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  1. Redbird

    NOS Mac & Jerry sticker

    13 years ago, damn. I'll take it. Honestly can't recall if I ever had one, and if I did it went of the side of a mountain along with my bike in '06. PM inbound....
  2. Redbird

    Rear suspension 'locking' up.

    The main hurdle to servicing the shock yourself will be the nitrogen purge when you're done, assuming you can get the PSI spec. It's usually a pretty specific number and not an easy target to hit without the correct equipment. There's also probably some proprietary tools involved, but shit like that can usually be worked around by creative types.
  3. Redbird

    Rear suspension 'locking' up.

    Is the linkage OEM? I recall someone way back when having an issue with an adjustable link that involved a failing heim joint. If the linkage is OEM, my money is on the shock. I kinda lean towards the shock regardless, it being heat related and all. Who knows how old and nasty the oil in that thing is.
  4. Redbird


    AFAIKBZITE, Carlos and Dave don't know the rules for posting in the section.
  5. I can't speak directly to swapping OEM carb & FI header, but I can say that when I mounted a carb Akropovic full system on my '01 it required modification of the lower radiator stay. It's been a while but if I remember correctly it had to be extended just a bit and given a bit of a bend to go around one of the pipes. It's a pretty simple thing, but knowing how to weld or having a friend who can will go a long way.
  6. Thinking about it, I'm not positive but I don't believe the CA bikes came with cats until '02. Dubbird, can you post a pic of your OEM cans? edit- do your cans look like this- or this- Fist pic is the converter equipped OEM muffler, second is no converter.
  7. Yep, but replacing the header while you're at it will definitely get you more improvement. It's been a long, long time since I shopped XX exhaust systems, but 4-1 full systems used to not be much more expensive that a set of slip-ons. You're just getting a header and one can instead of two cans.
  8. The catalytic converters are in the cans, more specifically the midpipe portion of the OEM slip on. Pretty sure the only difference in between CA and 49 state headers is the O2 sensor.
  9. Redbird

    Wire Loom Fix

    The filter is inside the tank along with the pump. The tank has to come off to access either.
  10. Redbird

    Wire Loom Fix

    Codes won't flash on startup unless you jump the plug back in the tail section. I forget the exact process off the top of my head but hopefully someone with a better memory or a manual will chime in. If it's not a bad ground (which is a good possibility), it might be worth checking the fuel pressure regulator. That doesn't explain your electrical symptoms but it might explain your surging. Throttle sensitivity, like Oscar said, get your weight off the bars and keep your arm and grip relaxed. Your arm should be absorbing shocks between your body and the throttle, not transferring them. Watch some off road or motocross racing and think how ugly that would get if they kept their throttle arm and hand rigid. Relax and that problem goes away.
  11. Redbird

    Adjustable lowering pegs 4 sale

    Pictures would be nice but I'm thinking any adjustable rearsets should easily be worth $35+ shipping. If I still had an XX I'd grab these just out of curiosity.
  12. need help drilling out the front left caliper for delink.  thanks  I just do not  understand quite well

  13. Redbird

    School me on gutters...

    6” gutters are overkill in most residential applications. The bottleneck is almost always the downspouts, 6” gutters will just take slightly longer to fill up once the downspouts can’t handle the flow. 5” gutters and properly configured 3” x 4” downspouts will do the job on about 99% of residential applications.
  14. Redbird

    School me on gutters...

    Gutters don’t cause wood rot, lack of maintenance does. A properly installed and maintained gutter system will do exactly zero damage to wood overhangs. Even if they’re allowed to clog and overflow, the water should be coming over the front, not over the back where it could get the fascia and/or soffit wet. Gutter guards, there are products that work but most of them cost as much or more than the gutters themselves to have installed. Look at some of the stainless micromesh products available now if your budget allows for it.
  15. Redbird

    Rear caliper won’t release.

    Yeah, for the rest of us it's a gun forum. Bill, when you going to sack up and buy that .40 from me?