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  1. I wonder what happened to that '99? I was all set to buy a different '99 until my friend brought that up and I totally did a 180. Hopefully he won't mind be quoting him here but it really will make the difference between be buying on this weekend or not "Just from personal experience in less than a year of ownership of a nicely taken care of '99.... get ready for old-bike stuff. On mine, anything rubber is to deteriorate when disturbed, among other little things starting to go, from the donuts in the valve cover bolts, to air valves snapping off at a slight brush."
  2. Going to zombify this thread, I have a friend with a '99 that has several "old bike" issues with rubber parts fall off and breaking, could this bike have spent some winters outside? Are you guys with garaged birds having any problems like that?
  3. What about a smaller front fender? That's known to help ZX14 riders.
  4. The heat gets talked about so much, hardly anyone ceramic coats their headers. Is this because it doesn't work or nobody want to pay $300 to have it done right? Or both?
  5. Depends on where you like your COG, I always lower the front until I start to drag then raise the rear until it's just right. That's just me though.
  6. thats the kind of deal I might end up waiting for
  7. i think we're talking about different bikes, I want the '03 in the my other thread that's worth $3500 but he wants $4000
  8. And 7 years newer, I guess it was in the crate until 2006. If he'd stop being so lame and come come down to $3500 I'd grab it.
  9. He dropped it to $3800 too! I'm trying to decide between the '99 and the '03. My '02 has that cool digital dash I always liked.
  10. Here is my only concern. I'm looking for a st bike to do a lot of miles, we all know the bike is a hammer but at what point do you compromise reliability because of age? 5 years from now you're trusting a bike that is over 20 years old. Not stating anything, just asking.
  11. No I'm still thinking. Do you know someone looking, looks like a good find.
  12. How did install go? Did you need a spring compressor?
  13. A new one is only a little more than that from what I'm seeing.
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