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  1. Cool, eliminates that possibility. I've met a few Birds that were parked a lot and never had the carbs clog up, don't know why. Maybe it's that great California gas we have.
  2. Linked brakes bother me because they're doing stuff I'm not asking for, but the shit works so I'm ok with my linked brakes.
  3. My gut's telling me that the problem might be the petcock and not the carbs. Fill them through the hose now that the tank is off and see if it runs.
  4. Sometimes you can clear out the jets by spraying through the air jet so you don't have to take the bowls off. When you look into the carb's air inlet you should have two air jets facing you, I think the larger one is for the idle jet. If you haven't taken everything apart yet you can give that a shot and see if it runs.
  5. Ahhh. Yea, I've done it on some stuff. It's not something I'd think about with a BB spark plug since it would take effort to cross thread it.
  6. Do you really foresee changing a plug on the road?
  7. They're discontinued but still widely available. That said, I'd go with the iridiums anyway.
  8. Those are the 'right' things to do, but they seem to be unnecessary. Mine sits outside and has seen 30 degrees to well over 100 with E-10 and no prep. It's been a few months so I decided to fire it up. It took just over 10 seconds for the first little sputters to start happening, then at about 15 it briefly started and stopped. It did that a couple more times then stayed running but very rough. A few seconds later it cleared up.
  9. Giving it a maintenance makeover never hurts, but might not cure the problem depending on what it is. Mine sits for months at a time outside and so far it's been fine. Fuel only flows from the tank while the engine is cranking or running. It'll usually take several seconds of cranking for the carbs to get enough fuel that it'll start, and quite often it'll take a couple more cranks/stalls before it stays running. If after 4-5 stalls it still won't stay running then something's wrong, before that it means nothing.
  10. Is this with the choke on? How long was it parked?
  11. You probably just need to clean the jets. At most you'd need new bowl gaskets, but they often re-seal just fine.
  12. Dibs on the turbo kit in the 'odds and ends' box.
  13. You were right when you said that it's fun to not see the person's posts and only the ones around it.
  14. I had that thought too. A couple rounds through the drive is going to make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to retrieve data. A couple pounds of tannerite should finish it off nicely. If he sent it to me and we couldn't power it to wipe it I was going to inquire about giving it some lead therapy.
  15. Jeezus. I guess it should be no surprise that he takes issue with their DOB, but holy shit. I didn't imagine he could be that nutty.
  16. If that falls through my roomie would likely take it. He does certified data destruction. If he can't power it up to wipe it, he'll pull the drive and shred it.
  17. If they're not stainless they fooled me.
  18. No idea what that means. The 'no redeeming value' spin was funny shit.
  19. People from broken homes and slutty dads just don't realize how great they have it.
  20. So that's why Tomek threatens people when they upset him.
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