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  1. I just ran mine down far enough to put in 6 gallons in. Before I did that I saw just enough gas to top off that little cylinder that the fuel pump sits in. Before i did that I touched the pegs to the ground on the left and the right side, nether emptied the gas stuck in the little pockets. I guess I calculate an honest 6.2 usable gallons depending on how much gas displaces that cylinder at the bottom.
  2. So what's the most you guys are getting back into the tank when bone dry? And those two pockets on either side at the bottom, is that considered unusable?
  3. That's badass, is part of the problem that not enough air gets up inside the tail?
  4. What about an aluminum radiator? I see all kinds of posts on how they make decent replacements, but hardly anything on swapping out a perfectly good OEM just for the purpose of cooling.
  5. I'm reluctant to put a guard on it even though I should because I tour on it. Do they restrict flow even more? I'd also wonder if one of the reasons the charging systems get taxed so much and fail is because the fan is always on.
  6. It's just amazing to me you can be doing 40mph and still have the fan come on and still be effective.
  7. I probably jumped the gun, it might be slightly cooler. I was expecting more though. It made a big difference on my ZX14R for some reason but that was on a full Yosh, which was gretting rid of a lot more air.
  8. I changed tires and went for a ride. Fan doesn't even come on now.
  9. Far as I know cats are only in exhaust pipes with expanded sections after it meets the mainfold.
  10. I was all excited to brag about how much cooler my bike runs but the difference seems negligible. Cost me $400 including shipping and my bike was down for a month. What sold me was the .015" thickness, much thicker than typical costings. Guess it really is all about radiator flow, but at least now I know for sure. And yes I did paint them black.
  11. Finally rode mine, it does seem grabbier but I have a new master on there now so I can't compare.
  12. Is install the same for an hid kit?
  13. Jaws had an hid kit I'd look into upgrading. Anyone here done that?
  14. I don't like the the stock one at all so maybe this will be better.
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