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  1. I went with Jiffy Tite. Made for race, aerospace, etc. Costs more but never had an issue with them.
  2. That photo deserves a caption.
  3. Yes...the tools made from the tears of Chuck Norris and unobtainium. Not exactly positive marketing. No complaints on quality but cost is another matter. Normally, when a website is trying to sell a product, they have pages showing the product, side by side comparisons to OEM equipment, etc., and then there’s the sales section. If they want to rely on someone getting their product and selling it to their friends by word of mouth, fine...but they should be marketing on their own website. That’s not a huge investment. I contacted these people about application on the RS. They don’t know if it will or won’t fit as they don’t have a definitive chart. Sometimes some “adaptation” is needed on an install, sometimes not. At least they were honest on this. So, unless another RS owner has done it, the only smart move is go to a show where they are doing installs and let them have a go. I can’t know when buying if it will be worth the money and hassle.
  4. This. I prefer the seller to make the case for their product rather than depend on others to do it for them. Seems odd that they didn't bother to do that considering the work they put into the web page.
  5. Well, the make the HexCam and EZCam modules for that. It’s like when I got the HID systems for the XX. I thought of HIDs for a while, but DDM (and the reviews from others who bought it) made me realize it was worth the coin. Only deficiency was too much glare on low beam that was fixed by a member here who fabricated a shield to resolve the problem. I’ll look at the site again, but I was looking for a page that illustrates what their LEDs will do compared to stock to entice someone to buy the product.
  6. Different strokes and all that jazz, but when I got the RS, I didn’t realize how much I liked the linked system. I use the front brake almost exclusively, and without linked braking, stopping the RS isn’t as smooth. That little bit of rear brake makes a huge difference...makes an emergency deceleration feel more controlled. Maybe it’s not workable with ABS monitoring each brake circuit, but I’m really having to learn to use the rear brake every time because the XX spoiled me.
  7. They don’t seem to be marketing WHY I would want to buy them or buy theirs compared to a competitor.
  8. That and how it's an improvement over OEM. I don't see anything promoting why I would want to buy it.
  9. I'd be nice if they actually showcased the product. I'm just seeing a few pics and kits for certain bikes...nothing to sell the product to me.
  10. On the brakes, the rear is actuated by the front by a small piston on the right side caliper mount. That caliper pivots when pressing against the disc...pressurizing the line to the rear. It’s fed from the rear fluid reservoir, not the front. I’d check the bike over carefully...probably need to remove the body panels...and check for evidence of rodent or insect damage/intrusion. What you describe sounds like a crossed circuit, which shouldn’t happen under normal wear and tear. Remember when I had a instrument/headlamp issue on a trip a few years back? Everything came back on its own a day later, and tearing everything down, I found nothing to explain why it happened.
  11. Boy...you must REALLY hate him.
  12. The temptation to piss cost me dearly.
  13. On my Zumo and Navigator VI, I use the GPS to connect to my phone and BT dongle. My dongle can connect to the GPS and phone, but it's more complicated to set up than just using the GPS as the hub. No issues. Of course, both allow me to access and dial from my phone via touchscreen. Maybe the Sena can't do both equally...one gets priority over the other so they don't overlap?
  14. You would think that would work, but if the malfunction isn't predictable (like in my case), it may be HOURS before you see it happen once. Also, the bumping of actual riding can cause something to happen that will never take place when stationary. I suppose it depends on how frequently your speedometer is acting up. Some malfunctions only occur under actual conditions but not in the shop.
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