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  1. You think she’s compensating for something?
  2. Don’t know how to fix this...we lack access to full editing tools if the whole screen doesn’t show the reply box. I’ll try to post photos. There doesn’t seem to be an option to go into a full edit mode.
  3. Thanks. That’s what I suspected. Hopefully the rain gutters and French drainage will retard the rate of erosion. Perhaps I should have a landscaping company lay down a few inches of dirt and compact/seed it to more level it closer to the house or even to the fence...just to even it out some.
  4. These trimmers have been around for decades. Don’t know when they were last sharpened, if ever...and the got a lot of use over the years. I think sharpening might be doable. I have a grinding wheel, but I’d have to see what’s involved.
  5. The wall would be to stave off erosion of the new yard. If I just dump down dirt, I’ll have a sudden drop off which will start to erode right away. A general drawing...
  6. Front yard has a more pronounced slope due to gradual erosion. I’ve had the thought to build a retaining wall to more “level” the front yard. How expensive a project should I expect this to be? Most people just advertise for free fill dirt to do these projects, so I’m wondering how involved it would be to DIY? If it’d be better to hire someone, what kind of cost can I expect? I’d be looking to make it 5 to 6 foot so the back fill levels the yard but still allows enough slope for natural runoff and drainage.
  7. Occasional use only. Prefer dual edge cutter. Maybe will see use once or twice a year. When do they tend to go on sale? We have two with dull blades. Cost to sharpen would be almost as much as buying new.
  8. Sorry for not responding sooner. With a replacement jack in the garage, I’ve not made it a priority to mess with the older one. Perhaps over the winter when I have nothing better to do. I haven’t even thought to stop and buy a bottle of oil for the jack or disassemble the old one.
  9. Well, trust me, the phone companies aren’t that interested in solving the problem. Verizon just wants to sell equipment with no assurance it will work to our needs or at all. Been there, done that. It would be nice if someone could come to the site with a selection of options and see which (if any) work, and then you know which options to order. Instead, they want you to try a device, and if not happy return it (with restocking fees) and try another again and again. I don’t mind running to town, but I want them to provide loaner equipment (with a deposit, of course) for me to t
  10. Well, if you feel that way, so far, I don’t see a “fill plug.” Still just looking at the jack, it’s oozing oil from several places...it needed to be remanufactured. I doubt they make kits for that. I just hate the idea of chucking stuff in a landfill.
  11. Or I have a brain that can't tune out noises....
  12. I thought I gave you a copy of the maintenance record, but I'll pull it and e-mail it to you if you PM the address. The chain should still be good given the Pro-Oiler, but I don't know if time affects chains. For a couple years I did very little riding. Yeah, the dampened sprocket makes a huge difference. I was too unnerved listening to the ticking noise of the aftermarket sprocket.
  13. 1/15/2011 at 70826 Receipt says I bought a DID 530 ZVM2 Gold X-Ring Chain at 110 links
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