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  1. If you can match it to an existing type of auto thermostat, you may find one in a lower temperature range. I'm not sure if it matters, but I had constant boil over issues because the thermostat went bad and remained open. So, it messed with how the coolant regulated its temperature. Replacing it put it back to normal.
  2. Attic is open to outside air...well-vented. However, that means the outside humidity is in the attic space.
  3. I’m pretty sure the issue is humid air getting in via the ceiling vent in the bathrooms. Hence why I’m wondering if someone makes a thing that blocks air flow when it’s not running to keep outside air from coming in. I suppose I have to get up in the attic and have someone work the vent then the heat to see if the vent hose flows both ways.
  4. It's just an issue with the AC making the vent so cold serious condensation happens when humidity is high. I don't know how most deal with it. This condensation happens when nobody's using the bathroom, high humidity (hot outside) and AC is running near all the time..
  5. I know. I just wonder why they don’t make AC vents that are condensation resistant.
  6. Honestly, I put no stock in them since going to Amsoil. I used them when I used regular dino oil. Once I saw the superior protection of a full-synthetic (back when they were a minority in the market), I switched all vehicles and never looked back. Pickup truck is about 21 years old with almost 225K on the clock...runs great with no sign of oil consumption. Switched to Amsoil about a year into owning it. Ran nothing but Amsoil in the XX all the time I had it. Only reason I'm using another brand in the RS is because it's under warranty and can't find an exact match from Amsoil for the oil specs. Once it's out of warranty, I won't worry about using the closest match they carry. Since the vast majority of wear is at startup, that's all these modifiers can help protect against, but even then, how many high quality oils already have them to some degree to serve that purpose?
  7. I think I remember the product, but I think the current stuff using the same name IS NOT the same formula. I read reviews condemning the new stuff as snake oil compared to the original product. BTW, I saw a video where they drained ordinary oil from a Kawasaki and ran it until the headers were turning red. Never seized. They let it cool, filled with oil, and it ran fine. Some motors made better than others?
  8. It's happened of late during very humid weather. If the whole house was an issue, I'd expect to see it on many other vents. It's just happening in the bathrooms...at the vents next to the ceiling mount heater/vent cluster...which vents into the attic. We had a similar issue during wintertime when using gas auxiliary heat because gas heat releases water vapor into the air if it's unvented (as is the case with us).
  9. It’s a heater/vent/light combo in each bathroom. AC vent is usually within 24 inches of unit in each. Good point with seeing if unit has some kind of flapper valve...that might explain a lot.
  10. Ongoing issue with condensation on bathroom AC vents. These vents are next to ceiling mounted haters/exhaust vents. They use tubes drawing/dischargeing from/to the attic. Is there something that could go on the end to close them off when air is not actively being drawn in to blown out to prevent humid air from working its way in?
  11. Zero Knievel


    I’m pretty sure that was written before platinum and then iridium plugs were commonplace.
  12. Well...lube or something (graphite?). You do nothing and dirt and stuff gets in there.
  13. Honestly, who DOESN’T shoot some WD-40 into both locks every now and then to prevent this from happening?
  14. Cars now have security latches on the fuel doors.
  15. Why I carry a spare key. Mostly I'd be worried about losing the main key, but this is also a good reason to have one in your gear.
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