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  1. For sale again for the same price I paid, $75 shipped. Unit works great for tracking all sorts of health stats and the Garmin Connect app does a pretty good job of making it all easily accessible on any smart phone. It’s a nice little unit with one fault- there’s a significant lag in real time tracking of heart rate, which was my main reason for buying it. I knew this could be an issue with any wrist based optical HR monitor but had hoped it wouldn’t be quite as bad as it is. The delay makes it petty much useless for tracking HIIT type activities. That said it does a nice job of tracking heart rate over the course of the day, stress levels, sleep, step counter, stairs climbed, calories burned (the calories burned feature was almost freakily accurate for me), etc, etc. Unit is still pretty much like new with the exception of a couple of small scuffs on the silicone strap right below the screen. I’ll even reset it and wipe it down with hand sanitizer before mailing. Package will contain the watch and charging cord, nothing more.
  2. Pimp My Basement!

    That makes more sense and you're likely correct. I think the disconnect was I would have phrased it "insulate the ceiling" when talking about the basement, even though the ceiling of the basement is also the floor of the level above. I tend to think in terms of the room I'm in.
  3. Pimp My Basement!

    Insulate the floor? That’ll be a project, and one with limited benefits. When you’re done you can pray you never have even minor water issues or you’ll be pulling it all up. You’re honestly better off insulating the walls and putting down some rugs if you want to warm up the space a bit.
  4. Pimp My Basement!

    Yes, they make “sealed” insulation, google “encapsulated insulation”. The ceiling, consider leaving it open and renting or buying a high volume paint sprayer and just painting it all a light color. I did this in my semi-finished office/gym in my basement and I’m happy with the results. It is a bit industrial looking, but that fits with the basic theme here, and it was waaay cheaper than any of the other options. I also have a fairly low ceiling and didn’t want to lose any more height to a dropped ceiling. Drywall was never an option, it would bury too much crap that might need to be accessed.
  5. Thank, Dave, it arrived today as promised. Loving it so far.
  6. Heh, I’m not. I appreciate the thought, but you know anyone else who can or will use it, give it to them. There’s a good chance it will end up in a drawer somewhere if you send it here.
  7. Corbin, Ohlins, Pazzo (or knockoff Pazzo) levers, looks like front preload adjusters, guessing the front suspension has been massaged, laminar lip...some sort of luggage mounting system? Someone dumped some coin into that bike.
  8. Workouts

    I may have picked that up from you if you've mentioned it here before. I do know it wasn't my idea, I read it somewhere, thought "great idea" and started doing it.
  9. Workouts

    When I started I had a notebook that a tracked progress and made notes in, that lasted a couple of years. Once I kinda knew what I was doing I developed a couple baseline workouts I’d go back to when I wanted to check progress. I got in the habit of switching things up a lot, both order of exercises and the exercises themselves. Doing the exact same workout every time bores the hell out of me. If there was anything I felt I needed to write down at that point it’d go on the mirror in dry erase marker. Ive since become very on again, off again...been years since I managed to keep at it year ‘round and my actual workouts are all over the place. Probably why I never make any serious progress, but I’m okay with where I’m at. No notes anymore other than occasionally tracking those same baseline workouts. I do oddball stuff like shrugs, etc. at the end of my regular workouts if I can fit them in in under 60 minutes, my “reward” for getting though the main workout quicker, LOL. I do cardio in the AM before breakfast as well. I prefer to workout midday, but will fit in in when I can if that doesn’t happen. The biggest pain when it doesn’t is timing my diet.
  10. Workouts

    I don't have anything as official looking and organized as that, but I did just switch things up a bit 2-3 weeks ago. I've never assigned days of the weeks, just a progression, as in- Day 1- Light stretching, legs and back, Day 2- heavy stretching, cardio. Day 3- light stretching, chest and shoulders, Day 4- heavy stretching,cardio and core, Day 5- off. Repeat. That always left me four days of recovery for any specific muscle group. I decided to see if my old ass could do with a little less recovery. I'm really not hitting it all that hard and work is light right now so I get bored on off days So now it's- Day 1- cardio as soon as I wake up, later in the day light stretching, legs and back, Day 2- heavy stretching and cardio and core. Day 3- light stretching, chest and shoulders, Day 4- cardio as soon as I wake up, later in the day light stretching, legs and back, Day 5- heavy stretching, cardio and core. Day 6- light stretching, chest and shoulders. Day 7- Off So I am on a seven day cycle right now but still not tied to days of the week. If I miss a day due to work, family or whatever I don't feel too bad because all it does is bump me back to a four day cycle, which ain't bad, though I am seeing a little better progress on the three day cycle.
  11. Stainless brake lines

    I've owned a lot of bikes, including a ZX-14, but the XX was "The One" for me. My experience is now a bit outdated, but I found that while a lot of bikes could be ridden faster, not many were as easy to ride fast...or across the entire country. It might not have been the best at any one thing, but it didn't suck at anything, either. Truly the best "do it all" street bike I ever threw a leg over.
  12. Stainless brake lines

    Beyond the fitment issues, whatever those may be, that bike is about 200 125 pounds lighter than an XX. So you'd need new springs, which would necessitate reworking the valving, then you get to start over on tuning it. Of course you'd be getting the suspension and the brakes for whatever you had to put into adapting the suspension, but still, it would be an ambitious project fraught with peril. Be sure to post pics. edited to correct some bad math.