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  1. Another vote for the battery or a poor connection sucking power. My wife's car acted like it was possessed when battery voltage dropped a little low. Battery was still technically "good" but when it dropped a few tenths of a volt below optimal, shit started getting weird real quick.
  2. Redbird


    Yep, musta been thinking of adjusting the valves, because I knew I had done it (taken the tension off the cam chain) at some point. Ignore me, carry on....
  3. Redbird


    Aren't you supposed to use a little key to relieve tension before removal and install? Been a looong time and maybe I'm thinking of a step in adjusting the valves, somebody tell me if I'm crazy or not....
  4. I had a buddy that lived in Chicago that got tired of having a $150 window broken to steal a $20 stereo, so he started leaving it unlocked. They still broke the fucking window, and this was back when you could see the lock popped up just by looking through the window you're about to break.
  5. My kids both have Spotify accounts, I'm told it's similar to Pandora but better. I have no idea what criteria was used to reach that conclusion.
  6. Poor connection=heat. You mentioned corrosion?
  7. Redbird

    I need a switch

    I've avoided more accidents with my horn than my brakes. In driver's ed they teach you to "cover the brake" in certain situations, I've found that covering the horn is just as useful. When you see someone about to do something stupid, a quick tap of the horn usually gets their attention enough to correct them before shit gets out of hand.
  8. Yeah, stop doing that. Take a hard look in the mirror, decide you hate what you see enough to do something and change. What you're doing is a start, and possibly a good one, but until you take full responsibility for you, nothing will change long term.
  9. Weight Watchers or any other supervised program is not a recipe for long term success. Honest, no bullshit advice- you've lost weight before, so you've been to the place you need to be. You just have to learn how to live there for the rest of your life. Fuck a diet or a program, change the way you live or you'll be back here next year with the same thread. PS- The "on the road" excuse is bullshit. I was away from home for 5 days for RacerXX and I drank like a fish for 3 of them, I lost 2 pounds. Change how you live, wherever you are.
  10. I thought we didn't shit on other member's sales here?
  11. FWIW and to further cloud the issue, my '01 did not have an o2 sensor, I know that for a fact. I don't believe 49 state 2002's did, either. CA bikes are a different story.
  12. Dude, a bone stock XX will get in the 10’s in the right hands. 12’s ain’t exactly bragging material.
  13. Yes, which is why I suggested it. Float sticks closed but maybe a little fuel gets by and fills the bowl while it’s sitting...bike starts, drains the bowl, dies. Just a possibility, I hate carbs and troubleshooting them.
  14. It can stick open or closed, in this case I’d be guessing closed.
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