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  1. Pumping, streamed 3-4 times open closing. Then the clean fluid start showing up and that was that.
  2. Not sure if this helps but I know an F4i axle fits my 919. There are noticeably lighter too.
  3. I didn’t know about that thanks. I should have mentioned the only air came out of the rear center nipple. But it was very foamy, not like typical bubbles. Every other bleed went perfectly.
  4. Flush went well, there was a lot foam in the rear center. Rear brake works better too. Appreciate it 👍
  5. Like the gravity idea, would that work from the rear master to the front caliper though?
  6. I bought it from the original owner last fall with 5600 miles. He said he kept it indoors and rode it regularily. After owning it ot for 8 months I have no reason not to believe him. Judging from it's condition he babied the shit out of it, the brakes are only thing on the bike that don't feel less than a year old, but yes it's been weak since I bought it.
  7. I'm going to do that in the morning but I have a few questions about this link https://www.cbrxx.com/threads/bleeding-bird.10490/#post-641097 There's no mention of raising the SMC on the left side to help get air out. Since I'm just flushing do I need to do anything with that master? Also, from that link, the left and right OUTER nipples are bled from the handlebar lever. The remaining 4 are done from the brake pedal, correct?
  8. I can hear the pads bite down on the rotors. Or at least that's what it sounds like. Sounds like something moving, just like it should. I do have to apply more force that I should though
  9. Centerstand yes, and I was also looking at a brake bleed thread hear and it sounds like this can get complicated but only if you get air in the system?
  10. I can hear the rear pedal clamping the front but not the rear. Does that say anything about the rear master?
  11. I was just Implying that it works, it just requires extra force
  12. Sounds good will one bottle be enough?
  13. If I really stomp on it I think it slows the bike as it should. It just takes way more pressure that it should.
  14. I think the fluids are original, I haven't have it for long but the fluids look good so I haven't tried that yet. Plus the front lever works so well but I'll try and flush the whole system. Anything I can do to the caliper that isn't too invasive? @Furbird How can I investigate the rear master? Bike only had 8K on it and everything else is literally perfect.
  15. Front brake stops the bike fine, but the weight of my leg is hardly enough to hold it on a hill. Very low miles, stored well. The rear reservoir is about half way between full and min, fluid is slightly bronze. Doesn’t seem to have air but I don’t know how the linked parts work together. A friend said try sanding the pads?
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