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  1. Thanks, Wife and I commented how relaxed the Daughter is on her green meanie...oh yea, it was purchased from a board member. Will post a pic when I can find one... Thanks again
  2. received it this last weekend, used it already.... Had a laugh about the names.....not German at all.....Daughter ended up stealing it for her bike.... Thanks L;
  3. have an 03... almost bone stock, but could use better mileage....yea that....
  4. Well that makes any decision easy....will keep looking.. Thanks
  5. Seriously consideration going on here...... Will let you know.... Thanks L;
  6. Try some old fashioned hard plastic cup style elbow pads, should allow the bones to rotate in the cup....the guys at work use them on that type of table
  7. Let me know how much to ship to 48836.. Should fit the wifes new one... Thanks
  8. Received mine today Thats a heavy coin Thanks
  9. Did I read that wrong,,,, is it really $1 if so, let me know
  10. Cmon now, someone needs a great street slayer. Don't make me put it on CL or Fleabay.... Still hoping to get $3000 or at least the Best Offer, before the wife hangs me. Thanks for listening L;
  11. Well, the traffic and emails have been crazy...so I will drop the price to $3000 or BO. That should keep the crowds on their toes. Thanks L;
  12. Well the time has come to sell the Daughters first bike...This Suzuki GW 250 is a great starter bike, great for city scooting and just a flippin blast to ride...But, since the arrival of the Versys, it doesnt get ridden at all. Currently at 4,175 miles, will only run it around the lawn until its gone....oil changed every 2000 miles, maintained very well. Tires are good, oil is clear and light brown, rakes are good also. Asking $3250, is located in Fabulous Fowlerville, MI. Thanks for your attention. Oh, Daughter is 6' tall, long legs (dont go there) sits this bike nicely, its not just some little 250. seat height is the same as my Bird. L;
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