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  2. Workouts

    I don't have anything as official looking and organized as that, but I did just switch things up a bit 2-3 weeks ago. I've never assigned days of the weeks, just a progression, as in- Day 1- Light stretching, legs and back, Day 2- heavy stretching, cardio. Day 3- light stretching, chest and shoulders, Day 4- heavy stretching,cardio and core, Day 5- off. Repeat. That always left me four days of recovery for any specific muscle group. I decided to see if my old ass could do with a little less recovery. I'm really not hitting it all that hard and work is light right now so I get bored on off days So now it's- Day 1- cardio as soon as I wake up, later in the day light stretching, legs and back, Day 2- heavy stretching and cardio and core. Day 3- light stretching, chest and shoulders, Day 4- cardio as soon as I wake up, later in the day light stretching, legs and back, Day 5- heavy stretching, cardio and core. Day 6- light stretching, chest and shoulders. Day 7- Off So I am on a seven day cycle right now but still not tied to days of the week. If I miss a day due to work, family or whatever I don't feel too bad because all it does is bump me back to a four day cycle, which ain't bad, though I am seeing a little better progress on the three day cycle.
  3. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    It depends on what the issue is internally. Most modern drives have integral controller boards, you can't swap it with another controller if that's the problem. Sometimes the damper on the arm goes - I once actually took the top off a drive, damped the arm with my finger, and it was able to seek well enough for long enough to image. Bearing and other mechanical issues - I've had about 50-50 luck freezing them for 24 hours, then putting them between two cold packs (isolated with a ziplock bag to prevent any water from contacting the drive) and powering up. Critical data - Krollontrack.com.
  4. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    If the drive itself is good, but the case is bad, I can get the date easily (I have lots of adapters laying around). If the drive controller is bad, but I have a similar one, it may make it work for a while (I have lots of old drives around). Obviously, I do this all the time and it goes without saying that your data would simply be sucked into a disk image file and not looked at in any way.
  5. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    It was the back up, I will see if I have any local assets, then might take you up on your offer. Thanks. L;
  6. Dear Zero, External Hard Drive issue.....

    99% sure you just need to restore from backups and trash that. I can take a look if you want to ship it to me. But click of death is usually unrecoverable.
  7. Good Morning All, hope your Thanksgiving was a good one, still getting over the food coma.... But, to the issue, I have a 7 or 8 year old Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 500 Gb external hard drive that I have been storing things on. About a week ago I needed to get something off of it, forgot I left it in my backpack in my truck. It was a frosty morning, the hard drive was very cold when I retrieved it.. didnt let it warm up enough I guess. When I plugged the USB in, there was a loud click, some whinning. Nothing to read here, it recognizes the drive, the title is gone, nothing on the drive per the properties. I have another drive, same kind, tried to swap the cables, the connection port, nothing.... What can I do to recover the files stored on there? some are needed, some are just folly. Any ideas on programs to use or????? Thanks L;
  8. Craigslist find

    The only thing missing on his ad is 'easy fix'.
  9. It’s yours. Paypal $150 as a gift... davidkrauthamer@yahoo.com I’ll ship Monday. Text me an address to send it to. Also - I’ll forward the unlock instructions ATT sent me to your work addy. Congrats.
  10. Last week
  11. Hey bro, just left you a voicemail, interested if nobody grabbed it yet.
  12. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    It solves everything from ensuring legal disclosure of monitoring, where required, to reminding people not to be fuckups. There's probably an insurance benefit or requirement too. If tracking is a condition of employment that people agree to, I see no problem with it.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/iphone-6s-vs-iphone-6/amp/
  14. help to i.d. a mount

    I thought so too. Nice though
  15. How big is it compared to the 6 Plus please?
  16. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    It is but it is also not just your company, many are doing the same and more. Most of the company owned trucks in the gas fracking industry not only have real time GPS which they monitor speed and position in real time but also have cameras with one pointing at the driver. Yes, it is big brother but hard to get away from it.
  17. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    It’s just a system designed to deal with dishonest workers. Still, how many dumbasses got canned KNOWING they were being tracked but still did something stupid. A reminder to the clueless?
  18. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    Ironically FedEx doesn't track me on a continuous basis. The trucks don't have GPS. The Powerpad has GPS in it, but only records it when we scan a label. And they can't look at it live, they have to pull up a report later with the coordinates.
  19. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    Yep, paranoid. If you’re not doing anything nefarious you should sleep just fine at night. Stick it and forget it. And don’t listen to the board foil.
  20. It will be unlocked in 48 hours.
  21. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    I work for a large company, which has some large and sensitive clients. As part of our transfer from one big company to another (this happens regularly) we get to go through the whole process of being vetted criminal record check etc... it's a condition of continued employment, even though we're a union shop it's never been challenged, because well, no one has ever refused or failed the checks. Our phones are used to track us as well as our vehicles. It's a feature that comes on our fleet vehicles directly from Ford, the salesperson took great pride in explaining to me how it all works, in short it's like the "find my friends" app on a smart smartphone, but on steroids. I'm not cool with any of it but I understand it. I know they're currently using the Ford system, because I've been called by my manager and asked how could I be at work all day yesterday when my vehicle had almost 0 kilometers reported, to which I trot out the same thing I do every time he asks: "did you look at WHERE the truck was?" I get a loaner (usually a focus) when I bring the work van in for service, and I put it on my corporate shared calendar that I'll have no vehicle as to not get dispatched to a call where I'll need more than my tool pouch. This month we're getting a new telemetry system installed in all vehicles, I'm not sure exactly why but it's probably related to our new dispatching software. The thing that's bugging me is we received these stickers that we're instructed to install inside the windshield. There's the company logo and "GPS ENABLED & PROTECTED" on said sticker. When I asked about the placement I was pretty much told to shut up and just do it. What's got a bug up my ass is that the printing on the stickers faces INWARDS! It's not like it's one of those sherlock/lojack anti theft deterrent stickers or boomerang (anyone remember those?) it's almost like a "Big brother is watching you" stickers. Am I being paranoid? TL;DR Does a sticker reminding me that the truck has a GPS telemetry seem Orwellian?
  22. help to i.d. a mount

    removal should be pretty simple, not quite visible is an allen bolt in the middle. perhaps there's a model# or logo hidden in there. i was contemplating removing a tab from this ram mount but, the ram part that would replace my existing mount is only a few bucks more.
  23. My wife’s. Upgraded her to the X this morning.
  24. Hard to believe you only had a "6" and not a "6S Plus".
  25. help to i.d. a mount

    I did a DIY on how to convert the centerpiece for a RAM mount, but the search function is acting wonky.
  26. help to i.d. a mount

    Looks custom. How hard to remove?
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