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  1. push down on the left hand side of the clip where it hooks under the bracket and swing it over to the right so its out of the way.do not undo the screws or try to remove it completely from the headlight assembly.they are a bastard to put back in.
  2. High beam is the bottom bulb,nothing needs removing to change that one.top one is low beam.was able to remove the bulb without removing anything but installing the new bulb i found it easy to just remove one half of the under dash trim
  3. i had to replace mine recently.i removed the trim panel that sits under the dash and that gave me enough room to swap out the bulb.
  4. have the pilot road 5' on my 2006 .have around 7000klms on them so far and am impressed with them
  5. I hope your happy with what you started here Steve Smith
  6. + 2 on ebc hh sintered.no brake squeal and no chewing up of rotors. front rotors lasted 263,000 klms before needing replacing
  7. poida

    Chain reaction

    Are swampnut and superhawk having mental breakdowns ?
  8. it could be the slider pin is gummed up.years ago the one on mine was full of crud.it has a 14mm bolt head. i recently replaced front and rear brake pads and the rears were sticking with the new pads.slider bolt was clean so gave the pistons a clean by pushing them almost all the way out and cleaning them with a rag dipped in brake fluid.made no difference so ended up refitting a half worn set and that was enough to bypass the problem.am interested in hearing others responses to your question as im stumped where to look next to fix them.
  9. haynes manual has exhaust downpipe nuts 20nm
  10. what side are you seeing the leak from?left hand side,side stand side...could be either a hose not tightened enough or the water pump seal starting to fail.put the bike on centre stand and have a look around using a bright torch for signs of any leaks.right hand side could be the overflow hose not sealing on the radiator properly.remove the side fairings if you can
  11. the vfr 750 and early 800,s are still a great looking bike and so comfortable.the vfr750 was a bike i was looking at buying 18 years ago till i test rode a blackbird.
  12. cheers for that.the whole braking system came up for sale cheap so i ended up grabbing it for spares.
  13. just wondering if calipers from a 2001 blackbird will fit a 99.looking at the parts list they have different part numbers
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