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Anyone else having issues with the board on iPad?

Zero Knievel

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I recently started having what I would say are similar problems to above (inability to post replies - no window to type a reply) but clearing history in iPad Safari did not resolve.


My bedside media consumption iPad is an iPad 4. I realize the thing was released about a decade ago and it's capped/max'd to iOS 10.3.4 .... I'm thinking there has been an update to the forum recently that no longer supports devices on older iOS's.


I'm likely the only one rocking such an old iPad (run it into the ground!) that has this issue but I thought I'd throw up the flag all the same.

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Yeah, I have no idea how to address that or even start to, sorry.  I have a current-gen Pro running iOS 16 beta.  Maybe try Chrome, since it can update itself.  Safari stays "stuck" with the iOS version.


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