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  1. Zero Knievel

    Brake pad info needed

    +1 on EBC. No need for Honda brand name for stuff like that.
  2. Zero Knievel

    Who makes something like this?

    They went through the nonsense to make the car decals smaller but not for trailers and motorcycles.
  3. Zero Knievel

    Who makes something like this?

    VA just says it needs to be on the left side. There's the second question of how many viable mounting points exist. There is a flat plate that'll work with the size of the decal. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GBMKV9W/?coliid=I2K6QV6U5W56KN&colid=OTZUWSV92XIY&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it 0.049 thick. Maybe it will bend easily if it doesn't mount well to any one bolt.
  4. Zero Knievel

    Who makes something like this?

    That's pretty much all I'm finding. I was hoping for one that slipped over the fork tube itself, but it looks like nobody makes one.
  5. Zero Knievel

    Who makes something like this?

    The state inspection sticker on motorcycles isn't small. Rather than stick it directly on the fork tube, is there a strong, piece of metal one can clamp or layer over the fork tube to apply the decal to which is more "disposable" so if you muck it up applying/removing annual decals, you aren't scarring up the fork tube itself? A curved inspection sticker mount?
  6. Zero Knievel

    FS Autovox cruise control

    Off the original ‘99 XX?
  7. Zero Knievel


    Memory IS the first thing to go.
  8. Zero Knievel

    Could (not) get on this morning

    Could not get off this morning.
  9. Zero Knievel

    Sport bike lift

    That band is still popular over there?
  10. Zero Knievel

    Motivation frame slider install

    Cracked plastic held together with duct tape or bad rashing looks worse.
  11. Zero Knievel

    Motivation frame slider install

    Great image. Shroom is good...both is better, IMHO. I've lowsided and BOTH really took the brunt of the fall for the XX. Cheaper to replace too.
  12. Zero Knievel

    Motivation frame slider install

    I used Shrooms...did their job. I also installed frame sliders (RXX can get a photo as he bought the XX from me). BOTH are ideal. The frame sliders need drilling, but it's not too hard if you know how with a hole-drilling bit. The key is to line the panel up correctly and let the bolt you'll use to install the slider imprint on the backside of the panel so you properly center it. Measure 3 times, cut once. If you want added protection, you could see about gluing a hockey puck onto the stator cover as it's exposed and likely to grind on a lowside, but it's not as necessary.
  13. Zero Knievel

    Water seepage in basement wall.

    And again I say, "Thanks, Dad." Good Lord that man could be stubborn.
  14. Zero Knievel

    Water seepage in basement wall.

    I don't know of a membrane layer, but I know we applied a tar-like coating when doing the project...over 25 years ago. Dad refused to go with gutters, and it doesn't take an engineer to realize 20+ years of water falling off the roof will cause issues. The front of the house drops off a good 8 feet or so from the basement, so no real risk of water eroding soil towards the basement. It's only a 2 foot (max) overhang off the back.
  15. Zero Knievel

    Water seepage in basement wall.

    What kind of person would I look for to do this work? What would they be listed under?