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  1. Darn...I can only ship to Nigeria.
  2. It's a matter of preference. I prefer to NOT have to work around something perched on a dowel and balanced in place. More options to "attack" a problem when something's not in the way. Full or empty, the quick disconnects make my life a lot easier when working on something under the tank. The fittings have paid for themselves 10 times over just in how it simplified maintenance issues alone.
  3. I'll start with a link to a DIY project you might as well do. To access ANYTHING under the tank, you more or less have to disconnect the fuel lines which means you have to drain the tank. Many FI bikes DO NOT have a manual cut off. Spend the money and time to buy the Jiffy-tite disconnects and install them. Dismounting and remounting the fuel tank becomes easy peasy. A big part of any cost in accessing plugs and air filter is the need to drain the tank (although a shop might have a way to plug the fuel lines once disconnected so they don't have to drain the tank). Also, filter and plugs are low-priority maintenance. If you have down time (winter), it's the ideal time to dismount the tank and fiddle with anything underneath.
  4. For the most part...everything still stock? Sooooo tempting. Have a '99 already, but it looks like you've take very good care of her.
  5. Petcock self-sealing? I had a jerk mechanic sabotage my petcock to cover for another guy who dumped crap in my tank and claimed I got bad gas. In the time I had to wait for a replacement petcock to arrive, the gravity feed overflowed my carbs and filled the engine pistons...which then drained into the engine block. This did no damage, but I had to completely drain the engine and put in fresh oil after fixing the petcock. The petcock was vacuum driven, so removing a key spring kept it from closing when shut down.
  6. Well, I would have just gone with Z Custom as I liked the work they did in the past, but the significant increase in their prices made me consider Syed as an option. Had Syed had a pattern I liked for the one-piece, I might have gotten both from them.
  7. Well, since I ordered from both places, let me tell my tale of how it has worked far... Having lost weight and pretty much stabilized at how "big" I expect to get going forward, I wanted a better grade of cow protecting my bony ass should something happen. Only two real contenders for custom-fit (after finding OTR suits that had what I wanted were too tight in the arms to be usable). Syed (Florida) and Z Custom (California). Syed I went with a plain two-piece from Syed. A couple of extras (mostly no perforation and back armor added). Their cost was about what I was used to paying for a suit from Z Custom. This time, the same from Z Custom would have cost hundreds more. I guess the high cost of being in California is largely to blame for this. This was a downer as the cost difference for a "basic" suit is why the job went to Syed. PROS ... The Syed suit generally appears to be well-made, and it even came with a speed hump (which I could have opted NOT to have but was included for the price). Fit appears to be good. First ride was a bit tight in the seat and legs, but I'm sure it will break in with more wears. I'll count this as a "PRO" but I have mixed feelings on it...the elbow armor is inserted on the OUTSIDE of the suit with an access sealed with Velcro. I'm still trying to get used to it because whenever I see the access seam, I think the pocket is open when it's not. Does make it easier to change out the armor (or just remove it) compared to something sewn into the leather itself. CONS ... The suit is HEAVY. I'm not sure why this bothered me as this suit seems just as heavy as I remember my prior Z Custom suits being. My cheap Bilt one-piece is nowhere near the weight...which might be why this threw me. Heavy normally does = good crash protection, so how you see it depends on how you feel. DEALER ... They certainly were friendly and helpful over e-mail, but be warned if you talk to them by phone. The guy I got had a heavy Hispanic accent, and it was difficult to tell if he understood what I was saying. I took extra care to make sure there were no misunderstandings in what we were saying to each other. I found their measurement chart to be a tad more excessive than Z Custom requires. While I believe there were no errors, even with a "snug" fitting, the jacket has a bit more width than is necessary (makes my shoulders look broader than they are). This could have simply been from adding material to accommodate the back protector (extra). In the end, it's a blessing because the bit of extra room leaves an option to layer clothing underneath or even a heated vest. Another customization I asked for was an "extra long zipper." Last time I had a custom suit made, I asked for the zipper to go as far down as was practical to make it easier to get on/off when using the bathroom (yes, just one inch makes that much of a difference). This was probably a first for them, and what I got...well, the zipper goes ALL THE WAY down. I should have just asked for it to go one inch longer. On the upside, I can don and remove this two-piece suit as if it was a one-piece (which saves me the struggle with the waistband zipper). On the downside, it's the likely cause of why it's a bit too snug in the legs and seat (when seated on the bike) fresh out of the box. Z Custom For Z Custom, I went with a one-piece suit. Pretty much the same extras were ordered. PROS ... The suit looked good overall (as I expected), and it fit like a glove. CONS ... Other than the significantly higher cost, I saw no clear defect in construction or fit. My only other issue was the WEIGHT of the suit. It was 18 pounds to ship. When I picked it up, I couldn't believe a whole suit was in the small box they used. Maybe it's just my perception, but I'm suspecting there's some "cost shaving" going on, and given the higher price, I expect the grade of material should equal or exceed their competition's. I'll update this when I get the suit back and can wear it a couple of times to get a better feel for things. DEALER ... I'm questioning what's going on with the vendor. A HUGE oversight is that they put the wrong type of collar on the suit. While I expect them to refund the return shipping, it shouldn't have happened in the first place. They also shipped to my PO Box (billing address) rather than the address I told them to. This tells me someone wasn't looking at the actual order form and whoever did the final QA check before shipping didn't do their job very well. Yes, the suit design came with a collar, but the order specified a different collar. For the cost of the product, mistakes like this don't inspire confidence. Also regarding cost, in the past if you wanted a "custom colored" suit design, and if your color stayed within the whole panel (no special cutting or sewing required), the charge for different colors were minimal to none at all. All they had to do was cut that particular piece from a different bolt of material. I opted for a simple one-color detail as shown in the suit pattern, and the increase in cost for that one alteration was significant. As any pattern they sell would be invisible if done in only one color, you'd think the base price for a suit would reflect the work of custom coloring WITHIN their pre-designed pattern.
  8. I'm just amazed someone wore a set out.
  9. I'm tempted, but they're smaller than my 45L Givis, and I can't imagine using anything smaller.
  10. Only time I've seen "instant stretch" on my chain is when it was dying.
  11. I have no freeplay. I set each side to the same position on the "tick marks" and check slack then. I then tighten and ensure neither side has shifted. I'm usually golden until I choose to loosen the nut.
  12. Contact info or just deal through you?
  13. Dave's ADD is your gain. Dave, love you big time, but it seems so silly to buy something and put so much into it just to sell it after hardly using it. My dad did that with sailboats (bought worn down ones, refurbished them, used them for a short while then sold them), but it was his "therapy." I think my mom would have killed him when one considers how much $$$ he put into these projects (although he probably broke even when they sold).
  14. What kind of price do you think he'd drop down to? I know Amazon has a Puig XX-specific model for $110.
  15. I can't see enough details in the pic to pull a UPC or part number.