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  2. Looks really good John so clean and tidy. John did you drill and tap the swing arm your self? Would you be about to snap a picture of it? I really want to lose the centre stand. Cheers
  3. Thank you, yes it was drilled and tapped back in 2002.
  4. Looks good John. Did you drill and tap your swingarm for the spools?
  5. Two pictures I took today. Brake lights on, and one with the left signal on and the other with the right signal on. I hung a gallon bottle of vinegar on the foot brake lever to show the brightness of the brake lights.
  6. Yesterday
  7. There are a bunch of LED tail light options, most with built in turn signals, on aliexpress.com. I shopped and then decided I really did like the stock light and even turn signals. One signal has a bad lens so I just ordered OEM replacements on Aliexpress for $16.
  8. Wish I'd been closer or had the time to go get it.
  9. sold locally for $400. apologies to swampnut, the buyer wanted the pc2. guy has 2 incomplete bikes now and intends to build 1. he also has a bunch of parts including some nice oem bodywork. pm me if you'd like his email, he's looking to sell / trade some of his hoard (lots of bicycles & tools too).
  10. It cleans up the tail nicely. I like how it looks on my Candy Glory Red BlackBird! I am moving some bikes around in my garage today so will take a pic of it and post it here.
  11. Very nice I really like it shame I can’t find any uk stockiest but as it’s a all in one unit might be worth the extra costs and time
  12. FWIW I was looking at my '01 and '97 while I still had both and it looks like the tail fairings would accept either light assembly. I didn't think to check real close, just seemed like they'd swap.
  13. It's been altered.... ...poorly for my part.
  14. That plate is way too easy for the cops to pick up on. Does it have a meaning?
  15. Last week
  16. is it this one ? https://www.mototeckinnovation.com/product.php?productid=588
  17. I like the OEM lens personally. Organdonor's old bike...
  18. There are some LED undertail kits still available on Ebay I think. I have one installed on my 01 Bird that I like.
  19. Thanks I’m looking for a flush fit or something with a different fitting shape just to take a few years off the birds rear
  20. The bits were stuck in one of the hoses... never got enough bits to make me think I got them all though .
  21. Getting $4900 is extremely unlikely, it would have to be a pretty unique buyer, but if you want any possible chance at it it'll have to be perfect and have many good photos showing that it's perfect. At $3k it'll get some interest.
  22. The Clear Alternatives Integrated taillight was the factory Shape but with a large LED printed circuit board inside that replaced the bulbs. jaws-motorcycles.co.uk also made an LED taillight that had the XX pattern in LEDs bright.
  23. Thanks for the reply is yours the standard shape but with a clear lens?
  24. That was 2006 so I don't remember much about it. I have a Clear Alternative integrated tail light which of course has the turn signals in it.
  25. Hi all As title I want to change the tail light was thinking of something like a SV650s unit but then I found this page looked around but couldn't find much else about the mod like what year cbr600rr cant find that design light for sale anywhere. Then I found this XRDRACER rear light looks great but again couldn't find much else about it could anyone help with some more info on these I have a week off work soon and wanted to put some time in to the bird. cheers
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