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  1. Redbird

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    Yeah, for the rest of us it's a gun forum. Bill, when you going to sack up and buy that .40 from me?
  2. Redbird

    2003 ST1300 - $1700

  3. Heh, it's still here. I forgot I was selling it, LOL. Lemme know and I'll get it off the the FFL of your choice.
  4. Redbird

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    Sorry, I misunderstood your earlier post about releasing the front brake. If the rear is sticking and the front isn’t, my money is on a problem either in the rear caliper or between it and the rear master. If it was the rear master itself, the fronts would drag as well.
  5. Redbird

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    Which banjo on the front released the pressure, and are the front brakes binding at all?
  6. Carbs for an '01? That's a rare item.
  7. Redbird

    Art/Homework Table

    Looking good, man. Don't you just hate the point in a job when you realize you're short on materials? Could you pour a bit more over the existing stuff to avoid a seam on the surface where you ran out?
  8. No offense, but that bike is not in excellent condition, so starting with that number seems a bit disingenuous. Also, does that number take the mileage into account? I'd very be surprised if it did. Not trying to be a dick, but based on what I quoted I think you might be in for a rude surprise if you take it to market at anywhere near that price.
  9. Just cover shipping and understand they'll get shipped on a "whenever I get around to it" schedule. As a bonus, A Twist Of The Wrist is a signed copy, so bonus if you're name is Tim. The picture I uploaded was oriented correctly, so blame the forum software for this sideways crap.
  10. Can't have both, voluntary or not Oh, and who chose me to be part of the "governing body" around here? Do you recall an election? What we have here is a benevolent dictatorship with a Cuban at the helm.
  11. That, and the item for sale here was sold before shit went off the rails. Additionally, the original poster was complicit in said derailment, it’s his thread to pollute if he wants. We do moderate in here occasionally but it seemed silly to do so in this particular case.
  12. Redbird

    Water Heater Question

    There is no "draw", and I seriously doubt you'll avoid a stagnant tank if there's a more direct way for the water to flow unless you start playing games with restrictors on the lines. Kill power/gas to the tank and run it all through there if you're set on this idiocy.
  13. Redbird

    Art/Homework Table

    Sealing only one side of the wood will cause more warping problems than it solves. Variations in humidity is the potential issue more than temp swings. This is why cedar siding not finished the same front and back will cup and crack. The back absorbs moisture, the finished (sealed) front does not, siding curls. Not that I think you're going to have any problems, just having a "the more you know" moment.
  14. Redbird

    Art/Homework Table

    Looks awesome, dude. Love the PVC legs. I'd have suggested some construction adhesive for the 1x top if all you used was brads into MDF to fasten, but you're climate controlled in there so warping probably won't be an issue. Yeah, that ruling will go in your favor. For those who haven't been to Rick's house, he has a mancave upstairs that most would be jealous of and a garage full of cool toys and tools. It's almost like he's overcompensating for something...but he is not lacking in man space.
  15. Redbird

    Lowering front end

    Mine was shimmed 6mm in the back and dropped 5mm in the front.