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  1. There's an ongoing issue at my house. Water runs off the mountain and drains under the drive (currently in two places) via culverts. Needless to say, when it's severe, dead limbs, leaves, small(ish) rocks, etc. come down with it; forcing the water to find another patch of drainage. I spent Saturday digging out the culvert going under the paved section of the driveway. Fortunately, a few moderate sized branches were the culprit, so nothing was in the pipe...just the entry was blocked, but I had to dig over a ten square foot area to find where the culvert was. I know there's always going to be dirt and leaves washing down, and the culverts will need regular inspection for blockages, but on this one particular culvert (and possibly another similar to it), I'd like to find an inexpensive "diverter" I can either buy or build uphill to catch/deflect the big items so they don't run full force into the mouth of the culvert. I'd have to do this by hand, so nothing that requires heavy equipment to install or too heavy to carry up uneven terrain. I've tried Google, but my hits are more for items designed for professional landscaping jobs. The stuff for homeowners is more about landscaping options geared to slowing runoff so it's absorbed into the soil.
  2. Nope. I had a spare radiator at one time...I think I sent it to someone in need.
  3. R/R showed up today. Thanks. Hopefully I'll never need it.
  4. If the R/R will work with a '99, I'm interested. Likely won't check back until case I don't reply sooner.
  5. Dang...if I had a photo of my bike with the side cases on, I could give you an idea of how close the OEM pipe comes to the case.
  6. What's the nature of your issue? If you have a one-sided exhaust, you still have the ability to mount the Wingrack properly...just sans exhaust pipe on one side.
  7. Not much help, but if you're going to disassemble the system on that end, could you soak the module in a solvent (B-12 Chemtool) and see if it "degunks" the works?
  8. I tried a well-rated unit. Sent it back. It did a massive improvement on the signal we do get (basic cellular), but no 3G or higher. It can't pull in what isn't there to start with. We're just too far away from the tower.
  9. #3 here...but I don't have the tool kit.
  10. I'm looking for hardware recommendations. We are not line-of-sight to any towers...mountains in the way. It's amazing we get signal at all. I fully expected the antenna portion would likely need to be mounted on an eave.
  11. It's gotten to the point of being intolerable on dial-up. Cell phone WiFi hot spots don't work because we are too far from the nearest tower to get a strong signal. My AT&T iPhone gets no signal but my parents' Verizon phones get 1 bar...enough to make a decent call if you stand in the right spot of the house. Needless to say, Verizon is the carrier over the local tower. When I tested the Verizon hot spot, I got a connection but slower than dial-up speed. There is talk of upgrading our wiring to fiber optics, but if that ever happens there's still the question of monthly cost for broadband service. We don't use a lot, but just checking e-mail is becoming insufferable...forget doing anything more than that. I'd be looking for something simple and reliable for boosting reception/transmission to the nearest tower. Affordable would be nice as well, but I want an "install it and forget it" system that does the job when it's powered on. Whether it comes with the WiFi transmitter or not doesn't matter. WiFi routers can fail, and it might be better to keep it separate...just in case. I've searched Amazon, but I honestly don't know what is best for my needs. Suggestions?
  12. UPDATE - Syed Okay, after having time to basically spend a week in the Syed leathers, I can say I'm rather impressed. While the suit had some initial discomfort in the thighs, the suit has either broken in nicely or it was my using the Corbin saddle that made the difference. The extended zipper I requested made getting the suit on and off super easy (essentially as a one-piece suit), and bathroom breaks were no-hassle. The suit comes perforated as standard, and I went without perforations, but the Kevlar panels let enough air flow into the suit that it was comfortable (for me), and as usual, in cool and rainy weather, I was glad that I didn't have the perforated version to deal with. As it stood, going home I put on my rain jacket for the extra shielding from the damp, cold air. I still need to do a weight check between the two's been crazy at home and I keep forgetting to take the time. I hope to get enough time in the Z Custom suit to give a fair evaluation on it, although prior experience tells me I should be equally happy with the overall quality.
  13. Darn...I can only ship to Nigeria.
  14. It's a matter of preference. I prefer to NOT have to work around something perched on a dowel and balanced in place. More options to "attack" a problem when something's not in the way. Full or empty, the quick disconnects make my life a lot easier when working on something under the tank. The fittings have paid for themselves 10 times over just in how it simplified maintenance issues alone.