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  1. So, you have been to Compton. lol I got off the freeway on the way to Disneyland in the 70's and stopped in Compton. Went in to a hamburger joint that was packed. I was the only white face in there. I thought oh, so this is what it's like. I know, this sounds racist but as a small town Oregon boy that had never been exposed to the world, at the time, what else could I think?
  2. Thinking about getting wireless video cams. I glanced over to if anyone stole my riding lawnmower. The fukr is still there. If I had cameras I could turn the lights on for them.
  3. Be nice. Free health care for all !
  4. I was taken back. 8 psi. Yes fwiw, I did drive it to the store 20 blocks total.
  5. This may be useless information because of the variables to consider. I will tell you what I observed anyway. I never knew what a difference ambient temperature plays as a part in tire pressure. The Vette is the first vehicle I have owned with TPMS. The summary -- 68 degrees this morning. 97 degrees this afternoon. 36psi and 44psi. I think that is a lot. Never knew it varied that much.
  6. Honda upped the wattage in 99. Gave the R/R another wire in parallel to shunt the excess current to ground. I don't have extras so, I won't buy a bigger stator. FWIW, my 98 measured 17+ amps to ground at 5500 rpm. Only one wire.
  7. Thanks for the link. No shit he is amazing. Is he in a known band? CharlesBerthoud
  8. I expected it to be much more. Sure it will be in years to come.
  9. I guess it was just good PR ? I didn't expect free tire repair. All is well.
  10. Maybe I missed it so I must ask, what is the value of that gem?
  11. The Epiphone LP with 3 humbuckers is not common. Nice.
  12. Hey unexpected! While on my road trip last week, I would check the DIC often. ( Temps, oil p, fuel, tire p ect,ect. ) The tire pressure was slowly falling on the R Rear. I wasn't too worried because the tires are Run Flat Tires. ( @ 55 mph ) The low p <setpoint is 25psi. it was 26 psi when I took it next door in the morning. One psi from Alarm. Somewhere across eastern AZ and Albuquerque NM, the tire was punctured. What luck, the Hotel we booked in Santa fe is right next door to a big tire shop. This tire shop has their shit together, I was impressed. A guy came out as soon as we arrived. Gathered our information in minutes. While seated in the lobby only for minutes, I get a status report on my phone with expected completion time. Even got a message of completion. DONE No shit. They removed the tire, plugged, patched, mount and balance in a very short time. I asked the guy, what do I owe you? He said nuthin. Discount Tire Santa fe Nm. I kinda derailed my own thread. I am trying to say, I really like TPMS and Discount Tire in Santa fe.
  13. Ya know, I was thinking the same thing.
  14. It takes alot more than exhaust and fuel trim to take a Busa. Just saying.
  15. Glad it worked out for you. $45 is a good deal for 4 sensors. The used C5 wheels have been on the car for about six weeks now. Working great and it was a 5 minute job to calibrate them following the instructions from the YT vid. Leaving on my road trip in two weeks. I needed to feel good about these used wheels and tires.
  16. Sounds like a whale of a story to me.
  17. 263 -- 14 months ago. Now 219 -- goal 190 Awesome Dave.
  18. I bought a used set of C5 wheels/tires. The guy said they all (tpms) worked. Also said I may need to calibrate them? Also said all TPMS are the same. I think they should be? Don't know? Is this true? How is this done? I like the idea of TPMS. Nevermind found this. eezy peezy
  19. Cal < micro second attention span. Looks good.
  20. Roast/broil after seasoning? You didn't say.
  21. Just curious, I can only see the turbo exhaust. any pics of the turbo kit? What's missing? A pic or two will tell. Is that a Hookers XX decal on the front of that black nose fairing? Did we know this guy? I think you have some XX treasure. It would cost me twice your asking price to come and get it. Good luck
  22. Good prices from that site. I looked up my last kit purchase over a year ago. Your site listed is about 1/3 the cost.
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