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  1. Workouts

    I may have picked that up from you if you've mentioned it here before. I do know it wasn't my idea, I read it somewhere, thought "great idea" and started doing it.
  2. Workouts

    When I started I had a notebook that a tracked progress and made notes in, that lasted a couple of years. Once I kinda knew what I was doing I developed a couple baseline workouts I’d go back to when I wanted to check progress. I got in the habit of switching things up a lot, both order of exercises and the exercises themselves. Doing the exact same workout every time bores the hell out of me. If there was anything I felt I needed to write down at that point it’d go on the mirror in dry erase marker. Ive since become very on again, off again...been years since I managed to keep at it year ‘round and my actual workouts are all over the place. Probably why I never make any serious progress, but I’m okay with where I’m at. No notes anymore other than occasionally tracking those same baseline workouts. I do oddball stuff like shrugs, etc. at the end of my regular workouts if I can fit them in in under 60 minutes, my “reward” for getting though the main workout quicker, LOL. I do cardio in the AM before breakfast as well. I prefer to workout midday, but will fit in in when I can if that doesn’t happen. The biggest pain when it doesn’t is timing my diet.
  3. Workouts

    I don't have anything as official looking and organized as that, but I did just switch things up a bit 2-3 weeks ago. I've never assigned days of the weeks, just a progression, as in- Day 1- Light stretching, legs and back, Day 2- heavy stretching, cardio. Day 3- light stretching, chest and shoulders, Day 4- heavy stretching,cardio and core, Day 5- off. Repeat. That always left me four days of recovery for any specific muscle group. I decided to see if my old ass could do with a little less recovery. I'm really not hitting it all that hard and work is light right now so I get bored on off days So now it's- Day 1- cardio as soon as I wake up, later in the day light stretching, legs and back, Day 2- heavy stretching and cardio and core. Day 3- light stretching, chest and shoulders, Day 4- cardio as soon as I wake up, later in the day light stretching, legs and back, Day 5- heavy stretching, cardio and core. Day 6- light stretching, chest and shoulders. Day 7- Off So I am on a seven day cycle right now but still not tied to days of the week. If I miss a day due to work, family or whatever I don't feel too bad because all it does is bump me back to a four day cycle, which ain't bad, though I am seeing a little better progress on the three day cycle.
  4. Stainless brake lines

    I've owned a lot of bikes, including a ZX-14, but the XX was "The One" for me. My experience is now a bit outdated, but I found that while a lot of bikes could be ridden faster, not many were as easy to ride fast...or across the entire country. It might not have been the best at any one thing, but it didn't suck at anything, either. Truly the best "do it all" street bike I ever threw a leg over.
  5. Stainless brake lines

    Beyond the fitment issues, whatever those may be, that bike is about 200 125 pounds lighter than an XX. So you'd need new springs, which would necessitate reworking the valving, then you get to start over on tuning it. Of course you'd be getting the suspension and the brakes for whatever you had to put into adapting the suspension, but still, it would be an ambitious project fraught with peril. Be sure to post pics. edited to correct some bad math.
  6. Stainless brake lines

    Heh, I wonder how much stuff that's passed through my hands is now sitting in your garage. There's that monoblock/brembo setup mention earlier in the thread (along with the rest of that motorcycle), a good chunk of Hugo's old bike, and I think you ended up with some of the pieces of my '01.
  7. Stainless brake lines

    That rings a bell and I think I installed that kit on Peter's (BirdieXX, good dude) bike. Was there some sort of group buy back around then? I know I did at least one of the rubber line only replacement kits but I can't remember whose bike it was.
  8. Stainless brake lines

