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  1. Ins companies can make diagnosis difficult.
  2. Mike gets it and that's what matters. A lab study by competent staff is the only way to diagnose sleep disorders.
  3. Yup seek professional help. Can you stop overthinking shit for a day? We are at page three and you are watching you tube with self diagnosis in mind. Luke, Trust the Force. About 5-6 years ago, I had a rash. I searched the internet. Clicked on links, viewed about fifty rashes in an hour and a half. Thought I had AIDS and was gunna die in a week or so. Just a heat rash. I stopped doing that.
  4. Mike, fwiw, I placed the Cpap machine (low) above my head. That reduced the tendency of tugging on the hose if I turn at sleep. Think of the hose parallel to the body not perpendicular. (sp) Sleeping with a mask will take some time to get comfortable. You will if you stay the course. The CPAP really helped me in many aspects. I am hopeful that your results will be the same. Mike, this may sound silly to you and others but I consciously breathe through my nose. Not sure what I do at REM. I mentioned this because I struggled at first mouth breathing under CPAP.
  5. As long as I am spilling the beans, the #2XX has Lsl bars on it. Imo, even better for long distance. Not as good at triple digit but very comfortable less than. Nowadays the centerpost doesn't hold me away from the tank. My stomach does. Leathers are dangerously tight in that region also. Edit: oh yeah, I had to do the same stuff to extend lines and cables for the Lsl bars. One more edit: If you want to do this on the cheap as I did. Find a good industrial hyd. hose shop that has DOT certified help. They made spec stuff for me cheap.
  6. Fwiw, I spent a lot of time adjusting those bars as far rearward and upward without hitting the stock screen or hitting the tank lock to lock. Still love them 20 years later. Oscar, too bad they look goofy. The Giles are definitely prettier. They came from Two Brothers back when they loved Hondas.
  7. Same bars Tim. Made a big difference on long days.
  8. Yes I can't remember how much higher. I had the brake line extended rerouted the throttle cables and straightened the hard clutch line to reach and turn lock to lock.
  9. I revisited this thread again and thought I would mention the adjustable bars on my #1 XX. I put these bars on about 2002.
  10. Is there wear on the cam and rockers?
  11. Mike, I find this one comfortable. https://www.resmed.com/en-us/healthcare-professional/products-and-support/masks/airtouch-f20/
  12. Nothing is simple with him. This is a great community though still trying to help him. He should run out of objective doubts in about three or four more pages.
  13. Useful watch. Someone will get a good deal here. Sounds like you need an Iphone to make the most of this watch ? https://www.apple.com/apple-watch-series-7/index.html
  14. Sorry Dave, I started it. Sorry Mike, If you want to talk about girls in any of my threads, your welcome.
  15. Received the clutch line. Looks like new. 🤙 That will clean up my hokie compromise. Thanks Silverbird.
  16. IC. How does it feel ? Like days of old? My hands aren't big enough for the reach of that lever. I'm guessing a drag racer came up with that? My first hyd clutch bike was 1000 Ninja. Launching it took some practice. I thought it had less "feel" than the cable clutch.
  17. That is a good looking XX. Don't think I have seen that one. haha I was calling bullshit on cable assuming it was all the way to the clutch case. Is it?
  18. Fwiw, I straightened out the clutch hard line bends in the OEM clutch line many years ago to make my taller bars work. This will clean up my old hokey fix.
  19. We know that's bullshit, lol Thanks Silverbird. Will look for it in the mail.
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