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  1. Why store old smart phones in safes and storage boxes?
  2. Aunt Zero

    Baked Bird or Bad Battery? Newbie question

    Likewise with my ‘99 XX. RXX thought it was odd, but I’ve never seen the headlight go out when starting. When I wired in the HID system, I saw nothing remarkable about the circuit. It was a plug and play install.
  3. Aunt Zero

    Baked Bird or Bad Battery? Newbie question

    Ideally, direct wire to the battery with the power flow running through a relay switch that is connected to switched power. I had the Fuzeblock to do this for me as I had several items plugged in for power, but the battery is your best source for an accurate reading. I know cheap relays are available at auto part stores, but I don't know if someone makes a better one suited for motorcycles.
  4. Aunt Zero

    Baked Bird or Bad Battery? Newbie question

    My last battery was a Big Crank from Amazon. I’d have to see how long ago I got it, but it’s been the best battery I ever had. The rectifier can go at any time, but it’s easy to test if it’s working properly. The stator can fail, and the only warning is the draining battery when it should be charging. Had that happen mid trip. No indication of fault before it happened. Hard to test unless you can read the output wires on the stator.
  5. Aunt Zero

    School me on gutters...

    Thanks. That knowledge helps a lot. I don't know who installed the gutters in Florida. Maybe it was done wrong...maybe it was the volume of rain that caused issues (or a poor roof design). At least I know to look for someone who will install them correctly to prevent this problem.
  6. Aunt Zero

    School me on gutters...

    Where were you 25 years ago when we needed you?
  7. Aunt Zero

    School me on gutters...

    Next week we get to spend $5,600+ on foundation repairs because dad refused to put gutters on the house. Erosion did the rest. So, the next step is to install gutters to resolve the issue. My dad’s big issue (which I understand) is avoiding wood rot where the gutters are installed. More than once he had to replace wood because of this. I know they make gutters that prevent clogging and are easier to keep clean, but what would you guys recommend? How should they be installed or what type prevents wood rot?
  8. Aunt Zero

    How does weather work

    But a grammatically incorrect sentence.
  9. Aunt Zero

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Buy a couple of mulligans and use them as bribes/gifts for people doing poorly whose business you want to attract.
  10. Aunt Zero

    need more parts for my "new" '03

    Stock exhaust has a stopper on the left side to catch the center stand when it's stowed...FYI.
  11. Aunt Zero

    Water Heater Question

    And as I said, pulling the unit is significant work. When I need to replace the pressure tank, THEN I’ll pull the tank heater. It’s mounted behind other water treatment equipment.
  12. Aunt Zero

    Water Heater Question

    New heater taps into C & H lines later in the circuit. Hot water tank is still plumbed but now with a cutoff valve leading out on the H line.
  13. Aunt Zero

    Water Heater Question

    No reason to replace. CPVC gets brittle as it ages. It means if you use a standard PVC pipe cutter, you’ll likely shatter it rather than get a clean cut. Both heaters tap into the cold like. Tank feeds right off the cold line post water treatment.
  14. Aunt Zero

    Water Heater Question

    Just went with one shutoff valve on the hot water line. I’ll leave the tank in place and drain it once in a while. Two reasons for this choice. First, CPVC is brittle as it ages, so I had to use a special pipe cutter the installers brought with them just to prep the line I put the valve on. Second, all the lines that provided space to do what I planned were up against walls, making it impossible to use the special tool, and I just didn’t feel like fucking with it.