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  1. Interesting. That explains why most all speedometers have a stop stub for the needle at zero.
  2. That or set the needle in enough to see how it moves but don’t fully seat it. I don’t know what the flip side of a rheostat is, but basically, as the pulses from the RPM sensor increase, more current is allowed into the mechanism, moving the needle a prescribed amount on the dial. I don’t see why removal of the needle would damage that. I do know they have those stubs to stop the needle at zero, so perhaps the stub rotated too far without the needle and threw off the calibration?
  3. Looks like clearing all the iPad’s history solved the problem.
  4. Running iOS 14.4 When I have notifications, nothing loads when I tap on it. I also can't add responses or reply to a post...dialog box seems to not load 100%. I noticed this issue as of today (2/12/21).
  5. Zero Knievel


    No...it’s the port connector on the device. To clear or load detailed maps, it’s the fastest and easiest way to do it. PC3 went with USB. Oh, now I get it.... Yeah, I had a map that leaned out the fuel under 5K. Bike ran fine. The rich low end is great if you need all that power, but the XX is plenty fast even on the lean side.
  6. Zero Knievel


    DOS? Harrumph. That’s a Windows 98 system. I think software and maps are is a directory off the desktop. I’m sure the Google machine could find the software for it if Dynojet doesn’t still host it. Biggest hassle with the PC2 is having a PC or laptops with a legacy serial port.
  7. I’ve looked at this one from Amazon. A lot cheaper and well rated. Only reason I’ve not done it is because I don’t live or travel to sketchy places. Maybe for a long trip I would have it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S7DVT33/?coliid=ISA5JW1IO8PER&colid=OTZUWSV92XIY&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  8. Many a maintenance adventure starts with those words. For the cooling system, once you replace hoses, thermostat, pump, etc., you need to run a rust remover to get as much out as you can. I used a product called Evapo-Rust from Advance Auto Parts. It’s safe and did a good job getting the vast majority of rust out of my trucks cooling system after I had neglected it for a few years. It works slowly, so don’t be surprised to have to let it sit for a few days. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/evapo-rust-evapo-rust-rust-remover-32-oz.-er004/10182522-p?product_channel=
  9. Cooling fans? Lots of vehicles use dual, smaller fans rather than one large one.
  10. You think she’s compensating for something?
  11. Don’t know how to fix this...we lack access to full editing tools if the whole screen doesn’t show the reply box. I’ll try to post photos. There doesn’t seem to be an option to go into a full edit mode.
  12. Thanks. That’s what I suspected. Hopefully the rain gutters and French drainage will retard the rate of erosion. Perhaps I should have a landscaping company lay down a few inches of dirt and compact/seed it to more level it closer to the house or even to the fence...just to even it out some.
  13. These trimmers have been around for decades. Don’t know when they were last sharpened, if ever...and the got a lot of use over the years. I think sharpening might be doable. I have a grinding wheel, but I’d have to see what’s involved.
  14. The wall would be to stave off erosion of the new yard. If I just dump down dirt, I’ll have a sudden drop off which will start to erode right away. A general drawing...
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