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  1. Redbird

    Server error?

    Still happening here. Firefox on a Windows desktop.
  2. A large egg is ~70 calories, so eat as many as fit your caloric needs.
  3. Hard boiled eggs, cheese, pre-cut fresh veggies, nuts, turkey jerky...cold cuts and milk are good options if you can keep them cold. Yogurt is a mainstay for me, suck it disagrees with you.
  4. Glass is clear blemish free, exterior has a few minor imperfections consistent with normal use. Standard Picatinny/1913 mount. If I can find the box and paperwork they will be included, but no promises there, what you see is what you get. $150 shipped the the lower 48. http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/vortex-vmx-3t-red-dot-magnifier
  5. Redbird

    Craigslist find 1999 XX

    Should also have digital gauges. Decals looks Canadian, not sure it it was different there. If that's an American bike, FI + analog gauges means 1999 or 2000, the 2000 would be titanium. Something is fucky.
  6. Of course you are, LOL. Good man. Fix your diet, it's currently all kinds of fucked up from what I can tell from that mess of an original post.
  7. Track what you're eating. 2000-2500 calories a day shouldn't be enough for you to gain much, if any, weight even if you're completely sedentary beyond the gym. Try 40/40/20 Protein/Fat/Carbs or around there to start and track changes/progress, tweak as necessary for weight (muscle) gain or fat loss. Another factor- you're getting old. That's not a dig, as you're about my age. Fact is it takes more work and attention to detail at our age just to tread water than it would have 10-15 years ago to make serious changes. You want to make serious changes now you'll have to engage your OCD and work pretty hard at it. edited to clarify- that 40/40/20 is by calories, not grams or any other unit of weight.
  8. Lose the protein bars and shakes and eat real food. Like Tuffguy said, that stuff is intended for supplementing and not supposed to be the basis of any healthy diet. Nothing wrong with a protein bar or shake between meals, but you should be eating actual meals first and foremost. Not sure with your weird format, but it also looks like you need to be eating more, a lot more. I'm currently about 210 and holding, I'll eat 2500-3000 calories on an "office" day and that goes to to 4000+ if I'm out of the house working- but my job when out and about is waaay more active than most so I'm not suggesting you do the latter.
  9. I dated a girl in high school whose father was a dentist. She had a copy of his office key and we'd go in there after hours and hit the nitrous. Crazy bitch, but good times.
  10. For sale again for the same price I paid, $75 shipped. Unit works great for tracking all sorts of health stats and the Garmin Connect app does a pretty good job of making it all easily accessible on any smart phone. It’s a nice little unit with one fault- there’s a significant lag in real time tracking of heart rate, which was my main reason for buying it. I knew this could be an issue with any wrist based optical HR monitor but had hoped it wouldn’t be quite as bad as it is. The delay makes it petty much useless for tracking HIIT type activities. That said it does a nice job of tracking heart rate over the course of the day, stress levels, sleep, step counter, stairs climbed, calories burned (the calories burned feature was almost freakily accurate for me), etc, etc. Unit is still pretty much like new with the exception of a couple of small scuffs on the silicone strap right below the screen. I’ll even reset it and wipe it down with hand sanitizer before mailing. Package will contain the watch and charging cord, nothing more.
  11. Redbird

    Pimp My Basement!

    That makes more sense and you're likely correct. I think the disconnect was I would have phrased it "insulate the ceiling" when talking about the basement, even though the ceiling of the basement is also the floor of the level above. I tend to think in terms of the room I'm in.
  12. Redbird

    Pimp My Basement!

    Insulate the floor? That’ll be a project, and one with limited benefits. When you’re done you can pray you never have even minor water issues or you’ll be pulling it all up. You’re honestly better off insulating the walls and putting down some rugs if you want to warm up the space a bit.
  13. Redbird

    Pimp My Basement!

    Yes, they make “sealed” insulation, google “encapsulated insulation”. The ceiling, consider leaving it open and renting or buying a high volume paint sprayer and just painting it all a light color. I did this in my semi-finished office/gym in my basement and I’m happy with the results. It is a bit industrial looking, but that fits with the basic theme here, and it was waaay cheaper than any of the other options. I also have a fairly low ceiling and didn’t want to lose any more height to a dropped ceiling. Drywall was never an option, it would bury too much crap that might need to be accessed.
  14. Thank, Dave, it arrived today as promised. Loving it so far.