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  1. I have one of those, never thought to have it serviced till now.
  2. High pressure to get a door to fit after a carpet install before a corporate meeting, tight time. Cut a piece off the door, install, still drags, plane a bit off, still drags, repeat, still drags, look up and there is a nice gap at the top of the door. I fixed it by screwing the piece back on the top and trimming the bottom.
  3. I just had a rider from SW Washington stay for a few days on the way to a group ride in WY. Both he and his wife are competition shooters, he uses a 2019 10mm. Never heard of it, he explained it's a 1911 top with a 20 round mag in 10mm. He reloads with a dillon 1050 ( i think ). He said they go thru a lot of rounds a month, thousands.
  4. I'll take them Just gave my youngest son my GS, they will fit him perfectly.
  5. not mine https://bozeman.craigslist.org/spo/d/livingston-reloading-shop-clean-out/7529420451.html
  6. Anyone even mildly interested, this place is a destination place to try out guitars. They have virtually anything you would want, sit down, plug in and try it out. Music Villa - Bozeman Mt. home of Gibson.
  7. The most effective thing to remove bolts is a heavy socket. How I know is from replacing Tbelts on Hondas, the crank bolt generally won't come loose with a 4' bar but with the heavy socket sold for that purpose it comes off with a 1/2' impact, it weighs 3 pounds or so it seems. The auto body son swears by heavy sockets. I don't understand the physics but it works. Heating the bolt worked because it changed the threadlock , heating the bolt would expand it making it a tighter fit.
  8. Wheels are polished aluminum. Or by now they could be classed as unobtainium.
  9. into the pro oiler now I wonder if one shot would harm the pump
  10. That would be a concern, the other wonderment is if it would have time to stick to the chain. Cost is not a concern, chain and sprocket life + cleaning after every ride is.
  11. Years ago, back when we were young and I first had the Bird and was delighted to find this place and learned about oilers, I opted for the Pro-oiler. After getting it set up for the bird it has worked great. I'm very pleased except for the mess it makes on the polished rims, always a pain to keep clean. So - I have had every oil and combination in it and it's always a mess. What if I use One Shot? It works - I mean it worked great on the bang sticks I had. What would it do for a chain?
  12. That qualifies as a Macgyver
  13. Probably not But I have a few, Montana is cold.
  14. https://rmstator.com/en_ww/electrical-master-toolbox#tools-install-pro Hi output stators and other upgrades
  15. Those are tiny cans, and odd they are blue on the end. Otherwise, Ok.
  16. I have seen two other birds in Montana, this one makes three. And the only one with beetles other than mine. Bought in Washington, bags from Cali, and here from BC.
  17. OMG


    Ford truck -- lucky he had you along.
  18. OMG


    I wonder if the new crop of kids have any fix it skills? I know mine do but they learned from me and they are 40ish.
  19. OMG


    I have a German guy stopping by on a cross country trip on a XT 500. He broke down in South Dakota with a stuck in 2nd gear problem. Fixed it with a spring out of a pen and back on the road.
  20. And perhaps, like EV autos, the tech will get better.
  21. Could we also apply that to much of what we get from the "news"?
  22. Interesting, but I don't listen to music nor do I use my phone. https://carbiketech.com/eyelights-eyeride/
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