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  1. Loki

    Motorcycle Dolly

    Thanks for the input, roll in the garage. Up on to the dolly..rotate around up to the wall. done...... I am glad you can jockey yours around to put it against the wall....I cant. So the dolly works for me.
  2. Loki

    Motorcycle Dolly

    Yes use it everyday....sits nice up to the wall..see below... It isnt so good to work off of, but storage is easy..I put a 1x4 in the stand tray to give it s bot less lean. Well worth the sale price, they go on sale twice a year. L;
  3. Loki

    Motorcycle Dolly

    Haul Master bike dolly...got it on sale. use it for my bird here at home...The daughter has 2 for her bikes...they work great. L;
  4. The show on Motor Trend TV, Throttle Out, did 1100 miles down Baja on Monkeys in 5 days.... Not the best of shows, they seem to be a couple of way too silly buddies who have far too much money and a video camera...
  5. Daughter and I will have some pics this coming weekend.. Sucks
  6. Thanks, Wife and I commented how relaxed the Daughter is on her green meanie...oh yea, it was purchased from a board member. Will post a pic when I can find one... Thanks again
  7. received it this last weekend, used it already.... Had a laugh about the names.....not German at all.....Daughter ended up stealing it for her bike.... Thanks L;
  8. have an 03... almost bone stock, but could use better mileage....yea that....
  9. Well that makes any decision easy....will keep looking.. Thanks
  10. Seriously consideration going on here...... Will let you know.... Thanks L;
  11. Try some old fashioned hard plastic cup style elbow pads, should allow the bones to rotate in the cup....the guys at work use them on that type of table
  12. Let me know how much to ship to 48836.. Should fit the wifes new one... Thanks
  13. Received mine today Thats a heavy coin Thanks
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