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  1. There's no mention of unplugging a map sensor like my other Honda's. Do you just skip this step? I already synced without, should I re-do it?
  2. Scottoiler. Mine works great, difficult to find a vertical mount on the bird though. I guess I can see why he put it there but does look stupid.
  3. Loud I'm guessing. I like what he did to the front fender too
  4. Don’t blame me I just post em
  5. Curious if your bike has seen a lot of rain/moisture/bad weather?
  6. Love how he spends all that money on an undertail then shods it with Shinko’s
  7. I recently bled my ST1300, which wasn't bad. For the ST, you need to have the SMC at 0-15 degrees from horizontal. I'm wondering why the Blackbird SMC can stay vertical.
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