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    In water I know they go two weeks, all eaten by then. I'll be testing further.
  2. I just learned that you can put just ripe avos in water in the fridge and they will stay in suspended perfect ripeness for a long time.
  3. Everything is sticky in Florida?
  4. Have a look, When is the last time you flushed the fluid? It does have a master. The rear is connected to the front as well.
  5. Biker Bob was enjoying a beer at the bar in his favorite place in Red Lodge when a long legged long haired brunette slid up on the stool next to him. After ordering a drink she looked him over and asked "Are you a biker?" Well Biker Bob of course said I guess so, I think about bikes all the time, I have bikes, I love the way they feel, I love to polish them, I ride bikes, I love bikes so I guess you could say I'm a biker. After a few sips he ventured to ask her "are you a biker?" She looked at him and said "well no not really, I guess you could say I'm a lesbian, I think about women all the time, I have had some I really like, I love to caress them, she smiled and added, I like to ride them, I just love women". With that she finished her drink and left. Time went by and Bobs friend Chuck showed up and sat down beside a very confused looking Bob and asked "what the hell is wrong wit you Biker Bob?" Bob just kept staring into his beer and finally said "I don't think I'm a biker, I think I'm a lesbian".
  6. I had that problem on an old BMW - the return bleed hole in the master was corroded shut. Reminder to self - change the brake fluid in everything before winter.
  7. Spot seasoning I always heat cast before adding oil, it greatly reduces sticking. All stovetop cooking for me is cast, everything else is stainless. No aluminum even in the various coffee makers. Anodized roasting sheets, the best. Cleaning cast is with a paper towel and salt.
  8. Kudzu has a positive affect on digestion. My first wok was steel 50 some years ago, no idea why I still have it. I have used a 13" cast for years, just my preference. I can imagine the anodized is a pleasure to use. His idea of cutting and freezing chicken is really good.
  9. Great info - thanks. One thing I can add is I prefer a cast iron wok. They possibly are hard to find, I get them from China town in San Fran. Also I don't use corn starch, instead I use kudzu. And I don't use canola oil for anything.
  10. I like curves, on cars and women.
  11. All things considered, I think this is a reasonably good deal. I never did like them but. https://bozeman.craigslist.org/ctd/d/missoula-mint-condition-46k-original/7658672413.html
  12. Don't need or want it but I'll bet it goes cheap. https://www.iaai.com/VehicleDetail/37686480~US
  13. There is a tool for that https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QGMQ3XF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Now now, he's not that short. 'Carburetter' - French word translated to 'leave it alone' By all means, call and ask to speak with the lead mechanic.
  15. And you wonder why you feel a little off sometimes?
  16. In the Saab 9000 fanatics would plumb in an electric oil pump that would circulate oil thru the turbo for a timed interval when the engine was shut off. The theory is that the turbo spinning at high rpm and hot when the engine is shut off will not be getting lubed enough to keep the bearings from overheating.
  17. I wonder if avocados have made it all the way to Canada yet? I know it takes time to get things like sprouts introduced to places in the north east.
  18. https://www.d3o.com/our-products/motorcycle-protection/
  19. Disney has a national geo series feturing the Thor actor Chris Helmsworth, Limitless - interesting if you want to know what to do to stay healthy longer. Mostly for show but there are some solid practices.
  20. That right there is a steal, nicer than mine, a lot less miles and more gadgets.
  21. I seriously doubt anyone would mistake me for a hockey player.
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