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  1. Zero Knievel

    Vibration issue and plumbing....

    Bacteria that would leave stains if not sterilized.
  2. Zero Knievel

    Vibration issue and plumbing....

    Every time the water pump kicks in, there's vibration. I took pipe insulation and slipped it on wherever the supply line crossed ceiling trusses to avoid rattling. That helped. I dismounted the chlorine injector and zip tied it down with a couple of shop rags under it. That helped. Mom still complains. This morning, the water softener was in service mode, so I stood around for 30 minutes to wait for the pump to kick in to track down the rattling. Oddly, it was non-existent where the pipe comes into the house. It was loudest at the pipes around the pressure tank. On a lark, I unplugged the power to the chlorine injector, and everything stopped...quiet as a mouse. Odd thing is that the chlorine injector isn't connected with hard lines. I can't fathom how the vibration from the pump is resonating through the pipes in the system. Any insight?
  3. Zero Knievel

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    Well, they say hindsight is 20/20.
  4. Zero Knievel

    Wire Loom Fix

    I see no reason to fiddle with that kind of nonsense. The Honda manual, for anything under the tank, tells you to drain tank, detatch lines, and remove tank. That’s a pain for maintenance and a nightmare if it’s being done in the field. So, I cut the lines and installed quick disconnects. Did a DIY thread on it. Sorry about the missing photos.
  5. Zero Knievel

    Wire Loom Fix

    I see no issues with the filter in the tank. Unless you get really bad gas, you change it every 50K as a preventative measure. Be more upset that there’s no cutoff for the fuel so you can easily detach the fuel lines and dismount the tank. A requirement to clean/replace the air filter or change plugs.
  6. Zero Knievel

    Wire Loom Fix

    FWIW, here's a link to when I did the wire loom fix on my '99 XX. For what benefit it helps, here you go. I don't know if the fix was "needed" but I had a weird gremlin happen on a cross-country trip, and doing this was one way to address one of the possible causes.
  7. Zero Knievel

    Sport bike lift

    Didn’t Dave K look at that?
  8. Zero Knievel


    Because. You’re welcome.
  9. Zero Knievel

    2010 Kawasaki Concours w/ABS

    Have you met Dave? 😁
  10. Zero Knievel

    School me on gutters...

    The one guy...so far...recommended 6 inch gutters.
  11. Zero Knievel

    Power Commander vs TFI Controller, winner is...?

    I had K&N. It’s good for one reason...more air. That comes at the cost of less filtration and more filter maintenance. For some, it’s worth it.
  12. Zero Knievel

    Won't start

    Check if your pump is getting power.
  13. Zero Knievel

    School me on gutters...

    Reminds me to start asking for estimates....
  14. Zero Knievel

    Programable fuel injection?

    I’m probably the only one who installed a Power Commander to improves fuel consumption.
  15. Why store old smart phones in safes and storage boxes?