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  1. I’ll hold it and let ya know where we are staying and when. When I know. sent ya a pm.
  2. General area at the moment. Still looking for a campground.
  3. Yes, looking to be in N. Georgia over Memorial weekend. Do some camping and riding. I could bring it with.
  4. With me at 300lbs. I’ve seen 40 mph on it running it on the street to the store.
  5. $800.00 just got it back from my mechanic getting it running. No need for it anymore and wife is asking me to sell it. 5 speed liquid cooled 2 stroke. Street legal. Perfect for the Dragon 50cc run every October I think it is. Just posting here first. See if anyone is interested.
  6. Don’t know, that part wasn’t done. That I am aware of.
  7. We’ll just got back from a Dyno tune. Went from 132 to 145. With 47,500 on the clock. Am happy with that. Said it was still making power at 11k on the 3,4,5 pull. Take it out tomorrow for a good run. Was happy with how it felt coming home. It really didn’t get it over 7k.
  8. Just bought the Delkevic not too long ago. As there weren’t many options out there. Got a date in early Dec to get it remapped. See how it does. This was in pieces as I was putting it together.
  9. Here is my map from running the stock header and air filter with the original fpr.
  10. I had it custom mapped when I first got it. But since then have added Delkivic header to the Yoshi slip on’s. That were on the bike when I got it. Changed the FPR to a higher one. Forget the P/N now as Honda discontinued the original. Added the K&N. Runs best right now on my map. Tried a few others from Dynojets web site. Just it’s falling on its face at 150. Want it to climb where it’s supposed to.
  11. Having a hard time finding a turner for the PC3. How’s the 99’s run with on the factory ecm. Thinking of taking it off for now. The PC3.
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