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I have noticed this happening for a while and not sure if it's important or not.


As we go through reading each post, I always start at the bottom with oldest post and work my way up.


I have noticed that when I get close to the last few I have not read yet, they suddenly show as read and no longer have the nice icon  that takes you to the last post read.


Since it has happened often enough, when I get close to the last few, I take note where I am, so I don't forget to check them out.


The only small hassle is that if it has been a good 24 hrs or so since my last visit, I am not quite sure where those threads left off, since the lovely indicator line is no longer there.


NOT a huge issue, but just thought it deserved a heads up the Chief In Charge   LOL  


And BTW, I and many other appreciate the open policy you maintain that allows some pretty wild discussions.


For sure, nobody ever get bored here   B)

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41 minutes ago, lordzarkon said:

For sure, nobody ever get bored here


Heh, some claimed they got bored, but some came back.


That's a weird issue.  I'm not sure there's anything I could tweak to change this, might have to submit as a bug report.  Have you ever tried reading them in order from the top, and see if the same problem happens?


I read very differently, so I haven't seen this happen.


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Well tried from the top a few times, and of course that never happened


But it drove me crazy since some threads get a lot of attention, so it's back and forth all over the place.


Since I pop in once or twice a day, figured starting with the oldest made sense.


AND, this does not happen all the time.    Just randomly here and there.


It could just be me.   I am the King of having weird shit happening to me everywhere.    


After all I am an alien from another planet   :P

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