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  1. Thank you for the explanation, makes a lot more sense to me now
  2. Hi all, I’ve read through this and I’m not understanding why a series regulator would be better than a mosfet here? My understanding is that Mosfets run cooler than original, I guess the series runs cooler again? I swapped my R/R for a shindengen FH020AA mosfet and my carbie stator for the electro sport fi stator. The idea being that the extra power will help run accessories I’m adding to the bike without overloading the stator. Am I now to understand that the mosfet will run hot like the oem unit just not quite as hot? i also have a VFR750FL that has h
  3. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    I can put it in wheelie and stoppie positions so hopefully shouldn’t be an issue. Have a large syringe to inject fluid in from the bleed valves so the system won’t be completely empty when doing it. Hopefully will be simpler than I’m expecting. Brakes are a little way down the list yet though, many other things to sort out first 👍
  4. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Those look cool, but for slightly more than that I can get my originals sorted Thanks though
  5. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Indeed I am, I want to retain the original panels where possible so have some bits of plastic welding to do, unfortunately I feel the front mudguard and rear cowl are probably beyond rescue as there are bits of plastic missing on the rear cowl and the mudguard fixings have turned in their recess and damaged the seats beyond repair.
  6. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    So much more progress this weekend than anticipated, the expectation was to complete the second fork leg and that would be it. As it turns out I was able to get a little further. The newly powder coated centre stand is on, the exhaust and radiator are now reseated and tightened up, I had to loosen them to allow access to the left centre stand bolt. After that I decided to offer the fork legs up to the bike, those are now in and torqued up correctly Finally, the upper cowl stay has been refitted, another part I had powder coated for
  7. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Sadly the plastics let her down, there will be a respray and some repais done but that may be a while after the build is complete. Just doing the best I can with the resources I have.
  8. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    So finally the first fork leg is completed, rebuilt, new oil and looking way better than the old ones. Have to say, this was painful to get done. After several attempts to get the new upper bushing in I reverted to the old one, it was in good condition, the new one simply would not go into the seat as it was too thick. I measured the 486ml of oil in, only to find the airgap was way too big after pumping the outer sleeve and cartridge, it ended up with closer to 600ml, so now I've ordered another litre of oil to let me do the second leg. Ah well, it's only money right
  9. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    That's a great idea, shame I can't do the same on the stanchions
  10. Biker bling are a UK company who provide blot sets in stainless steel. I bought the complete blackbird fairing kit from them and also a mixed bag of M5/M6 pan head bolts for my garage bolt stock. The bolts are well manufactured and have the same drilled design as the standard bolts from Honda. In fact, the only difference I can see is the material, the standard items being made of steel that is not stainless. The guys who run it are very helpful, I first enquired after these in June and they had no stock, they were hoping for stock in August but it actually took until late septe
  11. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Not planning on it at the minute, I tend to steer more towards subtle changes that simply complement the existing colour scheme, not really wanting, or needing, too much attention 😂.
  12. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Also, in other news, the new stainless steel fairing bolts from biker bling arrived today. Looking smart
  13. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Actually got to do a bit this weekend, finally the legs are repainted in Ford Roman Bronze, hoping it will set off the titanium paintwork. Layer of primer And a layer of paint Have also lacquered them. Looking reasonable, i'm no sprayer so one side has more runs than grannies tights but the other is pretty good.
  14. I used the old bearing as a protective layer above the new tapered bearing and then used the centre from my 2 tonne axle stands as a drift, fitted nicely and didn't seem to mine the 4lb lump hammer I smacked it with.
  15. JaBr

    Project Blackbird

    Not disagreeing with you there
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