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  1. 3 used XX upgrades: Race Tech 1.0 kg fork springs (I'm 190 lbs), Pyramid hugger (fiberglass not carbon, has cracks), Givi rack mount for top case only (no side cases mounting). All items are clean and in usable condition. $60 each item plus shipping. Located in Chicago, IL area.
  2. Another recommendation for Michelin Pilots here...used them for generations and always liked the feel and longevity- good value for money.
  3. Sent: USPS Priority Mail tracking # 9505510441341146401581 expected delivery Sat. My apologies for the delay!
  4. Just saw this message (I wasn't notified)! Sent you an email asking what the paypal was for, but I didn't receive a response. Now that I know, they'll be shipped out today.
  5. Alanb- OK, will watch for your reply.
  6. @fizzy- sorry for not explaining more clearly. The connector to the fuel pump (green/brown wires) is not getting any voltage.
  7. I have no voltage reading at all at the quick release connector.
  8. Thank you fizzy, for directly answering my question.
  9. Looking for opinions and experience concerning the wiring loom fix problem coming back later, causing a no prime/no start issue. Fuel pump powered/jumped- it works. Have multi meter tested: kill switch, 3 relays, side stand switch, all fuses, tip over switch swapped with another one. New battery. No power at fuel pump loom connector. Has anyone had the wiring loom fix problem happen again a few years after repair?
  10. I have a no prime fuel pump issue on my 2001. I did the wire loom fix a few years ago, but wonder if anybody has had to re-do these joined plug connections from age/corrosion? Has the loom fix popped up again later on anyone's bird?
  11. Thanks. I'm not a regular on the forum, so I don't have friends here that have known locations to me. This didn't help me- Location: Being the best Douchebag Kid I can be
  12. Wondering in what state is the Ridgeline located?
  13. Nos oem XX fork seal set (2 seals, 2 dust seals). Partzilla sells them for $61 pair plus shipping, yours for $45 delivered.
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