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Odd Behavior case closed


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I have noticed this happening for a while and not sure if it's important or not.


As we go through reading each post, I always start at the bottom with oldest post and work my way up.


I have noticed that when I get close to the last few I have not read yet, they suddenly show as read and no longer have the nice icon  that takes you to the last post read.


Since it has happened often enough, when I get close to the last few, I take note where I am, so I don't forget to check them out.


The only small hassle is that if it has been a good 24 hrs or so since my last visit, I am not quite sure where those threads left off, since the lovely indicator line is no longer there.


NOT a huge issue, but just thought it deserved a heads up the Chief In Charge   LOL  


And BTW, I and many other appreciate the open policy you maintain that allows some pretty wild discussions.


For sure, nobody ever get bored here   B)

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41 minutes ago, lordzarkon said:

For sure, nobody ever get bored here


Heh, some claimed they got bored, but some came back.


That's a weird issue.  I'm not sure there's anything I could tweak to change this, might have to submit as a bug report.  Have you ever tried reading them in order from the top, and see if the same problem happens?


I read very differently, so I haven't seen this happen.


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Well tried from the top a few times, and of course that never happened


But it drove me crazy since some threads get a lot of attention, so it's back and forth all over the place.


Since I pop in once or twice a day, figured starting with the oldest made sense.


AND, this does not happen all the time.    Just randomly here and there.


It could just be me.   I am the King of having weird shit happening to me everywhere.    


After all I am an alien from another planet   :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK   just did it....   


i popped into your post about a minute after you sent it.


i was looking at the post just before yours and both posts indicated as not being read yet.


came back to pub, and your post was now all light text indicated it had been read and icon to jump to first unread was gone.





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I may have solved my own NOT problem   LOL


I think the threads I had not yet read, actually had earlier posts from someone on my ignore list.


IT just happened now, as I had one last thread that showed active to read, as I was reading the one just before it.


When I came back out to the posting list, it showed already read, and not one for me to look at.


Turns out the last new post was from Tomek, and on my ignore list.


Bravo to you and the cleverness of the coding for this forum to be that clever.


I NOW stand down from RED ALERT  :D

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  • lordzarkon changed the title to Odd Behavior case closed

WELLLLL   maybe there just ain't no fixin this....    must be me..   after all I am an Alien from another planet   LOL


My theory about not noticed ignores doesn't hold water


Took this screen shot a few minutes before the creation of this message.


Sure nuf,  they had content from legit members that I had not seen yet.   It only seems to affect that last 2-3 messages I had not read yet.


For sure, not going to worry about it anymore, as you had already indicated, this one sounds like its not just going to jump out nice and easy


AND in the grand scheme of things, not a huge deal.




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AND   just to add more PROOF


This one just popped just now.    


When I came back to the PUB, had about 3 items in the list, and this was at the top,  AND i always read from the bottom.


so #3....  great... #2  great...  come back out  #1 is no longer bolded...  and check and see whats in there   LOL  see BELOW



ahhh the mysteries  :rolleyes:       If you feel like looking again...  great...    if NOT....   no biggie..  you got plenty to do


My original goal was just to make sure you knew this in case it ever relates to other issues down the road.


Also thanks for all these cool updates on what you are doing with buying and selling vehicles and other stuff.  Learning stuff all the time.   



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Not sure how that display works.


I have mine sorted so most recent post is at the top and has an icon at beginning of the line, indicating unread content, and also bolded.


Clik on the icon at the front of the line and it takes me to the most recent post.


Been working forever, but recently, easily the last 6 months, I will see a few posts YET to be seen by me, and bingo, come back out to the listing of 

posts and they are all normal as HAVE been read, but I never did.


Sure enough when I went into the posts, I found content I had not seen AND HAD indicated NOT read just minutes or moments before.


As mentioned a bit earlier in this thread, I saw one that seemed like the same issue, but noticed the last post was from someone I had blocked, so thought that might be

the cause.


Turns out that must have been some sort of coincidence of some sort.


NOT going to worry about this any longer.   Not a huge deal, and when Carlos took a look before, nothing jumped out at him either.


IT really is just ME   LOL    The strangest things imaginable have followed me on this planet since I landed.


Just gotta stop bitching and get on with it   LOL    I probably started this thread when it was a week where I was behind in my beer drinking   :ph34r:



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All websites interact with cookies in the browser.  Perhaps the error is an inconsistency between what the cookie has logged and the information on the server (a thread has updates but the cookie isn’t reflecting that detail)?

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12 hours ago, lordzarkon said:

I will see a few posts YET to be seen by me, and bingo, come back out to the listing of 

posts and they are all normal as HAVE been read, but I never did.

That used to happen to me but hasn't in a very long time that I noticed.  

Just like how some threads are only a half page wide after a big update here with any pictures in the thread on the right, I just learned to live with it.

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Well had a hunch this was not a common event, BUT now I feel that I was NOT in a Twilight Zone episode as you just confirmed it really did exist and it was NOT due to all the beer I was drinking.


Vindication is the key to happiness in situations like this.




Guess its time to get back to that beer drinking   B) 


Have a great Sunday   :ph34r:

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