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  1. The temptation to piss cost me dearly.
  2. On my Zumo and Navigator VI, I use the GPS to connect to my phone and BT dongle. My dongle can connect to the GPS and phone, but it's more complicated to set up than just using the GPS as the hub. No issues. Of course, both allow me to access and dial from my phone via touchscreen. Maybe the Sena can't do both equally...one gets priority over the other so they don't overlap?
  3. You would think that would work, but if the malfunction isn't predictable (like in my case), it may be HOURS before you see it happen once. Also, the bumping of actual riding can cause something to happen that will never take place when stationary. I suppose it depends on how frequently your speedometer is acting up. Some malfunctions only occur under actual conditions but not in the shop.
  4. I have a way to test. Jerry rig a set of multimeter leads to the terminals on the speedometer that get the signal. Look up the voltage of the signal pulse. Plug in a multimeter where you can safely view it and ride. While a pulse, it occurs so fast it will look like continuous current. When the speedometer stops working, if you still show voltage, the speedometer is bad. If no voltage, it’s likely the sensor or wire harness (least likely). When mine acted up, I pulled the sensor and found some organic gunk stuck to it...impacting its ability to sense the spinning of the flywheel. I just removed the gunk, and all was well.
  5. Very tempting, but I use a full face and normally fit a Large.
  6. BTW, if you hook a car battery in parallel (+ to +, - to ground) or just hook in a car battery in lieu of the bike's battery, the higher CCAs will let you know immediately if it's a battery issue. Whenever my battery has acted up and I want to be sure it's the battery (all other tests indicate it's likely good), this answers everything. Instant crank and start and run with no issues? Weak/dead battery that just tests false positive for functionality.
  7. What does happen when you try to start?
  8. No. You have a PC2. It uses a serial cable, not USB. I don't know if the PC3 (USB) worked on the '99. PC2 had a connector that went between ECU and harness. The one pictured here has multiple plug ins.
  9. The power commander should be largely plug and play. If it’s set with a “zero map,” it makes no changes to anything. Only way to screw things up is to program in insane values. A shop tuning your bike will start with basic adjustments and modify until they get optimal results. If someone else has the same bike and hardware as yours, a map on theirs should work perfectly without tuning.
  10. Nope...marketing. Demoing with a dirt bike leaves one to wonder what size bike will work with it (and I don’t mean barely fit in). Now, had they used more of an adventure bike, it would do more to sell the product.
  11. Let me see if I understand you. Are both lights on when the bike is running? Does each flash when the turn signal switch is engaged? I don’t recall if the lamp is single or dual filament. A dual filament bulb can partially fail.
  12. I've cleaned mine with simple brake parts cleaner. A quick spray out then dry with Q-tips to get into all the nooks and crannies still holding gunk. Let sit a while to ensure it all evaporates out.
  13. Nice idea, but demoing with a dirt bike pretty much shows it won’t work well with full sized motorcycles.
  14. +1 on EBC. No need for Honda brand name for stuff like that.
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