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  1. Aunt Zero

    Clean/low mile 99 on local CL

    Well, I’ll give you that. The digital dash does look sweet and is easier on the eyes.
  2. Aunt Zero

    Clean/low mile 99 on local CL

    Wow. Someone more indecisive than me.
  3. Aunt Zero

    Rectifier / Stator

    Try to figure out which one is good. You might need a spare.
  4. Aunt Zero

    Best current Lithium battery deals

    What would be the benefit?
  5. I’d say 2 weeks. Mom makes about 6-8 at a time. Longest I’ve seen them last is around 2 weeks. So long as the shell remains intact...
  6. I had.to return three boxes of protein bars. They had soy protein. I found a replacement product, but I’ll save those for when I need “grab and go” options. I’ve added eggs and Greek yogurt into my day meals.
  7. Aunt Zero

    How long?

    I'll start by saying "fuck you" for asking a question that mandated firing up the PC to answer. It may never happen. Not because e-currency won't last. It's because the central banks don't control it. Truly the world's been on an electronic currency system for a few decades now. Well over 90% of all "currency in circulation" only exists digitally on bank ledgers, and the "currency" is effectively worthless...only backed by a promise that it will be redeemable for the payment of goods and services. The "value" of the "currency", however, is not tied to anything tangible. So, the paper and coins are a hold back more than anything else at this point. However, the central banks (Federal Reserve in the USA), control monetary policy. Unless they can gain control over cryptocurrencies, they will never be allowed to replace the existing system. Also, if cyptocurrencies were to catch on, it wouldn't really change anything. It's still a currency exchange backed by nothing but a promise to honor it as payment for goods and services. The value is subjective and constantly in flux. While right now it's hard to "counterfeit" crypocurrencies, in reality, someone will find a way. The central banks have stolen the world's wealth by how they work the monetary system...pretty much creating "money" from nothing (this is a very involved topic by itself). Even if you were to tear down the federal reserve banks and go to cryptocurrenies, you'd just create a new group of elite bankers who inevitably will find a way to self-deal from the system they control and manage.
  8. I am open to the idea that I could have a disease which produces chronic tiredness, but I’d have to first eliminate other more obvious factors.
  9. No, and according to the CDC, I don’t have the symptoms for Lyme disease.
  10. I know my eating habits are weird. I lay off starches and carbs-heavy items (pasta, cereal, bread, rice, potatoes, etc.) because I’ve always had a slow metabolism and the gym is the pinnacle of my day’s activity. As I said, at my last job, I was always on the go even though it was a desk job. Now, I don’t even do 1/10 of the activity. So, I cut back my intake to avoid gaining weight. I really don’t cook, and I would rather use ready-to-eat items rather than have to waste an afternoon making meals for the week. Hence the protein bars and shakes. Most RTE items in the store are loaded with junk. Of course, the poor performance at the gym only makes me more self conscious about eating too much during the day. I also wonder if my diet needs more protein, fats, carbs, all three?
  11. Most days, I’m just tired all the time, and workouts are suffering. I wake up naturally, go to bed early, so it shouldn’t be a lack of rest or sleep. Have/had a low T issue that is under control. Low thyroid that doctor will follow up on next month at my annual physical. Still, it’s ever since I started the new job that I feel run down all the time. It should not be stress. The new job is crazy easy compared to my last job. Most days, I have next to nothing to do. Due to the drop in activity, I cut back my food intake to not gain weight, but I keep feeling run down. I used to spend around 2 hours in the gym 3 times a week doing up to 3 sets. Now I struggle to do one set. Joints and muscles ache, and most times I feel like I need a nap even though I just woke up and know I got a decent night’s sleep. As I’ve been getting worse since the job change, am I just not eating enough? Diet-wise.... On any weekday I have: Two protein bars +/- 190 cal - 15g protein - 27g carbs - 6g fats (each bar) I know it doesn’t look like much, but one bar keeps me full for 3-4 hours. Dinner is often meat and veggies and is a wild card. On a gym day, I add: Post-Workout Shake +/- 290 calories- 51g protein - 10g carbs - 6g fats On a non-gym day, I often have: Gluten-free English muffin w/butter and fruit spread +/- 340 calories - 5g protein - 50g carbs - 12g fats At my old job, which was a desk job but had me going nonstop at almost 50 hours each week, I typically had two protein shakes in addition to my food bars...and 2-3 cups of coffee a day. Protien Shake +/- 160 cal - 30g protein - 4g carbs - 3g fats (each) Sorry if this looks bad...I had to compose it on my phone.
  12. Aunt Zero

    Speedo Quit after Heavy Rain Ride

    I also had an issue with intermittent speedo loss. In that case, it turned out to be some funk that got flung onto the speed sensor...jut enough to impede reading the spinning of the driving gear.
  13. Aunt Zero

    Speedo Quit after Heavy Rain Ride

    I had an incident many years back. Turned bike on. Speedo jumped from zero to max and back. After that, no lights or turn signals or speed reading. Couldn’t find a cause. Wired a parallel circuit to have one working headlamp. The next day, I accidentally hit the turn signal switch and everything was back. To this day, I have no clue what caused the problem or why it went away on its own. I even tore down the front end and did the loom fix. Nothing appeared to be in bad shape.
  14. Aunt Zero

    Dear Zero

    Considering what those cost apiece, absolutely. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.