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  1. Delkevic Aluminum. ~500? https://delkevic.com/mufflers-slip-on/honda/2001-models/cbr1100xx-blackbird/
  2. Yes I agree, my 14R was really bad and I'm temped to turn away from the C14 but everyone I ask says it's a non-issue.
  3. That the problem I'm running into. My bird in 90F weather, just scorches my legs through high boots and even leather. I don't get why I'm such a pussy about it.
  4. Do/did you have a problem with the heat on your bird?
  5. Looking to add a heavy weight to my garage. Only concern is heat, I get plenty of that on my bird. Do they get really hot too? (Not concerned about it town, everything gets hot when not moving.
  6. I use the red Scott oil year round. The blue flicks off too easily I found.
  7. I just completed a 4000 mile trip that I have taken many times before but always without one of these things. The biggest difference is the chain just stays quiet and in adjustment all the time. I used to have all kinds of issues and now it' doesn't seem all that different from a shaft drive sometimes. I'd post pictures but this guy has all the info you need anyway. If you tour, these are great. I mounted mine a little differently, and the XX does make it a little harder than it was on my ZX14. but it more than worth your time to make it work. If you don't do big miles they aren't necessary but if you do... http://www.thisstupidurl.com/ScottOiler/index.html
  8. Pumping, streamed 3-4 times open closing. Then the clean fluid start showing up and that was that.
  9. Not sure if this helps but I know an F4i axle fits my 919. There are noticeably lighter too.
  10. I didn’t know about that thanks. I should have mentioned the only air came out of the rear center nipple. But it was very foamy, not like typical bubbles. Every other bleed went perfectly.
  11. Flush went well, there was a lot foam in the rear center. Rear brake works better too. Appreciate it 👍
  12. Like the gravity idea, would that work from the rear master to the front caliper though?
  13. I bought it from the original owner last fall with 5600 miles. He said he kept it indoors and rode it regularily. After owning it ot for 8 months I have no reason not to believe him. Judging from it's condition he babied the shit out of it, the brakes are only thing on the bike that don't feel less than a year old, but yes it's been weak since I bought it.
  14. I'm going to do that in the morning but I have a few questions about this link https://www.cbrxx.com/threads/bleeding-bird.10490/#post-641097 There's no mention of raising the SMC on the left side to help get air out. Since I'm just flushing do I need to do anything with that master? Also, from that link, the left and right OUTER nipples are bled from the handlebar lever. The remaining 4 are done from the brake pedal, correct?
  15. I can hear the pads bite down on the rotors. Or at least that's what it sounds like. Sounds like something moving, just like it should. I do have to apply more force that I should though
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