    Yeah, it's something I wasn't always conscious of. One of the downfalls of being around here for so long is I've posted some pretty stupid shit in the last 15 years and it's all still here. And because I was instrumental in derailing this thread, I'll try to help get it back on track. Slapper, years ago I helped a couple members install the Speigler kit mentioned earlier in this thread on their bikes. It replaces all the rubber lines and leaves the hard lines in place, I think the Hel kit was similar (come to think of it, one of the ones I did might have been Hel). If either kit is still available that would be the way to go if you want to keep the LBS, IMO. I delinked mine and that might be a better option just for simplicity's sake at this point if you can live without the LBS. All you'll need is three lines and a drill, I think instructions and pics are still up in the useful threads section. If not, let me know and I can steer you in the right direction.
  9. Stainless brake lines

    I honestly couldn't say, as the fluid swap was in conjunction with an upgrade to monoblock calipers and Vesrah RJL pads. I can say that those brakes were a thing of beauty once I had them set up...one finger stoppies and pretty much zero fade. Radial Brembo master probably helped a little, too.
  10. Stainless brake lines

    First and foremost, I'll apologize for my tone last night. I was up past my bedtime against my will and reacted poorly to what I felt was a condescending tone to your post telling me to "spend more time on research" and the "everything you read on the internet" comment. I'm supposed to be one of the grownups in the room so I should probably not be so quick to wade into these little purse swinging matches. Secondly, I've never claimed to be an expert and none of what I've posted has been my opinion. What I've posted are facts and I can post links all day to reputable sources to prove it. quick google search- http://www.advancepetro.com/differentbrakefluid.htm http://techtalk.mpbrakes.com/brake-fluid/can-i-use-dot-5 http://www.stoptech.com/technical-support/technical-white-papers/brake-fluid https://www.summitracing.com/expertadviceandnews/professoroverdrive/answer/414 I'm also not some random dude who's good at using google and arguing on the internet. I did my homework on this subject about a decade ago when I briefly considered switching one of my track bikes over to Dot 5. That idea got tossed pretty quick and I ended up going with Motul RFB 660, flushed it twice a year. I think I still have an unopened bottle of that stuff kicking around my garage somewhere, it's probably garbage. Now, you might be asking yourself why I'm being such an asshole about this. The reason is this is a searchable technical/reference forum and the the preference is to not have bad or questionable advice laying around unchallenged for someone to stumble across weeks, months or years from now. Suggesting someone swap over to Dot 5 (not Dot 5.1, not "synthetic", but silicone based brake fluid, which is what Dot 5 is) without covering the rather large pitfalls is bad advice, and that is my opinion. I've provided factual basis for that opinion. If your opinion differs, I welcome any debate on the subject. But if your argument is going to be limited to unsupported and smarmy "you're wrong, educate yourself" comments, you won't hear any more from me, I've said my piece.
  11. Stainless brake lines

    LOL. Either you're a troll, or you've been talking about Dot 5.1 this whole time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOT_3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOT_5 Get your shit straight before you talk someone into doing something stupid.
  12. Stainless brake lines

    Nope, Dot 3/4 both absorb water, google "hygroscopic". Any moisture present will drop the overall boiling point of the fluid, but it will not collect in one place. It will with Dot 5
  13. Stainless brake lines

    +1 to Superhawk, Dot 5 is a bad idea on any bike that doesn't see regular flush and fills of the system. Good stuff performance-wise, boiling point, etc., but it's inability to absorb water is not a plus on your typical street bike, quite the opposite. Putting any water in the system all in one place, possibly the caliper, is a very bad idea. The only way to avoid this with Dot 5 is a strict regimen of fluid replacement. Oh, and if you do decide to go Dot 5, it is incompatible with Dot 3 (or 4), so you'd need to make sure you got every trace of the old fluid out of the system. Good luck with that.
  14. Assuming you're talking strength training/weight lifting, the best pre-workout supplement is a decent meal 45 minutes to an hour before you start. Carbs are good thing here, get your blood sugar up. If you're feeling run down on a regular basis, stimulants are absolutely NOT the answer.
  15. What's will all the water spots? A quick rinse with distilled water would have prevented that embarrassing mess.