford used an assortment of SAE and metric sizes. I got the u-bolts on the left side undone…which I thought would be the worst. However, the mount bolts on the ends use a 13/16 nut. I don’t have that in a closed end wrench, and after trying as much as I dared with an open end wrench, I decided it was smarter to pay my mechanic than to risk rounding off nuts with inadequate tools. I even had mom pick up a 90 degree impact wrench from HF in town, but it was too large to access the problem nuts. Yeah, I could look and buy a single 13/16 closed end wrench, but that’s a trip to/from town and if I need yet another tool…another trip…plus the risk of it fucking up anyhow. Sometimes, paying a mechanic is better than dealing with it yourself. I kid you not, I bought impact drive sockets after breaking a regular socket working on mom’s car with the impact gun. Every fucking place I could use an impact gun either is inaccessible (can’t get the tool in there) or had bolts so long the socket can’t sit on the nut…even with deep sockets.
  9. I’ll know in a couple of weeks. Have yet to have them installed.
  10. Funny, I had the same thing going. Lots of leg work and street hockey in high school, but nothing up top. I could leg press 700 and couldn't lift the bar on the bench.
  11. Might not be a big deal to some of you.. or any lol. But: im 48. I have never in my life had upper body strength. Legs and stamina I got - but even when I was swimming alot I had no strength. When I really started pushing myself a year ago one of my goals was to be able to do a chin up/pull up. Even in my best days in the military I couldnt do this. I had been working towards this with certain exercises but hadnt made an attempt in nearly two months. Monday I was at a play ground with my 10 year old and on a whim tried it hanging off the damn monkey bars… and I did it! Cold - in street clothes. So today Im back in the gym. Warmed up a bit and then grabbed the bar - banged out 3 good ones in a row. Relaxed for a minute and them banged out 3 more. Flat foot, full stretch chin ups. First time in my whole damn life.
  12. It's mostly assembled. It's fucking amazing. Over-built in every way, down to the motor cover being stout and not flappy sheet metal. I got the router fence (ridiculously stout and adjustable) to within less than a 1000th out of alignment. I need more meth to do better.
  13. Same here. Some day I might replace the belt, but that old one slapping around and shaking the fuck out of the machine keeps things exciting.
  14. So Mike; did the new springs cure the sag?
  15. superhawk996


    Just far enough.
  16. Last week
  17. Yup, it was a full auto BP revolver and I bought a pallet of pre-loaded high capacity magazine cylinders for it loaded up with magnum black powder.
  18. You've fired a black powder revolver continuously for an entire day???
  19. They can have my syringes when they pry them from my cold dead thigh.
  20. Yet. Just like the ATF I'm sure they can make up some kind of law. 😉
  21. The pharma protection racket is ramping up. The media, which derives billions in ad dollars, and the FDA which exists imply to protect the largest interests in medicine, are starting to spread fear and hype about alternative sources for these miracle drugs. Everything from "they could be mis-dosed (true) to "and could even contain fentanyl" (absolutely no and that's so fucking retarded). The FDA said they will "crack down" on this, but of course, had no plan because they pretty much can't, other than spreading fear. They even tried to hint that users could be prosecuted for buying it, which is absolutely false. This is not scheduled, it's not illegal to possess. The seller could be violating the law, not the user. Fuck them, and this makes me even more motivated to spread the word.
  22. And it all ends up on air lines, cat walk, front mud guard and, eventually, on your gloves, pants, boot soles and God only knows where else. Fucking retarded. There is a 5 gallon bucket of grease in our shop. There are always couple idiots running frantically in the morning with big stick covered with grease, and applying it on everything in their eye sight. I gave up on that type of driver couple decades ago. They are not gonna changed their behavior. I've never ever lubricated fifth wheel in last 30 years. Shop applies couple ounces when truck goes for PM. Thats more than enough. I've never ever lubricated anything other than wheel bearings on my trailer. The ball and receiver covered with grease,, ,,, it is retarded.
  23. The Hornady is really impressive, particularly being a simple do-all spray. It makes me well used Moisin bolt run smoothly and stop binding.
  24. I find that it's ok as a cleaner, adequate if you're doing it regularly, but not as good as dedicated cleaners/solvent. It does seem to help prevent fouling from sticking. I've been on the fence with the longevity of the lube, but my guns get about as many miles as my bikes so I don't have a strong opinion. It definitely wins on 'fixing' problems. I've seen a few guns that were troublesome at the range, people tried lubing without success. I hit them with one shot and they started running again. There was one gun that it only slightly helped, but it was later found to have been assembled wrong; details unknown. It's also good for BP guns. I previously used the old school olive oil approach which does work well, but the OS is much easier and seems to help with cleanup after shooting. BP revolvers start getting gummed up around and in the cylinder pin locking them up. An occasional squirt of OS keeps them running all day.
  25. I think it's comical the way they use half a tube on a fifth wheel plate every time they unhook. They just pile it on top of what's already there, which looks like the inside of a Quaker State motor with a Fram oil filter; the beaches of the Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill. I put a glove on and put a film of grease on the inside of the hitch socket. I also lock my hitches to the ball when I'm towing so they can't unlatch.
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