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  1. Master link not done well enough? I’d suspect that over a random link failure.
  2. In layman terms, what in the offending paragraph triggered the issue? I don’t see how anything I wrote looks like code or was it buried in something other than the text itself?
  3. Could you copy the text from that link and paste it as a new post in the trip thread? http://www.cbr1100xx.org/forums/index.php?/topic/96239-hey-zero-how’s-europe/ I don’t see any other workaround. The paste quirks only with the .ORG site.
  4. We’ll I’m having issues with just one day’s report. I’ve inserted links for the photo albums, but the text is no go. Got it to post on another forum with no issues. Here’s a link to the test. If you spot anything in it that poses an issue, I’d love to know what it is. You don’t need to post my trip entry now. I sent you a PM on the issue.
  5. No, but links were added. Is there a maximum text limit on posts?
  6. I didn’t notice the paste icon. It works when I use that. Incidentally, the forum stopped auto adapting links about the same time, so I had to start entering them manually via the icon on the reply box. I just managed to successfully update the thread over my hotspot.
  7. Reboot did nothing. Right now, I hope it’s just an artifact of my current connection. Maybe the ORG doesn’t play well with the local cellular provider?
  8. I don’t know what else to try. I’m on an iPhone 7 running 13.0. Paste works everywhere but on this forum.
  9. When I try to paste nothing happens. Sometimes the text box “bumps” but the clipboard contents don’t appear. Only on this website, though.
  10. I just tried on another web forum. Copy/paste works fine over there. I’ve even redictated the entire post only to have the submission be blocked. My best guess is perhaps my local cellular provider puts a cap like Twitter, but why am I able to upload multiple photos to Flickr with no problem?
  11. Perhaps it’s where I’m at? I can’t access the forum over WiFi. I can access over cellular, even got the iPad to work for a while using the phone as a hotspot, but copy and paste has been wonky ever since updating to iOS 13. I’m wondering if something in the new iOS release doesn’t want to play nice with the board, but the iPad was not updated to 13.
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