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  1. Corporate reasoning? (long)

    It’s just a system designed to deal with dishonest workers. Still, how many dumbasses got canned KNOWING they were being tracked but still did something stupid. A reminder to the clueless?
  2. help to i.d. a mount

    I did a DIY on how to convert the centerpiece for a RAM mount, but the search function is acting wonky.
  3. help to i.d. a mount

    Looks custom. How hard to remove?
  4. Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    Someone look for the Family Guy skit where Peter did that to his pickup truck thinking it would allow him to fly. YouTube is blocked at work.
  5. Okay, I'll ask... How'd you get it photo of it with today's date on it? Looks like it was pulled from the web.
  6. Urban dick-tionary

    As I recall, it was used as a generalized insult similar to calling someone an asshole. Sounded better than just calling someone a "dick." I suppose "dick-weed" could refer to pubic hair, in which case you're calling someone a single pube hair.
  7. It's not all that bad. Set up a pill tray once a week and I'm good. Anastrozole & Clomid - Manage testosterone levels (low T) Essential Fatty Acids (better than fish oil) & Flax Oil with Lignan - Health supplements...source of healthy fats Glucosamine Chondroitin Complex - Knees & Joints Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) - To help get me back to sleeping normally Lithium Orotate - For anxiety Prolamine Iodine - To try and combat hypothyroidism Magnesium, Multivitamin / Mineral Supplement, & Potassium Gluconate - Nutritional supplement Raw Honey - Natural immunotherapy for allergies Tumeric Curcumin - Cellular anti-inflammatory - combat cardiovascular disease Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D3 - Anxiety/irritability. Aspirin - Preventative measure for heart attack and stroke risk. Docusate Sodium - Hemorroids Cetirizine HCl, Diphenhydramine HCL, Zyrtec D - OTC allergy meds Excedrin - Migraine meds Mucinex - Chest congestion (when sick) Naproxen Sodium - Pain Pseudoephedrine HCL - Allergy/sinus issues Saline Mist Nasal Spray & Saline Sinus / Nasal Irrigation - Sinus issues
  8. PC2 Maps needed

    [head explodes]
  9. PC2 Maps needed

    Take it up with EVLXX...it's his map. He did several dyno runs...I forget what made him come up with this map other than shits and giggles, but he saved it for those looking to get the most MPG out of the XX on trips where total range on a tank could be critical.
  10. PC2 Maps needed

    My tailpipes were darker beforehand. Guy who did the map is an XX owner, so I trust he knew what he was doing.
  11. PC2 Maps needed

    Verify what? My tailpipes are a golden brown. Someone else made the map as an experiment and happened to have saved it. Over 5K, everything’s untouched. I have plenty of power for my needs on the low end.
  12. PC2 Maps needed

    It just leans out the low end which runs on the rich side. Let’s me go over 200 miles on a tank when on long trips.
  13. PC2 Maps needed

    I have a PCII, but my map is tuned to conserve fuel...and I got that from someone else. Post up if anything is other than stock. Maps tend to be specific to configuration and desired outcome. Also post your altitude.
  14. Stainless brake lines

    My kit used the existing hard lines. Perhaps the trick is they must know the length and type of each line to use the existing hard lines...otherwise, it's easier to make X lines long enough to replace the whole run.
  15. Stainless brake lines

    I'll just chime in on DOT 5. I remember hearing that it was superior to 3 and 4, but more "high maintenance" (didn't remember why at the time). Since most people don't bother to flush and fill brake systems every year, it's not ideal for anything short of use by either enthusiasts and/or high-performance vehicles where owners don't mind spending the $$$ for the extra maintenance.