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  1. just saying it has worked well on my bikes.the vfr800 i bought from racer212 had a sargeant seat that was really comfortable.even though i brought my airhawk along with me i never needed it with that bike.a friend of mine has had success with layering different density foams when he has made seats for his trikes.
  2. i use an actual air hawk and have had no issues with damage.it has a non slip base with thin adjustable straps.
  3. how about with varying densities of foam layers.i read somewhere a while back that gel inserts can heat up in the sun and become somewhat uncomfortable.i just use an airhawk cushion when i start getting sore on long trips.works well for me so far.
  4. from memory the seat of my 99 fits my 06 and vice versa.just checked for you.both seats will go on either bikes although it looks like the padding at the front differs.it seems to go higher and a bit more forward on the 06 seat.when i fit the 99 seat on the 06 there is a slight gap between seat and tank.the bases appear the same but i didnt measure them with a tape measure.
  5. poida

    Oil leak?

    check it's not leaking from the seal at the gear shift shaft/easy job to replace it if it's leaking from there
  6. Some fucking Randys from Australia?
  7. have you checked the starter relay plug.on my 99 the plug had corroded .it would let through enough power to turn the lights on and prime the fuel pump but but not enough to start it.
  8. email mario at thunderbikes.i hear that he can sometimes source hard to find parts. https://www.thunderbikes.com.au/shop/
  9. check the small brake light switch on the handlebar lever
  10. more than likely just the small seal on the gearshift shaft.easy to fix
  11. .plus, it's so damn purdy They have aged exceptionally well.
  12. when the exchange rate was better between U.S and AUS i used to get my kits from sprocket centre.D.I.D zvmx chain and pretty sure i would get the JT sprockets .i always run the standard gearing although the gearing on the U.S bikes are i believe different to ours.
  13. i have had the oem shock rebuilt on my 99.it was revalved and resprung.i run it on the soft setting when riding solo and adjust it harder depending on luggage and pillion.ive been really happy with it and to be honest the lack of a shitload of adjustment is good for me as i understand the theory of suspension adjustment i just can't put it into practice.
  14. try plugging the o2 sensor back in and see if the fuel gauge works properly,assuming there is fuel in the tank.
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