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  1. Sold.. Guy flying in from Chicago and riding it back. Crazy bastidge. It's a sad day, but like my buddy says.. "It's just a fucking motorcycle, dude"
  2. Time to let my baby go. 2015 Carbon. As you can see from the pictures, its near perfect with many extras. Original owner. Things you can't see include Andreani fork internals, red key, K=90 rear spring, and Shivs tune..(which is perfect). Probably other stuff I'm forgetting. I have most of the stock parts. The battery is original to the bike. Still starts fine, but I'm sure it's days are numbered. Also the rear tire is probably half worn. Front is fine. Asking $13000 on Cycle Trader, but Ill let it go here for $12000. Better pictures can be taken at any time.
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder buddy. If that's what he likes, then that's great. I think it's god awful.
  4. Nice way to fuck up an awesome motorcycle. OP.. Good luck with the purchase. I know what I had to go through to get a 20 year old, low mileage bike back to where it should be. Hopefully you don't have to do a fucking thing.
  5. While this is mostly true, deals are out there. Just paid $3700 for a 100% stock 2000 VFR800 with 2800 miles. The owner wanted $5500. Trying to convince him that the bike is gonna need $1000 or more of work to get it road worthy wasnt easy. In most instances, a 20 year old bike with 2000 miles is gonna need more work than a 20 year old bike with 20000 miles. In my case, the whole bike needed to be gone through. Original everything, right down to the tires. Glad you found your XX. Hopefully the shop goes through the ENTIRE bike. For $7500, you better not find a missing push pin. Good luck
  6. I suppose I'll just try it and see. I'd like to think if I transfer the line over quickly enough, the air bubble should be confined to at or near the banjo bolt. As long as I don't pump the lever, it should stay there.
  7. I wanna change out my front brake master. Is there a way to swap it out without re-bleeding the whole system? Yeah, I know it's no big deal and I've done it countless times. I was just wondering. Cant imagine that the air pocket would travel down the front brake line into the caliper or the secondary master on the fork. I thought it might be possible to hook up a syringe type apparatus to a front bleeder and push fluid\air back up into the reservoir. Ordinarily, I'd just rebleed.. but I literally just flushed the entire system. Took me hours, but it was well worth it. Anyway, thoughts?
  8. Are those 5th gen VFR Helis? If they are, I might snake them
  9. If you think that's pricey, check this out! I wouldn't pay that much if it was still in the crate. https://www.powerhousemotorsportsct.com/vehicle-details/1999-honda-cbr1100x-blackbird-8dddd397a504664eb41450eeeeaeda19# I've been to that dealer multiple times. They have a lot of used, clean stuff. Most units are overpriced, but I hear they negotiate quite a bit
  10. Would you consider selling just the shock? My riding buddy might be interested
  11. No big deal. Had them on ebay for a couple weeks. Couldn't get $25 for them. They would have ended up in the trash. Anyway, pm sent.
  12. Put Pazzos on my VFR. Levers are exactly the same as 97-03 Blackbirds. 2800 miles worth of use. Free plus shipping
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