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  1. Was just browsing Kijiji ( like Craigslist ) and came across someone selling a pair of HeliBars. I have no affiliation nor do I know the person. Just thought someone might be looking for a set. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-motorcycle-parts-accessories/kingston-on/honda-cbr-1100xx-heli-bars-for-sale-175/1643118210?undefined
  2. ??? Photoshopped?? Tell me that's not real !
  3. That's the bike my buddy has that we've done two west coast-to-Ontario trips on. Last one was 9000km in 18 days. All back roads,...........well, except Kansas. No point taking back roads in Kansas, couldn't find a single curve. One thing he noticed was that his original red one got worse fuel economy than his newer anniversary one. Same bike, same ecu, same setup, different fuel economy. Weird.
  4. Actually Joe, have you ridden it? I thought you might like it.
  5. THIS!! ⬆️ I did the carbs on my V65 Sabre and those carbs are a SOAB to get in. As an experiment I soaked 1 for an hour, 1 for 4 hours, 1 overnight, and didn't do 1. I found not much difference between 4 hours and overnight and a bit of a difference between 1 hour and 4 hours. But a big difference between 1 hour and not at all. Given a choice, if I needed to get the job done I'd go for 4 hours. I also left them off for a week after the bath to see if they'd go rock hard again,..............nope, still soft. I also used Isopropyl Alcohol instead of Xylene. Way safer and we get it in 45 gallon drums at work. One thing I do not remember checking is if the rubber swells. Softens yes absolutely, but I can't remember if there's a dimensional change. We can get the oil here in Ontario at health food stores but it's a bit pricey, $20 for a small bottle. If you need to put a carb boot in a container and submerge it and you don't have enough, throw in some spare clean hardware, enough to raise the level of fluid to surround the part. Don't know who the original person was that found this out but thank you a hundred times over!!
  6. rhubarbray


    Gee , you guys are more help than you realize. They haven't been back for more help so it must be fixed!
  7. I remember reading this account of brake cleaner and flames. Thanks for reminding me! https://www.brewracingframes.com/safety-alert-brake-cleaner--phosgene-gas.html
  8. I'm going to make a recommendation of putting some of that clear self adhesive paint protection film at least on the front half of the fork legs. Should slow down the rock chips and keep the legs looking better longer.
  9. Interesting. I know a bit about computers but usually enough to get myself in trouble. Why is it that on my pc I can see the schematic image but you can't?
  10. I just copy/pasted the image, ignore the red crap. On the left hand side below where it says " blue tape " there is " crankcase breather tube "' Is that pinched where it comes out of the valve cover restricting air flow? This would cause a buildup of crankcase pressure.
  11. In the second photo, you can see the white wires coming out of the red block then going into the black sheath. I would make sure that area inside the black sheath is absolutely clean then put some oil compatible sealant into the sheath sealing the wires. The sealant will probably have to be quite thin to flow into and around the wires. Perhaps something like this is available in Spain?
  12. Was going to say a very Canadian blue 'bird colour! 😀
  13. There's quite a few others out there. Weirdly enough, some claim drying super hard gives it greater strength while others claim drying to a flexible film means it will never crack and peel. Which one is better? You decide. There are single component and multi component epoxies . https://www.dimecitycycles.com/red-kote-fuel-tank-sealer-liner.html https://www.caswellcanada.ca/epoxy-gas-tank-sealer.html https://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/appages/gastanksealer.php?msclkid=af3911961a021df71bf34f5492c0a093&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=TNT - Shopping - NB - Desktop&utm_term=4580153125315098&utm_content=All Products
  14. Torque adapters. sae https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-Proto-J5100-Torque-Adapter/dp/B001HWEAAG/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=torque+adapter+set&qid=1587329147&sr=8-1 metric https://www.amazon.com/Laser-7286-Torque-Adaptor/dp/B07K7GJ3FB/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=metric+torque+adapter+set&qid=1587329200&sr=8-1
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