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(Sold) Sena 20S Evo

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I just realized I've had this sitting for a year unused.  It comes with everything that it included originally, paperwork, cables, mounts, etc.  I had it installed for about two years.  So obviously the stock sticky pad has been used.  Checked it and upgraded firmware just now.  Condition is perfect.  They seem to go for $140 plus shipping on eBay, how about $125 shipped?  



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1 hour ago, DBLXX said:

I pay immediately after a charge.  


You are insane.


Shit, I missed OMG's reply, but PP is fine.  The goat sounds more intriguing.  Pics?  Male or female?  Or undecided?  Do you want to just bring me the goat when you're here next week, and if so, will you be -ahem- "using" it on the way?


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1 hour ago, SwampNut said:

If you have time to bring some local hooch, I always take trades.  Oh, and shit, is it THIS Saturday or next?


This, maybe not till Sunday.

Or on the way back in a week or so.

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Any time this weekend is fine.  Next weekend I may be in Vegas or in Oklahoma City.  But the chick will still be here.  (And now I just realized you're probably going to plan for next weekend.)


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