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  1. I`d also recommend disconnecting the negative lead from the battery and hooking up a meter in series to measure amperage drain. Or milliamps. DON'T turn the key on, just do it with the key off. That will tell you if you have a component or wire going to ground. If you do have a short, pull and replace 1 fuse at a time until the meter drops to zero. That will tell you which system to start looking at.
  2. !! Damn!! Unfortunately, I`m already over my limit. 5 in the garage and rapidly running out of space.
  3. That,................is a lot of bike for $3k !! Sigh,......thinking about selling mine and wondering what I`ll get for it. Judging by this and other prices I`ve seen, not much. Phenomenal bike for next to nothing money !!
  4. What's the thread size? Did a quick search and there's an 18 and 20mm Helicoil but no 19. will also depend on how much meat is left around the threads. yow! Just did a search on the kits and they're nearly $180 for a kit!
  5. Can you get something like this in the correct thread? https://www.amazon.ca/Powerbuilt-640811-Back-Tap-Thread-Repair/dp/B0014FGVVW Goes into the hole past the damaged ones, picks up on good threads, expands, and then you back it out.
  6. Just checked MRCycles on their diagrams and they do show a changed p/n for the injected birds but still list a rotor with a completely different number ( 30291-MV9-671 ) for the carbed birds. Anyone have a pic of an early one for show and tell? Most of the carburetted rotors I`ve seen only have 4 lobes for a 4 cyl machine while the injected ones seem to have 10-16 lobes with a gap for cyl 1.
  7. Just about crapped when I saw this one, https://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/mcy/d/1990-honda-vfr400-nc30/6349887739.html But they can ask anything they want.
  8. Hey, what you do on your vacations in Nigeria is entirely up to you and none of my business!!
  9. Never mind,..turns out it is a scam. Same owner has it listed all across the country and one guy actually posted a Craigslist ad warning. Wife of owner is out of state, use Ebay ecscrow to hold funds, blah, blah, blah,................crap. Did a little more digging and wow!! Good ones are going for some serious coin!!
  10. If not, somebody jump on this !!! https://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/mcy/d/1991-honda-vfr400r/6310528520.html
  11. I`ve recently needed a dual 87 output relay, (no 87a) for the Ducati and found this place is about the easiest to search for what I need. http://www.rallylights.com/all/relays/l/diode/12-volts
  12. I just had a custom shock made by Jamie Daugherty of Daugherty Motorsports http://daughertymotorsports.com/cbr1100xx.html . It started life as a VFR800 shock then he added a custom piston and revalved, and resprung it for my weight. No core required if prearranged. I think it was less than $400 and wow! Big difference. I`m not a fast rider but enjoy pushing my own comfort limits and having fun in the twisties. I adjusted the rebound damping once and haven`t touched it since. The harshness over sharp bumps is gone.
  13. Btw....valve adjustments require an engine drop. Woot. !! Seriously?? Crap. And I thought the front wheel installation on a Honda CBX550 was dumb!
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