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  1. Same here, no rush
  2. I will take one with headphones if you have any left. If not without headphones would be OK as well. Mike
  3. GadgetXX

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    That is what I have done in the past, but a friend of mine has it in bulk at his place for his plane. He thought it would store better for a longer time with it. Since he has it in bulk, it is about a $1 a gallon less for 100 octane compared to 91 (less than$5 difference per tank) I was just wondering if it would be better for storage.
  4. I have a 2003 Cbr1100XX and am wondering if aviation gas will cause any issues. I am looking to use it while it is stored, not for everyday use. I do know that it has a small amount of lead in it, and am not sure if the XX has catalytic converter that would be harmed. Anyone have any thoughts or experience? Thanks Mike
  5. GadgetXX

    Left Fork

    Yes, that is it
  6. GadgetXX

    Left Fork

    Joe I think I have the original pair from my XX if you get in a bind and can't find one. Mike
  7. I don't want to Jack this thread, but I have a similar 2003 XX in Omaha, Ne, that I am going to place for sale in the next couple of weeks. I have just been swamped and not able to get it out for pictures. Let me know if you want more information. Mike
  8. GadgetXX

    Honda Goldwing

    Nice, Trade you a one owner2003 XX with lots of upgrade ;-). Mike
  9. GadgetXX

    WTB Front wheel for 99+ BB

    Jon It has bearings in it. I have 2 sets of wheels for my XX. When I buy new tires I mount them on the set with the oldest tires then swap them. I can't say how many mile are on them, but they were good when I last swapped sets. Joe It has been a while, I hope to see you soon!! Mike
  10. GadgetXX

    WTB Front wheel for 99+ BB

    Jon It looks like I will be putting my XX up for sale in the spring, so I will not be needing the spare wheel. I still need to get it from Storage and remove the Rotors, but should be able to do that. What are you thinking it is worth? Mike
  11. GadgetXX

    WTB Front wheel for 99+ BB

    John I have a front, I looked in the garage and could not find it. I ran out of time to get to storage this weekend. How fast do you need it? Mike
  12. GadgetXX

    WTB Front wheel for 99+ BB

    John I have a spare for my 2003 XX that I may part with. Let me take a look this weekend and see if it is in the garage at home or in storage. Mike
  13. Let me look through my stuff, I replaced all of mine so they were keyed the same. It may take me some time to find them after the move, but I will see what i can find. Mike
  14. GadgetXX

    Car tire & Flat spot question

    I have never had an issue on my Mustangs, but you can buy these from RaceRamps.com if you are concerned.