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  1. Tops out at 60 maybe 63 with a strong tailwind.
  2. Cool.... davidkrauthamer (AT) yahoo.com PM me your addy....
  3. Stand included. Fly and drive the actual bike? You can't do that.
  4. PayPal me - and I’ll ship tomorrow.
  5. 42 Short No liner $75
  6. Silver & Black Size XL/2XL Solid shell outside has a zip in mesh jacket. 2 jackets in 1. $100
  7. Has rain and cold liners XXL Silver and Black $75
  8. Yellow New Non-ABS MSRP $3999 + + + (fre, set up, tax) About $4800 all in at a dealer $3399 here only.
  9. Suspenders built in. $25 shipped.
  10. XL Paid $80 Yours $40 Close to minty
  11. Size 44. Liner and shell Paid $170 Minty cond $85 shipped
  12. Just got home from vacay...sorry for the delay. Let me find the chin bar for the one helmet...and we are ready to go. I am off Wed thru Sun - so plenty of time to get it all ready for you.
  13. I bet you like the Bell the best.
  14. $314 total. 2 helmets each with BT set up - ready to go.
  15. Yep - 40% off the other set up if you take both. Easy to ship it all. Ill post up the total this week and ship early next week. Need to go buy a big box and bubble wrap. Dave
  16. I’m headed out in a week long fishing trip in about 2 hours. If he doesn’t reply by Wednesday - it’s yours. When I get back - I’ll start prepping for shipment. Not it sure if your interested but I’ll take 40% off the other helmet if you take both?
  17. PS - I’ll cover up to $25 in shipping to you (unless I’m shipping to a Us addy) in Canada and you pay the additional over $25. If interested.
  18. Yep - spot on. And even if you have to purchase new “thinner” pads you can. The shell sizes of the XL and L are the same. They both fit the same.
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