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  1. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    Hell. That room has been decluttered. What is left is all the art supplies for kids and the wife’s crafts. She had an ass ton of stuff, but unlike some of our other rooms, this stuff gets used.
  2. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

  3. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    An update is way overdue. I was able to finish it up. The Epoxy job is “fair,” overall, but I learned a lot doing it and the next time it will be perfect. Overall it the table will serve its purpose and I am sure the kids will mess it up in short order. Job done.
  4. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    Yes. It sucks to run out of supplies. Especially like this. It’s really thick. It doesn’t brush over very well. Even just sitting on the table and creates a lip at the edge of where my pour stopped
  5. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    Lessons learned: Follow the mixing directions exactly. They know what they are saying. I did and it flowed very well. Calculate how much you need and double it. This shit is expensive and I thought I had enough. I didn’t. Old wood and cracks/seams between planks have to be filled in advance. My job is going to have some flaws because I did not catch this step prior to the pour. The blow torch is your friend. Instantly removes bubbles. The only problem is they come back around seams and cracks. See previous lesson learned. All in all it’s cool stuff. As I said, it will have some flaws but overall it should look really nice and the family will be messing it up with arts and crafts anyway. I need to order more product before I can finish the job. I am curious how it will butt up against the edge where I ran out of product. Meh. Character.
  6. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    Life and other work got in the way of finishing the table. Today is the day for the epoxy coat. A bit nervous as I have never done this process, but meh. It will work or it won’t. Going over the gray stain. More pics later.
  7. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    Thank you sir. Cool idea for the swim lap counter.
  8. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize that but it makes perfect sense. Storing it away in the brain for me to forget later. Lol
  9. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    Back to construction: one of the time consuming steps was finishing the edges of the planks. I lightly rounded every edge of each board. This made it look better when laying the boards down. I think that those gaps will hold stain better and be a little darker. Should give the finished product more character.
  10. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    I used adhesive between the boards and MDF. Great minds. As you said, the room temp rarely varies by more than 10 degrees unless the AC breaks. Should be fine. I also think the epoxy top should further help tie everything together. Over compensating? Nailed it! 😎
  11. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    It feels like a solid block of wood. No bounce or wiggle at any point. Quite proud of that part. Very strong. The PVC is actually quite thick. More than I expected.
  12. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    Thank you sir. Regarding the ManCard, I am going to formally appeal on the ruling of the corner being removed. This space is “their” space and this work is to keep them out of “my” space. I own the foot print from the garage to god which includes the man cave and theater room upstairs. Reloading is not a skill I have acquired, but in the aforementioned garage there is a full work bench with all the tools needed to do all the manly work you see in the pictures above.
  13. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    There’s pretty much all the basics (and more) in that room. Drawing, painting, clay, coloring, beads, bow making, scrap booking, sewing, t shirt making, paracord, photo printing, gift wrapping, and tons of tools and supplies. I bought her a bunch of stackable parts bins to sort all the small stuff so it’s easier to find. When we converted it to a bedroom, everything was thrown in bins and there was junk they didn’t need. We went through everything and sorted all the like items into zip locks. Once the build is done then we can also add shelves above the table on the back wall and everything will be organized and easy to find.
  14. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

  15. Speed99

    Art/Homework Table

    The table was built from the ground up. Got innovative with the table legs. Finding legs that looked right and were pre built would have been pricey. Instead I used a PVC 4x4 deck post cover. And eight foot section was about $44 and netted me three legs. Used 4x4 post anchors to make a leg mount under the table. The table bor isn’t quite done yet. I used inexpensive pine boards for the top. I plan to stain I gray and the am going to epoxy over the entire thing to make it one continuous smooth surface.