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  1. 1998 Mazda B3000 2WD. I know springs weaken with age, but the truck seems to have a tad too much roll in tight turns and the bed drops when loaded…perhaps more than it used to. Shocks were replaced, which might be concealing any issues. Which would be a better move? Add helper springs or replace them? If I replaced them, I’d want the strongest springs I can fit rather than a straight replacement just to find there is no improvement.
  2. There is an idle adjust knob on the FI models. I had to adjust it in the time I had it…similar situation where once warmed up it idled too high for no apparent reason.
  3. When I got back from NEXXT, I went on a diet and am now back under 170. The problem is that I have to change how I eat…specifically portion sizes. I can literally have a cup of Greek yogurt and a cup of coffee and be “full” for several hours. Maybe a hard boiled egg and coffee. It’s easier to feel a little hungry than to deal with the aftermath of eating too much. Heck, a standard dinner plate holds more food than my stomach can handle. I have a follow up with my PCP the week of Thanksgiving…I go in for blood work Monday. My endoscopy indicated GERD and hiatal hernia…not bad enough to demand immediate intervention, but I’ll be inquiring about my treatment options. Dining out is near impossible for now. Need to keep it simple and small portions. I’m wondering what prepackaged items in the store would do well as “on the go” meals for work or travel. Real food, not processed junk, if possible.
  4. I could see it if you needed both a motorcycle and a snowmobile, but...I'm sure it's cheaper and better to have one of each.
  5. I kind of answered my own question. That it will see rare use made me realize the option of blade replacement might be more money than it would be worth. Keep in mind the units I’m throwing out are over 30 years old.
  6. I went and just bought a Worx hedge trimmer from Lowes. With a batter and charger included, it’ll complement the other Worx weed whacker/edger we already have.
  7. It will only see use maybe twice a year on the shrubs. Tossing two in the trash because the blades are dull, and getting them sharpened is about as much as buying a new one. Corded or cordless doesn’t really matter to me. Has to cut both sides (maybe they all do now). If they make models where the blade assembly is replaceable, I’d like to look at it. *** Never mind.
  8. As it cranks but won't start, if it's not the battery, I'd question the fuel system. My B3000 had an issue in Wyoming where if I tried to start it X minutes after shutting it down in cold weather, it wouldn't start because it needed a mix for cold air but the ECU was thinking the engine was still warm enough. Maybe a similar issue where a sensor isn't telling the ECU it's cold?
  9. The crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald?
  10. Might be how you perceive it. As a kid, nose drops my mom used on me smelled and had the aftertaste of peanut butter. I doubt that was a feature.
  11. All the toys go on sale after I already have one. 😄
  12. For UT I have to be referred by my PCP. I printed the referral form for my doctor and will drop it off when I'm in town Friday. Minimum of 3 weeks to be set for an initial consult.
  13. My sinuses have never been cooperative.
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