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  1. ive done 40,000klms on my 06 with the o2 sensor disconnected.fuel economy is still good and the big plus is no more surging while cruising. have a read of this. https://www.cbrxx.com/threads/solved-2005-blackbird-surging-2-3k-rough-running-fuel-plugs-help.5513/page-2
  2. I disconnected the o2 sensor on my 06 with an o2 eliminator plug as it was causing the engine to surge.i want to fit earlier mufflers without catalytic converters on it next.
  3. i got my set from this company. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Steering-Head-Stem-Bearings-Seals-for-Honda-CBR1100-XX-Super-Blackbird-97-08/282804867406?epid=925966833&hash=item41d87bd14e:g:NOwAAOSwG-1WvVr6
  4. been years since ive had to replace dash bulbs but pretty sure i just removed the screen and could access them easy enough
  5. i use one from roadstercycles on one of my blackbirds. https://www.roadstercycle.com/
  6. slime powersport compressor and tyre plug kit.pumping up the tyre on my vfr800 in georgia back in 2013.plugged 2 punctures from 3 inch nails
  7. ive run with 4 plugs in a rear tyre with no problem but have never had to put one in a front yet.
  8. had the hose from thermostat to water pump fail on my 99 bb.luckily spotted it before it burst.a section of it was bulging as i revved the engine.replaced it with a hose from a datsun 120y till the new hose i ordered arrived from japan.bike was about 4 or 5 years old at the time.
  9. poida

    Fork Oil

    blackbird forks are undersprung and over damped.if you go to this site https://www.racetech.com/ProductSearch/12/Honda/CBR1100XX Black Bird/1997-2003 and find the right spring rate.i have a stiffer spring with 7.5w oil and it improved the handling.bought the springs from sonic springs.they can recommend the oil weight and air gap with the new springs.
  10. if the cam chain tensioner is stuffed,resetting it won't help.if you take the 8mm bolt out of the end of the cct and insert a small screwdriver into it gently tighten it while running the engine and listen if the rattle stops
  11. push down on the left hand side of the clip where it hooks under the bracket and swing it over to the right so its out of the way.do not undo the screws or try to remove it completely from the headlight assembly.they are a bastard to put back in.
  12. High beam is the bottom bulb,nothing needs removing to change that one.top one is low beam.was able to remove the bulb without removing anything but installing the new bulb i found it easy to just remove one half of the under dash trim
  13. i had to replace mine recently.i removed the trim panel that sits under the dash and that gave me enough room to swap out the bulb.
  14. have the pilot road 5' on my 2006 .have around 7000klms on them so far and am impressed with them
  15. I hope your happy with what you started here Steve Smith
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