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  1. Sorry.. No dice. He just has loaded rounds, no brass. And doesn't really want to part with any. I told him what you were trying to accomplish. He said it might be easier to neck up a 7mm mag. Might need fire forming though. Anyway sorry bout that. I can send you some 7mm brass to try it you go that route
  2. Still working on it. My uncle was in North Carolina. Should be home today. He thinks he has some.
  3. I'll ask him I'm the AM. Not sure how much he has laying around. I remember shooting and reloading for that thing years ago. Not your normal .308.. That's for sure
  4. My uncle has a .308 Norma. He probably has some brass laying around. I'll inquire if you want
  5. I never liked the brush. Worked ok, but the bristles would fling shit everywhere. Spent half the day cleaning the swingarm, rim, and garage floor. Now, I alternating between a kerosene rag and a clean one to get the desired cleanliness. Still using the Honda chain lube in the blue can. Stuff works great
  6. I'd love to color match the rims, but the tips are welded on. Since the old exhaust is a dumpster somewhere, I'd have to make it a quick project.
  7. Anyone do something like this? Just put a new exhaust on my truck, and it came with polished SS tips. It looks out of place on a truck with zero chrome on it. I've seen people scuff it up with scotch bright, but the thought of doing that to a $800 exhaust makes me cringe. Any other ideas?
  8. Just checked out your auction. You specified an immediate deposit. Which he made. The problem I see is that nowhere in there does it specify a pickup timeframe. So if you did open a case against this guy, it might be an issue. However, it does say pickup in Johnson City. If the guy can't do that, then you do have a case. Anyway, I think your nuts to make this little trip. Fuck that guy. Hope everything goes well bud. Keep us informed
  9. We're talking nothing but throttle? No clutch? No whacking it? That's a pretty bold statement right there. 1st, no prob. 2nd, maybe. Needs to be a little rise in the road or something. 3rd, no dice. Maybe with Ben riding bitch and zero preload.
  10. I swore my 99 was faster than my 02. Had the 99 dynoed at 142 hp. The operator overlayed my run with 4 other BB's, and mine was the highest. Stock except for 2 Bros slip ons. Never dynoed my 02, but definitely felt softer. Still plenty fast though
  11. If you need it, take it. Thought you were an Apple guy?
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