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  1. Pulled plug and it was fine. Tried the cheap Chinese carb and it fired and idled. (Yes!) Then bogged down on rev. (Shit!) I got it now where it idles with the old carb, but once you ride and come off throttle it wants to die. Have to keep maintenance throttle on all the time. I am out of time. Race is tomorrow. Sooooo. We shall see. Might be a frustrating day but then it will go up for sale with a slight discount to the buyer. New CRF will be delivered this month.
  2. Yes. No FI available on a 50 yet.
  3. This thread has changed direction! (In a good way. Fuck carbs!) On the track: Michael can definitely give you better advice on this. The bikes are pretty darn equal and, honestly, your riding skill the limiting factor since none of these bikes will allow you to correct cornering mistakes with straight line power. You have to be fast and consistent. Basically...if you are slow on a CRF, you’ll be slow on a Grom. Lol The Grom/z125 have 12” wheels if recall correctly. I am told they have a much different feel. Twitchier? Lower. Smaller. The CRF dirtbike style requires you to find the Big Wheel versions of the bike because the Big Wheel comes with a stock 16” rear and all you need to do is convert the 19” front to a 16”. Throw a set of tires on it along with a few items needed to pass tech and you are ready to go. Just find one that doesn’t have Carb issues. I have ordered a brand new CRF125 Big Wheel. 2019. Fuel Injected. Yes!!! The problem is that I have a race Sunday the the CRF won’t be delivered in time. They haven’t even hit the showroom floor yet. I could have gone with a 2018, but that is a carbed version. As far as Colin goes. That’s easy. CRF50. Coopers is brand new (he really is a lucky kid....spoiled). I bought UFO plastics and put the original “Uncrashed” plastics in a box. Axle sliders. Peg sliders.
  4. I can’t speak a lot to the differences between the Grom and Z125. I watched a few videos and they perform very similarly. I think the Grom has a much larger after market. Michael can give you lots of info on this. For Street, I don’t believe there is a CRF 125 dual sport available. Dirt/trail only. You would have to stick with the Grom/Z125. For Mini Racing, the CRF125, Grom, and Z125 are legal for the Stock 100/125 and Stock 100/125 40+ classes. However, very limited mods are permitted. Stock exhaust. Stock motor. Stock suspension but you can upgrade internals and springs. Wheels and controls can be changed.
  5. I fucking hate carbs. I hate it even more that a perfectly running bike 7 days ago is now not functioning as it should. Can’t wait to get rid of it and get the new bike that has FI. I tore the carb down and cleaned it all out. Seems like the problem is the float bowl and needle valve adjustment. I can’t find the sweet spot. It either won’t run or runs and won’t idle. I’ve exhausted my knowledge. Ordered a Chinese copy for $23 to see if it will get me thru the weekend. Then I can worry about a carb rebuild later.
  6. I just need this thing to run fine for one race day and then it goes up for sale to make room for my new CRF125. The new bike won’t be here until later this month.
  7. Have great gas flow so it’s definitely not the petcock. Pulled the carb off and checked the floats. Everything seemed to move without restriction. Pulled the main jet and blew it out in case there was debris. Cleaned up everything and put it on. Started fine and ran, but now won’t hold idle. I hate carbs. Mostly because I am dumb when it comes to diagnosing them.
  8. Cool. I will check it all out tomorrow night. Not sure how to correct a stick bowl. Time to google
  9. My gut is saying it’s fuel starved. When left to sit, it gets enough gas to start and run for about 5-10 secs. If was stuck closed would it behave like that?
  10. I found a place local that has ethanol free gas. This is a good opportunity to pull the tank, empty it and start running good stuff
  11. Possible, but wouldn’t that cause the fuel to overflow? Unless it’s stuck closed (or is it open). Lol I guess if fuel flows then it’s in the carb.
  12. Bike started and ran great the other day. The most recent change was to dial down the idle a little bit, but like I said. It ran fine. Went out to start it last night and it fired, revved, died. After that I couldn’t get it to fire. Wait a bit and it would fire a little and die again. Has fuel. Tried with petcock in On and Res position. The first thing that comes to mind is debris and/or petcock. Going to pull the line to see if gas flows. If not then pull the tank and petcock to see if it is blocked Thoughts?
  13. Let him beat you. He needs to yet, keep the goal high.


    Rick I see you acknowleged my post about being aware of his progress.




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