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On 4/29/2016 at 11:15 AM, HANKSXXX said:



255 HP and 155 ft lbs TQ with the reliability of a stocker.



Damn, double damn.

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Dunno whats with the formatting but Blackhawk, you're close. Mark Moisan, the guy who developed the turbo kits in 97-98 is an old friend. He built those kits with an Aerocharger variable vane t

Guys, Fred is a very experienced motorcyclist and a good guy to deal with. I felt like my bike went to the perfect home. This is the best bike I ever owned in many respects. I have many pi

I saw this bike in person and road with Hank the few times with him on the XX and it is the nicest bird I have seen from the rear:)

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I'd just put it in my living room and drool while admiring it. If I rode it, it would kill me dead right off the bat.

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Old joke:
How do you build a $10,000.00 bike?
Spend $20,000.00...

Before I delivered the bike to Fred, I put on a new Supersprox rear and new front sprocket and new EK ZZZ chain, new Pilot Powers, new plugs, did a leak down, synced the carbs,new brake pads all around and changed all hydraulic fluids...pretty much anything and everything I could think of for him to get a "perfect" used bike.  He called me a month later and said the clutch was starting to slip.

(Fucking Winer...:)).I sent him new fibers, steels, new Barnett Clutch springs and a very, very low mileage inner and outer clutch basket that I had tucked away..

BTW, Fred lowering the price makes this a no brainer....BUY IT before he sobers up!


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1 hour ago, MattL said:

Still for sale? if so check your Email FredX




PM me your phone number - I will text it to him and tell him to call you.



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1 hour ago, superhawk996 said:

How the hell is someone a member for 3+ years without a single post?


1 hour ago, rockmeupto125 said:

Maybe he was just waiting for the right bike to pop up at the right time!

I joined when I got my first blackbird... and just ended up riding to much to put in a lot of posts anywhere, I'm also on the .com site.  


And yes, I was looking into getting another bird, this time and put together a turbo for it as well as other goodies and amazingly saw this one, almost exactly like I was dreaming. Fate/Luck is funny sometimes.  Now just hoping to work everything out with Fred.

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Fred's a total dick and don't be surprised if he lowers the price in exchange for oral favors from you Matt.






Yes, I'll take a homemade trough of NACHOS in exchange for being the reason this sale is happening.


Your bud,

Dick2 :)

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