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  1. Bill, i don't understand. The CBX motor "hangs" in the frame. No cradle downtubes. Just dro the motor. Can't remember if the CBX has a cassette gearbox Anyhow, bent shift fork is a possibility that with contribute to "rounding off" the engagement dogs. I undercut the engaement dogs 5 degrees total 2 1/2 er side on my turbo bike and it never let go again. Think positive. If you have to slit the cases, you will get a good look at the main bearings also. lasti gauge is your friend.
  2. It's not so bad turning fifty Scott. I did twenty years ago and continued drinking and look how good I turned out? 🤣🤣 Seriously, I quit drinking last Nov. Lost 63lbs in the past 1 1/2 years. Quit eating junk food and really don't exercise anything but my trigger finger. Good to hear welcome changes amoung the aging here.
  3. Say it ain't soooo. Please
  4. The rain was falling Jeff. Desperation can make for quick solutions.
  5. This kept the water from pooling in my boat. Took about six minutes to throw it in there as rain was falling months ago. DaveK posted a gizmo I want to buy for next year.
  6. I don't think 15 pages is unreasonable. Mike does good work and lives for complications and litigation. Might take an hour or so to actually use the trailer though.
  7. Not sure Dave. Happened pretty fast. Even broke welds on the deck. Not the first time full throttle has wrecked my day. Ice Storm in Jan made our county a disaster zone.
  8. I just replaced a spindle on my riding mower and YES, they do offer a worthless grease zerk that lubes nothing. The bearings ARE sealed. There is validation to Mikes concern. Those spindles are not rebuildable. No idea why they put a grease zerk there. Sealed bearings already have grease. Bought this spare spindle years ago. Now they offer them with a grease zerk that does nothing. Go figure😑 If you removed one seal, how many pumps of grease would it take to blow the other seal out? Vertical shaft, how would the grease stay packed in the upper bearing? Bullshit. Buy a new dbl sealed 6203 bearing.
  9. Mike, Walgreen model# WGNBPW Ver. A has been very consistent for me. The cuff is fully adjustable. fwiw Mike, I stopped eating junk food a long time ago. That seemed to make the biggest differance you see, I have always avoided sodium and don't drink anymore. Lost 63lbs.
  10. Decades ago, Honda claimed to always have parts. Said they keep their die-sets and molds. The Tsunami in Japan real fukd that up. I don't buy enough parts to confirm todays supply. Think I will order one just in case.
  11. I see it has black rotors so it's one of the faster models.
  12. Really like the XX in white
  13. I have been thinking the same thing for quite awhile now. Time to search for a part# ? IIRC, several Hondas used that same valve. Even the SuperHawk
  14. The way it should be.
  15. True, you can also stop the leak, but you must also block the vacuum hose to the diaphragm or it will suck excess fuel on that cyl port making it run rich. Desperate move but it would get you home without taking it apart. My #2 98XX ran rich and also leaked fuel so I am not surprised to hear Toms XX ran better.
  16. It was. The pizza wan't that good. Took extra beer just to get it down. Misery. Remembered Jeff rode about 15 miles to get me some new plugs since we had the time. I think it lost power. The plugs were Autolite. (where's that poke poke button?)
  17. Happened to my 98 in Wa. with Jeff years ago. Cracked diaphragm. Easy to replace but was difficult to get In Winthrop Wa. Made me eat pizza and drink beer for two days waiting for the part.
  18. Yeah, I was kinda wondering. He and I have rode many States and stayed at many hotels and he hasn't tried to poke me yet. I'll keep an eye on him.
  19. Oscar, I plan to use both in the boat. The seat in the back will get the best view. I, of course will be driving the boat from the front seat with the electric trolling motor. The old Wide eye will give me the depth info and a possible fish school view. This plan resembles the layout thought of my friends bass boat. Anyway you look at it, the fish are doomed.
  20. Ok, so Jeff calls me and says he see's a dick with hair on the bottom screen. I look and don't see it so, I said, "no I don't. You should ask everyone if they see it" silence from my buddy Jeff.
  21. I know, it's not a trolling motor. The deal just showed up and it's the right thing to do. Used Hummingbird 899SI. In the picture you can see the old Hummingbird "Wide Eye" below. The screen looks like a 1980's calculator. Big differance. The 899 also has side view. I used a couple 12vdc ps to play with them on the desk. The fish should be afraid. Very afraid.
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