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  2. Thank you guys. He and his wife drove down from close to Philadelphia, PA and trailered it back. His wife told Peggy that he didn't hardly sleep last night at the hotel because he was so excited. Nice couple and he's go 10+ years of riding several different larger bikes, so it should be in good hands.
  3. Bike was SOLD this morning! Thanks for looking everyone.
  4. Last week
  5. $150 shipped in the US. Heavy grade leather in great shape with no tears and all zippers work fine. I am only selling it since it is a little big for me so I bought another one that is the correct size. Numerous pockets and includes the zip in liner, which also has a built in neck warmer. Size 44" and if it helps, the length from the shoulder seam to the cuff is 24" and the length on the back from the top of the collar to the bottom is 27". Contact me with questions or more pictures if needed.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Yes. It is increasing more important to be sure that both the donor and the recipient are all original parts. 2nd, 3rd, 4th hand buyers and salvage yards cannot always be expected to know the history of the bike and its parts.
  8. will the front wheel from 2003 fit a 1999? specifically the rotors
  9. We've installed sets of these on several HD's and big cruisers. I would give these guys a call and see if they can help/advise.
  10. Go to these guys.. The retrofit source Great projector kids for good prices. The work is easy!
  11. Wow...i'm inspired. True determination and a big set of balls! I'm very far away but if you need some help fabricating small parts let me know.
  12. Keep that in your purse?
  13. Wow..old thread. Anyone using a good app for maint?
  14. Thanks lads, I'm really lichen these plant suggestions and will be sticking some in my nemesis.
  15. I had no clearance issues with my Yosh RS-3, 4 into 1, but I was using the small E-21 bags with the top access. I would get a measurement on the Two Bros. system and that will give you something to compare with other systems that cleared. If it's the "shot gun" exhaust, I doubt it would clear.
  16. Sale fell through, Bike back on the block.
  17. Hastas, big hastas, we have a border of them around the house.
  18. It looks like I've got a buyer coming Saturday morning to pick up the ST. I'll update after Sat.
  19. Get Chinese hoses, maybe they'll serve as a pressure fuse and save the radiator
  20. Ok, left side hose looks good to go, right side....nope. Have to return it. The shorty hose behind the cylinders looks ok. Odd they changed the hoses, but I guess injection made it so.
  21. Great, back to this now you have internet.
  22. There's an ongoing issue at my house. Water runs off the mountain and drains under the drive (currently in two places) via culverts. Needless to say, when it's severe, dead limbs, leaves, small(ish) rocks, etc. come down with it; forcing the water to find another patch of drainage. I spent Saturday digging out the culvert going under the paved section of the driveway. Fortunately, a few moderate sized branches were the culprit, so nothing was in the pipe...just the entry was blocked, but I had to dig over a ten square foot area to find where the culvert was. I know there's always going to be dirt and leaves washing down, and the culverts will need regular inspection for blockages, but on this one particular culvert (and possibly another similar to it), I'd like to find an inexpensive "diverter" I can either buy or build uphill to catch/deflect the big items so they don't run full force into the mouth of the culvert. I'd have to do this by hand, so nothing that requires heavy equipment to install or too heavy to carry up uneven terrain. I've tried Google, but my hits are more for items designed for professional landscaping jobs. The stuff for homeowners is more about landscaping options geared to slowing runoff so it's absorbed into the soil.
  23. Because the blackboard wouldn't "work"?
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