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  1. I might be in the market for the exhaust. Pics would be nice.
  2. Perky


    Sitting. It loses pressure with in 5 seconds or so. I have the delinking kit from Jaws, and will go that route, if all else fails. Craig, I just developed 2 leaks that I caused while redoing some lines that were run improperly from when I had a shop install the braided lines. The system was not leaking before this, so I have to fix those first before I can get into it any further. I have a vacuum pump now and ordered a rear MC rebuild kit that will be here next week. Since I'll have to take the lines that are leaking off anyway, I'll pull the MC and do the rebuild, then I'll use the vacuum bleeder to bleed the system. Thanks for all the replies on this. I'd like to keep the linked system, but if I can't chase down the issue, I'll just delink and call it a day.
  3. Perky


    Still linked Uselessly mushy on the first pump. Takes 2-3 pumps to firm up. Suddenly got mushy
  4. Perky


    Great advice all around. In the next week or so, I'll try each of these recommendations. Dave, I have steel braided lines. I can't remember the manufacturer...it's been about 6 years or so. I know I'm hijacking this thread, but NoOne65 hasn't piped in yet. Sorry for the hijack. Just to clarify, this issue popped up right after the lines were switched to steel braided lines. ( And yes, I know I'm a slacker for not tackling this problem sooner.) I would say the rear worked as intended for about 3 months, then the rear began to get mushy. I've bled the system countless times and it doesn't seem to help.
  5. Perky


    I wish a simple bleeding and/or flushing would do the trick. I've bled the lines multiple times with zero results. I'm leaning towards a bad rear master cylinder at this point.
  6. Perky


    I'm having the same problem with my 03. Has this been solved?
  7. Perky

    2003 XX for sale

    Would you be willing to part out the Givi trunk and bracket?
  8. I noticed you have a pair of Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots for sale. You list them as slightly used....care to elaborate? I'm interested.
  9. Perky

    WTB Upper Cowl 2003

    It's missing a chunk. I'll take a pic later and post it up. I hate to buy an OEM, as I changed the paint a couple of years ago, so anything I buy will get painted. As far as selling the damaged one, we'll have to talk and work something out.
  10. Well, a buddy laid down my baby today. He clipped the right mirror on a wall and broke the RH Mirror Stay. The force of the hit snapped the stay and broke the upper cowl. Fortunately, he only freaked out a little bit and gently laid her down on the left hand side. The only damage was to the upper cowl and the mirror. Anybody have an upper cowl and a RH mirror stay? I'm not concerned with the color as I will have to have it repainted any way. Thanks.
  11. Hmmmm.....I might be interested.
  12. I'll take the OEM/stock sprockets and the clutch kit for $80 shipped if you are okay with that. Send me a PM with your address, and I'll send you a check.
  13. I would like to get $100 that includes shipping WHEEL HAS BEEN SOLD What brand are the sprockets and how many teeth? Also, what condition are they in?
  14. How much for the sprockets and clutch shipped to 07083?
  15. Perky

    2001 Candy Glory Red

    Say it ain't so John. I'm sure you have your reasons, but I still think you should try to hold on to her. Bump for a very beautiful and well maintained bike. Good luck with the sale John.