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Home electrical question.

Zero Knievel

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Eventually, Starlink will come my way.  If it works, it will need to be mounted to the roof.  Big issue is power.  Unit comes with 150 feet of cable to connect router/modem to dish.  That can sound like a lot, but 150 feet gets used up faster than one expects.


So, my thought is to install the modem/router in the attic, but there are no “always on” circuits up there.  I currently have an attic light that’s a lightbulb w/pull cord screwed into one of those bulb/outlet adapters.  This may be adequate for initial setup, but the light switch (which is somewhat out of the way) would have to be left on and the lightbulb turned off.  

Along these lines, here is my thought…


  1. Remove the light switch and just hard wire the circuit through…replace with a blank face plate.
  2. Replace the light fixture with a traditional outlet and use something else to illuminate the attic as needed (a LED rope light would be nice if it has a switch I can position next to the attic access point).
  3. Install a shelf to hold the modem/router.


Running a new circuit is doable (or at least, tap into an existing circuit and feed wire to new outlet), but that means running wire through closed walls…which is considerably more work and brings into question which circuit(s) are best to tap into.



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Okay…alternatively, just saw this outlet in the laundry room (where attic access is).  It might be simpler to run router/modem cable into the laundry room.  Drilling into walls to route cable can be concealed with trim plates, and the modem/router could sit on the top shelf of the storage shelves and plug in right below.



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Hmm, I'd think this through . . . How hot does the attic get? Will that temp have any effect on the router?


Oops, just saw the laundry room option--that'd get my recommendation.

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4 hours ago, Zero Knievel said:

Eventually, Starlink will come my way.


It's not there?  I thought the NE was mostly covered?


Be sure to get the volcano or pipe mounts, the standard tripod can't go on a roof.


The kit has these components and connected in this order:



Outdoor grade Ethernet cable

PoE injector (can go in attic)

Indoor grade Ethernet cable

Router goes in house


The router should be centralized if you want it to provide good wifi coverage.  The cables can be extended as long as you keep the entire thing below 100 meters (and honestly I've gone 150+ on Cat6 outdoor just fine).  Outdoor network cable isn't cheap, but not ridiculous either.

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10 hours ago, SwampNut said:

It's not there?  I thought the NE was mostly covered?

They say late 2021.  Dishes are assigned a cell, so I figure they have to test and verify before they program modems and ship.  Works for me.  I’m not set to take on this project until September anyhow.

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